"MBf Mysteries" open can of worms for he who wants high office at all cost

I was alerted to a blog post here that highlights a controversial case in 1994 1993 that involved two judges who would not hear my appeal “against a judgement of two years jail for contempt of court” regarding an ex-parte injunction by two MBf companies. I was then the MP for Bukit Bintang.

As a matter of record, the jail sentences were in fact 4 years for contempt of court based on a majority decision of 2 to 1 of the then Supreme Court. The minority view was very telling to say the least. It took me 14 years later on April 2007 before I was successful in striking out the ex-parte injunction by the MBf companies. Following which I counter-sued MBf for RM40 million for the injustice I suffered.

As you delve into the crux of the “MBf Mysteries” post and click on the main link provided, you will realize behind the apparent intrigues, conspiracies and injustices that were committed then one central figure stands out. Many other so-called ‘luminaries’ and questionable personalities, too odious for me to list in this entry, who were also involved will come into focus and sadly some are still surviving today continuing in their old ways.

Moreover, if we were to examine the circumstances surrounding the said contempt case that involved several current active politicians and one of whom harbors an ambition for high office in the country, and who now talks incessantly about transparency, independence of the judiciary and other niceties of good governance, the future is very scary to say the least – should he succeed.

But more importantly, here’s a case of how one’s past is catching up and will force the rakyat to review their wisdom of trying to help this one man to become the top administrator of this nation.

One thing is sure. As the days pass, it appears the road to Putrajaya for this hopeful will become more elusive than ever.

5 thoughts on “"MBf Mysteries" open can of worms for he who wants high office at all cost

  1. YB Wee, please do something about this ya. We cannot expect anyone else to come out and speak up. You know so much more than anyone else about the ‘internal dynamics’ of MBf because you were a victim of politico-economic shenannigans. I’m tired of people talking about things that were alien to them when they were in power and now attempt to pull the wool over our eyes with cynical sloganeering.

    Please do what is right YB. I believe many of us non-partisan rakyat are really counting on you to help right certain wrongs and spare us the tragedy of the wrong fellow ever getting the ‘opportunity’ to lead our country.

  2. Dhahran Sea

    As you rightly said, “Rakyat’s interests above party’s politics”… in the current political landscape of the country, THERE IS NO WAY FOR A GREAT MAJORITY OF HONEST & CREDIBLE POLITICIANS to affect change, UNLESS they GET OUT OF PARTY politics… BN or BR, sama saja… I hope there would be more MPs like you… keep up the good work!

  3. YB Chee Keong,this you friend George Choo. In one of the ceramah in Kampong Pasir Jln Klang Lama,you told everybody that Hamid Omar was a corrupt judge. He was bought over by MBF LOY who was responsible for supplying Hamid with young beautiful students. That why it was proven in court that Hamid have a 18 years old girlfriend WHO ADMITTED HER RELATIONSHIP WITH HAMID after questioning by Karpal Singh. That why you lost the case in 93 and it was not a surprise for you to take 14 years to stop the MBF injunction when all the main characters (except you) are not in the picture anymore.

  4. hanana bt abdulla

    malays being muslims subscribed to the belief that once a
    man has passed into the next world , it is preferable that
    his misdeeds are not discussed anymore . However we
    should be free to discuss the bad things madey and his best
    ‘pund*k’lingam have done to the judiciary.

    Included in the list to be displayed are matngantuk aka dolah
    badawi and his son in law , khairy’apco-promota’jamdin and his chronies omar’apco’ong et al.

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