"Pecat Nor Yakcop, Zarinah" – was Utusan Online 'terrorised' to kill report?

UPDATE, 22 July 2010: The blog ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ has managed to recover the missing news item and has posted it here. Go read it.

I remember reading the above “pecat” news item the day it was published. Didn’t think too much of it then because it was expected that newspapers would do what they have to do i.e.  publish news and opinions.

But now that the news item was mysteriously taken off blogsphere I get the feeling that either I am getting too close to the truth of the muck of the powers-that-be and therefore the truth must not surface at all cost, or, newspapers just do not know what they report, or, journalists are still being bullied by ‘mafias’ who do not want their corrupt practices exposed.

You draw your own conclusion. I have drawn mine.

The “pecat” news was originally highlighted here in a blog and the “missing” story was later reported here.

The actual url (link) is as follows:-

Hmm, looks like I am very close to exposing the shenanigans and the ‘terrorising of journalists’ is still going on!

As promised, if I don’t get satisfactory answers to all the issues I have raised so far one can rest assured the next parliamentary session will not go about its business quietly.

5 thoughts on “"Pecat Nor Yakcop, Zarinah" – was Utusan Online 'terrorised' to kill report?

  1. Chandra deven

    There is market disquite, that the telecoms msia shares had been sold to temasik holdings. why to a foriegn party.

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