Beware of internet scam regarding your bank accounts!

There are emails purportedly sent from Maybnak Bhd with the following messsage:


Maybank detected a security problem in your account. For security reasons, we suspended access to your account pending your verification and reactivation. Please be informed that inactive accounts will be deactivated now. Sorry for the for the inconvenience inconvenience caused.

Activate now :

Thank you.

Maybank Berhad

Please do not respond to such message or any other similar messages. This was sent by fraudsters. Once you click the url then they will do an online withdrawal of your money via Maybank2U online. Many people have been victims of such scheme!  MCMC in the Ministry of Information, Multimedia and Culture should concentrate on such scam in the internet.

2 thoughts on “Beware of internet scam regarding your bank accounts!

  1. thumblogic

    These are the people that MCMC should be catching. Instead of wasting their time trying to stifle our freedom to express our views.

  2. tan setapak

    thumlogic, i fully agree with you that MMC should be catching these fraudsters who are cheating members of the public daily. The fact that there are so many internet scams and fraudsters shows that the MCMC was sleeping on their job. They are more interested in disbursing the USP fund.

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