Malaysiakini wilfully lied and led by nose to report off-target news and yet not any wiser!

Press Release by Wee Choo Keong, MP for Wangsa Maju, on 22 April 2010, at Parliament House.


Malaysiakini wilfully lied and led by nose to report off-target news and yet not any wiser!

The sad part about this news portal is that it had been continuously being made used of and has still not awoken to the fact. Or perhaps it has, unwittingly or wittingly, lost complete semblance of its independence and degenerated into doing dirty work for others.

The truth is I have been ignoring a series of reports in this news portals (and others) where it had made at least 4 false allegations that I was supposed to have resigned from PKR on various occasions. It had been missing the targets so many times that its reporting has become a joke and laughing stock for its readers.

Here’s the chronology.

Initially, I was supposed to have resigned soon after the resignation of the three MPs – namely YB Zaharain, YB Tan Tee Beng and YB Mohsin – and then followed by after the resignation of Adun YB Tan Wei Shu in Kedah. When these wild allegations were proven to be completely false, new wild allegations surfaced in the news portal that I was supposed to have resigned on Nomination Day for the by-election of the Hulu Selangor Constituency.

Well, in order to give its reporting credibility, the news portal said that the false allegations were strictly based on sources from within PKR. I have reasons to believe that the false allegations were fed by a few “little napoleons” with the predominant aim to damage my reputation and/or force me out of the party.

More, when the DPM revealed on the night of 19 April 2010 in Hulu Selangor that on 20 April 2010 another top PKR leader will announce his resignation from PKR, on the same night, the certain news portal started to spin and churn out baseless “news” giving the impression that I was the PKR leader who will be resigning. Many reporters also were immediately fed with the same false information by the “little napoleons” that I was the PKR leader that the DPM was referring to.

However at 11:00 am on 20 April 2010 at Hilton Hotel, it was Dr Halili Rahmat who held a press conference and announced his resignation from PKR due mainly to the reason that PKR has lost its original objective to fight for justice, etc. Obviously the “little napoleons” were very disappointed and dissatisfied with their failed political agenda and dirty tactics because I did not resign from PKR.

The lies and madness continue. Immediately after the press conference by Dr Halili on 20 April 2010, many reporters from the msm and news portal were fed with so-called  “new information” by the “little napoleons” that I will be holding a press conference on the same day (20 April 2010) at 2:30 pm in Hulu Selangor to announce my resignation from PKR. Again the “little napoleons” were wrong and proven to have been feeding false information to reporters. I would have thought that the reporters and the editors of Malaysiakini would have become wiser and be a good judge of the characters of these “little napoleons” and ignore these boys who continue to cry wolf!  But, alas, it’s not to be.

Now, for the latest joke and miss-reporting. Yesterday (21 April 2010), a reporter by the name of En Hazlan Zakaria, had mischievously wrote a news report entitled: Paling tadah? MP Wangsa Maju membisu. The blatant lie was, of course, published in Malaysiakini. For the record, on 20 April 2010 evening I was merely having a casual conversation with three reporters and En Hazlan Zakaria was definitely not one of the three. He was never present.

Furthermore, the said casual conversation took place in the MP Lounge and not in the Parliament Lobby as reported by him in Malaysiakini. Since he was not present during the said conversation, he obviously had to make a wild guess, a totally irresponsible poor try to be credible. This irresponsibility and dodgery was similar to the Malaysiakini report about my Washington trip in March 2010 when the only reporter present to cover the CSIS Forum was a Malaysiakini reporter but the news portal did not publish the event. It was, however, published as a scoop by another portal! A day or two later, a desperate attempt at being caught flat-footed probably, almost the same content of the report by the said portal was regurgitated and reproduced by Malaysiakini minus the parts on character assassination, for obvious reasons. A lackey will do what a lackey does.

In this “Paling tadah” report, this reporter saw it fit to state “Ahli parlimen Kapar, S Manikavasagam pada ceramah di Ampang Pecah semalam menaikkan kemarahan ahli-ahli PKR apabila beliau menimbulkan spekulasi bahawa seorang lagi MP parti itu akan berpaling tadah.”

Last night, when I checked with YB Manikavasagam about this particular quote in the said report, he categorically denied having said in the ceramah in Ampang “bahawa seorang lagi MP parti akan berpaling tadah.” However, YB S Manikavasagam did say in the same ceramah that all MPs have the right to resign from the party, including himself, if the MPs feel that they no longer share the same directions of the party.

Immediately after this particular quote from YB S Manikavasagam, the said reporter and/or Malaysiakini jumped at the opportunity and tried very hard to cause maximum damage by publishing a totally new wild allegation against me. In the last 4 paragraphs of the said report, the said reporter and Malaysiakini disgustingly latched on to the remark and quickly launched another dirty mission by manufacturing the said new allegation and crediting it with phrases such as Menurut sumber and Kata sumber itu.”

Further, in the last two paragarphs, Malaysiakini published the following:

“Wee akan diperhatikan dengan teliti oleh rakan-rakannya dalam Pakatan Rakyat apabila BN dijangka akan membentangkan usul di Dewan Rakyat bagi mengheret Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim ke Jawatankuasa Hak dan Kebebasan, Khamis ini.

Jika Wee berucap menentang parti dan juga ketua umumnya, beliau pastinya akan dipecat dan tidak perlu bertindak melompat keluar PKR.”

It had been established that there would only be four speakers from the opposition and four from BN to debate on the motion to refer YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to the Rights and Privileges Select Committee. I am certain that the group of “little napoleons” would definitely not select me to be one of the four speakers. For the record, I was not commanded to speak on this motion by the “little napoleons.” Therefore, there was no need whatsoever for the group of “little napoleons” in the PR to watch over me during the debate. The group should have rather watched themselves and controlled their immature behaviour so as to avoid unnecessary embarrassment to other reputable PKR MPs.

I would have thought that after having the knowledge and experience of several deceits and false information through the internet pertaining to the said allegations, the editors of Malaysiakini would have had known or ought to have had known of the integrity of their so-called “source” (SUMBER). Far too often their “source” had been terribly unreliable and feeding them untruths to achieve certain political agenda.

Bearing in mind the above, I really am surprised that the editors of Malaysiakini would still continue to see it fit to allow reports of such serious nature to be published based on fodder from their source.

To the editors of Malaysiakini …

I challenge your professionalism, which would have dictated that in order for the news portal to publish such serious allegations as featured in the last 4 paragraphs of the said report, that you would have had insisted on the name or names of the “little napoleons” who had provided the so-called “information.”

Malaysiakini should wake up and not continue to be made a fool of by irresponsible and insecure persons.

Wee Choo Keong

26 thoughts on “Malaysiakini wilfully lied and led by nose to report off-target news and yet not any wiser!

  1. YB.. who are these little napoleons? the same idiots you mentioned in Parliament the other day? That particular person never take care of his constituency but is busy campaigning in Hulu Selangor, neglecting his people.

  2. Kenny

    False reporting is the way of life for Malaysiakini. It is like a tool for the little napoleons to defame others. It was prepared to tell lies. We know that you never left the DAP as reported. You were sacked on a charge of “not showing affections to the DAP leader.

    We know you are fed up with the little napoleons. You should not allow them to stop you from speaking up for the people. Don”t kow tow to these little napoleons. They will do anything to achieve their narrow political objectives and self interests.

  3. Ahmad

    What a lies! How could a reporter reporting an event when he was not present? It seems that the standard of reporting in Malaysiakini is to play politics. Perhaps its political master is the little napoleons.

    How could the editor stoop so low to allow such low standard of reporting. Shame! Shame! Shame!


    I am surprised that we have forgotten about the politician who superimposed Najib picture into a picture with Altantuya and when his dirt it was discovered. He was compelled to admit it. But he refused to apologies for his dirty tactic to achieve his narrow political objective i.e. to incriminate others just for political ends. He is Tian Chua, the MP for Batu.

  4. Chan from Malacca

    The Malaysiakini lies have been exposed. Its reporter was not present and yet he could report it. At the same time its editor did not bother to verify it. What a sub-standard of journalism!

    Low class journalism, I must say.

  5. gong

    Wee, you have kept quiet and the little napoleons and gang kept pushing with the aid of Malaysiakini. Now you have exposed their conspiracy. Now we have to be careful in what we read in Malaysiakini. It is being used by little napoleon for their political games!

    Gutter journalism.

  6. Maizatula1968

    these people are really trying to force you out. they are known to play politics as a profession instead of working for the people. It is up to you YB. Either way you won’t win and I don’t think you would lose either. You leave and they will win but you can focus on serving your constituency better without playing meaningless politics with better conscience. You can be independent or your own MDP self.

    Or you can stick to your gun and fight all these idiots out of PKR. Turn PKR as an institution to help people, just like what you are doing now.

    Change them from outside or inside. Either way I am sure you will succeed. My take is that you will prevail because what important is your noble mission – to serve the people.

    Wangsa Maju is very lucky to have you. And we understand and won’t mind if we are to share you with others.

  7. Tongkang Pecah

    Dear YB,

    I am glad you are not suing them, though. You are a real gentleman. Unlike the Ibrahims — Anwar and Zaid.

    Thank you.

  8. panjihitam61

    Bro. Wee, dont you dare call them little napoleons !!!!

    They are actually little pricks trying to be old cocks and I know who they are.
    Dont waste time with them… just do your job and jab.

    Veteran professional cock.

  9. CRONY

    WHERE IS YOUR CREDIBILITY Malaysiakini? Pretending to be independent. Actually it is the crony of the little napoleons in PKR and DAP. It is showing very clearly to be the mouthpiece of the little napoleons.

    When one based one story on sources one should state that it is an unconfirmed sources. I observe that the story on Wee leaving PKR initially based on PKR internal sources for a few of its articles and when they were proven false. Malaysiakini shift its sources to only “source”. I am sure that its next lie will be based on soya source. That is malaysiakini for the readers, who are paying monies to read false or distorted or slanted news for its bosses, the little napoleons in the DAP and PKR.

    I am glad that I am not wasting my monies to read LIES or the little napoleons propaganda.

  10. Tomato Source

    How about this: According to the internal source in Malaysiakini, there are a few writers who are mercenaries. Another source within Malaysiakini said that it has a very narrow political agenda to help several little napoleons within PR to further their narrow political agenda to eliminate whoever are not sharing the same narrow agenda.

    Another source said that its editor is just a puppet of the little napoleons!

  11. Leng

    Another informed source in Malaysiakini said Steve Gan the man behind Malaysiakini will do anything to distort “news” to satisfy his paymasters. Further, he pays little of no attention to basic journalistic principles of fair reporting.

    This is the standard of journalism in Malaysiakini. To sensationalise everything and if necessary publish lies after lies. They will not apologise for their mistakes unless when the power that be gave them show cause letter. This is my observation.

  12. anonymous

    YB just help the people and let Malaysiakini reporters and its editor to play their dirty tactics to further their objectives. Malaysiakini is only interested in spinning stories to fool the people.

    The people have eyes. When Anwar Ibrahim was on a shopping spree to buy BN MPs in 2008, Malaysiakini was not critical. Now it has changed its stand and playing God.

    I will not waste a Sen to subscribe to such low standard of journalism. It is not journalism but a propaganda.

    I like the idea that one day Malaysiakini will start to quote from SOYA SOURCE so that it will be more credible!

  13. Malaysiakonet

    Maalaysiakini Breaking News:

    According to a source, PKR will win with at least 10,000 votes in Hulu Selangor tomorrow.

    This is the standard of reporting. If any one want to read so-called news based on source go to Malaysiakini.

  14. temenggong

    Yes, malaysiakini is openly pro-Pakatan, and it takes instructions from some especially PKR Aduns and MPs on it’s reporting and policies. We can see how they misrepresent and blackout Hindraf.

    Wee, just carry on as you were! Hang the fellas!

  15. Kang from Setapak

    It shows the standard of journalism on Malaysiakini. So if one wants soya or tamato source please pay to get it at Malaysiakini!

  16. Tomato Source

    There is no need for you to respond to the irresponsible Malaysiakini, the spinner of false news for the little napoleons in Pakatan Rakyat.

    YB, your first duty is to serve the rakyat and assist them in whatever way you can. You need not dance to the tune of the little napoleons. Take them on. I am sure that you can handle them.

    Now the result of Hulu Selangor speaks volume. I am glad that the Chief Police Officer of Selangor has just announced on tv that the police are investigating another false news published in Malaysiakini. It is hoped that the police will bring to book the journalist and most of all, its editors.

  17. Leong

    YB, you have help us a lot. DBKL officers are on their toes in Wangsa Maju. You have made a difference here. Our complaints to DBKL got attended to quite fast unlike before.

    I do agree that you don’t have to dance to the tune of Malaysiakini and it bosses, the little napoleons. I hope that Malaysiakini will publish more stories or news based on sources.

    Thank you YB for exposing Malaysiakini’s style of pariah journalism. I have stopped reading Malaysiakini for sometimes because it is so obvious that it was never independent at all. It was well put that it has no semblance of independent.

  18. anonymous

    Malaysiakini has an agenda to distort and slant story to fit its political objective. If this is the case then its editor should make public its political affiliation. When that is done then no one can blame them to be the propaganda machinery of its bosses.

    We all must be cautious of the political agenda of Malaysiakini. We cannot allow it to twist or distort news to serve the political objective of its bosses. If that is the case then we should not be paying for it.

  19. Lim

    I do agree that if malaysiakini waint to play politic then make it clear their stand that it is the propaganda machinery to PKR or any other party. It should be brave enough to stand up and not to pretend to be independent when it is obviously not.

  20. simon

    keep it up the good work and leave those false allegation behind YB. you’re doing great and the people sees it themself.

  21. Ragu

    I am not going to pay my Ringgit for reading lies. Malaysiakini has the tendency to play politics in their news coverage. I have had enough propaganda to read. Thank you Malaysiakini. I will not waste my time.

  22. gan

    That is Malaysiakini for Malaysia. So beware and don’t be this news portal. It is just a propaganda machinery for certain people.

  23. JusticenEquality

    YB, Keep up your good work and we know that you are passionate in serving the rakyat, after once again able to gain a parliamentary seat thru PKR.

    Be true to yourself. Let the rakyat judge your good deeds.

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