Justice for TBH-2! [Part 3]

Highlighting glaring facts, events and selective-justice … which make “Justice for TBH-2!” campaign even more urgent, justified!

DAP, treated as the Daddy Anak Party Sdn Bhd by its supreme leaders, has been spearheading all kinds of political campaigns under the name of ‘JUSTICE”. Surely justice is a universal value that should be accorded to all, including members who are not cronies. If the dispensation of JUSTICE is only for Daddy and Anak and their cronies, then the Daddy Anak Party said struggles are not genuine but are for “SELECTIVE JUSTICE” based on CRONYISM!


Let’s take a look at some of the glaring facts and events of the “Letterhead Scandals” of Daddy Anak Party Sdn Bhd.

14 April ’08: Ronnie Liu personally signed and issued Letter of Support to five companies, namely …

  Name of company Contact person Contact no.
1. First Team Enterprise Mr Yap Hock Siew 012-2367553
2. Wira M & E Sdn Bhd Mr K K Tan 012-3364775
3. Lifda Enterprise En Razak 019-2131464
4. Perkhidmatan AA Mr Soh Chee Hwee 016-2278888
5. Gerak Maju Servis Mr Tan Peng Chuan 016-2329813

It was alleged that Tee Boon Hock’s son was connected to Perkhidmatan AA. If this was the case then YB Ronnie Liu would have had prior knowledge of TBH’s relationship. But this was hushed up until July 2010, some 2 years later.

(Note: TBH had no knowledge of his son’s involvement. The company received only 3 projects: one worth RM3,500 which was reduced to RM2,500; two worth RM6,000 each. Total amount = RM14,500.

Since TBH had to be sacked, then Ronnie Liu must also be sacked!

“Justice for TBH-2!” must be a clarion call by DAP supreme leaders. What double standard! It is very clear supreme leaders want to protect their macai Ronnie Liu because TBH was a very capable grass-root leader and during the material time also the organising secretary of DAP Selangor – a very influential post!)

Informed sources also said that in 2008 a formal complaint was lodged by a Mr K A Ramu, a DAP Councilor for Hulu Selangor, against Ms Lee Kee Hiong, the ex-political secretary to Lim Kit Siang, for assisting her uncle, Mr Lee Wye Wing, to obtain projects and contracts in Selangor.

The same Disciplinary Committee (DC) that sacked TBH and Yap Hock Siew did not even commence an investigation.

Why the double standard?

In TBH’s case, on 29 July 2010 at about 7:30 pm YB Tan Kok Wai, the Chairman of the DC, sent an sms to TBH asking TBH to present himself to the DC on 31 July 2010 at 7:30 pm. It must be noted that prior to the said sms or during the said DC meeting there was never any Show Cause Letter or Charge Sheet provided for TBH to answer. TBH was given about 45 hours to just present himself.

During the DC there were no witnesses present to testify against TBH. The DC played the role of JUDGE, PROSECUTOR AND EXECUTIONER.

On 31 July 2010 the DC met for 2 hours and decided to sack TBH as a member.

In Lee Kee Hiong’s case, which was very similar if not more serious, the DC carried out no investigation. In total disgust, the said Mr K A Ramu resigned as the DAP councilor in protest. Despite the protest, Daddy and Anak swept the matter under the carpet. Mr K A Ramu’s resignation was a non-issue as far as the supremo in the Daddy and Anak Party was concerned. Of course, there should be no action against Lee Kee Hiong because she is one of the loyal cronies like others, who can do no wrong and who also acts as the “eyes and ears” for the supremo.

No wonder when Lee Kee Hiong was asked by the reporters after she had lodged a report on 06 September 2010 with the MCMC whether Lee Wye Wing is her uncle, her reply was simply: “is that important?”

This is Competency, Accountability and Transparency ala Daddy Anak Party for the rakyat of Malaysia. This is what the Freedom and Justice Fighters in the Daddy Anak Party stand for all these years i.e. covering up all the dirt committed by cronies of the supremo for the sake of the future of the dynasty.

The killing of opponents (Tee Boon Hock being the latest victim) of cronies was done in the name of Justice, Competency, Accountability and Transparency!

10 thoughts on “Justice for TBH-2! [Part 3]

  1. The Palace Monk

    The Palace Monk:

    The problems in DAP goes beyond the issue of DNA (Daddy aNd Anak). Other leaders, either for reasons of subservience or the need to maintain political solidarity in the Party, have turned the Party into a “Cast Of Incompetents”.

    Most readers commented that DAP is a “double standard” Party. With this comment, the readers did not give sufficient respect to, and also under-estimated DAP’s skills in practising “multiple standards” which comes into play when the situation demands it. Take the Tee Boon Hock case for example, when Tan Kok Wai issued a statement in the press that TBH would be hauled for a Disciplinary Inquiry within the next 2 days, where were all the prominent lawyers in DAP, Karpal, Gobind, Kula, Lim Lip Eng and Teng Chang Khim, or for that matter Lim Kit Siang? Why did’nt any one of them just call up that ignorant Tan Kok Wai and caution him on these fundamental issues:
    1. Is there a Show Cause Letter issued to TBH?
    2. Is there sufficient notice given to him for the preparation of his defense?
    3. Are members of the DC competent with sufficient investigative skills to participate in the DC?
    4. Would TBH be given the right to cross-examine the Accuser, Ronnie Liu, and defend the allegations against him?
    5. Is the DC going to investigate the events which led to the MSM’s exposure of the feud between TBH and Ronnie, thereby resulting in this DC which, regardless of its finding and decision would bring DAP into public shame?

    Karpal and Gobind are “first class” litigation lawyers, ever-ready to pounce on any “slips” or “comments” by the opposing lawyers and throw at them a series of questions and counter-arguments until they win that verbal battle. Karpal was so “daring” that he threatened to file a suit against DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah, but he DID NOT even murmur any word of “Justice” for TBH knowing fully well that the DC is totally flawed at the outset: none of the Members of the DC had any knowledge as to the procedure in the conduct of Disciplinary Inquiries, no Show Cause Letter, notice of at least 7 days was not given to TBH, the Accuser was not present at the DC Inquiry to subject himself to cross-examination by TBH.

    By remaining silent and not choosing not to seek justice for TBH, the DAP leaders have self-condemned themselves to political death penalty. Political scheming, solidarity behind a collectively-planned conspiracy to cover political dirt will finally yield to the TRUTH. Allow me to digress a bit on the “scheming” mindset of DAP especially that of Daddy. In any democracy, the Opposition survives by scheming against the incumbent Government, digging up questionable, unethical, corrupt and unjustifiable activities and blow them up in the press. BN Representatives are also targeted on matters which are of “political” value, which would then turn into political “ammunition” in Parliament or the press. All these activities are understandable and acceptable for the Opposition to erode the public support for the incumbent Government. But this “scheming” and “conspiracy-focused” mentality/mindset has to gradually evolve into an “open policy” mindset as it narrows the political gap with the Government (measured by the number of Reps). Now that DAP governs Penang, and is part of the Selangor Government, it MUST demonstrate that it can govern, and one of the more effective way of communicating this to the Rakyat is its ability to formulate and strictly implement Policies which are just, ethical, Rakyat-beneficial, developmental-oriented, and moving our society towards higher levels of civic-consciousness and achievement-oriented. Penang has improved substantially by merely NOT DOING what the Gerakan had done in the past. DAP has to take Penang to the next level by DOING the right things to bring in investments, to ensure continued economic growth etc.
    Coming back to the TBH case, if DAP can’t even fix and conduct a DC Inquiry in the proper and legal manner which upholds natural justice, I shudder to think what would happen to this country if the same crop of DAP Leaders run the Government in the event PR succeeds in the next GE.

    The TBH case would be Daddy’s last scheme before the final political curtain comes down on him. His past exploits and success stories like getting rid of “irreconcilable” comrades like Chan Teck Chan, Lee Ban Chen, Kua Kia Song, Liew Ah Kim, Wee Choo Keong etc…together with the strengthening of DAP’s political power must have brought Daddy to the height of political ecstasy and arrogance that he can just “finished off” the renegade TBH, whom he viewed as a country bumpkin, easily just like “eating lettuce”. He did not realize that this “lettuce” is made up of exclusively indigestible fibres which can puncture your stomach lining and caused internal bleeding.

    I predict these events to unfold in the near future:
    1. The Police Report will come to the conclusion that Ronnie had made a false Police report. At the appropriate time, the AG’s Department will put him through a criminal trial.
    2. The public will come to know that it is Ronnie, through Star Reporter Perumal, leaked the Ronnie-TBH feud to the MSM through Star Newspaper.
    3. The Lee Kee Hiong/her Uncle matter will come out in the MSM to the dislike and detriment of DAP. The Police will investigate and release its damaging findings together with 1 above to inflict maximum damage to DAP.
    4. By extension, the findings in 1 and 3, will implicit Daddy. Will Tan Kok Wai call for a DC Inquiry to ask Daddy why he brought disrepute to the Party by giving political powers to his close associates/loyal supporters whose integrity have been investigated by the Police?
    5. The DAP grass-root will gang up to “reform” the DAP by getting rid of the DNA loyalists from the Selangor DAP.
    6. The new Selangor DAP line-up will liaise with the grass-root of other States to completely revamp the Central Leadership at the next AGM.

    May be the grass-root members can consider this slogan for revamping the Party: REFORM THE PARTY BY EMPOWERING THE GRASS-ROOT MEMBERS.

  2. Chin of PJ

    How could Ronnie Liu be sacked? He is the Selangor “Jaga” for the Lim Dynasty and may be more than just a “jaga”. Remember the sand mining scandals in Selnagor!!! Until this day, all is hushed up except Selcat did the hearing but without calling for the relevant witness to attend. Until now no result from the Selcat.

    As att this date, teh Daddy and Anak are still singing the song of silence on their DAP Sdn Bhd scandals but at the same time they are very busy attacking others to divert public attention.

    The Daddy please wake up and stop playing your political bullshit. Until the Daddy and Anak come clean on the sand mining and letterhead scandals we shall not rest. I am sure that YB will be pushing it too.

    A bunch of crooks and try to play Gods at the expense of democracy, accountability and transparency.

  3. sampalee

    Can dap survive? This is for the ordinary members to decide. By inaction the party is a gone case. Everybody is half a sleep and it take the alarm bell from YB Wee to wake up the members.

  4. Ah kow

    If Tee Boon Hock was wrong then Ronnie Liu was equally wrong to sign the letter dated 14.4.2008. So the letterhead scandals started just a month after 2008 general elections. Ronnie Liu learns very fast. Now I wonder how many hundred letters he had signed for his gang and the gang of Daddy and Anak, his bosses.

    Where is justice after all? He is a protected crony in Daddy Anak Party Sdn Bhd. The public should see through all these shenanigans. Daddy and Anak are all about themselves and their cronies and not the public. The sham of speaking up for the public is just a front to cover up scandals and their shortcomings.

  5. Ms Foo

    Who am I? Why the Daddy or Anak dare not clarify about my position? By the way I am a very special person to Daddy. Daddy will not dare to talk about me at all because you know lah.

    I travel with Daddy every where and do a lot of things together. Please don’t ask Daddy to clarify about my position because it can be embarrassing to him because he is a man of very high moral!

  6. FukKow

    Ms Foo sounded very confident in the comments. Why Daddy is so scare of her? So is the Anak. It is an open secret in the Daddy Anak Party. I am sure that the members are fully aware of the relationship!

  7. Yap

    Lee Kee Hiong is like daughter to Lim Kit Siang and sister to Lim Guan Eng. She is the supreme leader of the Selangor DAP and Ean Yang Hian Wah is taking command from her.

    She is the member of most inner circle of DAP and report directly to Lims.

    She commanded the late Teoh Beng Hock to fabricate invoice using her uncle Lee Wye Wing and cronies own company to made claim from Jabatan Tanah for ADUN allocation. The invoice was mark up several time. Then you know why Teoh was brought as witness by MACC.

  8. Dangerous Anak Party

    The public will come to know that it is Ronnie, through Star Reporter Perumal, leaked the Ronnie-TBH feud to the MSM through Star Newspaper.
    ( A municipal councillor al­­legedly used a state exco member’s official letterhead and seal by writing his own letters of support to obtain contracts for his cronies and a family member . It is alleged that the councillor , a DAP veteran , had secured contracts worth more than RM1mil for 20 companies from the council where he had been serving since July 2008 .)

    The truth is TBH only get contracts 3 contractcs = RM14,500
    while his own letter dated Aug 12, 2008 has nothing to do with this 3 companies , So balance 17 companies still get contract more RM 1 mil ….
    We believe Ronnie are purposely issue support letter to this perkhimatan AA although it is NOT necessary
    so that in future , it can used to cover up ….

    So basically you apply for contract , Ronnie secretly put support letter , two years later you get sacked because other guy give support letter ???????
    So I apply bank loan , the guy approve loan not according to procedure , four months later I am as new bank manager in this bank and 2 years later , I get sacked due to the loan i get before I am a bank manager ???????


    Example 5 comments in DAP Jenice Lee blog

    Comment A – i AM TMQ, I’d yeArn pro Among the Aim of brnearg headed progether you with: whenever you like we specialize concerninwardlyg the refuge just before a Light Bulbs culture in heating while a consequence cooling conglomerate solutions just before a different become solutions for our clientele if soptimisticplementary nest egg long-lasting. was not with the purpose of a company, regular instbothing attitude conditioning 13th Sept 2010

    Comment B – If PRonnie ( as MACC ) , there will be 2 doors – one in front with red carpet welcome
    anyone report BN corruption , while another one
    in back – with bodyguards to attend people who want to report PRonnie corruption . 14th Sept 2010

    Comment C – Perhaps you should censure their comments to prevent misuse at your blog . Certainly BN lawmakers will not understand the fighting spirit and the hardship of opposition lawmakers when it comes to financing their campaign activities because they have the godfather who
    are prepare to dig deep into their pockets when the needs arises 14th Sept 2010

    Comment D – Ya ya Satay Kajang Tan wife has said
    in http://www.wretch.cc/blog/teonieching/21486431
    So pH+Iquit already success firewall (
    prevent any new comment ) in Nie Ching blog
    ( but what comment make in this blog cannot be deleted ) , why never suggest Miss Jenice to firewall people selling bulbs . Because the people selling bulbs is also Mr Tan
    15th Sept 2010

    Comment E – This article is really very attractive, I will record your web site looking forward to a new article.In the northern hemisphere, the weather will become cold. The beautiful girl is both warm and fashionable to be. The
    best option is ugg boots. 15th Sept 2010

    Comment B and D are making by us .
    The person making comment C , are taking about comment
    B is rubbish , suggest censure comments
    but he never suggest censure comment A and E , because
    this NOT normal guy has making this kind of comment since
    Jan 2010 in Jenice Lee blog , is also the same guy in MP
    Serdang Teo Nie Ching .

    Then talk about MP Serdang Teo Nie Ching blog ,
    we visit some old articles , today visitors is 1 not 0 , means
    NOT firewall . So we try to make one comment about
    thestar online 13th Sept 2010 reported former Hulu Selangor district councillor K A Ramu had lodged a complaint with the Selangor DAP against Lee Kee Hiong in
    2008 over the improper disbursement of funds for the Kuala Kubu Baru constituency on 5.30 pm .

    We found that our comment has successly made but
    deleted in next ten minutes and we found this comment

    Dear Dr Hisyam,
    Sorry that I wont be able to handle this issue personally as I am currently in KK. However, my service team is there to assist. From what we found out, there is no water supply bcos of the pam is out of function. It should be duty of JMB to take care of the pam and to repair the pam. We would be very grateful if you can provide us the contacts of the JMB. Tks ( Nie Ching at September 15, 2010 05:57 PM comment )

    We made the same comment again about 6.00 pm before
    to dinner , we found it has also deleted and replace by another comment

    I hv contacted GM Syabas H/Langat, he promised to send a team there to check the problem.
    ( Nie Ching at September 15, 2010 07:19 PM comment )

    So we assume two possibility
    – the NOT normal guy using Nie Ching name OR
    – what kind of DAP MP Serdang Teo Nie Ching left cannot
    accept comment about K A Ramu , while she on right
    talk about Teoh beng Hock justice .

    In their 2008 election manifesto , they said they
    would not be involved in business . “ But as soon as they became the ruling party in Selangor ,
    they set up a company to manage the sand .

    Dangerous Anak Party WILL come some sweet in 2012
    election manifesto ( but this sweet is more dangerous than
    the BN one ) eg automatic voters registration
    but if you see them so suka DELETE , you think
    is it possibility you wake up , suddenly you are not Msia ???? consider Lim Kit Siang has so many dangerous
    son like Ronnie Liu , Tan Boon Wah …. while Lim Guan Eng also has so many dangeous sister

  9. Free School Bag , True or False?

    WSK Services Invoiced amount: RM 1,665.00
    Less 10% DAP ADUN: RM166.50
    Net: RM1,498.50
    DAP Serdang Aman: RM379.15
    To Hong Chae Enterprise: RM1,119.35
    Pay to Teoh Beng Hock: RM112.00
    Pay to DAP Fund: RM1,007.35

    The amounts are small but the method they use is very big
    from http://t4tbh.blogspot.com/2009/07/daps-corruption-modus-operandi-in.html

    To be fair , we try not to say it is true first

    Regarding another four invoices don’t have signature , which from Teoh’s computer disk ( are this invoice MACC talking about ? )

    1. MKMN Enterprise (Projek memasang tiang besi untuk pagar di Taman Serdang) for RM11,940.00
    2. Syarikat Aris (Membina lantai konkrit untuk tempat tong sampah Kampung Air Panas, Kerling) for RM9,095.00
    3. Fizami Construction (pagar dan longkang Pasar Rasa) for RM12,190.00
    4. MA Bina Melor Enterprise (pagar di Taman Serdang Perdana) for RM19,513.00

    It is nothing wrong if TBH bill to these four company for revenue collection behalf on government , but the question now is Government are paying to these four companies for doing job .
    Are these company all dont have accounts clerk ,
    all need TBH to generate it ? Some project we understand the purposes eg longkang , but some project we dont understand the purposes , why pasang pagar in Taman which not belong to Government ?

    All the invoice look likes prepared in Excel format . Today still quite
    difficult for us to give the real answer .

    Then we has beeen told that Lee Kee Hiong commanded the late Teoh Beng Hock to fabricate invoice using her uncle Lee Wye Wing
    and cronies own company to made claim from Jabatan Tanah for ADUN allocation. The invoice was mark up several time.
    Then you know why Teoh was brought as witness by MACC.
    This method basically use by housing developor / contractor claim from bank BRIDGING LOAN , where sometimes
    they use same invoice to claim loan draw amount a few times )

    ( Bridging Loan is a kind of loan eg 2 years period , developer make loan draw per claim RM 100,000 to RM 200,000 , by submit invoice depends
    on facility RM 2 million where in this 2 year period, they pay monthly interest WITHOUT principal , after housing project complete , they only pay the loan principal when house sales made ) . So it is different with our housing loan where we paid instalment ( principal + interest )

    Then regarding investigation had been into allegations that Ean Yong had paid RM2,400 for flags to be used in Merdeka Day celebrations,
    but not taken delivery of the flags. True of false ?

    Then we consider the following case study
    1) We know ADUN Subang Jaya Hannah Yeoh is giving free bag to school . we saw the photo – where she standing with a few childrens
    holding bag in school hall with quite a lot of students in back . Although these free school bag was either distributed by DAP-linked companies
    or not , for us it is not important as long as it has deliver it and the cost of school bag is reasonable .

    2) Fire Drill Cum Distribution of Free School Bags to Poor Children by Ean Yong . We didnt see any children , any bags .
    All is photo about ADUN and a few man memakai pakaian ahli bomba . So you want us to tell public true of false , which one better ???

  10. Food for Student

    So it is wrong to use same invoice to claim Bridging loan draw amount a few times ? This kind of loan facility is guarantee by land title . Only not fair is developers using old expenses in project A to claim loan in project B , that’s why when people buy house more than RM 500K in project B , still crack here , crack there .

    But to say to use same invoice for fake project to made a few claim from Jabatan Tanah for ADUN allocation ( tax payer money ) ,
    definetely even not corruption , but still abuse of power


    Former Hulu Selangor district councillor K.A. Ramu, who lodged a complaint with the Selangor DAP against Kajang councillor Lee Kee Hiong in 2008 over the disbursement of funds for the Kuala Kubu Baru constituency, says no action has been taken.
    Ramu said several local leaders, who had also made complaints against Lee, who is the Selangor political education director, were willing to come forward to testify if a disciplinary enquiry was initiated by the party.

    Yalah , last month we remember Sinar newspaper has talking about Lee , Selangor political education director who forced eg surau to have majlis makan malam in order to get state fund . How far it is true , we not sure
    but you can consider the following
    – that month a lot of majlis makan malam nearby muslim area attend by ( Delete Anything Party ) MP Serdang Teo Nie Ching
    – someone has told even Ean Yang Hian Wah is taking command from Lee Kee Hiong .

    This help us understand why there is no answer for question
    ” Selangor state administration has regularised annual RM4 million funds for the state’s Chinese primary schools and RM2 million for Chinese
    independent high schools, I quite wonder why there is no free food for student in canteen ” = RM 4 million per school or all school ????

    What is the job political education director ? Why suddenly came out a director in no name company / organisation ?
    Apa benda ini , tak pernah dengar – sound very dangerous

    Anyway http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/9/18/nation/7061338&sec=nation
    repaorted The Klang DAP division’s Socialist Youth (DAPSY) meeting turned ugly when some members became embroiled in a heated exchange, which led to chairs being thrown.

    The fracas forced the meeting at Dewan Bandaran JKKK Pandamaran to be cancelled some 90 minutes after it started at 8.30pm yesterday.
    The scheduled election was also called off . Sources said the situation became tense due to the presence of more than 200 members who were either aligned with Selangor state executive councillor Ronnie Liu
    or recently sacked former Klang Municipal councillor Tee Boon Hock.

    For the election yesterday, Klang youth chief Lim Lip Suan was supposed to face a challenge from Lee Foo How, a supporter of Tee.

    Sources said minor arguments between supporters of Liu and Tee marred the meeting from the start. About 45 minutes later, voices were raised and the arguments became more heated.

    Lim confirmed that the meeting was postponed but said it was because the membership list had not been updated.


    So we finally know who is Lim Lip Suan for DAP’s Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng claiming that Teng was the “ real culprit ” in the issue .
    Why suddenly extra satu lagi Lim Lip Suan ( any relationship with Lim Lip Eng who giving his statement to the police about contract work ?

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