Thank you DBKL for your prompt reply

A reader has posted a comment in my blog regarding the upgrading of Jalan Genting Kelang. It was forwarded to DBKL Jabatan Kerja Awam for its response.

Dear YB,
Currently Jalan Genting Kelang is being upgraded.

Unfortunately DBKL has closed up some junctions along the road dividers which where originally there in the first place.

The junction allows cars to cross over the road and enter the side roads. Many residents want these junctions open as it has caused inconveniences to road users. The original junctions along the road divider which are closed now and we want them re open are:
1. The junction to Mutiara Genting
2. The junction to Cheong Fatt Seafood Restaurant
3. A divider was built along the Driving range along Jalan Genting Kelang. We cannot cross over to the Petrol Station now.

Perhaps DBKL can install a turn right traffic light at these junction instead of sealing them.

All these juntions leads to larger housing estate or business area. I cannot understand why DBKL are closing these juntions.

If DBKL can install 2 traffic light less then 50 meters apart that leads to only a small housing area of less then 100 house and 2 short blocks of shops -one block owed by a publc-listed company Ekovest-, I dont see why they can’t do it to Jalan Genting Kelang community. Maybe it’s who you know and the rakyat have to take a back seat

Make our lives easier, we are the ones having to live it!


Setapak, Jln Genting Kelang”
The DBKL reply:

Kepada : YB Wee Choo Keong
(Ahli Parlimen Wangsa Maju)

Yang Berhormat,

Untuk makluman YB, perkara ini telah dibincangkan dengan Pengarah-JKA serta pegawainya yang terlibat, memutuskan isu/aduan ini dibawa ke Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Bertindak Skim Pengurusan Lalulintas yang dipengerusikan oleh pihak Jabatan Pengangkutan Bandar, DBKL dalam masa terdekat. Pihak kami akan membentangkan isu/aduan ini ke Jawatankuasa tersebut untuk mendapatkan pandangan dan keputusan ahli panel samada isu/aduan ini memenuhi kriteria untuk dilaksanakan ataupun tidak.

Pihak kami akan memberikan maklumbalas awal kepada YB susulan mendapat keputusan Jawatankuasa tersebut.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Daripada : En. Mohd Haphiz B. Abd. Rahman
(Penolong Jurutera Awam),
Jabatan Kerja Awam.

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