Justice for TBH-2! [Part 4]

A gallery of rogues and untouchables in TBH sacking!
Another clear-cut case of double standard, selective justice and cronyism for the prosperity of the dynastic Daddy Anak Party sdn bhd!

Yesterday thestar online reported former Hulu Selangor district councillor K A Ramu had lodged a complaint with the Selangor Daddy Anak Party against Lee Kee Hiong in 2008 over the improper disbursement of funds for the Kuala Kubu Baru constituency. The gist of the matter was many locals were disappointed that a company based in Shah Alam was given the bulk of cleaning and maintenance projects by her, which were meant for the Kuala Kubu Baru constituency.

K A Ramu was unhappy over the party’s inaction over the matter and subsequently resigned his councillor’s post in October that year.

You can read thestar online report here or go to K A Ramu’s blog for his side of the story here.

Ronnie Liu - The innocent one!
Lee Kee Hiong - The innocent too!

Tan Kok Wai - And he did not know of Lee Kee Hiong's hanky panky!

6 thoughts on “Justice for TBH-2! [Part 4]

  1. DAP Man

    Ya, Ronnie Liu and Lee Kee Hiong are innocent and victims of lies! Do you believe it?

    When Lee Kee Hiong was asked by reporter whether Lee Wye Wing was her uncle, she didn’t answer the simple question. She just brushed it aside with a statement that it was not important whether Lee Wye Wing is her uncle.

    I know that Lee Wye Wing is Lee Kee Hiong’s uncle and he has been recommended by her and obtained many cleaning contracts in Selangor. But no actions have been taken by the DAP Disciplinary Committee (DC) against her.

    The DC is just a stooge only ready to carry out instructions to eliminate the Daddy and Anak cronies’ potential opponents.

    That is the style of Daddy and Anak.

  2. Yap

    The worst was Lee Kee Hiong commanded Teoh Beng Hock to issue “mark-up” invoice on behalf of Lee Wye Wing company to made claim from Jabatan Tanah.

    Any this lead MACC to brought in Teoh Beng Hock as the witness for the investigation on miss use of DUN allocation and you know what happen to Teoh later.

    And now DAP is championing justice for Teoh! Shit!

  3. The Palace Monk

    The Palace Monk

    The Tee Boon Hock saga, with the latest exposure on DAP condoning the “malpractices” or highly questionable “business” conduct of Ms Lee Kee Hiong, provides a timely opportunity for the grass-root members as well as the more politically conscious members of DAP to evaluate how “screwed-up” the top leadership of DAP is when measured against the “The Objects Of The Party” as enshrined in the DAP Constitution.

    Without repeating the details of both the TBH case and the Lee Kee Hiong/Lee Why Kong nexus, the DAP leadership, either by acting unjustly (in TBH case) or by failing to act and sweeping its political dirt under its “leadership carpet”, had grossly breached these specific “Objects” of its Constitution.

    Object 6. To establish integrity, ethics, compassion as core values to promote transparency as well as a liberal approach, mutual respect and understanding of our diverse traditions and religious beliefs.

    Comment: DAP ‘s goal is to achieve these universal values in our multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious society, but did it uphold or observe any of these values when they sacked TBH unceremoniously without even observing the basic tenets of natural justice? Or did it practice “transparency” in the LKH case? If the Party can’t even implement these values within its own premises, how could it do it on a nation-wide basis if given the mandate to govern?

    Object 9. To promote expand and enlarge democracy at all levels, particularly restoring local government elections, to give form and substance to people empowerment and participation in decision-making based on the principles of equality, free, fair and independent electoral process as well as freedom of press.

    Comment: The sacking of TBH clearly demonstrates that there is no real “democracy” in DAP. If TBH was’nt the Organizing Secretary of Selangor, and if he was’nt seen together with Teng Chang Khim or being misunderstood by the Party leadership that he was leaning towards supporting Teng, he would not have been sacked. George Bush’s famous words “If you are not with us, then you are against us” seems to have taken a mantra-like status in DAP. Lim Lip Eng openly told the Klang grass-root members “If you are a friend of Teng Chang Khim then you are my enemy”. An insider tipped off with the information that the Selangor DAP leadership had amended 16 branches from Cert B to Cert A and all these branches are supporters of Daddy & Anak. (Note: Cert A branches which held their AGMs within the deadline set by the Party are qualified to vote in the forthcoming State AGM. Cert B branches which were unable to hold their branch AGMs within the set deadline are automatically classified Cert B which means their delegates are NOT ELIGIBLE to vate at the State AGM). Well is this “democracy” or politically-expedient measures to shore up support for Daddy & Anak? People empowerment and participation is for the loyalists and not for the perceivably “trouble makers” in the Party. DAP governs Penang and shares power in Selangor since Mar 2008, but the local government elections had yet to be implemented. What is holding this up? Or is it that the “appointment of councilors” would be a ‘better’ and more controllable process to enhance the political muscle of the Leadership than an open “election” through the ballot box? Or waiting to reach Putrajaya before doing anything?

    Object 10. To grant equal opportunity and spread economic prosperity for all premised on value creation in a competitive market and an economic order that places equal emphasis on wealth creation and an equitable wealth distribution.

    Comment: By channeling the bulk of the contracts to her uncle, LKH had grossly breached Object 10 which is much more serious than TBH’s “conflict of interest” allegation. LKH may already be subject to an MACC investigation. One just cannot imagine that the Leadership can turn deaf, blind and mute to LKH’s blatant and highly questionable business practices. Or does the “spreading of economic prosperity” meant only to be confined to loyalists/cronies? “Value creation” appears to be “price mark-up’ judging by the way LKH conducts her business. The fact that the DAP leadership took a very lax view of LKH’s activities clearly shows that the leadership does not understand “accountability” even though they keep chanting CAT non-stop. The leadership has to “pay” for the “wrong-doings” of LKH if these statements can be proven to be true: (a) that LKH’s “wrong doings” are proven by an independent and fair investigation (b) that the Party and its Leadership knew, or had been informed of LKH’s activities and (c) that the Party and the Leadership DID NOT take any appropriate action on LKH. Being an ex-corporate man, how come Tony Pua did not highlight this to his other less informed colleagues in DAP? This is “real” accountability and not the shallow form of accountability muttered day-in and day-out by Anak.

    Object 15: To secure justice and security for all by upholding the rule of law, establishment and protection of safe neighbourhoods and secure communities.

    Comment: Talking about justice, the DAP members can judge for themselves by going through TBH’s case and LKH’s case whether DAP has any respect for “justice”. By “security” it is more appropriate to view “security” within the context of being a DAP member. If a 26-year veteran like TBH can be sacked on trumped-up charges and within hours after a Disciplinary Inquiry, do you think your DAP membership is secured? Your security could only be “real” if it is backed up by absolute loyalty to the Leadership. On the subject of “Upholding the law”, this must be a joke, ask Tan Kok Wai, he can tell you confidently and righteously that if you are ignorant of the law, then there is no “law” to uphold.

    Object 16: To institutionalize accountability and transparency that checks corruption and financial malpractices as well as establish integrity and trust in governance.

    Comment: Was there transparency in the manner that TBH was sdacked from the Party as well as from his Councillor position? If the allegations against LKH by Ramu is true, then we must congratulate DAP for its success in pushing “hypocrisy” to stratospheric levels that it forms a “star war shield” (first promulgated by Ronald Reagan) to protect its loyalists from any unwanted attacks from party renegades.

    The above Commentary attempts to compare the “actual practice” of the Leadership vis-a-vis the Party’s ideals as set forth in its Constitution, and it is left to the members to form their own judgment on the level of integrity, competency, managerial & governance skills of the present Leadership.

    There are only 2 ways to save the Party: (1) the DAP leadership must come “clean” on all issues that has badly affected the Party (2) the grass-root campaigns for reforming the Party by changing the leadership.

    To the DAP members: The fate of DAP is in your hands, do what is right to save the Party.

  4. sampalee

    The palace monk have fully exposed the hypocrisy of the entire bunch of dap leaders with the exception of Tunku Aziz for his courage to speak from his conscience. It seems he is the only one with conscience.
    The party.
    With what is going on, dap should amend the constitution so as not to be fraudulent.

  5. Father & Son Party

    Hello!!!! Daddy and Anak: Why are both of you so quiet over all the scandals involving your family company called the DAP?

    Mummy Foo also not answered.

    Lee Kee Hiong also not answered

    Ronnie Liew also not answered

    Tony Pua, the self-made millionaire in Singapore but need to get his wife to start a company to buy over his share in Cyber village also not answered.

    Except for Mummy Foo i can understand why both the Daddy and Anak don’t want to answer because it was a internal family matter. Emak tiri kah??????

    For the others should be no sweat mah Daddy and Anak!!!!!!!!!

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