Selamat menyambut Hari Malaysia

Satu Bangsa. Satu Negara. Satu Malaysia.
Perlembagaan di junjung.

One thought on “Selamat menyambut Hari Malaysia

  1. DAP 3 Tipu Plan

    It there any rule support independent MP , cannot support 1Malaysia
    But in DAP , support oppostion , means fully 100% cannot support
    1Malaysia . That’s why they hope 1Malaysia will fail , instead they fail more

    Petaling Jaya Utara MP PTony Pua has defended DAP’s three people-friendly plans it promised would be implemented if voted
    into power the next general election ( among them are the abolishment of the ‘saman ekor’ and practice of blacklisting owners of vehicles , annual allowance of RM1,000 for the elderly and free wi-fi connection throughout Malaysia ) , saying they are not election bribery .
    He was responding to a suggestion by UMNO Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin that the announcement by DAP secretary general
    Lim Guan Eng last week showed the party was also committing election bribery, an accusation it made against UMNO president Najib Razak when he made by-election promises during the recent Sibu election.
    In a Twitter posting , Pua took pains to show the difference between DAP’s announcement and Najib’s infamous speech in Sibu, where he said
    he would release RM5 million if BN won.
    “Big difference – Najib’s deal – RM 5 million only if BN wins in Sibu even though BN already both state and federal government. That’s abuse and enticement.
    Ya lah Just Pakatan was crying out loud that 3 BN is going to jump ANGEL to them and suddenly , a frog from their own den jumped out …..
    DAP Malim Nawar, Keshvinder
    Guan Eng had said the initiatives were not a form of vote-buying as there was no election in sight.
    “What vote-buying? We are not even having an election now. Why is it wrong to give money to the people?
    Yalah , what’s wrong offer 2 years advance plans dated 2012 so rakyat Msia every night just have a dream only begins Aug 2010
    To the BN, giving money to themselves is not wrong but giving money to the people is,” said the Penang Chief Minister.
    Lim Guan Eng like to say ” Why is it wrong to give money to the people? ” but he forget he GIVE RM 100 to famous people like Pak Lah
    but right side get complain from NOT famous and poor ice cream man not yet age 60 ( not allowed to sell ice cream )
    Annual allowance of RM1,000 for the elderly in blog or only 1 times of RM 1,000 for elderly in newspaper , which one correct ?????
    Just take example , we only know
    Skim Usia Emas Peringkat II give to about 30 only elderly by ADUN Subang Jaya , Hannah Yeoh .
    So do ADUN Pandamaran Ronnie Liu has Skim Usia Emas Peringkat II ? I think Skim Support Letter
    LGE already BULLSHIT last election about giving out Petronas’s revenues to delight the public .
    Petronas is BHD company , if it give cash to rakyat means mismanagement .
    The only possibility is the annual DIVIDEND paid by Petronas to Government used to give cash to rakyat .
    But after election Tony Pua pulak ask Goverment dont treat Petronas as PiGGY Bank . So pay dividend pun salah ? POS Malaysia loss – so not paying dividend ok ??
    ‘saman ekor’ only a problem for someuse highway and speed his car ? In fact a lot of motorcycles get blacklisted due to
    still not paying ( NO road tax ) summon due to high insurance charges , we have been highlight this issue as even we saw
    some man on street has stopped by policeman due to already more than 5 years no road tax . But our economy-PR-MP silence
    on this matter – afterall insurance is also part of their income / merakyatkan ekonomi .
    free wi-fi connection throughout Malaysia … LGE talk like only he need is only click his finger a few times , entire Msia
    will get free Wi-fi . How he going to install wi-fi on housing area , when he cant even save small kampung India in Penang ?
    Poor people stay at flat dont even have computer while
    Wi-fi only useful for someone have notebooks . U want talk Wi Fi with people in Hulu Selangor , I think kalah lagi teruk .
    In fact , my friends in Malacca – BN states already get free Wi Fi due his housing area near to budget hotel area .
    But the signal sometimes OK and sometimes not strong . In fact , In Hong Kong their free wifi more relevant
    because they done it on public park , public bus , and entire shopping area means you no need to buy Starbuck drinks
    in order to get free WiFi .
    Environment and Local Government Minister Datuk Sri Wong Soon Koh
    said the government had identified five main bottleneck areas along the Rajang River which it would dredge to improve water flow besides doing five major drainage works.
    Wong had earlier met Sarawak DAP chairman Wong Ho Leng, who is also Sibu member of parliament, at the party’s office here.
    “Our intention is to see for ourselves the DAP’s proposal to solve the flood problems. He claimed he had the report prepared by American and Chinese experts,” he said.
    Wong said, however, that he was very disappointed that the DAP leader had not only failed to produce the report but also lectured them politically.
    Wong said the opposition leader should from now on refrain from exploiting the flood issues.
    In fact PR so wanted to takeover Putrajaya , not just not 100% can fulfill their promises , but more to big money for themselves .
    Case 1 – Although it is good that Selangor will announce the names of directors of companies involved in sand mining in the state
    but what we dont understand why Mentri Besar Khalid said that the state government would need time to verify their names first .
    Isn’t there is Form 24 , Form 49 ( Sdn Bhd ) Form 8 and 23 ( Berhad ) Form D and A or B sole proprietor ( company registration ) …?
    Ronnie memang hebat sampai sand director pun tak tahu . He said this was because some of them
    could have sold off their shares or transfer them to others. So dont tell public Sand Company suddenly is
    not under PR , but under BN because of shares transfer .
    Case 2 – First we dont understand Selangor government’s annual budget RM 1.3 billion how to make revised offer of
    RM9.3 billion water asset which was accepted by two of the four existing concessionaires ,
    ABASS and Splash , but rejected by Syabas and Puncak Niaga
    By consider Case 1 and Case 2 – Although sound good to say purchase water asset demi rakyat , after purchase ,
    the water share belong to who ? Rakyat or DAP-linked companies .

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