Happy 53 years of Merdeka, Malaysia!

Today we celebrate 53 years of Independence.
53 years of peace, harmony and nation building.
May we have as many more 53 happy returns of the day.

Keep our Jalur Gemilang flying high and proud, Malaysia. Syabas!

5 thoughts on “Happy 53 years of Merdeka, Malaysia!

  1. wan wei

    Are we really that “Merdeka” n unify?

    It Happened to Me, It Could Happen to You
    by Lau Chee Kin on Tuesday, 31 August 2010 at 20:14

    The typical Merdeka Eve night started with an urge to watch the fireworks celebration in KLCC ended up in a racist attack by a group of teenagers. So, me and a friend of mine thought of a good solution to avoid the traffic jam in that area by walking from the office in Jalan Imbi through Pavillion, to Jalan Kia Peng through Convention Center to KLCC.

    Sounds like an ideal plan as the path is a frequent walkway and is even advertised in Pavillion as ‘Bridge to KLCC’. (Just to note that we didnt go into any dark alley)

    At 10.15pm, we started walking towards Pavillion, stopped to get a drink at Starbucks and proceeded ahead. As we walk, we came across people from various races and foreign tourists along the way.

    On Jalan Kia Peng, we walked past Novotel Hotel, Hakka Restaurant, Menara HLA and was reaching the junction of Jalan Pinang when a group of about 10 teenage Malay youngsters walking from the opposite direction. They looked like typical youths, giggling and talking to each other.

    As we walked past them, suddenly one of them turned around and started to make a flying kick to my friend. Noticing the ‘fun’ he is having, his other friends started to do the same to me. It was so sudden and all I was thinking at the moment was, “What the hell did we do to them?”

    Both of us ended up kneeling on the ground for a moment before more kicks and punches came flying in. Even though both of us had our tripod strapped across our shoulder, we were too shocked to react to it. Eventually one punch landed right on my right forehead and I started to bleed profusely. Seeing that they eventually stopped and walked away.WALKED AWAY, damn it. They were not even afraid to run but just WALKED AWAY like winning a game or something.The last thing I remember hearing from one of them was “Baliklah ke negara asal”

    Imagine hearing this statement on Merdeka Eve.

    I knew I was bleeding but I didnt know how bad. I could feel the right side of my head swollen and wet but I did not try to look at myself through a mirror. My friend also suffered bruises on the body and face. By that time there were more people walking around us but they did not stop to see what was wrong. I don’t blame them, it was a poorly lit area just in front of Menara Pinang. We recovered and continued walking towards the Convention Center. The guards were symphatetic to let us in to use the washroom to clean up. It was then I saw my bloody face.

    I did not take a picture of myself then as it is not my intention to send a horror message. This is not a message of sympathy. It’s a account of a random person walking on a street.

    Eventually after cleaning up, we walked back to the Police Booth in Pavillion to relate the incident. The response from the officer: “This cannot happen, we have all our men on the streets” (Well, not on the street we got beaten up …)

    Apparently informing the police booth stationed in a public area is NOT MAKING A POLICE REPORT. WTF? Apparently we have to go to a Hospital, get some treatment and make a complain/report at the police counter there. I would be dead by then, ain’t I?

    Is this how the police maintained that they have improved street crimes? By not noting down petty crimes like gang bang which did not result into hospitalization? Would we be taken seriously if only we landed in the hospital?

    What we did was, we went back to the office, rested til this morning, went to a nearby clinic to get some bandages and medic.What else to do? I can’t identify my assailants, and my wounds are not death-threatening.

    If I had not wanted to celebrate Independence Day, would I walk or drive to the venue?

    If I was not thirsty would I stop for 5 mins to get my drink and missed them completely?

    If I had held my tripod as a defensive weapon earlier, would I save myself or get more beating instead?

    If I’m not Chinese, would I get the same ‘treatment’?

    All I want to say in the end is …

    Forward this to your friends (so that they will be careful on the streets)

    Forward this to your ‘friendly police’ (so that they know the procedure is wrong)

    Forward this to any politician/newspaper (so that he/she can be the champion for highlighting this to the government)

  2. weechookeong

    Dear wan wei …

    I am most disappointed to hear of your incident. It should not have happened and I am also disappointed with the officers at the police booth at Pavilion.

    Though the area is not in my constituency, I will take up the matter with the CPO of the area.

    Hope your recovery is progressing well. Thank you for visiting.

    Wee Choo Keong

  3. Mahen

    Dear Friend,

    I am believe you and this is not only incident happened on that day night. Me and my friend (both Malaysian Indians) went through the worst incident on that night opposite Istana Hotel. Both of us was attacked about 15-20 of malay boys below 20years old, badly until my finger almost cut off from my hand. They shouted to us and asked us to go back India and this country only for Malays. I am still shock and god bless future Malaysian who attacked us are Future of Malaysia.

  4. admiremariah

    Dear Friend,

    I am very sorry to hear what happen to you. I realized why my mother never allow to go out on Merdeka Eve and Day since forever. Even an old woman like my mom never trusted anything since May 13 in the 60’s (she was a teenage that time) The trauma she was having before obviously still imprinted in her till now.

    I was shocked to hear news this Merdeka and sad that some Malay parent just have no clue that their children is like that.

    The fact that police said that to you, it’s just so typical of them.

    Hope both of you will get well soon. I prayed that those Malay boys will soon get their share of misery for their wrongdoings.

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