Justice for TBH-2! [Part 1 cont’d] … A truthful, damning comment or what?

Update, 6 September 2010: Another damning comment or what?! (Scroll down to read)

The truth is the truth. One can try desperately to spin or divert but it’s to no avail. Slowly but surely it will find its way out of the wood work. Because the ground is shifting and a groundswell building up. Daddy and Anak can continue to pretend their innocence and ignore the voice of discontent. As days go by more damning revelations will come this way and the tsunami of better understanding will overwhelm the lim dynasty of their iron-fist rule by nepotism, cronyism and “cakap tak serupa bikin” … for almost 40 years!


kandan selangor
September 4, 2010 at 12:40 pm

With the sacking of Tee Boon Hock and Yap Hock Siew for the Letterhead scandal, Lim Kit Siang and his son after more than a month the scandal broke out are still keeping quiet. We all know who is operating behind the scene or the unseen hands.

One glaring fact about this Letterhead scandal was: Tee Boon Hock, Yap Hock Siew and Ronnie Liu have all signed support letters for contracts or projects in Selangor.


Lim Kit Siang, the “great” defender against INJUSTICE and CEO of DAP Sdn Bhd must immediately clarify the GLARING INCONSISTENCY OF PUNISHMENT for these persons in accordance with the DAP principles of “CAT” (COMPETENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY & TRANSPARENCY).

The truth will prevail …

Zhu J M
September 5, 2010 at 12:25 pm

By The Palace Monk:

The mastermind behind the TBH sordid episode is Daddy. The picture of TBH and Teng Chiang Khim appearing together after an old folks function, sealed the fate of TBH. Lingam Liu, being the Pandamatan Rep knows too well of TBH’s grass-root support and as the local warlord in the Klang area. Lingam is only the weapon in Daddy’s hand. The whole scheme is set in motion by Daddy, spearheaded by Lingam. It is “unthinkable” for Lingam to blatantly leak info pertaining to TBH’s affairs to the MSM without being caught by a thorough investigation. The pre-condition is Lingam must be fully protected. The MSM news is to shame TBH and paint him as a corrupt councillor. This would generate public outcry against TBH.

ACT 2 then follows with Tan Kok Wai, the Disciplinary Chairman who had never conducted any inquiry and totally ignorant of the law pertaining to inquiries, rushed to “kill off” TBH in the most expedient manner. One would venture to speculate that TBH’s Letter of Expulsion was pre-prepared prior to the commencement of the Disciplinary Hearing. If not how could Tan Kok Wai can deliver the Letter within 2 hours of the Hearing? On Aug 11, prior to the DAP CEC’s consideration of TBH’s Appeal, the half-baked MB of Selangor, acting as the hatchet man of DAP in order to present to the public a “united PR front”, dismissed TBH via a press statement citing :conflict of interest and violating code of ethics.

Let me tell this straight to the MB’s face: by denying TBH’s right of defense, the MB has violated the UN Charter on Human Rights, which is a much more serious act than “violation of code of ethics”. It is obvious that Daddy had “advised” the MB to sack TBH and this would seem to “justification” for the CEC to uphold TBH’s sacking.

Now that the police investigation based on the report made by Lingam that TBH had abused his letterheads and was not authorized to issue Letters of Support, is still ongoing what would DAP do if the police investigation turns out that Lingam had made a false report?

Palace Monk’s (PM)prediction is Lingam would be charged for making a false police report, and be subjected to a criminal trial. What would DAP do then? Dr Chen Man Hin’s warning to the DAP that it has been badly tarnished by this fiasco and appropriate action has to be taken is ominous of DAP slide into political mess.

It is also blessing to the Rakyat to see the true colours of the DAP before PR’s success in displacing BN. With only a bit of “governmental power” DAP, the Daddy and Son’s first duty is to safeguard their power in DAP while planning their ascent to the next rung of power should PR succeed in the next GE. Daddy and Son now sees all grass-root members who do not openly align themselves with the D & S, are enemies who must be “turned over” or eliminated like TBH.

To save DAP, the grass-root must get the D & S out of the Party. GOD bless the grass-root members of DAP.

Soon! … Justice for TBH-2! [Part 2]

5 thoughts on “Justice for TBH-2! [Part 1 cont’d] … A truthful, damning comment or what?

  1. kiasu

    Looks like Daddy and Anak will abandon the ROYAL COMMISSION syndrom and replace it with GAG ORDER COMMISSION in line with changing circumstance.

    I am sure the Bar Council will support the idea for the establishment of a GAG ORDER COMMISSION as it will reflect the spirit of Free Media and Freedom of Speech envisioned by the Pakatan Bukan Hudud.

    Vote for the “Tidak Bikin Tapi Cakap Lebih” Pakatan. Anyone?

  2. kiasu

    Its official, Daddy is now the Chairman of GAGO COMMISSION….so when chairman dont talk about support letter, illegal sand mining, or massage parlour, nobody should talk.

    GAGO COMMISSION not applicable if issues involved BN or Government…err i mean Federal Government.


    Lee Kee Hiong, the spy planted by the father and son in DAP to oversee Selandor DAP, lodged a report with MCMC. She said she was hurt by the article in Selangor Daily that Lee Whye Ming got many cotracts through her influence in Selangor.

    However, when press asked her whether it was true that Lee Whye Ming is her uncle. She refused to confirm or deny. Well, it is a fact that Lee Whye Ming is her uncle. It is also a fact that she is equally important that she is equally as powerful as Mummy Foo aka known as Foo Yuet Chuen, the DAP chief of staff in the DAP hq.

    What was there to be hurt? The truth always hurt.

  4. Watch out for the Anwar-Nurul team too. Apparently shes decided to shut off to comments and refuses to answer them and live in her own NEPOTISTIC world. Eventually when in power, she will be unreachable and you know the rest. Her children will also be MPs and PMs if she could have her way and eventually BN could revive itself in PKR *IF* NEPOTISM is not dealt with in the party’s culture by the people’s vote.

    3rd Force independents, please step forth. . . . does anyone know any independents ready to oust these ‘Elegantly Silent’ MP types? We can’t trust people who won’t reply, if they won’t let us know what they think or can’t be bothered to answer us. MPs will not set an example to the people should be voted out. Anyone here ready to run against Nurul?

  5. Con Lim

    Of course, Lee Kee Hiong cannot answer about this when asked by reporter. Lee Whye Wing is her uncle that she help to get contract in Selangor. That is transparency, accountability and competency Ala Daddy Anak Party.

    Why there was a complaint against her in 2008 and no actions taken? Cronyism and nepotism Ala Daddy Anak Party.

    I hoep that this will give the public a new light about the DAddy Anak party especially the DADDY, who is playing God all these years.

    Hello, Mummy Foo ? May be Daddy can tell more about her! If not, the Anak can help if the Daddy can’t for obvious reason!!!!!!

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