The 203rd Police Day Celebrations of KL Police Force was held in Wangsa Maju Police Station

The 203rd  Police Day Celebrations of Kuala Lumpur Police Force was held at Wangsa Maju police station on 1st May 2010. It was well attended by people from all walks of life and graced by the Kuala Lumpur  Chief Police Officer, Yg Bhg DCP Dato’  Wira Muhammad Sabtu bin Othman.  In his address, he reminded his men in blue to be courteous to the rakyat at all times and must accept all reports lodged by the rakyat regardless of the place the alleged crime has been committed.  He also reminded them that  when the police computer is down , they must manually take down the report.  He also announced the RAKANCOP telephone number 03-21159999, which is manned round the clock.  He assured the members of the people that the identity and information received will be kept confidential .  He also said that the police will do their best to ensure the police will be at the scene within 14 minutes from the time it received the report.

I did bring to the attention of DCP Datuk Sabtu bin Osman that crime rate is very high in Wangsa Maju and Wangsa Maju needs more attention and most of all, more  police officers.  He admitted that Wangsa Maju and Kepong are the hot areas in KL.  He assured me that he and his men are taking the situation seriously.  He also agreed with me that at the moment there are only 75 police officers to look after the security of 350,000 residents in Wangsa Maju Police District and it is most unsatisfactory.  I am told that very soon Wangsa Maju Police District will be classify as Category A  Police District, which means the force will be increased to 140 officers plus other logistic supports.

6 thoughts on “The 203rd Police Day Celebrations of KL Police Force was held in Wangsa Maju Police Station

  1. ‘Ceberations’? I noticed it a few days ago and it remains. A new word? I have recently pointed out what I thought was someone’s mistake but made a fool of myself.

  2. hey this is great. KL police recognizes your effort in addressing the high crime rate in wangsa maju. that’s really excellent cooperation and coordination between an elected legislator and the police force.

    thank you YB and thank you KL police force

  3. maizatula1968

    YB.. congrats. Your leadership and commitment in this area is really great. Other MPs should emulate you. Because i think irrespective of political agenda or anything else, i am certain that in the end we the common people will benefit from this extra attention by the police force on wangsa maju as a results of YB’s close working relations and understanding with the police..

  4. Ahmad

    Thank you for the information. Please press the police to make Wangsa Maju a safer place to live in. I know that YB is trying but please try harder.

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