KONSENSUS BEBAS formed today!

KONSENSUS BEBAS di tubuh hari ini!

Media Statement For Immediate Release, 7 June 2010
Kenyataan Media Untuk Edaran Segera, 7hb June 2010


With the trust and responsibility as Members of Parliament elected by the rakyat, we hereby announce the formation of Konsensus Bebas as the official platform for the unified Independent Members of Parliament.

Konsensus Bebas will be an effective, independent and non-partisan Parliamentary bloc. Voicing views and taking political actions independently, transcending partisan politics in presenting our stance and policies as Independent Members of Parliament.

We believe the formation of Konsensus Bebas is the best solution for us as members of parliament to present issues of national and public interest collectively and effectively. With this general agreement, Konsensus Bebas is convinced that it is able to execute its responsibilities as a parliamentary bloc without the patronage of any political party.

Political parties have failed the aspiration of the rakyat for reformation as manifested by the 2008 General Elections. Konsensus Bebas will strive to restore the rakyat’s hope and conviction for reformation. Konsensus Bebas will act without any political self-interest but solely for the interests of the rakyat and the nation.

The national political landscape has changed reflecting the maturing of the democratic process in Malaysia. It is time that Malaysian political leaders and political parties respect the rakyat by placing the interest of the rakyat above the interests of political parties or party leaders. The rakyat will not be fooled by political rhetoric and politicians who do not walk the talk.

Currently, political parties are seen as placing the party agenda as their primary interest and the leaders inclined to grab power. The rakyat are victims of the struggle for power and position. Partisan politics have been plagued by intra-party conflicts for power and positions, aggravated by the “brown-nosing” culture. The rakyat’s demand for reformation has been derailed.

Konsensus Bebas accepts the reality of partisan politics. However, Konsensus Bebas reiterates that to be an effective member of parliament is not dependent on the political party one represents but on one’s diligence and sincerity.

As an independent platform, Konsensus Bebas will support either the government or the opposition conditionally. Konsensus Bebas will take the independent stance based on the aspirations of the rakyat and the nation.

Konsensus Bebas will focus on formulating policies that benefit the rakyat. Public and national interests will be presented more innovatively based on the true spirit of reformation and sincerity in making Malaysia a progressive nation.

Konsensus Bebas offers the rakyat an effective voice in parliament.

Member of Parliament for Bayan Baru


Member of Parliament for Wangsa Maju


Member of Parliament for Kulim Bandar Bharu


Member of Parliament for Nibong Tebal


Member of Parliament for Bagan Serai

————————————— K B —————————————


Dengan amanah dan tanggungjawab sebagai Ahli Parlimen yang dipilih oleh rakyat, dengan ini diumumkan penubuhan “KONSENSUS BEBAS” sebagai wadah rasmi sepakat kami sebagai Ahli Parlimen Bebas.

Konsensus Bebas membentuk satu blok bebas di Parlimen yang efektif, bebas dan nonpartisan. Menzahirkan pandangan serta tindakan politik secara bebas tanpa dibelenggu oleh kongkongan batasan politik kepartian dalam menyampaikan pendirian dan dasardasar politik sebagai Ahli Parlimen Bebas.

Kami percaya pembentukan Konsensus Bebas merupakan persetujuan terbaik antara kami sebagai wakil rakyat untuk membawa isu-isu rakyat dan negara secara kolektif dan efektif. Dengan persetujuan ini Konsensus Bebas yakin untuk berperanan secara berkesan menjalankan tanggungjawab sebagai Ahli Parlimen walaupun tidak dinaungi oleh mana-mana Parti politik.

Konsensus Bebas komited sebagai satu persetujuan Ahli Parlimen Bebas dengan rakyat. Menjalankan amanah sebagai ahli parlimen yang dipilih oleh rakyat untuk berusaha memajukan negara. Memastikan rakyat terus menikmati hidup secara harmoni, berkualiti dan sejahtera di Malaysia.

Pilihanraya Umum 2008 menyerlahkan harapan rakyat untuk perubahan yang telah pun dikecewakan oleh parti-parti politik. Konsensus Bebas berusaha untuk mengembalikan harapan dan keyakinan tersebut. Konsensus Bebas berperanan bukan untuk kepentingan politik tetapi kepentingan rakyat dan negara.

Landskap politik negara sudah banyak berubah dan mencerminkan kematangan proses demokrasi di Malaysia. Sudah sampai masanya pemimpin-pemimpin politik serta parti politik di Malaysia menghormati rakyat dengan meletakkan kepentingan rakyat melebihi kepentingan Parti atau kepentingan pemimpin-pemimpin Parti. Rakyat sama sekali tidak boleh dipermainkan oleh retorik-retorik politik atau politik cakap tidak serupa bikin.

Parti-parti politik hari ini dilihat lebih mementingkan agenda parti manakala pemimpinpemimpin parti cenderung merebut kuasa. Rakyat menjadi mangsa kepada perebutan jawatan dan pangkat. Politik kepartian semakin tidak sihat lebih memperlihatkan pergeseran politik kerana perebutan kuasa dan jawatan, dihodohkan lagi dengan budaya ampu-mengampu dalam parti. Reformasi yang dituntut rakyat semakin terpesong.

Walaupun Konsensus Bebas berpendirian menerima realiti politik kepartian, namun untuk menjadi Ahli Parlimen yang efektif dan berkesan bukan terletak pada parti yang diwakili tetapi terletak pada kesungguhan dan kejujuran dalam berpolitik.

Sebagai wadah yang bebas Konsensus Bebas memberi jaminan tidak akan menyebelahi mana-mana pihak baik parti kerajaan atau parti pembangkang. Konsensus Bebas akan sentiasa berpendirian bebas berasaskan kepada aspirasi rakyat dan negara.

Konsensus Bebas akan memberi fokus kepada pembentukan dasar-dasar yang meletakkan keutamaan rakyat. Isu-isu rakyat dan isu-isu negara akan dibawa dengan lebih inovatif berteraskan semangat reformasi tulin, jujur untuk meletakkan Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara madani.

Konsensus Bebas menawarkan kepada rakyat satu suara efektif di parlimen.

Member of Parliament for Bayan Baru


Member of Parliament for Wangsa Maju


Member of Parliament for Kulim Bandar Bharu


Member of Parliament for Nibong Tebal


Member of Parliament for Bagan Serai

————————————— K B —————————————

Konsensus BEBAS logo rationale:

The Konsensus Bebas logo embodies the desire of its Members of Parliament to present issues of national and public interest collectively and effectively by being an effective, independent and non-partisan Parliamentary bloc.

The logo consists of basic shapes that lock on and support each other to form a hibiscus image, symbolising the interests of the rakyat and the nation.

The clean, modern look of the Konsensus Bebas logo with its bright, bold colours represents the innovative and modern way of presenting issues of national interest, based on the true and honest spirit of reformation, and with sincerity in making Malaysia a progressive nation, signified by the upward leap of the stamen.

The word BEBAS is rendered in bold to emphasize the independence of its members from partisan politics.


5 thoughts on “KONSENSUS BEBAS formed today!

  1. drraffick

    NOT PAY PBT AS KHALID MB PROTECT THIS BN COMPANY.THEY RIP OFF MILLIONS EVERY MTH!!!!…have been doing the research on parking related matters and local council in Selangor past week. Like many Malaysians, we tend to be forgetful after 3 months and after a year, the facts will get all jumbled up that many would have forgotten the head and tail on many issues. One such issue is the Local Authority (LA) car parking business in Selangor which I believe was engineered during Khir Toyo time where all LA parking in Selangor was streamline and spread over two companies.

    THE privatisation of parking services in Selangor was formalised sometime in Q2 or Q3, 1999, when the state government decided that the move would bring about a uniformed system to parking in the state which would benefit the local authorities. Legally speaking the state gave the directives and the local authority inked either a 20 or 25 years parking agreement with two companies i.e. Swastapark Sdn Bhd (later renamed as Godell Parking Sdn Bhd) and Suasa Efektif Sdn Bhd. Selangor parking territories are shared between this two entities.

    Godell Parking was given the concession for PJ, Subang Jaya, Sabak Bernam, Hulu Selangor and Kuala Langat for 20+5 years and Suasa Effektif was given Shah Alam, Kelang, Ampang, Selayang, Kajang, Sepang and Kuala Selangor for 25 years. I remembered when KT announces the appointment of these companies, there was some noise in the background on the lack of transparency in view of direct negotiation between both parties. For that matter, the noise stayed in the background and is silenced by other matters.

    Back then the idea to form a uniform parking arrangement was made on the basis of cosmetics and disguise in the form to improve the revenue collection to the local authorities. There was no tender. There was no open selection. There was no pre announce news. There was only announcement on how Selangor Parking is to be shared between the two parties.

    Questions begin to surface on wether the 70/30 contract favouring the concessionaire are indeed fair and works in favour or the local authorities. In Ampang Jaya for example, Suasa Effective apparently owed close to RM 800K in parking rental to MPAJ. The same thing happens in Selayang where the amount is said to be about RM900K.

    In MPAJ, the management practice a contra mechanism where concession collection is contra with the fines issued by MPAJ. The problem here is one of accounting and liquidity. Payment should not have been in contra especially when there issued fines are documented but the collection amount is not the same as the amount issued. While the agreement says that the concessionaire is suppose to pay MPAJ once a month, this is not being done.

    The LA does not act in accordance of the provision of the contract. They appear to be weak in implementing the powers given to them in the contract. What is still not clear is how the 70/30 formula is derived and how does the local authority know how much is being collected. It is also not clear on WHY the LA did not terminate the agreement despite non payment by the concessionaire. Not surprising, the LA is taken for a ride and the weak management and the local councillor’s fails in their fiduciary duties in ensuring that the revenue of the LA is maximized. I believe it is time for the State Government to revisit this matter and find ways to maximize the profit for the local authorities. I hope the new batch of councillors in Ampang will do a better job in promoting transparency and maximizing revenue for the LA.



  2. Fung

    It is good that you all taking step to be organised. Konsensus Bebas must put the people interest above politics. We have had enough of political rhetoric and the racism from both sides. Now that you have organsied yoruself, you will have to perform.

  3. Dagang Piatu

    lebih cantik kalau daftar sebagai sebuah parti politik. tiada hiraki menegak, hanya mendatar

    setiap ahli parlimen berkuasa dalam sempadan parlimen masing-masing

    bagi parlimen yang tiada wakil rakyat. calon-calon bangsa Malaysia yang berminat boleh daftar diri untuk bertanding

    sekretariat bebas akan organize presidential debate dan adakah pengundian berdasarkan daftar pengundi SPR

    sape yang menang, dia layak bertanding dalam PRU13 untuk pakai simbol konsensus bebas

  4. Lim Bebas

    Sometimes we wonder PR vs BN is becuase due to want
    to fight corruption or just want to change boss becuase
    PR contrack kecil , BN contrack besar . WE understand u
    quit due to dissapointment of sand issue . We also dissapointment regarding the election in Sibu . What
    Sibu Miracle ? Just win less than 400 votes , talk until
    like win 4000 votes . And then after win , bad sikap – skip
    the Sibu anti-float project even though only RM 5 million .
    What Malaysia First ? SElangor not afford to donate this amount ? And for GST Tax issue , while PR protest but they
    delete all the protest record . Secretly , they also want GST .

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