Justice for TBH-2! — Protest against The Innocent Man in Pandamaran, Klang!

About 10.30 a.m. this morning (Sunday, 19 September 2010) at Pandamaran, Klang there was a public protest by local residents and supporters of Tee Boon Hock clamouring for Ronnie Liu to resign! The ‘innocent man’ is more trouble than a boon to the rakyat of Pandamaran it seems. The placards speak for themselves.

Is it ominous or what? A picture (below) was found submerged in a puddle of water among dirt. Perhaps it is foretelling the sign of a man drowning or simply it is “Good riddance to pure rubbish!”

14 thoughts on “Justice for TBH-2! — Protest against The Innocent Man in Pandamaran, Klang!

  1. PRonnie eStand 4 Hours

    From Malay mail online Friday, July 23rd, 2010 14:05:00
    Kajang Municipal councillor Tan Boon Wah was made to stand for four hours during his interrogation at the MACC headquarters here on the night of July 15, last year.

    Testifying at the Teoh Beng Hock case this morning, Tan said he was placed in a room on the 14th floor of Plaza Masalam about 8.45pm after being taken there by MACC officers. Two officers started to interrogate him about 10pm, they ordered him to stand.
    Questioned by Teoh’s family lawyer Gobind Singh Deo, Tan said the officers initially interrogated him about his personal details. The interrogation lasted between five
    and 10 minutes each time, and it finally ended at 2am on July 16.

    Will someone practice stand 4 hours after reading Tan Boon Wah standing 4 hours ?
    Basically we think won’t , but still have someone try to e-stand 3 hours ( may be 4 hours ) in Serdang MP Nie Ching blog due to what ? Kajang near Serdang ?

    Get the answer from case study below :


    first Ong Tee Keat play tough , he ended up marginalised , now Choi started with thunder and seems more like a whimper as days go by , MCA =Marginalised Consistently Always by UMNO , might as well be like Ling Liong Sik , dun need to say much but retire in all glory

    ( lee wee tak at July 19, 2010 11:14 PM ) = L Guy

    Kalau MCA ialah penumpang di dalam BN, DAP ialah apa
    dalam PR ? Sama-sama ….

    ( Allson Tey at July 22, 2010 09:59 PM comment ) = A Guy

    @Allson , remember the beer ban episode in Selangor ? I did not see DAP shrink like MCA …. given the call by Najib to Chinese community to ” give us a chance ” or MACC having to recruit Chinese staff …. I don’t see MCA even
    dare claiming credit on this one and I do not see PAS or PKR domineering and bullying like UMNO .. who is the equivalent of Ahmad Ismail & Koh Tsu Koon in Pakatan

    ( lee wee tak at July 22, 2010 11:04 PM ) = L Guy

    Unfortunately BN 2-in-1 coffee still not able to defeat PR coffee cap Ronnie as he boleh buat the most ADUN tak boleh job – returning beer , obstructing MPSJ officials from carrying out their duties during an anti-vice raid on a hotel
    in Puchong , ( close one eye ? ) .
    …. Then underworld lagi ( close two eye ? )
    Then BHock die , Ronnie slow motion – Hulu
    Selangor loss election ( close ear ? ) , now sand
    company ( hide at toilet ? )
    ( Ronnie Coffee at July 23 , 2010 05:35 PM ) = Good Guy

    Allson , Jadi, MCA cuba kenal diam sahaja ? Ataupun ,
    mengakui apa yang dicakapkan oleh UMNO adalah
    betul sebab MCA memang penumpang di BN!
    ( EM Tam at July 24, 2010 05:16 AM ) = Bad Guy

    Ronnie Coffee , Please bring these issues to MACC , see what MACC can do! No point of just talking nonsense
    here…. please refer to MACC ! But , one thing all of us very sure is Khir Toyo & his wife case still pending !
    ( EM Tam at July 24, 2010 05:20 AM ) = Bad Guy

    BN corruption can talk in anywhere ( kedai kopi + any
    blog ) , Ronnie one can only talk in MACC ha ha
    Do we need to make appointment in this blog to talk
    about Khir //// Jul 24 2010 is another day our computer get firewall , but we still can make comment by going to internet cafe …. Em Tam then use BNajis to make comment next morning as below :

    What is clear to us at d moment is that BNajis/UMonyet only has 1 sand-mining issue to bite & bark at PR but itself has tonnes of corruption cases & irregularities in public spending to be held responsible . We need to continue to deny BN’s 2/3 majority in parliament and overturn BN in more states especially in Sabah & S’wak in order to dig out more mismanagement cases of state gorment’s administration that are hided from public’s scrutiny;

    ( BNajis at July 25, 2010 04:03 AM comment ) = Bad Guy

    Looks like someone like to comment on 5-6am , next
    day 4am morning while most people are sleeping .
    Fisherman wake up because have to do their job .
    Not because sand / Beng Hock nightmare .

    SELCAT only 1 sand-mining issue , already kelam kabut , so the best thing can do is tell public to compare 1 case only (
    but many involved ) with BN-many . When happen another new one , they will say please compare PRoonie two with BN-many ( which become less and less each month ) . So who more interest in past corruption while who more interest fight corruption in future ?

    ( PR-one but many at July 25, 2010 05:39 PM ) = Good Guy

    We rakyat interest to know all past corruptions no matter
    they’re done by either BNajis or PRonnie . Pity u employed by BN to work Sunday evening just to spin-doctor for BNajis & counterback all comments in PR politicians’ blogs that’re not in BNajis’s favour ………

    ( BNajis at July 25, 2010 11:06 PM ) = Bad Guy
    After this , the next comment in Top 6 Recent comment is July 26 , 2010 02.06 am on other articles

    Rakyat only interest to know all past corruptions ( have proof ) not past corruptions in World War II ( which PRonnie until have to wear mask BNajis , gali kubur ) .

    So do we hear any people from Sabah & Sarawak
    bite & bark , want to takeover Selangor . But part of Selangor belongs to PRonnie not yet solve its own sand problem , already bite & bark
    want to takeover Sabah & Sarawak .
    So pH at July 26, 2010 02:06am on other articles
    – stand 3 hours from 11.06 pm

    ( July 26, 2010 We forget save the time we comment in MP Serdang Nie Ching blog ) = Good Guy

    halo , why my name was dragged into this
    conversation? i’m not interested to get involve
    in this debate ok
    ( pH at July 27, 2010 12:53 AM ) = Bad Guy

    So our suspected guy pH ( not appear between July 19 until July 23 , but only appear after July 24 due to prepare for testifying at the Teoh Beng Hock case
    on July 23 ????? ) , making comment 11.06 pm
    July 25 using BNajis and , and then using his famous
    nick name pH , make 2nd short comment EXACTLY on 2.06 am July 26 on others articles in MP Serdang Nie Ching blog

    Consider quite funny when compared Tan Boon Wah said
    2 officers interrogate him about his personal details begin 10pm while stand up and finally ended at 2am

    Kajang councillor Tan Boon Hwa is a contractor and DAP member who is close to Ronnie Liu. Lee Wye Wing is a technician with WSK Services. WSK Services is a crony company of Ronnie Liu which has been given many contracts by Ronnie Liu .

  2. Yap

    Do you know why there is no action against Lee Kee Hiong? Over contract awarded to her uncle Lee Wye Wing?

    Because Lim has asked Lee to kept her mouth shut, saying the issue will cold down and people will forget about it in no time.

    Just don’t admit it.

    Where is justice for Teoh Beng Hock?

    After Lee Kee Hiong said “Not Important” X4 to the press, she was rewarded to accompany our Penang CM visit to Shanghai World Expo.

    That is great! That is how things work! In Selangor DAP!

  3. Disgusted

    PR is fast turning into BN, with the speed of lightning, it took BN 50++ years to become what they are today.

    For PR, tak sampai 3 tahun in power already got shape and form of a big corrupter.

    Cronyism, nepotism, telling people to keep secrets, transparent my ass!

  4. DAP Man

    Daddy and Anak say that Ronnie Liu is very innocent and clean. So no worry. He and Lee Kee Hiong are doing a fantastic job in Selangor for the Lim Dynasty. The public can protest as much as they want but Daddy and Anak will protect both of these “angels” to the hilt.

  5. Advance Bukti

    Ronnie finish the entire allocation of RM600,000 for his Pandamaran within 7 months . He also used up about RM800,000 of the RM1mil allocated for Sungai Pelek
    and Sungai Panjang constituencies which are under his care . Among the biggest players are WONG CHUAN HOW ( in the Kawasan DUN Sungai Pelek ) under YB Ronnie Liu who was given 84 projects totalling over RM200,000 ( Tarian Cina Persatuan Bahasa , Perayaan Persatuan Buddha Huan Chian Chuen , Kejohanan Bola Keranjang )
    ha ha quite funny all this nothing help Pandamaran People ??? Until
    Ronnie Liu – Letak Jawatan
    – Tidak buat apa-apa di pandamaran
    – makan bah kut teh and durian di pandamaran
    – Jalan papan dan bukit kerayong belum selesai . Sudah 2 1/2 tahun – sky-ball all promise is Fly

    Is signbord very expensive ?
    Cost ( including Labour ) To Install ” Nama Jalan – ABC 1/23 ” – 2 Units – RM 165.00 = RM 330.00
    Cost ( including Labour ) To Replace Road Sign – Jalan ABC 1/23 – 2 Units @ RM 120 = RM 240.00
    Cost ( including labour ) To Install ” Taman Sign ” – 1 Units @ RM 900.00 = RM 900.00

    This prove they are giving contracts ( not just marginalised BN ) but in fact also non-BN one when something although amount is small if not benefied them .

    In fact , they give to Tee BH only 3 projects: one worth RM3,500 which was reduced to RM2,500 ( longkang project orang tak mahu ) ; two worth RM6,000 each

    Lim Lip Suan = link = DAP’s Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng claiming that Teng was the “ real culprit ” ,
    is also Klang youth chief , is alo another DAP Klang councillor
    said police had questioned him based on a report lodged by Klang MCA division chairman Datuk Teh Kim Poo at
    the Klang district police headquarters
    againts Tee BH over an RM800,000 contract given to Paras Enterprise.
    Teh had claimed Tee had secured the drainage work for the company which was abandoned midway.
    “The assumption is wrong. What really happened was that the company had some leftover funds after
    upgrading the drains. The money was used to tar a 1km stretch of road in the area,” said Lim.

    The question is since MCA Teh claimed Tee BH why Lim Lip Suan explain ? Because he is the boss of Paras Enterprise ?
    The next question us why he need to explain some leftover funds after upgrading the drains ?
    Company get the contract cannot profit ? Because RM 800,000 is SUPER expensive ( we will give more reason next week , the payment of the contract all done in lump sum ( more worst than BN style which separate it to a few claims such as Claim 1 , Claim 2 and Final Claim )


    In this world there is 2 face stupid bad guy write in Chinese , say Beng Hock should die

    Advance bukti in http://www.wretch.cc/blog/teonieching/21483915

    at July 8, 2010 05:58 PM comment 2樓
    Who is the above guy ? Then refer comment
    is at July 08 , 2010 6.02 pm by
    Quit , after 4 minute he comment as below .

    IQuit at July 8, 2010 06:02 PM comment

    This is additional bukti to
    Satay Kajang Tan wife has said
    in http://www.wretch.cc/blog/teonieching/21486431

  6. Hi Advance Bukti,

    Please consider standing for election against any hated DAP faction as a Third Force independent’s coalition friendly to Pakatan.

    As compared to most commentators, I believe that you and a few others here, have the networks and means to displace the worst among DAP party or BN as well with the 3 following items as goals in mind :

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism (UNHRC Art.1)
    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy. (UNHRC Art.18)
    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

    How about it? For the experience, and for the people? MP-ships are no sole preserve of anyone. So remember to rubberstamp the Election Deposit from RM15,000 to RM15.00 with your other “Indie MPs”, so that the ‘Everyman’ can join and run against all the idiots by GE14 as well. “For evil to triumph, all it takes is for good men to do nothing.”

    – editing applied by admin –

  7. Who is DAP pH?

    So who is pH who estand 3 hours from on from 11.06 pm 2.06 am and who is iQUIT who say BHock 趙明福死有餘辜﹐真該死。, then 4 minutes later talk about justice

    Part 01 – We visit MP Serdang Nie Ching blog on 7 Dec 2009 begin 11pm ++ , to look for some GST topic , instead saw some comment like GST should launch regardless PR or BN is government , Msia people should open mind to pay it . After we make our anti-GST comment , a few minutes later come another support-GST comment from pH in A articles ( example ) and we continue to debate . The pH guy told that him has been advice MP Nie Ching in a few matters ” Just he can’t win in debate , he say ” Nie Ching , please help ” , we smile for this comment and later , appear a article ” MP Serdang demands former MACC chief commissioner to apologize due to he said BHock is small case ” . We stop debate at about 2.30 am ++ =
    So an relationship for this pH guy with MP Serdang Nie Ching = that time we yet suspect it is councillor job .

    Bukti pH make comment in
    ( pH at December 8, 2009 02:20 AM comment )

    Another bukti on articles we debate with pH on GST topic cannot found unless we remember the http://address
    MP Serdang Nie Ching highlight a lot of GST tax but we cant even found one GST topic in her blog old record

    Part 02 – The next day , comes another suppport GST comment from iQuit in A article again , a few minutes later comes another comment from pH again like ” Thank you for support me , iQuit ” . From this moment , if pH make
    comment in blog , you wont see iQuit comment and if iQuit make comment , you wont see pH comment
    = iQuit is memang pH = until the following Part 03

    Part 03 – We continue to make our comment , but not based on name , based on topic . So the guy
    pH and iQuit can’t win in each debate , he begin MIMIC our style and quite surprise the first topic comment
    on BHock’s Memorial Night at Tg Sepat on 17Mar 2010: “Bul Shit” all talk bull shit DAP sure lose at the next GE teo beng hock how to die batter go ask au yong han hua la

    Take examples 2 room in a building = if we are cybertroopers = room A has been attacked by us while room B has been attacked by another ” Bul Shit ” ,
    the question is why only cyberdefense in room A ONLY ???
    If you look back at http://t4tbh.blogspot.com/ theory ( are this guy also DAP ex-member ??? )
    a) Tan Boon Hwa and Lee Wye Wing are the suspected murderers of Teoh Beng Hock
    b) Kajang councillor Tan Boon Hwa is a contractor and DAP member who is close to Ronnie Liu
    c) The late Teoh Beng Hock was involved in this scandal also but he was forced by Ean Yong and Ronnie Liu

    But he didnt say Tan Boon Wah is DAP member to Ean Yong ? Why ? If read carefully
    WONG CHUAN HOW ( under YB Ronnie Liu who was given 84 projects totalling over RM200,000
    Wong Chun How has said that many of the projects listed are not existing. This means Ean Yong have simply
    used Wong’s name for claiming money without even telling him. There are so many projects that even Wong
    don’t know from where it comes ???

    = although Ronnie and Ean Yong are protected by Daddy Anak Party , looks like this 2 guy tak gam =
    That’s why when we comment bad about Ronnie in MP Serdang Nie Ching blog , there is cyberdefense ,
    and when others guy comment bad
    about Ean Yong , it just silence because the guy make bad
    comment about Ean Yong is also Nie Ching cyberdefense

    Part 04 – If suicide note is fake , why not exam the other witness and suspect’s hand writing who still alive . ( A Cup Of Drink at August 14, 2010 12:25 PM comment )
    And again Stand 4 hours , why dont tell first 20 minutes memang suka stand due to sakit punggung after sit 1 hours …
    Criminal mind – Pening kepala cannot solve by drinking air kelapa . ( Coconut Drink at August 14, 2010 05:26 PM ) ///

    go to drink your stupid coconut drink and stop talking shit and make non-sense ( pH at August 15, 2010 12:38 AM comment )

    We are suggest testing suicide note hand writing examination on Tan Boon Wah , not pH but why pH not comfortable with our idea ? pH memang Tan Boon Wah ??? just cannot admit it

    Part 05 – Latest one is the suicide note , which reads like an apology addressed to Teoh’s boss and
    state exco member Ean Yong . But the question is Beng Hock want to apologise , why just apologize just
    to one people eg Ean Yong , and not Ronnie . Will he suicide without even leave ONE words for his wife

    Dont forget again Kajang councillor Tan Boon Hwa is DAP member who is close to Ronnie Liu , is also at MACC same floor with Beng Hock that night

    Part 06 – Did Teoh Beng Hock take the RM112 ‘commission’ as alleged by the MACC? His former boss Ean Yong denies it and claims that the sum was a reimbursement , complete with legitimate receipts in http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/111481
    But the information given are so secret as NO breakdown for the claim with a detailed description of
    the nature of the expenses and the purpose for which it was incurred , instead he show HOUSE photo ???

    So Beng Hock entire life only make one claim RM 112.00 , from Ean Yong which secara kebetulan as below ?

    WSK Services Invoiced amount: RM 1,665.00
    Less 10% DAP ADUN: RM166.50
    Net: RM1,498.50
    DAP Serdang Aman: RM379.15
    To Hong Chae Enterprise: RM1,119.35
    Pay to Teoh Beng Hock: RM112.00
    Pay to DAP Fund: RM1,007.35

    Than talk about how honestly Ean Yong on 24th Sept 2010

    This is his blog http://www.eanyong.com/

    There is big word ” Sorry ”

    This site is currently undergoing redesign. Please come back at the end of February 2010

    Last modified: 08-Jan-2010

  8. Four Invoice Date

    Here are four invoices manufactured by Teoh Beng Hock for Ean Yong Hian Wah IN http://t4tbh.blogspot.com/ theory

    1. MKMN Enterprise (Projek memasang tiang besi untuk pagar di Taman Serdang) for RM11,940.00
    2. Syarikat Aris (Membina lantai konkrit untuk tempat tong sampah Kampung Air Panas, Kerling) for RM9,095.00
    3. Fizami Construction (pagar dan longkang Pasar Rasa) for RM12,190.00
    4. MA Bina Melor Enterprise (pagar di Taman Serdang Perdana) for RM19,513.00

    The above information has given on July 28 , 2009 but so far no one including us can give the real answer how this invoice to siphon out the money.
    But someone has told that Lee Kee Hiong commanded Teoh Beng Hock to issue “ mark-up ( sudah pakai beberapa kali ? ) ” invoice on behalf of Lee Wye Wing company to made claim from Jabatan Tanah.

    Yes , we miss something by keeping look at the invoice amount why dont look at invoice date

    1. MKMN Enterprise Invocie is dated 02/09/2008
    2. Syarikat Aris invoice is dated 02/09/2008
    3. Fizami Construction invoice is dated 02/09/2008 macam Mana RM 5140 campur RM 1200 – boleh jadi RM 12,190 ????
    4. MA Bina Melor Enterprise invoice is dated 03/09/2008

    Still cannot give perfect answer . But 31 Aug 2008 ( is on Sunday ) , so 01/09/2008 ( Monday as public holiday )
    02/09/2008 Salary day ???? But in Sept 2008 , so far this month nobody care what PR done as more people
    are focus on this issue Anwar announcement on the unprecedented Malaysia Day 16 Sept 2008 celebrations in the Peninsular is likely to further undermine the credibility of BN federal government and lure East Malaysian MPs to hop to Pakatan. So they use this opportunity to siphon money ??????

  9. Kajang Suicide Note

    Below is interpreteration of Beng Hock suicide note ( but for us it more like a complaint note )

    ” Ean Yong , Dalam keadaan tak menyalin file dalam komputer saya mereka telah ambil komputer .
    Mereka asyik menyalahkan kamu . ( most of the above Chinese Word character are not clear for reading )

    Minta Maaf , ( THERE IS CANCELATION of 4 to 6 CW character not with single line but a lot of line means cannot read what has been ACCIDENTALLY writing )

    Tidak mengerti tapi pura-pura mengerti , akhirnya menyusahkan kamu
    ( Chinese Word not clear ) berkata , mendapat kelulusan YB …………. Some signature in 2 years old children style

    Mereka berdegil menaip mengikut ( Malay word not clear ) YB . Saya tak dapat membantu kamu maaf . Minta maaf .
    Saya amat penat . Selamat tinggal. ”

    1) Teoh’s sister Lee Lan slammed the court for allowing such an inexperienced interpreter to handle a significant
    piece of evidence . “ If she uses Google Translate to do the interpretation , then why do we need her ?
    It means that any Malaysian can do the work . Asked by Malaysiakini if he is satisfied with the intepreter’s testimony , Gobind curtly asked , “ Are you? ”

    Our comment : It is not easy to read the above note as most of this Chinese character write in shortcut ( some like drawing ) . The question why so many other people suicide note easily to read , no need interpreter . Because they want everybody know they are suicide .
    But the writer of this note looks like fear people recognise his hand writing , as that’s a lot of Chinese word shortcut .
    And again some signature in 2 years old children style , that Gobind cant even just tell everybody it is
    not Beng Hock signature . Will people suicide , still so creative design a new signature ??????

    2) In this note , the writer made no mention of being physically harmed . Not even one word for his wife ???
    Not even the word Darling ? why ? Because criminal mind not sure Beng Hock will call his wife Darling or not ???
    And if you ask me , Ean Yong or my darling which one more important , of course my darling . But this fake suicide note
    pulak attention Ean Yong

    3) ” Tidak mengerti tapi pura-pura mengerti , akhirnya menyusahkan kamu mendapat kelulusan YB ,
    Mereka berdegil menaip mengikut arahan YB Saya amat penat . Selamat tinggal. ”

    Our comment : after we jogging , do we penat ? So we need to suicide ??? . We continue to make our comment untuk menyusahkan kajang councillor Tan Boon Wah not just a few hours , but a few months , but so far he not yet suicide ??? Because suicide is still no easy job unless
    already no U-turn for someone . The Satay Kajang have no
    plan to suicide , can write a suicide note which have FEELING ?? More to laughing for us

    That’s why August 16, 2010 11:58 AM our comment
    = Criminal mind = Satay Kajang may rethink his fake suicide note , hide together with other document
    instead of just put in the bag . Normal people will think suicide note is with other documents ?

    4) Beng Hock then allegedly freed on 3.45am ….. guy being questioned saw him at 6AM .
    So what is the time the note being write ???? If he choose not to suicide after 3.45 am and
    why he choose to suicide after 6 am ?

    MACC officer Bulkini said he heard Tan and Teoh arguing in the toilet , YES we memang NOT able to give what topic they are arguing . But good enough to assume some topic they are arguing :

    WONG CHUAN HOW ( under YB Ronnie Liu who was given 84 projects totalling over RM200,000 )
    Wong Chun How has said that many of the projects listed are not existing . said Ean Yong have simply used Wong’s name for claiming money without even telling him.
    There are so many projects that even Wong don’t know from where it comes ???

    So Wong Chun How is a guy tipu rakyat but also a guy kena tipu on same time .
    Two different way used to siphon money but possibility one of the method leaked . That’s why they arguing ????

    5) Talk back about Ronnie Liu 5 support letter just only weeks after assuming his exco post .
    Why he do that ? That time , there is STILL no MACC , but ACA . Their mind concept is that puplic should focus on thousand of million that missing or misused during BN time . Motivation to siphon money become greater ( example four invoice dated on Sept 2008 ) but unfortunately 16 Sept 2008 FAIL . And Pak Lah before retire , walk his talk in a few things , set up MACC .

    They are already siphon in 2008 , but TOO greedy still continue do it on 2009 . After Beng Hock die , do they stop? but they still continue with SAND . That’s when
    we begin suspect them , and now very sure is them .

    6) If you visited some other blogs , you will heard visitors comment like my theory would be
    that he was murdered by one of the PR politicians who were being investigated or someone from BN who has
    old secrets to hide , depends they are BN or PR supporters .

    To say Beng Hock must die how difficult , but you still wont found any guy cakap Beng Hock patut mati in so many others blog. . But what happen in MP Serdang blog is another way . Looks like iQuit=pH=Kajang Tan have secret good reasons to say 趙明福死有餘辜﹐真該死。

  10. The irony is that some of the senior members are also thinking that it is time for them to be rewarded after all the hard and difficult years and these people are expecting the elected reps to do them a favour. Do you think these elected reps should give in?

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