Deputy Minister will tell us all about the famous “netbook” at 11:30 am tomorrow

At about 9:20 pm tonight, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information, Multimedia and Culture, YB Datuk Salang Gandum, took to the floor of Parliament to reply to the questions posed by MPs during the last week Budget 2011 debate.  He began with thanking MPs for bring up questions relating to his ministry. He said that he will be replying to the questions on IT/internet connectivity for the rural area, no reception of RTM TV programes in certain areas in Sarawak and Sabah, Astro and USP Fund.

YB Putatan stood up to question about internet connections in his area and asked when his constituency will have access to internet connectivity and the netbook programe. The Deputy Minister replied that so far there are only 430,000 unit of netbook have been given out to students in rural areas.  Immediately many MPs including the members from Lengong, Kuala Kurau, another 3 MPS and I asked supplementary questions on the netbook, where Kuala Kurau MP asked whether it was true that netbook were given to the students and many netbook have been sold back to the vendor?

My supplementary questions were as follows:

1.  Betul atau tidak tempahan telah dibuat untuk 1 juta unit netbook umtuk programe ini dan bukan 400,00 lebih?

2.  Siapakah vendor atau contrator yang terlibat untuk supply netbook tersebut? Timbalan Menteri telah memberitahu Malaymail here baru ini senarai vendors untuk netbook akan dinaikkan dalam laman web Kementerian tetapi sehingga kini tiada pun.

3.   Anak siapa dalam Kementerian terlibat dalam programe netbook? Anak Menterikah? Anak pegawaikah? Sila beritahu Dewan siapa yang terlibat dalam programe tersebut?

4.  Kenapakah netbook dibekalkan ditempat yang tiada internet connectivity? Apa gunanya netbook bila tiada internet connection?

The Deputy Minister will provide answers to the above questions and other questions tomorrow because Parliament session for today ended at 9:30 pm.  So the Deputy Minister will have to provide answers to the supplementary questions of MPs at 11:30 am tomorrow after the completion of Questions Time. It is going to be interesting tomorrow.

In another development,  the Audit Committee in MCMC has not meet for almost a year.  Yet MCMC went on a spending spree for netbook leaving only RM400 million in the USP Fund, the “Cash Cow”!  Tomorrow I shall also table this question to the Deputy Minister for answers.

5 thoughts on “Deputy Minister will tell us all about the famous “netbook” at 11:30 am tomorrow

  1. Cucu Tok mahmud

    While you’re at it please also ask if it is possible for KPKK to list out the names of all the suppliers for the current RTM TV programs in particular the slot for ‘National Geographic’ on TV1 which is worth about RM40 million.
    I can assure you the list, if made available, will make a very very interesting reading.

  2. Charles F Moreira

    YB Wee,

    Fair is fair.

    What do you think the USP Fund is for – for sitting on and gaining bank interest?

    It is like tax collected and should be spent, which is what the MCMC/SKMM is doing. Of course the MCMC/SKMM don’t make their own netbooks, so they got to buy them from someone

    While I’m a Pakatan Rakyat supporter, I’m interested to know what you the PKR would do for the rural poor, instead of bantai, bantai, bantai for the sake of bantai.

    Check this out

  3. mike

    “Spending spree” or the year-end “spring cleaning” is a technique adopted by most if not all government department in their effort to utilise “all” the allocated funds based on their respective annual budget request. For obvious reason, this practice is most prevalent during the last quarter of the budget year. The objective is to make their respective agency “budget performance” (spending against original request) look good in the eyes of Budget Division of the Treasury. Poor performance would signify poor budget planning and may be penalised with “allocation cut” for the following budget. It is also a well known tactic that most agencies would inflate the annual budget request in anticipation for a routine and arbitrary “cut” on agencies budget proposals during the treasury Budget examination. These are some prevailing customary “unprofessional budget examination practices” despite several efforts to make the process more efficient and accountable.

  4. Charles F Moreira

    End year budget spring cleaning has been so since the 1960s, when departments such as the JKR start to tar roads all over but the USP Fund is not derived from treasury funds but from a special kind of “tax” imposed on the revenues of profitable telecom operators to fund deployment in unprofitable areas which they would not deploy in for business reasons.

    Also, MCMC/SKMM is not a factory, so it has to buy netbooks from producers.

    Also, isn’t it strange that besides YB Wee, the other opposition MPs aren’t making a big fuss about this issue?

    Also, I don’t see mention of it on pro-opposition websites such as:-

    Free Malaysia Today – nada

    Malaysiakini – nada

    And not quite opposition publications such as:-

    The Malaysian Insider – nada

    This issue appears to be more of an internal UMNO vs UMNO battle?

    So why YB Wee get involved when as PKR man he should have better things to do opposing BN?

    Better he go help out Pakatan Rakyat in Galas & Batu Sapi or oppose the 100-floor tower.

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