Rahimi’s first SD did not implicate anyone but cannot be located


The Press Conference


Now that Latheefa Koya has implicated me in the scandals surrounding the circumstances under which the Statutory Declaration (SD) of En Muhammad Rahimi bin Osman (Rahimi), one of the young former aides of YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, was obtained. I am compelled to respond to the immature and thoughtless acts of this desperate PKR young upstart who was trying so hard to implicate me in order to save herself from being prosecuted under the Penal Code for the subsequent SD of Rahimi purportedly sworn on July 1, 2008, two days after the first SD was sworn before me on June 29, 2008.

I shall call for a press conference today in Parliament to clarify this matter as I am now compelled to tell all.

I wish to categorically state that prior to the early hour of June 29, 2008 I have never met or spoken to Rahimi.  At all material times I was never involved in the escorting Rahimi to upper floor of Quality Hotel, where YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Datin Seri Wan Azizah, Datuk Sallehuddn, the then PKR Secretary-General, Aser, an American, several others and I were.

Upon Rahimi arrival at the upper floor of the said hotel, he was immediately escorted by several others and YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to another room on the same upper floor of the said hotel.  After some time Rahimi was escorted out to the main hall where we were all stationed. En Saiful Izham Ramli, a lawyer and PKR leader in Kedah, introduced him to me. At that material time, he appeared to be nervous.

Rahim affirmed his first SD, which has been alleged by certain quarter to have been lost, before me at the early hour of June 29, 2008. In his first SD, he was only concerned about his security and there was no mention of the involvement of others before En Saiful Bukhari Azlan lodged the police report against YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for sodomising him.

10 thoughts on “Rahimi’s first SD did not implicate anyone but cannot be located

  1. disgrunted PR supporter

    PKR is ultra hipocrite….when a SD suits their agenda it is authentic, when it does’nt its fake. They would hold press conferences for such SDs and would send gangsters to interrupt PC to expose their lies.

    The fracas brought by PKR so-called supporters and vice-president candidate to distrupt Rahimi’s PC is a disgrace to their so-called media freedom. SO SHAMEFUL.

    PKR is a has-been as far as most of its former supporters are concerned.

  2. kiasu

    I assume these PKR lawyers KOya and SIR are either liars or conspirators, or both.

    Liars because if such SDs exist (as acknowledged by both lawyers) then the lawyers should have acted professionally and ethically by determining or at least gather some evidences/proofs that Rahimi’s declaration has merit before accepting him to sign the SDs.

    Conspirators because under such circumstances at the height of the issue, these lawyers should not have rushed to have the SDs signed by Rahimi in the absent of evidences/proofs. They sould first ascertain the authenticy of the SDs.

    Both liars and conspirators because as members of PKR these lawyers surely were prejudice and biased. Whether allegations by Saiful of Anwar’s sodomy were true or not were immaterial to them.

  3. KoyaK

    No wonder Latheefa Koya said that she lost the 1st SD of Rahimi when her car was broken into. that was the reason for her to do the second SD which implicated Najib and wife. How clever was Latheefa. Now I know why PKR is in such a mess.

    When you have an information chief like Latheefa then one must expect such mess. How to go to Putrajaya with such stupid behaviour.

  4. OneYear12Topic


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  5. Leong

    Ms Koyak: Where is the Rahimi”s 1st SD????

    Lost, you must be joking. It must have been destroyed for reason best known to Latheefa and Anwar! So stop bullshitting us. PKR leaders are becoming a joke to the public.

  6. Puspa

    Latheefa Koya had publicly said that she had lost the first SD when her car was broken into. She must be so stupid to keep such an important document in her car when such document was meant to help Anwar Ibrahim in his sodomy case.

    Latheefa Koya should tell us what are the contents of the 1st SD instead of trying to blame others.

    The SD must have been a useless that was why she said it was lost. She was making a fool of herself. This is PKR main problem. It has idiot holding important post in the party.

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  8. kiasu

    Why didn’t these lawyers ascertain first that Rahimi’s SD mentioning Najib and Rosmah alleged conspiracy on Anwar’s sodomy case has evidences or proof before accepting the SD?

    Lawyers should act professionally and morally to ensure there were element of truth instead of blindly accepting the declaration. Unless they themselves were conspirators on the contrary.

    The Bar Council must immediately investigate this scandal or end up being accused of selective action or lame duck by the public.

    Indeed, PKR is a sinking ship by its own doing.

  9. The Koyak

    Until today Latheefa is still unable to show us the first SD, WHY? WHY? WHY?

    Of course, not favourable to her agendalah!

    YB you should reveal the contents of the 1st SD for the whole country to read.

  10. Do you found one guy as tall as Ean Han Yong Wah ?

    Follow up in Yahoo
    Rahimi’s first SD did not implicate anyone but cannot be …
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    Section 03b . What is Kajang councillor Tan Boon Wah secret ?

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    June 14, 2010


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    Lee Yoke Sung, 51, said the residents had highlighted the flood problem to MPSJ many times,via telephone and in writing, but no action had been taken so far.


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    Ok lagi what is the issue ????

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