DAP’s politics of expediency exposes the hypocrites riding on moral high horses

Update, 27 Aug 2010: Hah, I told you. I did say yesterday Mr Tee Boon Hock’s appeal will be a non-event, didn’t I? It’s preservation of the dynasty, lah! Full story here.

Make no mistake. DAP is equal to its supreme leaders, and vice versa. The rest of the minions are merely expendable party slaves tied constantly to a short, snug leash to cow them into absolute obedience. No matter what, the dynasty is to be served and its survival is all that matters. It can do no wrong. ‘Do what I say and not do what I do’ is law. The slightest hint of not showing “enough affection” to one or two supreme leaders can and will cost you your political career in the party. I was such a victim of this whimsical aberrance when I was sacked in 1998, a ludicrous ‘first’ in the world. No regrets though or I would be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea; between hypocrisy and being a dynastic slave. Neither will serve integrity nor self-respect.

The recent sacking of Mr Tee Boon Hock, the ex-DAP councilor, who was alleged to have embroiled in the “letterhead scandals” is a clear example of blatant victimization for the sake of protecting the cronies – for the sake of endearing the dynasty.

But it’s this question of integrity that DAP falls way short on. The supreme leaders know it and for the purpose of the party’s political relevance and survival they will draw on their mastership of the art of political expediency to pull them through. It will save the day, no doubt, once more. PAS with its recent talk and posturing for an Islamic state will be muted and neutralized, yet again. PAS will withdraw into the background, re-group and wait to pursue its agenda another day. Why PAS will always do this like a gentleman beats me and this strategic behavior alone warrants a posting all its own on another day.

DAP should know better. When it decided to go into a marriage-of-convenience during the 1990 General Election with Semangat 46 under the flagship of Gagasan Rakyat and which Semangat 46 in turn had a coalition with PAS under the flagship of Angkatan Perpaduan Umrah (APU), the DAP  knew what PAS stood for and the party will live by its constitution to propagate Islamic states whenever and wherever it comes into power. All went well for the 1990 General Election but the coalition failed to take over power in the federal government.

After the 1990 General Election, in 1992 the DAP’s supreme leaders decided to pull out from Gagasan Rakyat under the pretext that Semangat 46 was indirectly associated with PAS through APU and that PAS was serious in promoting and setting up an Islamic state.

During the 1999 General Election, the DAP again went into a loose coalition with PAS despite the fact that PAS never abandoned their objective of setting up an Islamic state when it comes into power. The DAP supreme leaders even went campaigning to assure Malaysians not to be worried about the said PAS stand on an Islamic state as the DAP will ensure that it will not materialize. In 2001 the DAP supreme leaders were yet again playing with their politics of expediency by disassociating itself with PAS over the issue of an Islamic state.

It must be noted that PAS has and will continue to be candid about this objective but why do the supreme leaders of DAP behave like a disobedient, un-supportive and combative “wife” every time the subject crops up? Political expediency at play, is it? But to me it’s more a question of integrity with DAP’s supreme leaders. They should look themselves in the mirror and come clean. Hypocrisy is sinful, hateful, damning. PAS has integrity. Their leaders are honest, trustworthy and faithful to their party’s constitution. From day one the party did not hide its desire to form Islamic states and it will not go back on its promise for any form of politics of expediency no matter what.

PAS has better watch it lest DAP’s supreme leaders seemingly skillful art of political expediency cows the party into singing and dancing to its tune. Which, by my analysis, is most unlikely to happen. Which also brings into question the validity of this marriage-of-convenience in the eyes of PAS. But what has become even more unfortunate is that PAS has appeared to be the whipping-boy for DAP every time the party senses its supporters getting jittery about the subject of an Islamic state. All in the name of political expediency to survive as a political party and be relevant. This is most sad; humiliating even, for PAS.

Moreover, for DAP’s supreme leaders to fan out enmass throughout the country in 1990 and again in the 1999 General Election to convince its supporters that going into a marriage with PAS (for votes fishing of course!) will not affect their interests is akin to pulling a fast one and lying through their teeth. The art of political expediency is anything but scheming, any which way one looks at it.

DAP’s supreme leaders short-coming goes further. The supreme leaders can ride on the moral high horse and say one thing and do another. They will shout and scream themselves hoarse for freedom of the press and freedom of speech in public. The next moment, at the snap of the fingers, they will also invoke a ‘gag order’ when it suits them and get all and sundry to toe the party line or else …

Chairman of the party Karpal Singh has always been the instrument for such incongruencies. The recent ‘gag order’ on all talk of the “letterhead scandals” in Selangor is not the first, and it will not be the last. Remember also when he was reportedly quoted to have said the equivalent of “Islamic state over my dead body”? Why are other supreme leaders so mum with statements of this nature and why is Karpal Singh singled out to do this kind of dirty work all the time? Preservation of the dynasty, remember? It should be above the supreme leaders demeanor to display such outward hypocrisy but there will always be hangeron-s to carry out the unspeakable.

DAP’s supreme leaders way of keeping the party’s minion in check is also hypocritical and seemingly subtle. But if one has been tracking their traits it’s always the repeated reminders that the General Election is just round the corner when there’s a hint of it by the ruling government. The reminders will get so loud that the hopefuls will realize it’s a signal not to get too smart to buck the trend and show disaffection lest one is put out to pasture without a constituency to stand in, or, be placed in a hopeless constituency. Never mind one can lose the party’s election at the party’s stronghold in Malacca but if the condition is right the loser can be jettisoned to become the DAP Secretary-General and then a Chief Minister in another state!

DAP should stop riding the moral high horse. It’s a joke to say one thing and do another. It’s even more damning when you carry up the cudgel to fight against corruption but look the other way when the same loathsome transgression stares you in the face in your own backyard in the form of the recent Selangor illegal sand mining scandal and letterhead scandals. Mr Tee Boon Hock is expendable but the newly converted blue-eyed-one, even though had been labeled ‘he is trouble,’ will be protected because of vested dynastic interest.

The art of political expediency riding on the moral high horse is diametrically opposed and has no place under the sun. It is contradictory. It is all hypocrisy. It is scheming to blur the blatant acts of preserving the dynasty, practicing cronyism and indulging in malpractices under cover. What is the difference then between what the government of the day is doing and what the hopeful government in waiting (and it’s a long shot okay) is hiding behind? You be the judge.

Note: After tonight’s CEC meeting, it will be a known fact Mr Tee Boon Hock’s appeal will not have any effect. It will just be a mere formality! Preservation of the dynasty cannot accept it and perhaps Mr Tee had also inadvertently committed the sin of not showing “enough affection” to his party’s supreme leaders!

37 thoughts on “DAP’s politics of expediency exposes the hypocrites riding on moral high horses

  1. ecam

    Errr how about Karpal Singh ” Anwar harus bertaubat?” for breaking the pakatan? He should force all supreme leaders bertaubat too.

  2. yong

    DAP stands for nepotism, cronyism and double standard. DAP = Daddy Anak Party. Karpal Singh has two of his sons (Gobind and Jaedeep) and Lim Kit Siang (Lim Guan Eng and his wife, Betty Chew) as elected representatives. Whenever there is a scandal within DAP like the letterhead issue, gag order was the ultimate solution. At the same time, it will say DAP stands for Freedom. What a joke!

    DAP treated PAS as its whipping boy as and whenever the issue of Islamic state cropped up in order to please the non-Muslims.

    They can fool some of the rakyat some of the time but not all the people all the time.

  3. Be bas


    Wah lau eh … you are right on the dot, man! Tee Boon Hock’s appeal got no chance lah. After last night’s meeting, mati like a dodo bird.

    Did you read also about Ronnie Liu do not need to appeal a second time thingy? Wah lau eh … cronyism and double-standard run deep in DAP.

    When is PAS going to talak satu or tiga, ah? Bini ini tak boleh pakai punya.

  4. DAP diehard no more

    You are so right YB Wee. I have been blind to DAP’s masterful politics of expediency. It’s true what people say. When we follow blindly we will not be able to ‘see’ the faults of the party.

    Thank you for your excellent piece which is very informative. The facts are there for us to digest.

    I have now woken up. I hope all DAP supporters see what the party is really all about and do the right thing. Wake up and don’t be fooled by the leaders’ manipulation.

    My friends and family will hear of this scheming. We cannot have a party which is as corrupt to the core to one day become the ruling government.

    DAP will not get my support. It can go to hell for fooling me for so long. Ptuui to the father and son party! Hypocrites!

  5. Cheong

    YB after having read your analysis on the the DAP’s leaders stand on Islamic State, nepotism and cronyism, I could have come to the same conclusion yesterday that Tee Boon Hock’s appeal will be thrown out. It was as clear as day light.

    It was crystal clear that Islamic State is the DAP’s political tool to politicise in order to get the non-Malay supports when it suited them.

    If the DAP is dead against Islamic State then it should not have joined hand with PAS since PAS never abandoned the formation of Islamic State if it were to take power. So why was there a need to moan about it when PAS leaders talked about the formation of Islamic state. This is part of PAS’ objective which PAS had never hid. In fact, PAS has been very open about it.

    Please wake up Emperor Lim and stop playing your Lim Dynasty politics to fool Malaysians with your anti-Islamic State stand. You are only interested in winning elections at all costs and you are prepared to pull wool over the eyes of the voters.

    Stop bull shitting Emperor Lim! Will you.

  6. The DAP Lim

    What say the other DAP leaders over Karpal Singh’s famous quote: ISLAM OVER MY DEAD BODY. Luckily Karpal Singh’s GAG ORDER on the Selangor Letter Head scandals is only applicable to the DAP members, who have been indoctrinated to be anti-Islam.

  7. Truth for Beng Hock

    http://t4tbh.blogspot.com/ has told Kajang councillor Tan Boon Hwa is a contractor and DAP member who is close to
    Ronnie Liu. Lee Wye Wing is a technician with WSK Services , a crony company of Ronnie Liu which has been given many contracts .
    while Ronnie approach some Malay guy to register ENTERPRISE company ( ENC ) and promise to secure contract for them .
    We not sure to believe it or not until today .
    The problem is NOT we assume early ( ENC paid 10% comm to Lee ) but source said ENC are only offered 10% of contracts , the balance paid to Lee
    = this malay guy handed over to the MACC certain documents = may be due to kek kecil vs kek besar = MACC identified contractor who used the two men’s company .
    So is it TBHock is witness for this not 10% but 90% case = so strong level of corruption = cause he loss his life ?
    ( SmallVs BigCake at August 24, 2010 02:42 PM comment 34 ) in http://www.wretch.cc/blog/teonieching/21504402 .

    Sept 2009 – Selcat only investigate Ronnie which finish the entire allocation of RM600,000 for his Pandamaran within 7 months . He also used up about
    RM800,000 of the RM1mil allocated for Sungai Pelek ( other source said it has link to Teoh Beng Hoch death )
    and Sungai Panjang constituencies which are under his care .

    In http://www.wretch.cc/blog/teonieching/21504402 , we begin comments on August 5 until August 27 , 2010 . Some of the important
    comment are last month some people say Beng Hock should die on other articles 17th July 2010 ( BHock 1st Anniversary ) in Nie Ching blog – Based on comment
    ( unsatisfied BH Trust Fund for his child use and other matters ) , we assume it is women have a children .
    This information is still not very useful until PR guy comment back which himself get back another negative comment ( we assume it is man , relationship maybe husband and wife ) .

    Anyway , Kajang Municipal councillor Tan saman MACC didnt tell 4 hours stand story last year , which he was placed ( about 8.45pm and 2 officers interrogate him about his personal details begin 10pm while stand up and finally ended at 2am . Tan say MACC Bulkini told him he would bring Tan’s children to the office and let them see him cry .
    Anyway , what is the personal detail question asked until have to stand and take 4 hours , Is it like ” What is your name , Tan ? ” ” Are you male or female ? ‘
    as MACC are not sure Mr Tan is Chinese or Malay . Even job interview , field personal details the most take 20 minutes
    ha ha //// So PRonnie guy comment ” are Ezam give speech in Ceramah at least kena stand for 20 minutes on stage . ha ha kesian kaki Ezam ,
    why Bala hide in London ” ///

    We comment back ” Sometimes Last witness like to ask this kind of question
    why Bala holiday in London ” to shift focus and told everybody not easy to stand ceramah 20 minutes , but easy can stand 4 hours just to give personal details ,
    only ask for sit down ( able to estimate MACC will come in exactly 2AM ) , If suicide note is fake , why not exam the other witness and suspect’s hand writing who still alive ,
    /// So the PRonnie guy comment ” go to drink your stupid coconut drink and stop talking shit and make non-sense ” ( pH at August 15, 2010 12:38 AM comment 23 ) ///
    Ha ha Ph must forget he also make the below comment on Beng Hock’s Memorial Night at Tg Sepat on 17 March 2010 using topic “Bul Shit” ” all talk bull shit DAP sure
    lose at the next GE teo beng hock how to die batter go ask au yong han hua la ” .

    We finally understand – one small case is BHock to comfirm that Ean Yong had paid
    RM2,400 for flags to be used in Merdeka Day celebrations but the problem is the flags not delivery by Satay Kajang Sdn Bhd , right Mr Tan Boon Wah ?
    Dont forget IQuit is also the guy write in Chinese in other articles that BHock should die .
    ( Merdeka Flag at August 15, 2010 12:59 PM comment 24 )
    Would u surprise die-hard supporters pH and iQuit stop to comment after August 15 ,
    just like suddenly two tiger disappear in zoo , so PH=iQUIT=Kajang Tan ?

    04/08/2010 – Ronnie Liu ( has challenged Wangsa Maju MP Wee to name the exco member who allegedly has links with the underworld on 14 July 2009 , before BH die a few days later )
    now challenged former Selangor MB Khir to list at least 10 gangsters
    whom he claim were connected with DAP , protecting the bigwigs in illegal sand-mining business in Selangor ,
    when everybody know this month is not August 2010 , but Support Letter 2010
    ( former Klang municipal councillor Tee said that Liu personally issued a letter of support for company belonging to Tee’s son only weeks after assuming his exco post ) for Ronnie .
    9 tak boleh ? 3 Plastics Bags ( Red Paint ) and death threat note to MP kapar ( wishing happy deevapali in advance ? )
    already one . Fight between 2 groups of men at Ampang Jaya councillor restaurant about 5am and found parang in councillor’s car , this 1 should consider 1 or 2 ?

  8. Con Lim

    Lim Kit Siang should know who is Lee Wye Meng, WSK Enterprise. Lim Kit Siang is keeping very quite over Ronnie Liu’s letterhead scandals. His macai Karpal Singh, the budak suruhan, was doing the hatchet man job to look after the Lim Dynasty and laos his own. Without Lim, Karpal Singh cannot survive because he has no branch at all.

    Can someone help who is Lee Wye Meng and Mummy Foo?

  9. anonymous

    well this is the “Competency, Accountability and Transparency” DAP style for all of us. Gaging Order by Karpal Singh is DAP style of Freedom Of Speech! What a bullshit.

    The DAP is about Lim Dynasty and nothing else. As and when the DAP is in trouble political it will use PAS as a whipping boy in order to divert attention so that the Chinese will be distracted from the shortcoming and the nonsense of Lik Kit Siang and son.

    I hope to read more about the high moral of Lim Kit Siang and his cronies.

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  11. muhammad

    this hudud thing propped up recently after an interview with the much loved tuan guru nik aziz.

    who interviewed tuan guru? it was malaysiakini. what is the link between malaysiakini and DAP? you figure it out yourselves…

    well done malaysiakini…interview PAS leaders when DAP in trouble. ask about hudud and sensationalise the issue! you have saved emperor LIM and his cronies, yet again

    well done YB wee

  12. Ragu

    I have heard so much about the abused of power in Selangor and the letterhead scandals and Lim Kit Siang and son are still pretending that all is well. at the same time they are using the Karpal singh to do the dirty job.

    Gag order so what happened – nothing. It was a clear case of covering up job. So this is the accountability of the Lim Dynasty.

  13. The Selangor Ah Long

    Con Lim: Lee Wye Meng is a contractor that was involved in the letterhead scandal in Selangor. Lee Wye Meng is Ms Lee Kee Hiong’s uncle. WHo is Lee Kee Hiong????

    Lee Kee Hiong was the former political secretary to Lim Kit Siang. She is also the spy for Lim Kit Siang and son in Selangor DAP.

    Lee Wye Meng’s company has also received many contracts from Selangor state government under the “Letterhead Scandals”.

    YB, I am sure that you also know how Lee Kee Hiong operates in the DAP. She is a very powerful figure in Selangor DAP and Selangor state administration. She has the ears and minds of Lim Kit Siang and son.

    Lee Kee Hiong is also very close with Ronnie Liu.

    She is as powerful as Mummy Foo!!

    So the public should know why Tee Boon Hock was sacked with such haste.

  14. The Rakyat

    No wonder Emperor Lim and his son are very noticeably quiet over the Selangor sand mining scandals and the letterhead sandals.

    No call for Royal Commission to investigate.

    Tony Pua, the very successful ex-CEO of Cyber Village Ltd in Singapore who turned politician, was also very quiet. Why?

    So where is the DAP’s transparency after all? Cakap tak serupa bikin is the motto!

  15. PJ Tan

    I am a DAP member. I am sad to admit that nepotism and cronyism are practised openly in the DAP. Having observed the development of the sand mining problems and the letterhead scandals, it was very obvious that Lim Kit Siang and his son are hoping that by keeping mum the problems will be blown away and their cronies in Selangor will be safe.

    I am ashamed of the covering up of the scandals and at the same time Lim Kit Siang and his son are trying to divert attention by talking about other issue. Charity begins at home ok.

  16. Anonymous

    Now interesting names have surfaced. I didn’t know that Lee Kee Hiong is so powerful in Selangor. I don’t know what was the value of the contracts that were awarded to her uncle’s company known as WSK Services. May be Lim Kit Siang would like to keep us informed.

  17. Kong

    DAP supremo is good at double talk or cakap tak serupa bikin. Lim Kit Siang and a few other leaders are quick to call for Royal Commission for others. When the scandals struck them, they don’t understand what Royal Commission and remain silence.

    Lim Kit Siang and gang is only interested in making the DAP as a Sdn Bhd company for his family members and cronies. At the same time he will fool the people into believing that he cares. Under Lim Kit Siang’s leadership they were more than 100 ex-MP, Adun and leaders have been sacked from the DAP under very dubious ground. Tee Boon Hock was the latest example.

    If you are a crony of the Lim Dynasty then you are safe and you can anything. You can even sign as many support letters and got contracts for your relative or friends and nothing will happen. WSK Services is a clear example.

    Lim Kit Siang is only interested in strengthening the Lim Dynasty!

  18. DAP Tan Klang

    Tee Boon Hock was the victim of cronyism, nepotism and double standard in the DAP under Lim Dynasty.

    If Tee was sacked for the support letter why was Ronnie Liu only reprimanded when he also signed the the same type of support letter.

    How about Ms Lee Kee Hiong, the ex-Political Secretary to Lim Kit Siang, who assisted her uncle Lee Whye Ming’s company (WSK Services) to get contracts from the state government?

    I do agree that Lim Kit Siang should be transparent and call for a Royal Commission to investigate into his crony’s nonsense in Selangor. Of course, that will not happened. He had to protects his cronies to prop up the Lim Dynasty and maintain power at all cots.

    Tee Boon Hock should not accept his dismissal from DAP just like that. He should expose all the misdeeds in the DAP so that public interests are protected and also stop Lim Kit Siang and his cronies from fooling the voters.

    Under Lim’s leadership, DAP is just like his personal assets.

  19. The Crony

    Can you all stop talking about Competency, Accountability and Transparency with Lim Kit Siang or the DAP? Such principles only apply to other people but not the DAP ok.

  20. Bankrupt Lim

    The Rakyat: You must be joking Tony Pua is a successful CEO in Cyber Village Ltd in Singapore before joining the DAP for 2008 General Elections.

    Cyber Village was in the red to the tune of several million Singapore Dollars in 2008 before the GE. Tony Pua was said to have disposed of all his shares before he returned to Malaysia for the 2008 GE. Questions are: Disposed the shares to who? Whether Cyber Village Ltd was a healthy company in 2008?

    The facts below speak for itself.

    in february 2008 Cyber Village Ltd name was changed to Koyo International Ltd and Koyo entered into an agreement with Brightsphere Sdn Bhd and Cyber village Sdn Bhd to sell Cyber Village Ltd Singapore. Brightsphere Sdn Bhd (804460) is a RM2 company with two shareholders: Shieh Yee Bing (F) and Sua Shii Huey (F), who are also the directors of Cyber Village Sdn Bhd. Both are the staff of also employees of Cyber Village Sdn Bhd.

    The glaring fact about this Brighspehere and Cyber Village Sdn Bhd was: YOW TING FONG, the wife of Tony Pua, is the company secretary of these two companies and their registered address is the same and it was next to the office of Yow Ting Fong’s law firm called Chris Lim Ting & Partners. So coincidental.

    Cyber Village Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brightsphere Sdn Bhd, a Rm2 company.

    These facts are the the 1st installment to the DAP members and public who thought that Tony Pua was a successful CEO. He scarified for members of the public. Tony Pua lied through his teeth during the last GE on why he came back to Malaysia.

    He came back because his company Cyber Village Ltd was in deep shit and he was just an opportunist. He was dying to be a crony of the Lim Dynasty!

  21. Ronnie is GINSENG????

    How greedy Dynasty Lim ? June 2010 – A thanksgiving dinner was held by the DAP at Restoran Puteri in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail to celebrate the “miraculous” victory 398 votes in Sibu-by-election which was won by DAP’s Wong Ho Leng .
    But betul-ke win if consider poor voter turnout of only about 59% ?
    So will u happy at house makan keropok only , while we organise YOUR happy birthday party to us , not U .
    The RM5 million for flood mitigation for Rejang Park remain silent although float happen in Sibu last few week .
    Is it PR have fund , but contractor belongs to BN , that’s why not spend it although rakyat main problem ?

    So do we hear any people from Sabah & Sarawak bite & bark , want to takeover Selangor ?
    But part of Selangor belongs to PRonnie not yet solve its own sand problem ,
    already bite & bark want to takeover Sabah & Sarawak last 2 month . Reason
    want to dig out more mismanagement cases of BN state gorment’s . Betul-ke?
    Inst PRoonie in Selangor dig out BN many , the purposes is ask public focus on left ,
    so themselves can start on right – with one .
    Proof : Ronnie Liu issued the letter supporting Perkhidmatan AA to Klang Municipal Council’s environment department director
    on April 14 , 2008 – barely weeks after being made an executive councillor on March 24 of the same year.
    Rakyat only interest to know all past corruptions ( have proof ) but PRonnie interest past corruptions ( no proof ) in World War II ,
    is not fighting any future corruption which already begin by MACC .

    Any defecting MPs , PRonnie will likening them to ” toxins in the body ” that should be cleansed .
    Ronnie not toxins , but GINSENG ? Just after PROnnie was crying out loud that 3 BN is going to jump frog to them
    ( same bad habit again after Perak ) and suddenly a frog from their own den jumped out ….. DAP Malim Nawar, Keshvinder .
    Some condemn him that he has personal money issues and his car had been repossessed after defaulting on the month repayments .
    Exclude rakyat , you can see how they take care their own people . Either one keeping get project+project or another one even
    fail to get small govt. loan . LGE always like puji himself – Penang led by himself has performed outstandingly –
    Penang Surplus have caused state’s consolidated funds ( STF ) increasing 21.1% ( RM178.45 million ) from RM847.45 million in 2007 ( BN period ) to RM1.02 billion in 2009 ( PR period ) .
    So STF RM 1.02 bil represent by what ? Fixed Deposit , or just year to date record for income not able to collect ?
    And again if BN STF RM 847.45 million cannot be trusted , then can trust Penang PR STF RM 1.02 billion ?
    Otherwise why only give RM100 to every citizen in the Penang above the age of 60
    ( is it really everybody age 60 has receive it ? ) ( not RM 1000 jika menang in Putrajaya ? )
    Or now Penang state money is Lim Dynasty money , only Putrajaya is still rakyat money due to under BN ?

    He like to tell hero story ( tak kisah go to jail for againts World Cup ( have ending date ) Sport betting licence ) but
    just because 63-year-old man rapped his shoulder at the car park ,
    another old man again doused himself with petrol in protest
    of closure of five entrances in Komtar , that has
    had affected his livelihood by 50% . He like to say free-water policy in PR ( but so far Penang where got give free water ) .
    And is it free water in Selangor also has secret agenda ?
    Splash “free water” is financed almost totally from profits via the state’s wholly-owned subsidiary Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd (KDEB).
    BN DPrime Minister has say Selangor’s policy of giving 20m3 of free water per month to each household is
    the main cause of the state’s water problems .
    Although , Selangor subsidy RM120 million free water , how it pay ( by cash , or by contra / hutang ? Means , if Splash loss or profit less
    than RM 120 mil and yet did not get cash payment from Selangor for giving free water ) .

    And again Selangor has a population of around 5 million ( 2008 estimate ;
    let say 2010 = 6 million x RM 10 = paling banyak pun
    RM 60 million if consider each house occupied by only 1 people , not family ) . So why RM 120 million ?
    I agree DPrime Minister has say that he does not think the consumers will protest substantial increases in water tariffs eg
    Syabas raise tariffs by 25% in 2011, 15% in 2014 and 10% every subsequent 3 years .
    Today rakyat one of the main problem is not due to water will increase or not ,
    but due to cost of daily DRINK and FOOD increase every quarterly .

  22. Another con job

    I thought that Tony Pua is A financial genius and God sent
    To Malaysia. Now I have read here that his company known as Cyber Village Ltd in Singapore was a actually a sick company before the 2008 GE. Yet he was bragging that he had scarified for Malaysia!

    Now it would appear full of bullshit! Tony Pua was lying during the 2008 GE. There goes another DAP leader, a crony of Lim and son, riding on moral high horse.

    No wonder Lim and son had to sack Tee Boon Hock in order to protect their crony to preserve and strengthening the Lim Dynasty.

  23. Ah Piang

    I feel very sorry for Tee Boon Hock (the victim of cronyism and Lim Dynasty). Tee Boon hock should have discovered in the DAP under Lim Dynasty one must always be prepared to kow tow like Ronnie Liu, Tony Pua and gang then one will be rising and can do no wrong.

    Since the DAP had done an internal investigations into the letterhead scandals, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng should come clean and make public how many letters of support Ronnie Liu and Tee Boon Hock have signed and for home.

    Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng should also make public how many Selangor state contracts have been awarded to Lee WHye Ming, the uncle of Lee Kee Hiong (the former political secretary to Lm Kit Siang). No need for Royal Commission. We will take Lim Kit Siang’s words for it. Royal Commission only applies to other political parties.

    Oh Ya! Lim Kit Siang should also tell us whether Ronnie Liu was deeply involved in the sand mining scandals in Selangor.

  24. Chan Klang

    The public got the impression that Tony Pua was a very successful CEO of a public listed company in Singapore and he scarified his business opportunities when he took part in the 2008 General Elections. It also gave the DAP a boost and put Emperor Lim even on a higher moral high horse.

    Now evidence has surfaced that Tony Pua is just a fraud. He was fooling the Malaysian public with his lies. Of course, Emperor Lim pretend not to know about the glaring facts.

    If Tee Boon Hock was sacked then Tony Pua should also face some form of disciplinary actions for telling a white lie about the financial state of Cyber Village Ltd, which was changed to Koyo International before taken over by Brightsphere Sdn Bhd (a RM2 company closely associated with Tony Pua’s wife.)

    Needless to say. Tony Pua, a known crony of Lim Dynasty, will be protected from all actions. This is the moral value of the DAP under Lim Kit Siang.

  25. Tinggal kat Rumah?

    MACC is investigating 3 politicians, including two PKR Selan­gor state assemblymen for alleged involvement in illegal sand mining
    activities , which are among more than 40 people, including 28 enforcement officers, who are being investigated.
    Investigations revealed that the suspects have been receiving between RM500 and RM88,000 per person .
    The investigation papers have been submitted to the MACC director of prosecution.
    “They will know very soon if action would be taken against them for causing the Government to lose about RM20mil in royalty annually,”
    the sources said.

    Anyway , free water RM 120 million annually may be = ( 5 people per household )
    1 million household x RM 10 x 12 months = RM 120 million
    But we do not how many low cost flats using bulk meter system , are still not entitled to free water because the scheme
    is only avalaible for individual meter users . After 2 years ( lost in Hulu Selangor by-election ) ,
    only some flats get free water coupon .

    So Lee WHye Ming, the uncle of Lee Kee Hiong (the former political secretary to Lm Kit Siang) ,
    we now lagi understand why after 1 years , LKS still like to say ” Who has murdered Teoh Beng Hock ? ”
    instead have plenty time to find out who k-TBHock .

    According to jobstreet.com , Cyber Village Sdn Bhd is a company with its core business of providing E-Business consulting services.
    The company is currently has more than 50 employees consisting of e-business consultants, applications developers and
    web designers specializing in
    various Internet-related technologies such as Java, Microsoft and Opensource applications.
    In this correct ? No wonder Tony Pua like to talk economy / business topic , seldom talk about welfare topic ,
    no wonder so motivated want to takeover Putrajaya

    After seeing much hope in PR…now this!!!
    Damn it!!! What good choice do the people have now in Malaysia. someone say he turn away from PR, he have to vote in UMNO/BN ?
    Can he spoil the vote in 2012 ? Ha ha , if your area is not BEBAS area , why not vote Parti ( Tinggal Kat Rumah ? )

  26. Enugh

    The letterhead scandals in Selangor is such a hot issue but Emperor Lim and his son are still keeping very quiet. Instead Emperor Lim was coming out with statement after statement just to divert public attention.

    The Rakyat are not stupid. Emperor Lim and his son must address this letterhead scandal and the sand mining scandals.

    YB you should bring up all these issues to Parliament for answers.

  27. Spineless MB

    I have just heard that after some weeks Tee Boon Hock just received the official letter of termination as councillor without any show cause letter from MB of Selangor. This is the PR style of justice and transparency for us.

    How can one is sacked without even a show cause letter.

    When DAP sacked Tee Boon Hock, he was not given a show cause letter until now. This is justice and transparency Lim Kit Siang’s style.

    I dread the thought of them in power. Just give them power in Selangor and they are already showing us their true colour. CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN is what Lim Kit Siang and his cronies are all about. Good luck to the PR supporters.

  28. Parameswara

    This is getting very messy.
    DAP is good for nothing.

    Lets have back the earlier BN rule in Selangor, where:
    a. We can have more people like Zakaria Deros, where the authorities dare not take action
    b. The MB can continue to go on educational trips using rakyat’s money and taking along his maid, kids, wife for the trips so that he can bring back only concepts on how Disneylands become a reality in the state after many generations later
    c. The MB can continue to pull teeths and amass enough wealth to purchase modest accommodation
    d. Proper respect is given to places of worship like hwo it was managed in Kg Jawa some time ago.

    Anyone else wants to add on to all the wonderful things people will be able to enjoy in Selangor?

  29. Dear YB Wee,

    I have long felt there was something wrong with DAP in many ways and you have spelt it out clearly for me. They are unreachable, refuse to answer mails and arrogant in their management style. This attitude I could presume begins at the top layers which have overstayed their leadership of DAP, taken the voters for granted and thus need to step aside for new DAP leaders to take helm. 3rd Coalitions could summarily refuse to deal with certain factions of Pakatan Rakyat but be willing to work with others as a Pakatan friendly rather than join outright.

    You could help the people by organizing a 3rd force by reviving your Malaysian Democratic Party. Please tell me if MDP can stand for :

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

    If so, post something about it on your blog after reading some of my postings on the link at my nick. A larger picture on the Gambier Threat issue follows, the facebook link is not very clear :

    Also tell me what this below movement is worth and if you and your fellow independents (much reminding me of Ron Paul in the USA imho) can create and lead a 3rd force from the talent here :


    The Rakyat await your feedback anxiously, for without a 3rd Force to make sure Pakatan Rakyat (and it’s Crypto-Nepotists) toes the line. You and your fellow independents could be the most important persons in Malaysia’s history yet . . .

  30. Not Anti-Rasuah (Anti-BN) only

    Today DAP leader Lim Kit Siang has described former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the major
    obstacle to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s 1Malaysia concept and
    national transformation agenda . Anyway we still welcome PM Najib to continue this NOT 100% perfect transformation agenda , better than NOTHING .

    He noted that the former prime minister had first opened fire on the 1Malaysia concept early last month
    and asked for further explanation from Najib to prevent the policy from being interpreted differently by
    various races .

    So do he noted the letterhead scandals ( from not official until official in newspaper , close one eye in BN style until
    close two eye and ears in PRonnie style ) in Selangor ?
    I agree Emperor Lim and his son NOT just still keeping very quiet , instead Emperor Lim keeping coming out with statement after statement NOT related to letterhead scandals
    just to divert public attention . This is NOT anti-Rasuah more to Anti-BN only . ( afterall Emperor Lim assumes his PRonnie-corruption-only 2 years
    is still kecil vs BN-past-corruption besar ) . Like I say if PRonnie takeover MACC , there will 2 doors – one in front
    with red carpet to welcome anyone to report BN corruption case , while another door in behind with underworld people
    for people who want to report PRonnie corruption case .

  31. Con Lim


    Well. Before and after 2008 General Elections DAP led PR government promised the voters of Competency, Accountability and Transparency. Now what are we experiencing. Incompetency, Covering up of scandals and politicking to divert attention.

    PAS has been frank all the time that if they get into power they would like to set up an Islamic state. Please don’t tell me that the DAP top leaders like Lim Kit Siang and son didn’t know about it. Since they knew about it and decide to go to bed with PAS then why the complaint about it now when he and son had to solve the letterhead scandal involving Tee Boon Hock and Ronnie Liu.

    But the Lim and son are non-existence as far as the letterhead or the sand mining scandals are concerned. Instead the father out of the blue tried to start a debate on PAS Islamic state to divert attention from the letterhead scandals.

    The rakyat is not stupid. Under BN the state government made RM29 million in 2007. Under PR it made only RM9 million. It was getting from bad to worst. Instead of commencing investigation, the state government using the SELCAT to cover up. To date no investigation, no Royal Commission, no statements from Lim Kit Siang and his son or Anwar Ibrahim.

    So where is the pussy “CAT” after all. Cakap tak serupa bikin. I fully agree with the other readers on this.

    Sudahlah! The people has been fooled by the Daddy Anak party for far too long and no more. The letterhead scandal is the clear case of covering up, travesty of justice to protect cronies to prop the Lim Dynasty.

  32. anonymous

    Dear readers

    Please go to The Unspinner blog to find our about this notorious woman in the DAP by the name of Lee Kee Hiong, the ex-political secretary of none other than the Malaysian dictator of all time, Lim Kit Siang. A very accurate article also appeared in Selangor Daily.

    That goes for CRONYISM and NEPOTISM for Lim Kit Siang.

    The Mummy Foo is also keeping very quiet. Who is Mummy Foo? Only Lim Kit Siang and son could shed some light!

  33. Er, just to remind, it’s not DAP/PKR we want to wipe out, but just the cliques, nepotists and certain leaders. Remove those as office bearers wielding too much influence, and DAP will be just fine again.

    – editing applied –

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