The irresponsible Medan Idaman Sdn Bhd!

The angry residents of Idaman Sutera Condo

Despite the residents of Idaman Sustera Condominium (Wangsa Maju) pleaded to the developer, Medan Idaman Sdn Bhd, during their first AGM, today (31-10-2010) the developer ignored their plea and just sent its representative from a property management agent, Burgess Rawson Management Sdn Bhd, to solely conduct the meeting without addressing the outstanding issues, which have caused heartache to the residents.

The angry residents arguing with the representatives of the property agents, Mr Teo and Mr Jerry Lee Wei Keat

The representative of said property management, Mr Teo, could not answer any questions from the residents pertaining to the many outstanding problems like sewage systems were done not according to specifications, defects and others except on the sinking fund of RM80,000, which is still held by the developer. The answer provided was also unsatisfactory as Mr Teo was merely saying that the develoepr has handed over some fund to the JMB but could not address on the remaining RM80,000.

The former squatters of the land to whom the developer have promised many years ago to provide houses for them to move out were also present to confront the developer.  up to this date, the developer totally ignored their plight.

But the developer refused to attend today to face the residents and the squatters.

After heated arguments between the said property agent and the agent, the AGM was called off. The said property agent promised to organise another meeting between the residents and the developer to iron the outstanding issues before the next AGM is held..

I am sure that there are many other developers like Medan Idaman Sdn Bhd. The Commissioner of Building (COB) have not been handling such problems satisfactorily.  In this case, the COB is under Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur. I call upon Datuk Bandar to intervene to order the developer to attend the AGM to resolve all outstanding matters with the residents.  I shall be writing to the COB and Datuk Bandar with regards to the irresponsible attitude of this developer.

The government should also look into the weakness of the Strata Title Act to penalise developer like Medan Idaman Sdn Bhd for not carrying its duties as developer otherwise the condo will have little recourse when faced with the highhandedness of such irresponsible developer, who is only interested in profit with no responsibility.  It is about time that the government amend the Strata Title Act to give more power to hte COB to penalise such developer so that it will carry out its responsibilities satisfactorily.

5 thoughts on “The irresponsible Medan Idaman Sdn Bhd!

  1. idaman sutera

    Thank you YB for helping us. Please get DBKL and the Ministry to whack this bloody developer who has been treating bullying us all these years. If you were not around this morning the property agent will do everything to bullshit us and we will be in trouble later.

    Please make sure that you get Datuk Bandar to force the developer to attend the next AGM the residents would love to hantum them cukup2. The developer is a real bas..d! it only want to make our money and ignore us after that.

    how on earth can one unit of condo with 153 car parks? This is a clear abuse when the residents are having problems in parking their cars.

  2. Idaman Sutera

    YB first and foremost I would like to thank you for representing the owners in this AGM meeting.We were very greatful that the meeting was called off.I don’t see any how can we rely on this Commissioner of Building (COB) when they are just warming their office chairs waiting for the Devloper to hand over the files of formation of AGM meeting report just for keeping into their filing cabinet.Then after a few months time the MC will see problems croping up and realise this shit was from the developer.Till today we have not even seen their main person/directors attend to disscuss our building issues.

    They have always appoint their representative from a property management agent, to do their dirty work and at our expense.When they were managing our building before the formation of JMB they employed their security guards just to look after their unsold car parks with our management funds.

    Today’s meeting was actually not conducted in a fair manner.No proper monitoring or checking of identification card,they were not using our latest updated owners outstanding list although it was presented by one of our JMB members at 9.50am.When the owners protested on this matter the appointed agent just ignore them.I have notice a few owners which have long outstanding maintenance fees were allow to vote too.If the MC was successfully formed today. How are we going to protest this meeting which was convane in such unfair manner?

    Thus we hope that the authorities can attend to such important meetings when is being held and probably it would be conducted in a fair manner.

    We wish to thank YB once again in spending your week end morning just to prevent the condo owners from being bullied by this heartless developer.

  3. Idaman Sutera

    Apart from the comments highlighted above, I would like to add that we are indeed lucky to have an MP who cares about our plight with the scrupulous developer and helping us out during the AGM yesterday morning. If you are not around to explain to the residents what will happen if the MC is formed without having solved the problems first and stop the AGM being convened, we will all fall into the developer’s trap.

    The developer has their own agenda, they want to control the management of the car parks, holding on to our money so that they can deduct the expenses incurred during these two AGMs, and also wash their hands on all the defects which the then Resident’s Committee and JMB had highlighted.

    We would be grateful if you could highlight our problems during your Parliament session as these problems will also be faced by other condo owners as there are now so many Condos being built all over Malaysia.

    Thank you YB, we need people like you in the Parliament!

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