Press Release by Wee Choo Keong, MP for Wangsa Maju, on 14 May 2010

Sand Mining Scandal In Dengkil, Selangor

Chronology of Events

  1. In February 2010, the three complainants of the sand mining scandal had approached Puchong MP, YB Gobind Singh, and YB Gobind Singh has confirmed that he had informed YB Ronnie Liew, exco member of Selangor and the “Adun Angkat” for Dengkil about this scandal.
  2. On 01 May 2010 YB Ng Suee Lim (YB Ng), DAP Adun for Sekinchan, met with the complainants about this scandal. Today (14 May 2010), YB Ng has admitted in the Star that the complainants have seen him on 01 May 2010 and he advised them “to go through the right channel.” YB Ng told the complainants to see YB Saari Sungib (PAS Adun for Hulu Kelang). YB Ng then left for an overseas trip the next day. He also said: When you want to accuse someone, the issue must be thoroughly investigated and concrete evidence must be found first.” I believe that in view of the seriousness of the complaints, YB Ng must have informed his superior in the Selangor State government.
  3. First week of May 2010, Kapar MP, YB Manikavasagam, wrote about this sand mining scandal in Dengkil in his blog and gave 72 hours notice to the Selangor Menteri Besar, YAB Tan Sri Khlaid Ibrahim to set up an independent body to investigate the matter.
  4. On 10 May 2010 YB Manikavasagam had an emergency meeting with the other MPs over the said scandal in De Palma Hotel in Ampang. The 11 MPs fully supported YB Manikavasagam to voice out this scandal and demand for an independent body to investigate.
  5. On 11 May 2010 YB Manikavasagam handed over documents to support his allegations of corruptions in KSSB and thereafter YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim challenged YB Manikavasagam to lodge a report on the sand mining scandal to the authorities.
  6. On 12 May 2010 YB Manikavasagam lodged a police report with regards to this sand mining scandal. YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim immediately fixed an appointment and met up with YB Manikavasagam. YB Manikavasagam handed over the documents on the matter to YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. Thereafter, YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim informed the press that he had referred this sand mining scandal to SELCAT to investigate the matter and he also expressed regret that YB Manikavasagam did not go through the internal channel to resolve the matter.
  7. On 13 May 2010, the Selangor-owned sand mining company Kuala Semestra Sdn Bhd (KSSB) issued a statement through its director, En Ramli Abd Majed. KSSB denies the corruption allegations that YB Manikavasagam made against it. This was the first ever respond from KSSB after the allegations of corruptions broke out in the open since 1st week of May 2010.KSSB also demanded that YB Manikavasagam apologise and withdraw the false accusation within 48 hours or face legal action for defamation for what YB Manikavasagam had exposed. KSSB also called for YB Manikavasagam to resign and pay compensation to the company once it is cleared.

The above chronology of events is most disturbing to say the least.

As early as February 2010, the Menteri Besar was fully aware of this sand mining scandal in Dengkil. The reason being that Puchong DAP MP, YB Gobind Singh had already formally complained about the said scandal to YB Ronnie Liew, the DAP exco member in Selangor State Government and “Adun Angkat” for Dengkil. But no action was taken by YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

When YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim was handed the documents with regards to this scandal he challenged YB Manikavasagam to lodge a report to the authority. When YB Manikavasagam lodged a police report, YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim expressed regret that it was not brought up to be solved internally. I really am shocked by his statement. His DAP exco member, YB Ronnie Liew, knew about this in February 2010. Therefore, YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is deemed to have knowledge of this scandal and he should have had launched SELCAT to commence investigation. If this was done and a proper investigation was carried out, there will be no such problem.

Furthermore, as recent as 1 May 2010, YB Ng received complaints from the complainants regarding this scandal. It must be noted that YB Ng was extremely quick to lodge a report with MACC against YB Khir Toyo which I and the other PKR MPs fully supported. I really am surprised why YB Ng did not lodge a report on the sand mining scandal before his “overseas trip”. Presumably this scandal was not important to him.

Based on these two glaring facts alone, YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and his exco members are deemed to have full knowledge of this sand scandal. Yet, no action whatsoever was taken to launch the so-called SELCAT to investigate this serious scandal.

On 10 May 2010, 11 PKR MPs issued their unequivocal stand through YB Dato Kamarul Bahrain, MP for Teluk Kemang, to support YB Manikavasagam and demand for an independent body to investigate into the scandal. There was still no action taken by YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and his exco members.

These glaring facts show that YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and his exco members have no political will to defend and protect the rakyat’s interest. So what CAT (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) are they talking about? They are not walking the talk. Perhaps they are all referring to pussy cat!

After YB Manikavasagam lodged a report, YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and his exco members immediately jumping into actions to launch the SELCAT. Although I felt that launching of the SELCAT at this stage was just an eye wash, it was better than nothing. At least PKR or PR can still redeem itself that the YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and his exco members have taken actions though it may have been too late and too little.

I am most surprised to note that it took KSSB took more than a week to respond to YB Manikavasagam.

First and foremost, we must look at the corporate structure of KSSB. It is not a normal limited company (sendirian bhd). KSSB is a company wholly owned by MB Incorporated (Menteri Besar Incorporated). It means that KSSB is under the full control of Selangor Government through the office of Menteri Besar i.e. YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

I believe that YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is the chairman of this KSSB. I am sure that he was fully briefed about the sand mining scandal the moment the said scandal broke into the open. Why didn’t he instruct KSSB to make their stand when this matter broke out in the open some ten days ago? Why now?

From the facts, it is clear that the statement by KSSB yesterday was just an afterthought and/or a political ploy by the little napoleons for the predominant purpose of damage control and to intimidate and gag YB Manikavasagam. Such statement should have been issued as soon as the allegation of corruptions broke out publicly. But it was not.

As an opposition MP and politician for more than 23 years, I am extremely disappointed that none of the PR top leaders came out to intervene in this serious matter involving public interest. We all know that YB Lim Kit Siang was extremely quick to issue statement calling for Royal Commissions on matters deemed by him to be of public interest. But look at this serious matter, one would have thought that YB Lim would have reprimanded his boy, YB Ronnie Liew, for failing to act in February 2010 (when YB Gobind informed him) and at the same time calling for the setting up of a Royal Commission to investigate into this scandal.

Please look at their pledge to the people:

“When DAP and Pakatan Rakyat become government at the state and federal levels, we will practice Competency, Accountability and Transparency (CAT), and implement open tender system, allow freedom of speech and reinstate local government elections.”

Based on the above facts, the poor covering up jobs by YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and his exco members, I leave it to you to judge what actually CAT means to them.

As for me, I have enough of the double talks, double standards, nepotism, cronyism and most of all, the activities of the little napoleons/TRENDY LEFTISTS, who will do anything to achieve their dream i.e.Putrajaya! I can no longer pretend that all is well.

I have considered this matter for a long time and I have reached the decision to resign from all posts in PKR.

9 thoughts on “Press Release by Wee Choo Keong, MP for Wangsa Maju, on 14 May 2010

  1. Good Day YB Wee and congratulations for being a man of principle.

    Corruption and misuse of power are not exclusive of any political standing, race, religion or skin colour. Hopefully people are opening their eyes now.


  2. maizatula1968

    This is a very bold move. You must have thought about this deeply and considered all options. Your resignation should not be seen as a sign of ‘giving up your fight against the little napoleons but should be regarded as a move to strengthen the respect for political integrity and principled accountability with zero tolerance towards any form of corruption and political abuse’.


  3. yokononi

    dear wee,
    i m sad u left.however,nobody can stand khalid the mb.he is arrogant,does not listen to people and worst of all,he does not deliver.he runs selangor like orang gila.gave away
    all kdebs 222 million to syabas for free water?20 m cube?i mean how silly is that?

    open tender?check out lot 2506 btg berjuntai 845 acres
    clay land given to unichamp mineral.that is pkps land.kimhin
    wanted to develop the place first and they have 300mil cash to do it.khalid says cannot due to land gazetted.out of nowhere,he then open tender and gave it to unichamp.of course yakop sapari is exco!ask daniel..he owns unichamp.

    semesta..oh jesus!that is one screwed up organisation.just call ah chai in btg berjuntai and he will tell
    you how everybody steals the sand.semesta is laughable!

    cheers n c u at zeta.

  4. Salam YB,

    I am UMNO member by accident and I try to resign from UMNO for so many times. Not UMNO is the problem, but I dont really like politic.

    I like to voice out my view without bound to so called party channel, discp board, party rules and regulation so on and so fore. As my Prophet said, katakanlah kebenaran, kerana kebenaran itu adalah pahit, dan pahit itu adalah ubat.

    Your move to become independence is the smartest move since PR or BN has proove that all their members and leaders must apply a ‘yess bosss’ quality.

    I, as you do, thought that DAP,PAS and PKR is better than UMNO by being free, being open for critism(as nobody perfect), but since March 2008, DAP PAS and PKR has proove that they are no difference than their rival UMNO MIC MCA.

    Therefore, being Independence is the best. Well done, and amazingly, I, whom strongly believe in electing my own religion as leader, pray to my Allah, that you will continously become Wangsa Maju MP and bring truth voice in Parliment.

    Be strong, and have faith in truth.

    Your sincerely,

    Mustaqim Abdul Rahman
    Pemuda UMNO Kg Nakhoda(write 5 letter to UMNO to quit, yet, Im still UMNO member)

    p/s; I believe independence MP shud form a party. Labor Party of Malaysia, or Green Party whom both fight for Employee and Environment respectively.

  5. don

    Normallah for them sweep things under the carpet. We respect your decision to leave PKR. There is nothing wrong to stand up for what you believe in.

    But must work hard to help your constituency that is the most important work for you. speak for the people. No need to kow tow.

  6. Traveller

    good job there YB. I was wondering why our PM need to spend 1.8Mil just for the trip to US & Japan ? with that amount of money I can travel round the world for more than 10x !!!

  7. Dr Love

    so long as you remain humble, i think you will not put your ego ahead of your principles.

    arrogant politicians who devise spin and double-talk, they dispense medicine with horrible side effects to the rakyat and nation.

    in their case, what dont kill you makes you sicker.

    sicker and confused than before, you turn to them for help.

    very viscous cycle this is.

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