No conflict of interests. How about CRONYISM?

Free Malaysia Today reported on 29-09-2010 about “Cases involving the Petaling Jaya City Municipal Council (MBPJ) are being given to a law firm where two PKR leaders R Sivarasa and Latheefa Koya, a MBPJ councilor, work.” In fact, this was an open secret within the Selangor government for at least a good one year. I am surprised that it took so long for this to surface into the open. It must be noted that YB R Sivarasa, the MP for Subang, is one of the partners of the law firm of M/s Daim & Gamany. There were allegations of conflict of interests on the part of YB R Sivarasa, who is the Vice President of PKR and Latheefa Koya, the PKR Information Chief.

It is debatable where there were conflict of interests for the law firm connected to YB R Sivarasa and Latheefa Koya to act for MBPJ. However, this was just another glaring case of CRONYISM at play under the Selangor government. We have read many allegations of cronyism against YB Ronnie Liu, the famous DAP exco member, who was given a light tap on the wrist by the DAP for his involvement in the issuance of letters of support for his cronies.

I have heard on many occasions during the debates in Parliament and ceramah where these same leaders have been screaming out against cronyism by BN politicians. Now it seems that it is a case of “Dua Kali Lima and Lima Kali Dua” and “Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin!”

I would have thought that these three PR politicians should have known better that they are no ordinary members of the DAP and PKR and they should not be involved whether directly or indirectly in the awarding of projects or jobs to their friends. YB R Sivarasa and Latheefa Koya should also ensure that the law firm that they are practising in should not be appointed to act for the Selangor government or any agencies under the purview of Selangor government as both YB R Sivarasa and Latheefa Koya hold high positions in PKR. PKR is part of the Selangor government. It cannot be denied that the law firm of M/s Daim & Gamany was appointed after 2008 General Elections!

Nevertheless, in the spirit of “Competency, Accountability and Transparency” (CAT) a slogan most familiar to YB Sivarasa and Latheefa Koya, they should openly declare how may cases have been awarded to M/s Daim & Gamany up to this date, what procedures were used by the Selangor government for the appointment, the exact amount of professional charges charged against each case and what were the results of the cases. I am sure both of them still believe in CAT. I am also sure that in the name of public interest both of them will not be shy to reveal such facts.

9 thoughts on “No conflict of interests. How about CRONYISM?

  1. hazou

    hi WCK,

    I’ve been reading ur articles for quite sometime now. Thank you the unbiased writing about the other side. I am a malay and i would not mind having more people like u who seem to be having a fairer views about whats happening in the country. If possible i would like to know ur take on the Single School System (SSS) and vernacular school. I think that the best way for us to start is by education. other races can give up their rights of having a vernacular school and the bumis would give up the kouta for the tertiary education. Start small and we expand from there. Most Malays nowadays just want to have a level playing field with other races and sincerity and we can easily cooperate with others. If the urban people regardless of any race go to the suburbs you will see that in some schools there is no sign of Chinese students in the national school. Take example of SMK Kati in Kuala Kangsar Perak. During my time there is not a single chinese students went to the school although there are abundance of chinese people in the area. They feel more comfortable to go to the chinese school in kuala kangsar . We need to close this gap if we want to have equality for everybody. 1 more thing Malay is not racist by definition. Malay is define by a group of races either a chinese,indians or orang asli sharing a set of common goal. Islam as the religion, conversing in Malay language, practicing the custom of Malay and lastly born in Malaysia. So Malay is beyond the normal term of what we call race. You can be a chinese or any other race and still be a malay as long as u met the criteria above. Ridhuan Tee is an example of a good Malay. I hope you will be fair and not biased when talking about equality among races.


  2. CAT

    What CAT in Selangor? It is just a dead CAT as public relation exercise to fool the public in the hope that members of the public will buy it. I fully agree with you over “Dua Kali Lima and Lima Kali Dua”! A very fair description of the sorry state of affairs in PR. They spoke about cronyism by BN and yet they practice to the fullest the same things.

    For a start, Sivarasa should ask himself that if not for the PR government his law firm, Daim & Gamany would not have been appointed lawyer to act for MBPJ.

    Now Sivarasa and Latheefa Koya should tell how much professional charges MBPJ has paid them. I am told that a huge sum of money. Transparency????

  3. Chong

    PR is also all about cronyism. This is definitely a clear case of cronyism. Cronyism is just as bad as conflict of interest. So Sivarasa and that little girl, Latheefa Koya what have you all got to say about cronyism?

    It was a clear case of cakap tak serupa bikin.

  4. JJx

    When it comes to RM or money, no one can be trusted. But I agree the likes of Ronnie and those who have been screaming and ranting about cronyism are hypocrites.

    We need a 3rd force to check all of these monkeys.

  5. The KOYAk

    Cronyism is just as bad as conflict of interest if not worse.
    Latheefa Koya has been masquerading as the fighter against cronyism and she was very much into it and condoning it all the way when she was enjoying the loot.

    Sivarasa and Latheefa Koya should come clean to tell us how many cases Daim & Gamany has been appointed to act for MBPJ or any other agencies under the control of Selangor government and what wee the legal it has received to date. If both of them cannot reveal such informations then PR or PKR can forget about about accountability and transparency!

  6. TBWah is also Albert

    This is from

    ” An anonymous “black blog” surfaced purportedly listing proof that Selangor DAP State Excos Ronnie Liu and Ean Yong Hian Wah are corrupt and
    thieves of public funds who siphoned off constituency allocations to their own pockets.
    The “black blog” with the misnomer Truth for Teoh Beng Hock purported to post documents to back its claims,
    including the allegation that 84 ‘projects’ amounting to more than RM200,000 in the Sungai Pelek constituency were awarded
    to one contractor Wong Chuan How.
    Ronnie had rebutted the lies in his media conference, as the “black blog” had lifted and doctored Ronnie’s disclosure of constituency disbursements on
    his blog in November last year to make baseless allegation that he and Ean Yong Hian Wah are thieves of public funds.
    These are the acts of desperadoes in Umno or MACC to distract attention from Teoh’s unusual death at MACC and efforts to get to the
    causes and culprits for Teoh’s death . ”

    The above blog Have 41 comments but what most important is comment #19 by albert308 on Saturday, 25 July 2009 – 4:39 pm

    One BNajis leader name not mentioned here is Chua Soi Lek, BN Head of Coordinator in states controled by Pakatan.
    I wonder about his role and function until Chua latest posting attempting to ‘Educate’ public with regards to PERUNTUKAN WAKIL RAKYAT.
    In the context of peruntukan wakil rakyat, BN has done all evil in spending public fund but immune of investigation because MACC is
    their partner.

    Compare the above blog comment with comment in MP Serdang Nie Ching blog as below :

    What is clear to us at d moment is that BNajis/UMonyet only has 1 sand-mining issue to bite & bark at PR but itself has
    tonnes of corruption cases & irregularities in public spending to be held responsible . We need to continue to deny BN’s
    2/3 majority in parliament and overturn BN in more states especially in Sabah & S’wak in order to dig out more mismanagement
    cases of state gorment’s administration that are hided from public’s scrutiny;

    ( BNajis at July 25, 2010 04:03 AM comment )

    We rakyat interest to know all past corruptions no matter
    they’re done by either BNajis or PRonnie . Pity u employed by BN to work Sunday evening just to spin-doctor for BNajis & counterback all comments in PR politicians’ blogs that’re not in BNajis’s favour ………

    ( BNajis at July 25, 2010 11:06 PM )

    Is Malaysia people like to use BNajis this word or only Kajang councillor Tan Boon Hwa like to use BNajis because have big najis secret in toilet ?
    Also refer our earlier comment that
    our suspected guy pH ( not appear between July 19 until July 23 in MP Serdang blog ,
    but only appear after July 24 due to prepare for testifying at the Teoh Beng Hock case
    on July 23 ????? ) , making comment 11.06 pm
    July 25 using BNajis and , and then using his famous
    nick name pH , make 2nd short comment EXACTLY on 2.06 am July 26 on others articles in MP Serdang Nie Ching blog

    Consider quite funny when compared Tan Boon Wah said
    2 officers interrogate him about his personal details begin 10pm
    while stand up and finally ended at 2am

    On 25th JUly 2009 , we have big question which one to believe , LKSiang or had said
    Lim Kit Siang is also helping to cover up the murder by Kajang councillor Tan Boon Hwa ( including Lee Wye Wing ) and blame it on MACC ?
    On 2010 , we believe because whatever the guy comment has become true one by one

    More story on

  7. Tun Daim Zee

    We all know that “Cases involving the Petaling Jaya City Municipal Council (MBPJ) are being given to a law firm where two PKR leaders R and L… Koyak, a MBPJ councilor, work” This has been going on for a long time. Both have conned the electorate…Both are CROOKS…I hope that PJ wont vote for them again-Vote any opposition but not these 2. They are from Diam firm and play a double game. VOTE PAS or DAP

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