TM UniFi “D-Link router only can do” – another TM monopolistic policy that raises suspicion!

I just found out to my disgust (after talking to a TM UniFi techie) that I cannot use any other router for the TM UniFi high-speed broadband service other than the D-Link router that is supplied in the package I signed up for. This is because of a “special configuration” dictate. And this is not acceptable!

As it is, Telekom Malaysia is already a monopoly and suspicion is already causing my brain to work overtime. And now that I have also been stung with this latest D-Link only router policy where I either have to “take it or leave it” my head is now running riot with even more suspicions with this company!

First of all, I would not have decided to junk the D-Link router supplied if everything was hunky-dory. This brand really sucks. I have had so much ‘signal issue’ with this D-Link router it’s not funny and I am beginning to wonder whether TM did it’s due diligence by properly testing it for UniFi high-speed use. Also, whoever at TM UniFi finally made the decision to exclusively assign this brand for its premium broadband service should have his/her head examined and taken to task, for the unit is an utter lemon! (As the British are known to call something that is unusually substandard and useless.)

Anyway the bigger reason I am so hot under the collar is the fact that despite what I have paid for in the package, which is on the high side, I am not given any choice to switch to another router if I decide to do so for whatever reason. This is unconscionable of TM UniFi and I am really getting very suspicious with its operations. I have already paid for the junk and I have no choice for a switch because it won’t work? This is getting too much. It’s akin to blackmail, if I may say so. What more, I applied for this high-speed broadband service on 8 August and TM UniFi only made the installation on 18 August 2010 . If it’s – if I may say so – Singapore, I would probably have been happily cruising the internet in break-neck digital speed within 48 hours without a glitch! Good on you, our southern neighbour.

Furthermore, despite the assurance given that there would not be any other charge for the UniFi installation other than the specified package, I was told to pay RM400 for the cable that went into my house during the installation. The excuse given was the length of the cable required. In retrospect, I think I now smell something fishy. I will be highlighting this discrepancy to the UniFi folks in due course.

Anyway TM UniFi should have had an option, like streamyx, to allow users to choose a package that comes with or without the router and not shaft things down our throats. Now we are left with no option and indeed high and dry. That’s probably because it’s a monopoly. Also probably why I should be taking this matter to our August House come this October!

Furthermore, if one has not seen the D-Link unit, it’s aesthetic leaves much to be desired. It is also another reason why I would like it out of my sight as soon as practicable. To be honest, I would not have been caught dead with this decrepit-looking trash let alone touch it with a ten-foot pole. Unlike the ‘Lambhorgini router’ in the form of a Belkin (ahem, good taste runs in my blood okay) which I have acquired (and blown some good Ringgit on) to replace the darn thing it should not even have been conceptualised and given the light of day. What a piece of cr*p this D-Link router!

* Sigh* What am I to do now with this Lambhorgini Belkin, TM UniFi? What am I to do with it, huh?!

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    1. Anonymous

      I totally agree with you. I subscribed TM unifi service on July last year, I was told that the service package included 5Mbps speed for \”download\” and \”upload\” and it costs me every month with RM149 and I was told that the differences between them are 1. Unifi using fiber optic, which is \”much more faster\” and \”much more stable\” than streamyx, the first day when those technician from TM came to install everything for me, they tried to convince me by exaggerating how good is their service and the speed and it\’s stability, now when I recall what they had told me before, I really feel disgusting for their attitude and services and I feel like being cheated, unfortunately we have no better options,or else I would go for other services instead of TM services.I agree that it is a monopoly and conspiracy behind TM policy, so my suggestions are after two years, just terminate the service, and pass our messages to those people who you know, share with them your experience by using this lousy service, make them be aware of this trap, one by one, sure one day everyone would know. How can they said to you \”special configuration\” what a nonsense! My self actually work in IT field, I configure router and modem and firewall (such like Watchguard, Sonicwall, Fortigate) for customers, maybe I am not that experience, but I am sure up to a certain stage(I am not trying to be proud) but I know better than some of their technician. There was once, I called to TM unifi to complain about my speed was slow and not even up to 2Mbps, and the transmission had been not stable for about a week, their sent two technicians to my place the next day, (no doubt the response was fast by sending technician to my place on the next day, but at last, they still could not confirm with the problem to cause!) the worse thing they thought I know nothing about IT, I guessed they were trying to bluff and lied to me by telling me that actually it was my PC problem, because I used static private IP, and I needed to change to auto IP (DHCP) in order to stabilizing the speed, what a nonsense! Does LAN (Private IP such like affect the speed of the internet connection? That is bullshit! If there is IP conflict, not just internal network, I can\’t even connect with the WAN internet…there would totally lost the connection for LAN and WAN…this is the simplest logic, I really started to doubt TM hire those technician, are they really trained or educated with the knowledge, or they just simply perfunctory most of the time! I really cannot tolerate anymore, in the beginning , every time I called I was trying to be polite, but time goes by, bad service and problems remain, I already tolerated for 1 year, I have made up my mind that I am going to terminate the service by writing a complain letter to TM first, if they still not gonna look into this seriously , I am going to submit my complain latter to SKMM and complain to newspaper such like star or Chinese newspaper like Sing Chew or others! What a waste of my money and time!

  1. weechookeong

    Hi loreburner …

    Thanks for the tip. But TM UniFi should not have done the unthinkable. The monopolistic company should be taken to task.

    Thank you for visiting.

    Wee Choo Keong

  2. yb

    Worst customer service ever at TM. Not receptive, Non committal. Not attentive. If you call 100 ten times, prepare to relate your problems 10 times to 10 different telephonist. There is no continuity and no follow ups.

    Forget about talking to a TM officer, the telephonists never entertain demand for direct numbers. They will only direct you to the nearest TM point shop.

    That is monopoly for you and we are always at their mercy. As you have said, take it or leave it.

  3. weechookeong

    Hello wanita biasa …

    Not what I have been told today. I call TM UniFi up personally and that’s what the technical guy said. Something is not right here.

    I am happy you are having good connection with your unit.

    Thank you for visiting.

    Wee Choo Keong

  4. ck wee watch

    I’d be happy if unifi installed the damn thing at all. They came over to my house more than a month back to get my application but total silence after that. good thing the streamyx, through the cheap aztech router (streamyx ready!!!) is reliable. Album, movie and TV series downloads have been recorded at 160kbps.

  5. eina

    Apparently there are other modems around – need to have a private VPN port or something like that. It can be done and I guess more information will come out for those technically inclined – from others more technically inclined – I am sure TM won’t tell us! :-)

    You are talking about having to wait 10 days for installation? I dream of it being that quick!
    I applied online in June – got a couple of emails the first month then nothing since.
    Spoke to a TM booth guy at Solaris on 11th July after hearing others in my condo already had it! He said apply again through him – never heard a word back from him & he ignores my calls and sms.
    Then there was even a TM booth in our condo 16 days ago! I spoke to them again and they (Appco Direct Sdn Bhd) said to apply again & it would take 1 or 2 weeks. Well, 16 days not and not even an appointment.

    TM needs to spend less money on marketing & more on money on their filing system. They probably could have double the clients if they bothered to do the installations.

    Yesterday the Star reported:
    “Zamzamzairani told reporters that the group had 4,800 customers signed on as at the end of June, with total orders (for UniFi) exceeding 12,000 as of last week.”

    Out of those 4,800 or 12,000, how many are like me with 3 applications in?

    And we don’t care about how many have applied – how about telling us how many are installed & working? Are the installation teams keeping up or falling behind & getting further behind?
    At one stage they mentioned the number of customers and the number of installation teams & it worked out to each team only doing 1 installation every 3 days! Is that old news or are they still sitting around waiting for TM to find out where their orders are?

  6. Amy-search-tipu

    Because of iptv and its multicast requirement, and also qos binded to separate iptv vlan, that is why currently only dlink router is certified right now. Other models if I’m not mistaken is in the process of applying it.

  7. wanita biasa said:

    > and TM not the monopoly.

    Very well said there. Did you fail your statistics or having a problem in knowing the definition of “monopoly”?

    Or probably, you have problem with relativity (by including the non-consumers into the market share count)?

    Whatever it is, very well said to demonstrate a skewed mind.

  8. ecam

    Nobody want to potong? I guess many people who potong already menyesal.

    There will be one day where Unifi will reach its maximum capacity and everything will crawl and you wish you’re on the slowmyx.

    Then TM will slap you with FUP then blame P2P, cable cut, earthquake, act of god and other things.

    Ohhhh how I hate the TM customer service. My modem burn out struck by lightning so I call and complain. Guess what,

    “Encik, sila pasang dan connect modem tu pada komputer kemudian klik start, klik run kemudian taip cmd. Kemudian taip ping ……….”

    I mean how stupid she can be?

    Then ‘service recovery’ that take 3 WEEKS to recover. Why? they send a new modem but never bother sending anyone to repair the phone line. Again call, again level 2, never level 3 support.

    Seriously for a company that ‘canang’ the unifi, fix your damn slowmyx first before dreaming big.

  9. Faiz

    Hi Mr Wee and the rest.

    FYI, there is a good guide written by a forum member named ‘rizvanrp’ regarding unifi. rizvanrp is the member from the forum that exposed the vulnerability of the default DIR-615 DLink router that caused some stir back in June 2010 (Link:

    Here is the link to the great unifi guide createn by rizvanrp:

    The unifi guide is a good guide that is easy to understand and follow (with pictures). It contains good information such as how to harden the router’s security feature and also explore the possibility of using another wireless router to connect to the DIR-615 or even to use a new router that replaces the DIR-615 (to answer Mr Wee’s concern).

    Mr Wee, after purchasing your new unifi unit, please don’t forget to harden it’s security (due to the possibility of it being hacked via ‘backdoor’). Read the steps here on how to do it:

    Also if you want to still use your existing wireless router (since the DIR-615’s wifi capabilities are not so good), you can do so and still maintain using the DIR-615 (where you will need to disable the DIR-615’s wifi function and configure it to act as a VLAN bridge, here’s the guide:

    Basically the guide above changes the DIR-615 to a switch that only does vlan tagging. The DIR-615 needs to be connected to another wireless router that will be used to connect to other PCs.

    Finally there is another brand called “MikroTik RB250GS” that can replace the DIR-615 (which answers Mr Wee’s question). rizvanrp just posted this guide on the 23rd Aug. Here’s the steps to do so:

    The next question is where to buy the “MikroTik RB250GS” router. I heard that it can be ordered from singapore. Anyway this is still new and I would believe that later on there will be more brands that will produce their own versions of the modem that we can use to replace the DIR-615.

    So to conclude things, yes, we can replace the DIR-615 with another brand and the TM Unifi techie is a complete noob. :)

  10. Disgusted

    you know what, the last time i had an issue with TM, i called a lot of times, made a huge fuss about them being slow, even threw in a curse word or two, and it actually worked, got first class treatment, the technician even drove down from selayang (im in damansara) right after maghrib to make sure that i got my connection.

    you see people, you dont have to be really angry to grab their attention, just pretend that you are, and make sure you sound very authoritive. its actually pretty normal to have to resort to this, cause it happens almost anywhere, even the proud US (let alone zimbabwe), theres always some kid who got forced by his parents to get a job he doesnt like and decides to make life harder for us.

    anyway, thats off topic. concerning the dlink thingy, TM is bluffing you, theres no way they can dictate which router we want to use, and tell you what, since you’re someone that can voice this out, i suggest you call them again and ask, have a voice recorder on, and if they still try to pull this bluff, you can just easily use that as evidence for misleading the customer, sue them and get big bucks

  11. weechookeong

    Hi Faiz …

    My apology for the late reply.

    Thank you for your input. I will take note of what you have highlighted. Thank you for visiting and Selamat Berpuasa.

    Wee Choo Keong

  12. Jay

    Hello Mr Wee,

    I too was asked to pay an extra RM500 for special installation. I told them to provide me with an invoice but said that this was outside TM’s installation cost due to my request to install the wire underground instead of overhead. Not only that, I had to buy the Microduct tubing which housed the fibre cable which cost me RM650.

    I managed to swindle my way out of paying the full lot by telling them I had to puchase all this equipment myself and also did some of the dirty work myself.

    These TM contractors are cunning and shameless!

  13. MMK

    On one hand, the government is trying to promote HSBB usage. On the other hand, TM has just made it harder by imposing a RM200 installation & activation fee for VIP 5/10 packages.

    M1 (in S’pore)’s 100 Mbps package costs only:

    SGD 59 – regular pricing
    SGD 39 – promo price for students

    and Singaporeans earn much more than Malaysians..

  14. iz

    configuring the belkin (or any run-of-the-mill) router to work in place of your Dlink is fairly simple and basic. The only reason they “prohibit” usage of other routers is because their support staff are not equipped enough with these “basics” and are mainly reading from a script. Different devices would need different scripts, and judging from the numerous routers in the market we have nowadays, that would be a whole yellow-pages-thickness worth of scripts.
    Sure, we can argue about improving the support staff with more technical training, but that would incur more costs (which would be added to our subscription some how) and also, if you’re smart enough to figure out basic SOHO networking chances are you wouldn’t want to work in a call center either.

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  16. Zaid Aziz Ibrahim

    Don’t ever get UNIFI.

    I had subsribed for the 5MB service on June 2010 and on the first day itself their standard solution for the the IPTV would be to switch on and off. It is now more than 4 months and there are frequent interruptions to the IPTV with the standard solution proposed. They have absolutely no customer service with promises of fixing it within 24-48 hrs be consistently broken including promises to call me to let me know the status. They even had the gall to give me fake names whenever I asked for their names – for all intents and purposes they have all my details on their computer and yet we not provided full names whenever they are deficient in their service.

    Every single call to the customer service is being charged so congratulations to TM for providing this service including a method of generating revenue.

    Absolutely a 3rd world mentality masquerading behind high tech services that they do not know how to maintain nor service. Don’t ever get UNIFI – they just give you a universal headache.

    Report Nos.
    1-367736791 dated 12/10/2010 (102011,108002 error codes)
    1-3545886 dated 8/10/2010 (102011,108002 error codes)

  17. Daniel

    Dear YB,
    try this to see if works.
    hopefully, ur belkin router will not be wasted.

    We, Malaysians are paying for one of the most expensive internet in the whole world and TM is trying to swindle us in thinking that we are paying a cheap price!!!.
    Look at Spore, Korea, HK and Japan. 10mb line is just RM100

    Hopefully you can bring this up to the Ministry…

    TM sucks!!!

  18. K.I.T.T

    UNiFi? 5MB? RM 150? who those use Streamyx and know the problem WONT go for UNIFi.Dah serik.But for new customer YES will be go for this.

    but this time TM not others competitor like P1.Maxis.celcom DIgi? and the latest From YTL 4G people have choice.I am waiting others ISP strike back.and at the time TM will be cut UniFi to lowcost version e.g 3MB RM 80 package? same what TM did to RM 60 get speed 384kb? so everyone will have streamyx.but nowdays senang cerita internet really cheap.

    I have `future` question.The speed crazy because its Optic Cabel or capaciity speed itself? so if later streamyx got 5MB pakej so its still slow compare Unifi?

    I provide service for end user and they said ok.i can settel they problem in 2 days.BUT my own streamyx 2 years tak setel setel.

    serik aku dengan Streamyx.i noticed if u house kawasan elit (SemiD house-RM 500k terrace house) problem not there.but if u house like small one cheap the problem begin.
    i already use my streamyx package for 2 years.the speed like !@#$%%^ and after 1 hours line disconnet.

  19. Daniel

    Hello YB,

    Bare in mind that Unifi is a fiber-optic broadband service and the router configuration requires VLAN support. Look it up Wikipedia about what VLAN is. No other consumer-base routers out there support this feature and therefore you cannot use it with Unifi.

    You may flash the existing TM DLink router with DD-WRT that has support for VLAN or get one of those Buffalo routers that come preinstalled with DD-WRT out of the box with VLAN support and you may use it with your Unifi. I am using my own Dlink DIR-615 with Unifi and no issues so far(since April).

  20. Lays

    I think some of the folks here aren’t clear bout why most of us are claiming TM is monopoly in this.

    As of now, TM is the only operator that can provide worldwide wired broadband service. Only limited areas have options for other wired broadband such as Time, NTT, Maxis..etc.

    Open up the last mile, invest into NBN. Then let every household consumers have more options and create a fair market competition.

    Wireless broadband is a joke and its quality is nothing compared to wired broadband.

  21. Another Unifi Uer

    Can you connect your Belkin into the unifi router in cascade way? If so,you can disable the unifi original Dlink rounter WIFI and utilize the Belkin WIFI. It will mean there are 2 rounter power on though.

    I too using 5MB Unifi, the Dlink rounter is breaking off too often. Give up….

    And TM promised to auto-cancelling my streamyx billing, while the UNIFI billing starts. However, now they send “red-billing” saying that I am not paying for the streamyx bill. And send debt agent to call too.

    I filed 3 reports to TM already. No solution. ha….

    1. weechookeong

      Another Unifi Uer

      Thank you for your comments. I have managed to use the Belkin. But it had to be used with the Dlink. I am not too familiar with the configuration. I left it to the Unifi expert and they have sorted it out for me. Please talk to the Unifi people and I am sure that they will sort out your problems.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  22. eina

    My D-Link is working fine – downloading an average of 340GB per month (just for testing purposes of course!)

    I am having exactly the same problem with my accounts – I live in a condo and UniFi comes from the basement by telephone wire so connecting UniFi by definition disconnected Streamyx and my old phone number.

    But they are still billing me for Streamyx after 4 months! And to make matters worse I didn’t notice the TM bill was still for Streamyx so I paid it for 2 of those months! So, not only do I have to stop them billing me but I have to try to get 2 months worth of Streamyx combo bills refunded across to my UniFi account. I have sent 2 emails & they have replied once on 14th Dec with:
    “kindly noted that your issue has been escalated to our respective department for further assistance. Please give us some time to conduct a thorough investigation and we will revert to you as soon as possible regarding this matter.”

    1. weechookeong


      I have brought your complaints to the attention of TM. The officer was surprised about with regards to billings. I am asked to inform you to lodge your complaint again to TM Toll free no: 130081221 and press 2. You can also send your complaint to and copy it to the CEO of TM at

      Please give TM another opportunity to resolve your complaint. I am sure that it can be resolved.

      Thank you.


      wee choo keong

  23. Hi Mr.Wee,

    Was googling around and bump into your site, actually there are few replacement options identified here:

    Seriously, I’m not very happy on why TM force and control users choice of own router, as far as I know, there is no similar practice in Singapore, HongKong & Taiwan.

    How special is the UniFi which really need a “special” router? By right, all the vlans can well be handled on the BTU itself, why must we force to use DIR-615? I can’t find any good reason for that, expect for more POs with different vendors……

    Not to mention the sub-quality chip & board used, the custom & “special” TM firmware doesn’t seem to handle it well too.

    TM is trying to re-inventing the wheel, at users expense & suffering. The fact is that, router is not (and can never be) their core business, they should indeed focus to improve further on service quality, rather than playing some out of the norm typical monopoly tactic.

    TM should work with as many as manufacturer out there to produce UniFi certified routers, this may indeed help to quickly roll-out UniFi and make customers happier.

    Anywhere, luckily the local LowYatNet community already identified workaround & alternative solutions to fully enjoy UiniFi!


    1. weechookeong

      Dear KL Seet,

      I took the liberty to forward your comment to TM Bhd for their respond. I would like to thank TM Bhd for their quick respond.

      Here is TM Bhd’s reply:

      ” The TM Residential Gateway DLINK DIR-615 (RG) is not just a router but it also contains network elements for network end to end management and control for purposes of assuring quality of service. Customers do have a choice of connecting their own routers of choice to the residential gateway if they prefer. So the issue of forcing customers to use a particular router should not arise.

      Specifically, the RG is being used to manage existing services (High Speed Internet and IPTV) and future services to be offered by TM. The RG is part of the TM network for all intent and purpose, and is a managed using the industry standard TR-069.

      It is connected to a monitoring system to check the health of these services so TM can take proactive measures to inform customers. The RG is also being used by our TM Unifi Centre to do first level support in the case of service customer issues/fault reports. The integration to the backend system is expected to complete by mid of this year and we will have the capabilities to provision new services, monitor service quality and status and importantly troubleshoot local faults remotely. It also has automatic feature and security upgrades. Security is something that certainly needs to be constantly monitored.

      Customers have the option to attach their own router to the RG in the case where they want to extend the WiFi coverage in their premises or to attach other network devices.

      That is, we do not limit what router the customer want to buy – they can plug ANY router into the DLINK RG – they can add a super 2km WiFi if they wish.

      (E.g – There are 4 x RJ45 10/100 Ethernet connectors where you can plug in any router, hub, switch or WiFi extender of your choice)

      An interesting point to note is that the majority of users use the DLINK RG as is – only the handful attach their own routers, which they manage on their own.

      We have also communicated this to bloggers community, and they are quite aware. We have also established a Tech Council with a select few bloggers and users who are more tech savvy to have continuous feedback on the development of our CPE and services.

      Any further feedback is welcomed as always. May I also take this opportunity to wish all TM Bhd Chinese subscribers A Happy and Prosperous New Year.

      Best regards,

      Izlin Ramli
      Vice President
      Group Corporate Communication
      TM Bhd ”

      Once again on behalf of all my readers, thank you very much TM Bhd for your prompt reply.

      WIth kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  24. eina

    Regarding my billing problem – there was a flurry of activity for a while there and many phone calls to me all asking the same question – whether I had canceled my Streamyx or not – which I hadn’t, because contractor told me no need to and living in a condo, the configuration means Streamyx and old phone line by necessity are cut off when UniFi is installed, so I didn’t think TM would keep charging me for a service which I could not possibly use.

    Anyway, I finally got an email 2 days ago saying I would get a rebate of RM400+ and then I got a phone call same evening saying I would get a rebate of RM500+ (I think RM400+ for Streamyx and RM100+ for phone line) and that it will be reflected in the next bill or two.

    So, 4 months to process, but persistence paid off eventually! :-)

    1. weechookeong


      I really am glad to learn that your matter has been settled by TM Bhd and that at long last you got a refund of RM500. A good Chinese New Year gift!


      wee choo keong

  25. Dear YB Wee,

    Actually I was thinking to just inform you (and others here) that there’s alternative solution out there, with some of my comments. I’m very surprised that you took this up so quickly with TM directly, my sincere thanks to you TB!

    Likewise, this may be the most fastest response from TM I’ve ever seen the day I learn how to spell TM!

    With regards to TM’s reply, well, I would say it’s just another typical Marcom style of replying without answering directly.

    I was trying to write some last few comments, but somehow I’m unable to post here after few tries.

    Anywhere, once again thanks for your rapid response!


  26. Objectively speaking

    Hi all, I’m a new unifi user and a bit of a techie here. The problem I’ve found, other than the hardware issue, is the fact that we do not have much choice around.

    The system we have here is monopolistic, and mostly, the work done is pretty much of the chest beating variety without any real substance in it.

    I’ll list the issues.

    1 – Remote management on the router. They do not inform the customers that there is a super user and remote management capabilities on the router. Common with managed access services (businesses pay good money for that), but I don’t think Unifi does that. If I’m going to be responsible for the router, why do they hide this super-user from me?

    2 – Locking in of devices exacerbate issue 1. Since everyone has the same device with the same user ID and presumably the same password? I don’t know about you, but that seems like a very big security hole to me. Even with Businesses, managed lines and control terminate at the router. We will have our own firewall appliance devices after that. With Unifi, we were told we can’t to do it..

    3 – Latency. What’s with all this focus on bandwidth only? This is something less of an issue with Unifi but TM in general. I have fluctuations in latency from 300+ms to 500ms (which is seriously bad) depending on the day. This affects things like gaming, response times and general communications goodness. It’s no wonder we spend more time downloading, with 500ms ping times, who’s gonna be playing any games?

    4 – Bearing in mind with 3, that there’s some content control to ensure those p2p people don’t crap up the whole link downloading illegal content.. How come we’re still having such fluctuations? I’ve had to deal with this through my many years of streamyx usage.

    5 – Personally. I think the issue with 3 is more of TM as a company, batting you over the here with the best effort document. Overselling their network without spending enough to boost up the infrastructure. Like our highways. Too many cars, using too many trunks and then getting bogged down through certain bottlenecks.

    I’ve found that the tech support has responded quite admirably to my queries thus far, to be honest.. but I wonder if that will be the case once the unifi user base expands. Without another choice or provider, we as consumers will be left with no choice but to just suck it up.

    I’m also looking into TIME’s fibre and Maxis as well. Some users that are lucky enough have them in their area. Got some latency reports to do now.

  27. drafunt

    For myself, the main problem I have with Unifi is that I cannot use my current phone numbers…..unless I want to continue paying the monthly rent for the old line. I can’t understand why we can’t just “transfer” the old phone numbers just like all the mobile phones are doing now. If I have to change to a new number, the hassle of informing all my contacts and changing name cards/letterheads.

  28. dingdong


    the reason being is because your current phone number is PSTN based while the one attached to Unifi in VOIP based (although TM never want to admit this) so different platforms requires different systems and both cannot co-exist at the same time. period.

    if you wanna keep the old number why not convert ’em to TM HomePrepaid to avoid rental.. starter pack cost RM30 (with RM20 credit preloaded) there problem solved.

  29. Rajeev

    I have upgraded from Streamyx to UNFI 20 on 4 April 2011.
    It worked with 20Mbps speed for 24 hours and then on 5th april it stopped working. We lodged a complaint and got complaint number 1-937789902 but no action.
    My kids are going under exams and very much depended on internet.
    No action has been taken yet, I wrote mails and called them also..but all in vain.
    Now, I want if they can not rectify the problem at least they they should reinstall my Streamyx….I am happy with it.

    1. weechookeong

      Dear Mr Rajeev,

      I have forwarded your complaint to TM for their attention.

      I am informed that TM technicians attended to your problems on site at 2 pm today (12-04-2011). It is hoped that all is well and the Unifi service is alright now.

      I have expressed my appreciation to TM on your behalf for their kind attention.

      Thank you.


      wee choo keong

  30. TM is getting all the wrong attention. A recently created site ( seems to be trying to gather all problems about TM Unifi. TM must have Pissed too many people.

  31. francis

    Unifi is not tat great, my 5M is no diff from my 4M streamyx, u only get d advertised speed if u ping to Unifi server in Cyberjaya. Any other servers, I loss considerable amt of download speed, connection to overseas needless to say, it’s sad. Don’t expect it like your internet experience in Spore, HK, Aust, or Japan. Overall, I say it’s unsatisfactory!

  32. francis

    To add, i really hate a separate modem & router, it’s messy w cables all ard. I suppose that’s the best TM can offer, it’s really crappy!

  33. Anonymous

    anyone know contractors that could do unifi wiring in puchong area? i want to have the wired concealed while i’m renovating my house rather to have the tm fella drilling my house

  34. Anon

    TM really does suck. My connection failed at critical times twice in the last month. Calling customer support is a very bad experience, they make you hold forever and nothing gets done. Only competition can fix such lame service.

  35. christopher kwok

    Dear YB, In August I ‘upgraded ‘ my Streamyx to Unifi, could never connect to the internet right after the TM installers left. Called TM many times, ask to do a few adjustment each time over the phone, ok for awhile and it ‘s back to the same problem the next day. Made numerous phone calls and finally have about 6 official complains on record. Problem was finally solved when TM changed the router in October. My main issue is that I was billed for the month and a half when I couldn’t log onto the computer. Asked for a rebate for the times I couldn’d use the computer but was given RM14.90 (based on the last report until they replaced the router). Appealed for a fairer rebate but was given the run around by this monopolistic company . Billing dept ask to deal with the technical dept and they in turn direct me back to billing. This is more about the principle than the money. Liang Mikie AC no1002354312.

    1. weechookeong

      Dear Chris

      Thank you for your comments.

      Tm has changed quite a bit. I believe its customer service has improved tremendously of late. May I suggest that you send an e-mail direct to TM CEO, Datuk Zam, who will no doubt attend to your problems. I don’t have his e-mail address now. Can you please check with TM’s website. If you still have problems please e-mailto me and I will try to assist in whatever way I can. My e-mail;

      thank you.


      wee choo keong

  36. Wilson

    Dear Mr. Wee,

    Hope i’m bringing this up to the right person after went through all the comments and responses above.

    To be honest, TM does have some serious issue in billing matters.

    I was being informed by the irresponsible salesperson when they’re having promotion / roadshow in Pavilion a year ago, that Streamyx access will be “Automatically” discontinue and disconnected once Unifi is installed in the address registered regardless whether the Unifi account holder is the same as Streamyx account holder or not. “Migration” they call it.

    Till today, I received their so-called warning letter from a legal firm asking for backdated payment for the past 10 months, seriously? like paying for something that I have not been using for the last 10 months?

    I will be visiting TM point Titiwangsa branch tomorrow to solve this issue once and for all and I wish this thread could be of help to others.

    1. weechookeong

      Dear Wilson

      I have forwarded your complaints to TM for respond. I believe that your problems can be sorted out if you show the officer the proof.

      I have forwarded your complaints to TM for their attention and hope that it will be resolved amicably>

      Thank you.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

      1. weechookeong

        Dear Mr William

        it is my pleasure to asset in whatever I can. I can only try my very best.

        I do hope that all will be solved in a day or two.

        Thank you

        with kindest regards

        wee choo keong

      2. weechookeong

        Dear Wilson

        Please call my office 03-41433322 or 0122186929 to provide your phone number because TM personal would like to find out more about your problems so that it can be resolved.

        Thank you.

        wee choo keong

  37. michael lee cher siew

    YB..i think u wrong. i using unifi, and using own router tp – link is ok. i think u should lesrn more. do not just complaint…

  38. Storm

    michael lee cher siew
    ur late, YB had told that he was having the issue on August 24, 2010 and the problem solved by using different router on January 16, 2011 onwards, right now there is a lot of router that support unifi. TM Unifi had solved most of the issue regarding connection issue. Since mid year of 2011 Unifi call centre improve alot, connection is more better. As user of Unifi vip5 am satisfied with the connection and the service..Hope All users enjoy the service… :-)

  39. Anonymous

    Dear bro..i got d-link,belkin,tp-link and huawei at my disposal..nothing sucks here…d only that suck is ur attitude!

  40. Parasite

    I was impressed by TM Call Centre service. They’ve improved a lot. I called to apply for Unifi on Friday after office hour and installation date was confirmed within 1 business day. However, I was fairly disappointed by Unifi contractors. It rained almost everyday and due to bad drainage the manhole which houses TM cables was flooded with water. The first team of installers didn’t try at all but informed me that installation had to be postponed. Well, they could proceed if I hired someone else to drain the blocked water from the manhole owned by TM. Or, I paid like a thousand ringgit so that they would pull the wiring through longkang instead of the manhole. Why should I pay extra when it’s not my property that hindered the installation work. The first team went off without getting anything done. Re-appointment was quick. A week later the second team of contractors came. I told them about the flooded manhole. The water was still blocked inside about knee deep. Fortunately, this team were better skilled and were able to carry out the installation. Ok, the next thing they talked about was money, again. The manhole cover in my car porch was ‘cemented’, they claimed. They didn’t even try to lift the cover. They called this blocked manhole and it’s not the standard installation. The standard TM rate to work around the blocked manhole is RM6xx. They broke the cover in less than 5 minutes. In contrast, we recently paid RM150 to hammer down a wall in few hours in one of our shoplots under renovation. I was also quoted RM3xx for another non-standard installation which is to run the Unifi cable of about 1 meter long over the ceiling. What were my options? “Could you pull the cable along here?”, I asked. “No, the cable is sensitive and it has to be done this way”. Basically that’s to say I had no option. “Here’s the deal, if we follow the standard TM rate, you would be charge almost a thousand. I gave you special rate, half the price.”, the main installer said. I got his point. He was here for the money, not for giving the consumer the best service.

  41. Lay hong

    Dear YB Wee,

    I was wondering what to do next regarding my unifi problems, when I accidentally came across your website. I read through and I am impressed that you try your best to help others. I am a homemaker with very little knowledge about computers. All I know is how to go online and to use it.
    I was formerly a Streamyx customer. I decided to upgrade to unifi package VIP 5 (TV channel, Internet and a phone line) in SEP 2011 (during the promotion period). Since my house was under renovation, I postponed the installation to DEC 2011 before I officially shifted in,in MAR, thinking everything will be ready and in order.
    Later, I found out that I cannot access the Internet in any of the rooms upstairs. We lodged a complaint and the technicians came. They cannot rectify the problems and are supposed to revert to me. Haven’t heard from them since. One of them commented that the wall of my house is too thick for the signal to reach up. Another solution is to install another router upstairs, one for downstairs and one for upstairs. What a ridiculous suggestion? For a double storey link house!!!! I tried using D-Link IWireless N 150 USB Adapter) but unsuccessful.
    My children need to use the Internet in their rooms. For the time being, they have no choice, but to use in the living room downstairs sitting on the floor.
    We then went to TMpoint in Taipan to officially lodged a complaint on 28/4/12. Until now, I am still waiting for them to contact me . YB, any suggestion to solve my problem? Thank you.


    1. weechookeong

      Lay Hong

      Thank you for your comments.

      Can post your telephone number in the comment and I will call you. It is easier to resolve the problems via the telephone. Please don’t worry. Your phone number will not be published.

      Thank you


      wee choo keong

  42. PV12 resident

    Hi YB Wee,
    I am staying in PV12 and is very sick about Unifi. June 2011, my Unifi is almost unusable (phone, internet and TV). Called they for like 20 times and given the run around for more than 1 month to finally for them to replace the faulty BTU. The technician who came to my house to replace the BTU took less than 5 minutes and he personally confirmed most of Unifi connection problem is due to the BTU, other device are normally ok.

    last 2 weeks, my unifi starts to shows similar symptom compared to June 2011. So, i called up again, like usual, no one pick up for 20 minutes while i am paying for the bill. This morning, i am so lucky to be able to speak to a human from TM. This cheeky lady have to guts to say “encik perlu berada didepan modem tu….” even when i said the phone is out. She said guna handphone lah.” Yeah, hold my handphone for 20 minutes of call for nothing. I requested them to change the modem again, then this cheeky lady starts the threatening tone. “Nanti kalau cable yg rosak, kita charge technician fee, tau? Nanti komputer yg rosak, kita charge technician fee, tau?” When i asked who is to determine who’s fault? “Aahh, technician kita akan beritahu”.

    I really dont like this, what can I do?

    1. weechookeong

      PV12 resident

      Please let me have your telephone number and I will get Unifi people to be in touch with you. Of course, your number will not be published.

      Thank you.


      wee choo keong

  43. I have the same problem here. TM is arrogant ! Extremely bad service on their customer and technical respond. Got myself OUT of TM and registered for Maxis Fiber To the Home (10MB – RM118 Promotion) April 26, 2012.

    Regret to see it’s TM unifi again at the last mile. Maxis only provide the gateway which will still hook up to TM. For a moment I thought, it’s ok, coz now I have a more professionaly Maxis that I can deal with who understand and resolves customer problem.

    Been using it over a week now, even my parents can complain it’s not consistent and terrible network, With problems like slow at times, always down 3-4 times a day…etc. Very intermittent.

    And on the 31st June 2012 (Friday) my Internet went down, this time it stayed down with the no Fiber signal from TM.

    Now recap back, i think Maxis have inherited TM’s problems ! Maxis have to be forceful on their SLA (if any) with TM.

  44. PV12resident

    Regardless of which service provider you sign up with in Msia, the last mile is always TM (except for a few telco that offers specialized service at 5 figure price). If that is not monopoly, then they can take that word out of dictionary for good.

    You know what you should do in the next GE. Nuff said.

  45. TM is nothing wrong even on their product on unifi. Unifi is the best but what make it worst is come from those handle buy the product from vendor. Commision made their service or even product itself become worst.

  46. Mahek Sabharwal

    This post is amazing! I’m gonna put this in the bookmarks before I lose the link, I don’t think I’ll ever find my way back again otherwise.

  47. Duck

    just check your router will ya ?

    i think your line its good which is the prob is maybe from your router

    if suspect as faulty , just change the router .

    i got this info from the other side webpage

  48. Dear YB Wee,

    Just wanted to share my experience in which i, until today 11th November 2013 am still waiting for Unifi installation at my house. when i first tried to apply for unifi they gave me a report number ni-0111333 (back in May 2013) and every since they have been giving me (port full explanation) when ever i tried to find out about my application.Wanted to try out other broadband provider but no use as they use TM backbone (line)
    In this age of technology it is very sad, demand more than supply.

  49. Mohammad Yusop Yahya

    True, true and true. We have D-Link twice and still face problems. Almost 30 years ago, in a multi-national organisation I learnt that gadgets has to be idiot proof and service response must be within 24 hours, delivered within 48 hours later. Here, even in this new millennium it is much to be desired. Right, element monopoly, indifference are major contributors. Touch & Go is another example. May be has happened in the multi national 30 years ago will happen in Malaysian organisations in another 20 years and it will be 50 years behind. Hoping for the best we don’t regress like in road menace. In the 70’s, courtesy on roads were norms, now selfishness on the road overrides.

  50. Wade

    I have bought a TP-link router to use instead of the current, cheap, D-link router TM provides, i also requested the username and password from a TM rep. My Tp-link router will not go online, although the set up is perfectly fine. I also cloned the MAC address of the D-link router onto the TP-link router just in case the TM Modem only accepts a router with a certian MAC address. Still not online.

    When i connect the Dlink router, Internet works fine. Yes, I tried the TP-link router at LAN 1. The TM reps are very useless and unhelpful with the matter. I’m expected to pay RM50 for a technician to show up and fix the issue, when I know that the issue is obviously from the TM configured modem. I’ve worked with such equipment before and I’m not oblivious to how connections work, but I’m being treated as if I am.

    Does anyone have any tips or solutions to this problem? I am not going to pay RM50 to a company that treats it’s consumers like idiots to repair their modem and blame it on a brand new router.

    Mr Wee Choo Keong, you seem to be very informed regarding these matters. Your help would be very appreciated. I’m aware that this thread has been long up, but I believe it’s very helpful.

  51. wan

    Additional comment to my previous post:

    In UK they already use modem-router with gigabit LAN and ac WIFI. Here, they only provide 100Mbps LAN and bgn WIFI only. Very poor!

  52. Miji

    Hello..sory for the late comment..i just want to share my experience dealing with this company as i am now trying to find the policy that i’ve been told yesterday by one of their technician..i think everyone know about a life time warranty for the modem that tm provided to us…but did you know if the modem faulty because of customer “lack of caring” such as stolen or lightning strike..they will charge us RM 500 for a replacement….good thing i’m not a ‘pak turut’ kind of guy and after argue with this tech for 15 min n showing him i will not back down he finally leave me be…how the hell we know when the lightning gonna strike…stupid policy.

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