USP the “Cash Cow”! Left with RM400 million!

I am shocked to have read in Rockybru and the NST’s report that the latest balance in the USP Fund is only RM400 million! The Deputy Minister of Information, Multimedia and Culture YB Datuk Salang Gandum on 25-10-2010 said here that no USP Fund had been spent. one of them must be lying. The Deputy Minister or the NST. We will soon find out when the Ministry of Information, Multimedia and Culture reply this coming week to the questions posed by me during the Budget debate last week. If it is true that only RM400 million is left in the USP Fund then it will be a very serious matter then MACC must come move in to investigate.  In year 2008 the balance in the USP Fund was RM4.67 billion!


  1. Ever since it,s inception. a majority of the projects under USP has failed miserably.. This is due to certain factors:

    1. Poor governance
    2. Design and equipment failures
    3. Ridiculous pricing
    4. Unrelated projects

    Hope with this revealation, MCMC will take a more serious approach in implementing priority projects.

  2. if one suggest that gomen look at singapore’s model

    of doing things, there will be ‘prostitute ‘ bloggers-

    ‘ah, u love singapore so much ha…’

    Now gomen minister apparently followed a small time african

    president way-

    first gave funds to kroni set ups, deny that kroni set up had been buttered

    and when dicovered to have lied, keep silent

    it is sad that good funds are not used with a transparency that reflects that

    malaysia is a functioning democracy

    just a few days ago, our pee em was launching a moderate forum thingy-

    an initiative to reject extremism .

    What does this effort depend upon?

    a transparent and functioning democracy.

    another contoh where the left hand [mcmc minister] does not know what the

    the right hand [pee em ] is going?

    khong khek khuat

  3. Our ministers better buckle up …… and pay more attention on their jobs. We appointed them to manage this country . This country will collapse if this goes on. Voters…..the power is in our hand. Not theirs.

  4. Hi Yb, saya suka cara YB mendedahkan beberapa isu, ia tidak seperti pembangkang yang cuba mendedahkan isu dan dalam masa yang sama cuba mengambil kesempatan dan menghasut rakyat.

    Saya lihat modus operandi ini sering digunapakai oleh DAP dan PKR. Namun sekarang, PAS juga dilihat menggunakan modus operandi yang sama. Saya percaya, rakyat sedar bahawa Barisan Alternatif hanya lah mimpi kosong yang tiada isi. Namun, Barisan Nasional juga tidak lari dari kesilapan. Ketua Parti perlu buang mereka yang tidak berguna. Ini penting, lakukan pembersihan segera. Saya tidak lihat ianya berlaku kerana masih ramai pemimpin yang tidak disukai rakyat memegang jawatan di dalam parti malah kerajaan.

    Saya berpendapat, untuk mendedahkan isu korupsi dan sebagainya perlu beretika dan bukan membabi buta.

    Teruskan dengan cara YB dan saya yakin YB akan mendapat sokongan rakyat.

    Secara peribadi, saya lebih suka YB tidak berada di dalam mana-mana parti politik kerana mengikut pemerhatian saya, YB dapat bersuara lebih lantang sekiranya tidak mewakili mana-mana parti.

    Good luck and all the best.

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