Second Reading of Supply Bill 2011 – Budget 2011

YAB Menteri Kewangan akan mencadangkan:-

“Bahawa Dewan ini, mengikut seksyen 4(3) Akta Kumpulan Wang Pembangunan 1966, membuat ketetapan iaitu satu jumlah wang sebanyak tidak lebih daripada lima puluh satu billion satu ratus lapan puluh satu juta lapan ratus sembilian puluh empat ribu (RM51,181,894,000) dibelanjakan daripada Kumpulan Wang Pembangunan bagi tahun 2011, dan bagi tujuan-tujuan dan butiran-butiran perbelanjaan pembangunanyang dinyatakan di bawah Maksud Pembangunan atau (“P”) dalam senarai Anggaran Perbelanjaan Persekutuan 2011, yang dibentangkan sebagai Kertas Perintah 14 Tahum 2010, adalah diuntukkan di bawah Maksud-maksud yang berkenaan jumlah-jumlah yang bersetentangan dengan butiran-butiran itu di ruangan tujuh dan lapan senarai tersebut.”

“YAB Minister of Finance:

That this House, pursuant of section 4 (3) of the Development Funds Act, 1966, resolves that a sum not exceeding fifty-one billion one hundred and eighty-one million and eight hundred  and ninety-four thousand ringgit (RM51,181,894,000) be expended out of the Development Fund for year 2011, and to meet the purposes and items of teh development expenditure as set out under “Maksud Pembangunan” or (“P”) in the Federal Expenditure Estimates for 2011 laid on the Table as Command Paper 14 of 2010, there shall be appropriated the amount specified under such purposes against the respective items in the seventh and eight columns thereof”.

One thought on “Second Reading of Supply Bill 2011 – Budget 2011

  1. Lim

    some claim that it is an election budget. I doubt it because Najib will have to consolidate his position in UMNo before he goes for the GE. GE at least another 1 1/2 years more to go if not 2.

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