YB Ronnie Liew knew about the sand mining scandal in February 2010!

I am shocked to learn in the Star this morning that Puchong MP, YB Gobind Singh Deo, did meet the complainant over the sand mining scandal as early as February 2010 and he took up the matter with the state exco member YB Ronnie Liew, who holds the local council portfolio. Incidentally, YB Ronnie Liew is also the “Adun Angkat” for Dengkil, the sand mining town in Selangor. YB Ronnie Liew was appointed as “Adun Angkat” for Dengkil because BN won the Dengkil state seat in 2008 and YB  Ronnie Liew was given the responsibility to look after the area.

SELCAT should have been formally informed about this scandal in February 2010 and SELCAT should immediately investigate it if the Selangor State Government  genuinely believes in the principles of “COMPETENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY”.

For reasons best known to YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, the Menteri Besar, and his exco members, nothing was done for almost four months. When YB Manikavasagam, MP for Kapar, exposed the scandal, the immediate respond from YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim was to challenge YB Manikavasagam to lodge a  police report regarding the scandal. When YB Manikavasagam, lodged a police report on the scandal then YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim came out with another lame excuse that YB Manikavasagam should have brought up the scandal for discussion internally in the party.

I would like to remind YAB Tan Sri Khlaid Ibnrahim that when the issue of the Selangor State Government involvement in the Talam Bhd’s debt worth more than RM300 million was brought up internally in PKR, the issue was never discussed but “swept under the carpet”! However, when it broke out in the open, the rakyat was given the impression that it was discussed and again the rakyat was given another dose of  “all is well” medication.

It was far too late in the day for YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to refer this sand mining scandal to SELCAT yesterday because YB Ronnie Liew, who is the exco member in Selangor and also the “Adun Angkat” for Dengkil, was formally informed about it “INTERNALLY” in February 2010 by the MP for Puchong, and no investigation was commenced by the Selangor State Government until yesterday (12 May 2010) .  It was clear that SELCAT was a “dead CAT” from February 2010 till May 12, 2010 (a good approximate four months!).

Due to this undue delay, YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim cannot blame anyone for suspecting that there was a cover-up for this sand mining scandal and referring it to SELCAT at this stage will be seen as an attempt at damage control.

Under the circumstances, I find YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim referring this scandal to SELCAT for investigation at this stage is not only  totally unacceptable but must be condemned. I am sure that YB Lim Kit Siang and other PR leaders will agree with me that this scandal should be investigated by another body comprising of independent people, who are not involved with the Selangor Government and known supporters of PR. Of course, if I were to go by YB Lim Kit Siang’s usual standard then the Selangor Government itself must take immediate steps to initiate the setting up of a  Royal Commission to investigate this scandal in order to conform with the principles of good governance.

In the interim, YAB Tan Sri Khalid Inbrahim is duty bound to explain why the Selangor State Government did not take any action to investigate this scandal when YB Ronnie Liew had knowledge of it as early as February 2010.

18 thoughts on “YB Ronnie Liew knew about the sand mining scandal in February 2010!

  1. tuan wee choo keong yang saya hormati

    saya berharap tuan dapat mewujudkan akaun Twitter supaya segala kerja2 tuan dapat kita lihat sama2.

    sentiasa berhubung dengan pengundi menerusi website, facebook dan twitter kerana rakyat wangsa maju memiliki akses internet yang sangat baik.

    terima kasih kerana berkhidmat


  2. Ting of Setiawan

    YB Speak up and don’t be scare about them. The truth prevail. I agree with what you said. I think most people will agree with what you have said unless they are blind or support the way the sand mining scandal has been handled by Selangor government.

  3. Kang

    After having read the comments from the PR supporters, i concluded that they refused to look at the substance of the issues discuss. They cannot take criticisms whether good or bad.

    If this is the attitude then God bless PR. That’s why people are slowly and steadily deserting them. No one in the right mind can support what Khalid has done in Selangor.

  4. Amy-search-tipu

    Wa caya sama lu lah, yb! Lu rock la brother! Let’s chase those ‘little napeleon’ sampai ke lubang siput. Hahaha!

  5. sand miner

    Spot on, Ronnie Liew is the Adun Angkat for Dengkil. Dengkil is the place of the scandal. So you know what to do lah.

  6. Jamal JB

    I am happy with your clear mind standings on issues even it will give a bad impact the coalition of the party you are in . I have been told about this since last year in Klang but no one believe me . Ask the tippers . That green colour truck with red marking on the front …. ask their boss . Ini gomen PR la , mana ada macam ni if I asked my staunch-PR followers , met my friend just yesterday , he has to minch his words hehe

    Bad tsunami created such devastation by the beaches of Thailand but it does cleanse up the shores . Thats how nature works. It hurts to pinch another arm in our own body but sometimes things that hurts is the right thing to do .

    Dont you have funny idea to join BN ok and if you decided even PR are as bad , go Independent next term . Contest in BATU area . You sure got my vote . I gave up on all parties in Malaysia anyway .

  7. kucing CAT

    Ini mafia business kah? Atau kongsi gelap?

    Apa pasal mau sorok sorok? Many itu lim kit siang, tony pua, karpal sing , teresa kok yang kebiasan cakap kuat kuat? Apasal diam diam sekarang? Ooi mana itu cakap mau bikin? Mana itu kucing lim guan eng?

  8. panjihitam61

    WELL DONE, Bro Wee, YESSS … it is a BIG cover up. Both BN and PR politicians are ganging up in SODOMIZING the PUBLIC money.
    Investigation must also be done on the losses accumulated by Sime Darby and Pos Malaysia (infact practically all GLC) and my panji-panji said that it all leads to one common factor, the Vadey eating Minister.

    Another MULTI BILLION scandal that will explode anytime will be Air Asia.

    We need more 3rd STRIKE FORCE like PERKASA, PAKKU, Independent MPs and God willing, The OMBUDSMAN system.

  9. clear conscience

    I agree with Jamal JB that YB Wee should contest in Batu or Ronnie Liew’s constituency in PRU 13 and see who is the “tai kor” of all matters the rakyat would like to see.

    YB Wee, you will get my vote as I will shift to vote there.

  10. Azman Abdul Aziz

    Bravo YB Wee, for having the courage to stand up and tell off your own colleagues. This is the type of politicians that we need in Malaysia-dare to speak up and bare the true facts.

    I guessed it is pretty obvious that a new party must be setup swiftly e.g. Independent Truth Party (ITP) comprising those who have deserted PR and BN. However, ITP members must be selected wisely with integrity in mind. Though it is a far fetch objective, that is the image that ITP should project in order for the people to vote for them.

  11. Habib RAK

    YB, what is happening is the “check and balance” in Pakatan is working and is very healthy. The very fact that you and other MPs are taking this strong position against MB Selangor is indeed a good posturing. Its good to know that Pakatan MPs are prepared to check each other. Keep it up. But, please do not abandon ship despite its turbulance because all journey are bound to have turbulances. Hang in there and fight on for the rakyat. MB Selangor also is doing other things which are good for the rakyat. Thus, support eact other and correct each other. Dont be like UMNO/BN.

  12. YB,

    1. I salute your integrity to expose this incident
    2. Also, I respect your decision to take it seriously and blow it up this way.
    3. However, I’m here to advise you there is no ground for you to use this as a excuse to cross over or to declare yourself as independent.
    4. Why? Because after all, all we hear so far is just one side story. Can anyone or at least our competent MACC or PDRM come into picture and confirm it first?
    5. All the PR leaders still remain silent till now doesn’t mean this is already a confirm crime or in other words they confess there is already corruption. I’m sure you know people has right to look for more information first before speaking up.



  13. Tamingsari

    Khalid’s competency and Ronnie Liu’s accountability plus state government transparency sums up to the total failure of PR government to run the Selangor state. The spoils of war is up for grab. 4 months without action shows selcat is sleeping with heavy stomach. Slogans do not make a good government. Leaders must have integrity,credibility as well as the people’s interest at heart. Something fishy is going on and the big fish must take full responsibility. What a shame to have an MB who knows nothing about running a state.


  14. xreLa

    ~ true indeed, when SELCAT became DEADCAT~

    Truth hurts, but you have done your righteous as a YB- to serve, by means of getting out from the PKR ~ should know it better before, shouldn’t you?

  15. shamNT

    i salute u yb cos’ we(PR supporters)never vow to cover any scandals or misused of power by PR’s YBs or representatives.we always condemned them when BN’s did that but when it comes to PR we are trying to deny it and the worst thing is when we started to act deaf without wanting to know or to be curious whether is there any truth in it.are we trying to give impression to the people that all PR YBs are saint?we have to change our mindset if we really want a good government.we already push BN half way to the clift and i’m hoping that we don’t have to do it again with PR.learn from it and make sure that what is coming is really a ‘HARAPAN BARU UNTUK RAKYAT’ and a new dawn.

  16. Nizam


    PR dan BN sudah jadi 2×5, 5×2.. Saya menyokong anda sbg MP yang telus dan mendedahkan kebejatan pemerintahan LEMBU SUCI DAP. Selangor telah diperintah oleh KONGSI GELAP. Ronnie Liu memang bapak gangster ..

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