Justice for TBH-2! [Part 2]

DAP, as the purported champion of democracy,
should launch a massive “Justice for TBH-2!” campaign

Because in Tee Boon Hock’s own words he says:
“I have been betrayed!”

Ronnie Liu (left) ... the innocent man!

Betrayals in Daddy Anak Party sdn bhd are nothing new. A fact of life and the way it will always be! – all in the name of dynastic self-interest and survival. (Remember, “follow the money.”) Many have been laid waste this way and sadly many more lackeys will rush in where angels fear to tread, to fill the vacuum to help with more treacheries.

But to commit betrayals the perpetrators have to be hypocrites of the worst kind. For they can engineer the cunnings and deceits yet laugh behind the victims’ backs. What is most revolting is after they have “borrowed another person’s knife to commit murder” (another famous Chinese saying) they will appear benevolent and try to console the betrayed with ‘fatherly’s advice’ like “make an appeal to the party and let the committee help you,” giving a false impression that there is still hope for a resurrection. Those who fall for this abomination will receive a double-dose of ‘death’ for the same double-headed ‘benevolent viper’ will ensure your appeal will not be accepted and you will be stung with further derision and disrepute. And they will all laugh even harder behind the victims’ backs.

The recent embroilment of Lee Kee Hiong in the public media pertaining to her involvement in probable siphoning of Selangor state contracts towards the direction of her alleged uncle Lee Wye Wing is an interesting new development. This can be a subject for a stand-alone blog in due time. Anyway, Lee Kee Hiong, like Ronnie Liu, is a member of the most inner circle in the Daddy Anak Party who can be counted on to do whatever is necessary when called upon, like others including the chairman of the Disciplinary Committee. What we see now is an attempt to spin and divert when the heat is on! What is so difficult to admit whether Lee Wye Wing is an uncle of yours, madam? A simple yes or no answer will suffice without the rigmarole and riding on a moral high horse fishing for sympathy like a wronged innocent. Typical isn’t it? Twist and turn. Deny and deflect. But still cannot say outright Lee Wye Wing is NOT her uncle!

Tee Boon Hock’s ‘murder,’ one can surely call it that now, is just one more ‘kill’ of the many that has happened before his. Countless competent and committed leaders have all suffered similar fate under dubious circumstances or for the flimsiest of reasons. They are either sidelined, forced out or sacked from the dynastic Daddy Anak Party. As a reminder, yours truly was sacked in 1998 for “not showing enough affection” to the party supreme leaders!

Incur the wrath of the Daddy Anak Party supreme leaders, and ‘murder’ it will be and there’s no letting off until the mission is accomplished. The way to carry it out is always the same –  “hold back nothing, spare nothing until the target is finished off!” TBH’s case is no different. It’s another betrayal and ‘murder’ committed that finished off 26 years of outstanding service and contribution to the Daddy Anak Party of a hardworking grass-root leader. I will let the chronology of events highlighted below speak for TBH, with remarks for clarification.

The supreme leaders of the Daddy Anak Party has been getting away with murder, as a matter of speaking, for far too long … almost 40 years!

It’s time DAP members and the rakyat wake up and see for themselves what the Daddy Anak Party srupreme leaders are truly like. Hypocrites that sit on moral high horses. Practitioners of politics of expediency such as using PAS as the ‘whipping-boy’ every time felt threatened. Speakers with forked-tongues that say one thing in public and do another in private. Thrower of stones and hide hands after committing abhorrent acts. Spinners of issues and diverters of attention to hide mistakes and flaws. Indulgers of nepotism, cronyism, favouritism and double-standards. Hecklers of “the General Election is around the corner!” to cow members into absolute submission. Debasers of democracy when publicly champion freedom of press and speech but will not hesitate to invoke ‘gag orders’ at the snap of the fingers. Manipulators of Selcat (Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency) to their advantage. Abusers of party and treat it like a dynasty as Daddy Anak Party sdn bhd, much like a private business. Perpetrators of financial malpractices under cover.

Is this the kind of party and supreme leaders the rakyat want to help send to Putrajaya and become administrators of our beloved country? I don’t know about most of you; as for me, I shudder at the mere thought of it!

Chronology of events leading to TBH’s sacking …

1 April ’08
TBH officially appointed Special Officer by Ronnie Liu as stated in Ronnie Liu’s exco letterhead

14 April ’08
Ronnie Liu personally signed and issued Letter of Support to a few companies which included one named Perkhidmatan AA which had TBH’s son as one of its directors.

(Note: TBH had no knowledge of his son’s involvement. The company received only 3 projects: one worth RM3,500 which was reduced to RM2,500; two worth RM6,000 each. Total amount = RM14,500.

If TBH had to be sacked, then Ronnie Liu must also be sacked!

“Justice for TBH-2!” must be a clarion call by DAP supreme leaders. What double standard! It is very clear supreme leaders want to protect their macai Ronnie Liu because TBH was a very capable grass-root leader and during the material time also the organising secretary of DAP Selangor — a very influential post!)

7 July ’08
TBH appointed Ahli Majlis of Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK)

12 Aug ’08
TBH re-issued confirmation Letter of Support to Perkhidmatan AA addressed to Alam Sekitar in reference to an earlier letter issued by Ronnie Liu on 14 April 2008

(Note: The letter was issued under Ronnie Liu’s instruction.)

8 July ’09
TBH re-appointed Ahli Majlis of MPK

5 Oct 2009
TBH appointed Ahli Jawatan Sebutharga MPK

(It was during this period when the relationship between TBH and Ronnie Liu started to go downhill culminating with fingers somehow being guided to point towards TBH’s direction for allegedly leaking information to a MSM newspaper about “taikos” meeting at Ronnie Liu’s office. A reliable source attested that it was in fact Ronnie Liu who provided the information!)

18 Nov ’09
TBH dismissed as Special Officer by Ronnie Liu

12 July ’10
TBH re-appointed Ahli Majlis of MPK

14 July ’10
TBH officially sworn in as Councillor

(Note: The recommendation to officially swear in TBH must have had been made by DAP ahead of 14 July 2008.)

27 July ’10
thestar online publishes a news item headlined “Council man under probe”

29 July ’10
TBH ordered to go on leave by the Selangor state government while an inquiry was being conducted

(Note: At approximately 7.00 pm on the same day, TBH was ordered to appear before DAP Disciplinary Committee (DC) on 31 July 2010 – via an SMS!)

31 July ’10
TBH sacked from DAP by DC after only 2 hours of inquiry

(Note: It was probably the world’s fastest or shortest inquiry ever held! There was never any formal Show Cause Letter or Charge Sheet issued! TBH dismissal letter must have had been prepared well in advance before the inquiry! Ronnie Liu, the accuser of TBH, was never present at the inquiry!)

1 Aug ’10
Menteri Besar of Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, announced in the press TBH was to go on 1 month leave pending an investigation by the state audit department

(Note: The audit department never called TBH for meeting to clarify or to answer the charges against him. Worse still, DC also never did the same!)

2 Aug ’10
Ronnie Liu reported to Shah Alam Police (Commercial Crime)

(Note: On the same day, both TBH and Ronnie Liu were ‘interviewed’ by Shah Alam Police Commercial Crime and their statements recorded.)

9 Aug ’10
DAP Disciplinary Committee wrote to TBH informing him to appeal against decision of DC by writing to Central Executive Committee (CEC)

11 Aug ’10
MB of Selangor, after an exco meeting, announced TBH was sacked as councillor based on him contravening ethics

(Note: There is such a Code of Ethics for civil servant General Orders. Apparently MB of Selangor instructed Yang DiPertua of MPK to issue termination letter to TBH. Sources said YDP consulted legal advisor and was informed that MPK has no such code of ethics in General Orders Local Government Act 1967. It was then for the MB to handle the issuance of the letter of termination. 19 days after the fact, on 30 August 2010 MB of Selangor personally issued and signed the letter to terminate TBH as councillor.

It was very unusual for MB of Selangor to descend to such a level of issuing letter of termination. It should have had been done through the audit dept chairman or chairman of the investigation committee.

Where was the due process of natural justice and transparency??? What happened to the high moral standard of the Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat)???)

16 Aug ’10
MB of Selangor’s Political Secretary, Faekah Binti Hj Husin, directed to write to TBH thanking him for his attendance at “Majlis Dialog Bajet 2011 – Anjuran Perbandaharaan Negeri Selangor pada 26 – 27 Julai 2010 di SACC Convec, Shah Alam”


13 thoughts on “Justice for TBH-2! [Part 2]

  1. sampalee

    I know all the times politic stinks,but this one takes the cake in taking the public and dap members as mindless fools.Now it is left to the ordinary members to set things right as the entire bunch of leaders are eunuch.Even the vocal Teng Chang Kim is silent prefering to survive than to stand up for TBH and still hold to his selcat post.
    I now only trust Pas as the real people’s party.

  2. Con Lim

    Teng Chang Kim is no better. He is now keeping quiet on Tee’s matter in order to enjoy the fruit that he had sow i.e. instigated Tee. He is making used of Tee to get support for his position.

    The Lim Dynasty is deadly against him because he aspire to control Selangor power base and ultimately to take on the small boy Lim, who according to Lim Kit Siang is God gift to Malaysia.

    Lee Kee Hiong is guilty of not signing support letter but directly helping her uncle Lee Whye Wing to get contracts/projects under the DAP led Selangor government.

    Why the Lim Dynasty is so silent about the hanky panky amongst their boys and girls in Selangor? Lim Kit Siang issued many statements lately (unusually many) trying to divert attention of the scandals in the DAP Selangor.

    Lim Kit Siang should also issue statement about who is MUMMY FOO and whether it was true about Tony Pua’s success story in Cyber Village Holdings Ltd in Singapore before he joined the DAP in 2007/2008. Whether it was true that Tony Pua hoodwinked the public over this by using the company Brightsphere sdn bhd to take over Cyber Village in order to show that he has divested in Cyber Village.

    What a con job after all in the DAP under the Lim Dynasty.

  3. John from Klang

    I have the caption of the picture that Ronnie Liu is the innocent man. Correct! Correct! Correct!

    I thought that i have read some where that he also signed the letter of support in April 2008 for the same company as Tee has signed.

    Why the double standard Mr Lim Kit Siang and son?

    Your fairness and justice only applicable when it suits you and your cronies like Ronnie Liu and Lee Kee Hiong.

    How shameful? Remaining silence is not the answer to Lim Kit Siang and son credibility. What credibility in the first place!!

  4. The DAP man

    of course Ronnie Liu is a very innocent man in the Selangor administration. He was not involved in the sand mining scandal involving Kumpulan Semesta. Wong Swee Leong, the manager of Semesta, was not a close friend of his. He not instrumental in the employment of Semesta.

    He had no knowledge of how Sungai Rambai Angkut got a special concession of RM13.50 per ton of sand when the going rate is RM17.50. the boss of Sungai Rambai, Dato Tan Chin Huat is not a close friend of Ronnie Liu.

    Ronnie Liu was also not aware that Sungai Rambai owes Semesta million of Ringgit and no serious action was taken to recover.

    YB you have been unkind to Ronnie Liu by publishing all the negative things which implicate the Daddy and Anak in the scheme of things.

    Aiyo! The Daddy and Anak are so righteous and never practice nepotism or cronyism in the Daddy Anak Party. In fact, Daddy and Anak are real freedom fighters in the history of Malaysia. The Mummy Foo episode was also not true. Mummy Foo is jsut a worker in the Daddy Anak Party hq. That’s about it.

  5. Kah Hong

    DAP must tell us who is Lee Wye Wing?

    Tell DAP not to practice double standard!!!

    We are talking about Teoh Beng Hock case here!!!

    We want to know is Lee Kee Hiong the main culprit?

    Choo Keong, please help us to find out more!!!

  6. anonymous

    selangor audit report was a bullshit. it was designed to mislead the public and to cover up the scandals involving exco member. What audit report? When Tee Boon Hock was not called upon to answer the charge or to explain what actually transpired between him and Ronnie Liu, who was then his boss.

    In any event, this is most scandalous involving the Selangor led DAP (Daddy Anak party).

    Why are the Daddy and Anak so quiet like a mouse? was it because this matter involved their crony? How about Lee Kee Hiong, the DAP hatchet woman in Selangor DAP?

    Cakap tak serupa bikin is the new slogan for the Daddy Anak Party.

  7. nepotism

    Daddy Anak Party is showing its true colour! When its is struck by scandals after scandals, the Daddy and Anak will pretend and keep quiet. This is in line with the DAP’s principles of Competency, Accountability and Transparency.

    The Daddy is also keeping quiet about who is Mummy Foo to him.

    Instead of addressing the scandals involving nepotism and cronyism in this letter head scandals and the sand mining scandals involving their cronies, they issued statements after statements on other stupid issues trying to divert public attention. This is what transparency is about with the Daddy Anak Party.

    The DAP exists for the Lim Dynasty and not for the public. You the rakyat are now able to understand what the DAP actually stands for: it is all about Lim Dynasty and their crones like Lee Kee Hiong, Ronnie Liu and Tony Pua, whom I am can see in here that he is a big time businessman in Singapore Cyber Village Holding Ltd. Big time businessman my foot. The company accounts shows that it was in the red until the day in 2007/8 he came to KL to fool Malaysians that he scarified for us.

  8. Pura Pura vs Kura Kura

    In Daddy Anak Pura-pura ( DAP ) fight for rasuah , then you will have kura-kura MB Selangor and Speaker , kura-kura Senior Exco like Teresa Kok still pretends nothing happen what has done by Ronnie Liu , kura-kura MP like Teo Nie Ching pura-pura talk justice for Beng Hock .
    A Husband + Wife = pH=iQuit ( we suspected is Kajang
    Tan Boon Wah ) who say Beng Hock should die in Nie Ching blog a few times , still allowed to make comment in her blog using various new name including Muslim people name . She has permanent firewall us from 27th Auguast 2010 ( If we visit the old articles , Today Visitors is still 0 than 1 , means our computer is NOT allowed to make comment in her blog ) unless we go to new internet cafe , with new computer which we not yet make comment before in her blog .

    Like someone told us Tony Pua , CEO in Cyber Village Ltd in Singapore before joining the DAP for 2008 General Elections . We found that Teo Nie Ching blog has 2006 Media Asia Films ( BVI ) Ltd Copyright .
    ( As far we know Media Asia Entertainment Group Limited was listed in 2004 but delisted in 2007 from the Singapore Stock Exchange ( focus distribute movie related to Macau
    eg Look for a Star , Poker King ) due to investor relations – eSun Holdings Limited need more working capital for Macao Studio City .

    2006 Media Asia Films software ( may be this reason – not original copy ) , she can hide certain topics in her Uncategorized Articles – which August 2010 begins with topic dated 7th , instead http://www.wretch.cc/blog/teonieching/21504402
    dated 4th August 2010 , which we talk a lot about BHock
    until from ( temporaly to permanent ) get firewall .

    Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip reiterated that political aide TBHock did not commit suicide but at the same time Regarding on 4 invoices printed from Teoh’s laptop , Gobind objected the motion saying it was irrelevant – do people dont know Beng Hock was NOT suicide ?
    The question is why keeping merry go around to found the person murder Beng Hock ?

    How high % possibility Kajang councillor Tan Boon Wah will k-Beng Hock ???? 3 mens including a 36-year old Ampang Jaya councillor were arrested in Hulu Kelang after a fight between 2 groups of men at his restaurant in Kuala Ampang about 5am 17th August 2010 in which a man almost lost his ear . Ampang police chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Jalil said police found a PARANG in the councillor’s Perodua Myvi .
    Dont say this another underworld councillor appoinment have nothing to do with Ronnie ?

    Do you belive Kajang councilor Tan Boon Wah and Lee Wye Wing are NOT corrupted when both in MACC that night by consider
    – Ronnie has finish the entire allocation of RM600,000 for his Pandamaran within 7 months . He also used up about RM800,000 of the RM1mil allocated for Sungai Pelek
    and Sungai Panjang constituencies which we dont understand why are under his care .
    During Beng Hock die , some ADUN say it is RM 350,000 only , not RM 500,000 . Assume it is RM 500,000 , It is more like Ronnie pakai spend only , exceed budget but SELCAT try to cover up by giving him another new budget figure RM 600,000 and RM 1 mil .
    – Want to say Ronnie only corrupted after Beng Hock die ? Ok , how about this Liu issued support letter on April 14 , 2008 – barely weeks after being made an executive councillor on March 24 of the same year.

    So our State assembly speaker Teng told a DAP disciplinary committee on 12 August that his ” OMG! Real culprit is freed ” tweet was actually a reference to a character in a Chinese movie 14 Blades ( Jin Yi Wei ) he was watching during a journey in Johor ha ha Chinese New year Movie 2010 now only watch – not outdated sedikit , but outdated banyak His driver also confirmed that he watched the movies –
    Bodyguards & Assassins ( lagi outdated – 2009 movie ) in the car during the journey , ”
    Teng also said the pariah disciplinary committee was satisfied with his explanation
    . May be the committe not yet watch it – so can ” I borrow from you ? ” ha ha .

    DAP’s Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng claiming that Teng was the “ real culprit ” in the issue . Why suddenly extra satu lagi Lim Lip Suan ( any relationship with Lim Lip Eng who giving his statement to the police about contract work ? DAP Teka-Turkey ?

    Why DAP pariah disciplinary committee never investigate regarding another fresh Twitter which Teng ,
    has ridiculing proposed appointment of a MBPJ councillor recently on Tony Pua’s recommendations ( and Teng too had issued support letters to businesses to get contracts from the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) .

    Ronnie Liu has lodged a police report over the alleged misuse of his office’s letterhead but when asked about media reports on his earlier claim that his letterheads
    were not misused, Liu told reporters: ” What reports? I don’t know what report you are talking about.”
    We lagi don’t know what chicken Ronnie talk about ?

  9. sampalee

    Ordinary DAP members must come out NOW in droves and take control,before the entire party self destruct by the bunch of jokers in the cockpit and control tower playing Daddy-Anak Monopoly
    Should this warning be ignored,the on going damages will be beyond repair and one can only wait to see the demise of the Rocket.

  10. OMG!

    The Daddy Anak Party is riddled with scandals. OMG! now we read about Teng Chang Khim, the brother of a Gerakan leader in Penang, Teng Chang Yeow, abusing public funds in the name of providing service to the community. Sounded too good. But all the benches and even the slightest thing that he did must have his big name inscribed on them. Typical DAP leader dying to promote himself like the Daddy and Anak.

    Teng and Ronnie Liu equivalent to a pot calling a kettle black. They are both crazy for power in Selangor. At the same time they are both condemning others without looking at their own back yards.

    As we go along, we will witness more scandals. They will be doing what they condemned others do. Typical cakap tak serupa bikin.

    OMG! There is also Mummy Foo in the closet after all. Since Daddy and Anak sit on moral high horses, which of the two should clarify what the public and DAP members are murmuring about it?

  11. RM 50,000 per annum for MP office expenses?

    So our Tony Pua will be makign a trip to Adelaide (19/9), Sydney (23/9), Melbourne (24/9 & 25/9) this month September and will be meeting up with Malaysians there . Betul-ke meet student in which university ?

    Other articles are ” This will be the 3rd year which we are running our golf tournament, for the purpose of raising funds to help run my Petaling Jaya Utara constituency’s service centre . I have 3-4 staff in the office at the moment to help with constituency, research and parliamentary work, plus operational expenses – rental, utilities etc.,
    it costs our office approximately RM12,000 per month to maintain.
    The Selangor state government subsidises RM50,000 per annum of an MP’s office expenses, but that’ll still leave us with
    about RM100,000 short, which are funded by public donations, as well as from my own allowance .
    This will be the 3rd year which we are running our golf tournament,
    for the purpose of raising funds to help run my Petaling Jaya Utara constituency’s service centre. ”

    Date: 2 Sep 2010 (Thu)
    Time: 7.30 am (shot gun)
    Venue: Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (KGSAAS)
    Entry fee: RM350 per pax.

    Closing date: 25th Aug or up to 120 participants (1st come 1st served).
    There will be plenty of prizes for golfing and lucky draw winners, as well as items for auction . While the list of prizes have not been finalised, the top prizes will include air tickets to destinations overseas ;-)

    Plus, if you are lucky (or unlucky) enough, we could be on the same flight ;-)

    What kind of marketing plan – ask people to join tournament on left side while on right side , you tell people , still do know what is the prizes ?

    As far as we know the RM 50,000 subsidies is used for MISC rakyat activities such as gotong-royong , buy computer to donate for school by some MP . So which one is true ? Or MP has the right to use for office expenses ? Or his a few company’s staff is also MP Tony Pua staff , save cost ?

    So today 10th September 2010 , he what man of accountability cant even list the winner of prizes for his donation campaign . OR He personally win the 1st Prize – air ticket to Australia ?

    His previous articles = Award of Contracts to Umno-Owned Companies:
    Conflict of Interest on 30th August 2010 , to date on 9 visitors comments ???? where 6 support comment
    and 3 not support comment such as
    ” On the subject conflict of interest, after the Ronnie Liu & Tee Boon Hock scandal , I find it hard for PR or DAP to walk the straight line as well. Greed and personal interests will take over ”
    We believe a lot of visitors comment NOT approved ( including our comment this Monday )

    He said that there was a clear conflict of interest when the government awards contracts to Umno-linked companies. So A pot calling a kettle BLACK??? We must understand
    BN never said they will tender every project ( if they already have company ABLE to done the job ) but DAP say they will
    tender every project in state government but did they do it ?
    Lagi worst they give to DAP-linked company which 100% NOT able done the job .

    His latest / today article is DAP strongly condemns the Quran burning plan by a US pastor on anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Centre, New York . How DAP condemns , by pakai cakap only in DAP blog and he expect US government to read it ? But DAP will tell US do not campur tangan when come to Ronnie Liu scandal

  12. More bukti about RM50000

    Pada 22 Mei 2010 , hari Sabtu yang lalu , Ahli parlimen Serdang Saudari Teo Nie Ching telah menghadiri program gotong-royong yang dianjurkan oleh Jawatan Kuasa Penduduk BTHO Zon 1 di Bandar Tun Hussein Onn . Program gotong-royong tersebut turut dihadiri oleh
    ADUN Balakong YB Yap Lum Chin dan Ahli Majlis MPKJ Encik Lee Ah Seng ….. Saudari Teo turut berjanji untuk menyumbangkan sebahagian daripada peruntukan kawasan parlimennya yang diperuntukkan oleh kerajaan negeri Selangor untuk program tersebut
    = No Amount

    31 Mei 2010 – Ahli Parlimen Serdang Saudari Teo Nie Ching telah melawat Sekolah Rendah Agama Bandar Seri Putra yang terletak di Bandar Seri Putra , Bangi pada pukul 10.00 pagi hari ini . Tujuan lawatan ini adalah untuk menyampaikan cek peruntukan yang bernilai RM2000 kepada Sekolah Agama Bandar Seri Putra supaya pihak sekolah dapat membeli sebuah komputer dan mesin pencetak yang baru ……… Walaupun peruntukan tahunan ini hanya bernilai RM 50,000 tetapi ia sedikit sebanyak telah membolehkan Saudari Teo menghulurkan bantuan kepada individu , organisasi dan komuniti-komuniti
    di kawasan parlimen Serdang yang memerlukan pertolongan dalam bentuk kebendaan dan kewangan .
    = RM 2,000.00

    But this 2 articles is NOT in http://www.wretch.cc/blog/teonieching&category_id=0
    ( uncategorized category )
    We dont understand why = is it part of RM 50,000 for MP Serdang has spend on not rakyat-related purposes ?????

    Anyway Tony Pua pulak say The Selangor state government subsidises RM50,000 per annum of an MP’s office expenses ????
    Tony Pua also say he have 3-4 staff in the office at the moment . Why not 3 staff ? 4 staff ? Instead giving not sure figure 3-4 staff


    Some of the comment in http://www.wretch.cc/blog/teonieching/21504402

    Dont forget IQuit is also the guy write in Chinese in other articles that BHock should die .
    ( Hide in Moon at August 13, 2010 11:38 AM comment 18 )

    IQuit Comment on BN vs PR showdown at Serdang Carnival 20/4/2010 ” When I pay my tax, …
    I don’t expect it to be returned. ( Nolah – left ask Msia to open-mind to pay GST 4% tax –
    more contract in future and right ask 4% reduce in income tax for himself ) When I use some water,
    I will pay for the cost and reasonable profit to keep someone motivated to run the business. ”
    ( So what is the job of this iQuit ? Roti-canai maker , PRakyat councillor , PRonnie councillor in Kajang area ? )
    ( Not Fantastic4 at August 19, 2010 12:22 PM comment 28 )

    This is latest IQuit Comment

    IQuit at September 10, 2010 07:23 PM comment
    on http://www.wretch.cc/blog/teonieching/21527820

    Is he disappear more than 20 days ? Nolah he has used various people name such as
    ammierto at September 5, 2010 02:31 AM comment
    Ikhwan Muslim at September 8, 2010 01:14 AM comment
    yenbee at September 8, 2010 04:32 AM comment

    Because only one people will be in Nie Ching
    blog from 12.01 am sometimes even up to 11.30am ,

  13. Zon A for KeeHiong

    Regarding the four invoices in http://t4tbh.blogspot.com/
    the invoice has bill to location : 2 in Taman Serdang while [ this 1 in Kampung Air Panas ( Kerling ) and 1 in Pasar Rasa , we also manage to find out what is the relation with Lee Kee Hiong ,
    it has to do Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor , Zon A ( Kuala Kubu Bharu , Kerling , Rasa )


    Zon A is where K.A.Ramu

    have also mentioned that ” this is the main reason I have resigned as a Councillor in 2008 and not to get involved in
    the dirty scheme of siphoning State’s money. This money belongs to the people of Kuala Kubu Bharu [KKB],
    but some people putting it their own pockets. ”

    Kindly note the invoice date ( three in 2th Sept 2008 while another one in 3th Sept 2008 )

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