AirAsia paid the airport tax

YB Tuan Wee Choo Keong meminta Menteri Kewaangan menyatakan

(a)  setakat 28 Februari 2010 yang lalu berapakah cukai “airport”yang   dihutang AirAsia?.

(b) berdasarkan program pengembangan  yang diusahakan oleh AirAsia dan aktiviti penjualan tiket “lebih dahulu” melalui online syarikat ini,apakah mekanisme yang diambil oleh kerajaan bagi memastikan syarikat ini akan memenuhi “financial obligation” kepada penumpang?

(c) adakah kerajaan akan melakukan “Bail Out” terhadap syarikat AirAsia    sekiranya syarikat ini jatuh merundum seperti mana yang telah berlaku terhadap JAL di Jepun?

Jawapan oleh Menteri Pengangkutan:

Tuan Yang Di Pertua,

(a)  Mengenai dengan pertanyaan pertama, setakat 28 Februai 2010, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) mengesahkan bahawa pembayaran cukai lapangan terbang oleh AirAsia adalah terkini (up to date), iaitu tiada hutang tertunggak.

(b)  Mengenai pertanyaan kedua, pada masa ini syarikat-syarikat penerbangan tidak mempunyai mekanisma khusus yang memberikan jaminan 100%  bahawa penumpang akan memperoleh semula wang sekiranya syarikat tersebut muflis. Dalam hubungan ini, sekiranya AirAsia atau mana-mana syarikat penerbangan tidak dapat memenuhi obligasinya pada masa hadapan, semua asetnya akan dibekukan dan akan ditadbir oleh pemegang amanah yang dilantik. Penumpang masih boleh mengemukakan tuntutan pengembalian wang harga tiket terlibat daripada pemengang amanah.

Sehingga kini, tiada mana-mana negara termasuk Kesatuan Eropah yang mempunyai mekanisma khus yang memberi jaminan kepada penumpang bagi pembelian tiket secara advance booking.

Note: Question ( c ) was conveniently omitted by the Minister of Transport. If the government were to make an announcemnt that there will no bailout of of AirAsia by the government then I will stop asking question on AirAsia.


  1. What about the airport tax that have been collected from those that did not travel? By right AirAsia had to pay whatever all airport tax collected from the passengers regardless of take action twhether the passengers travel or not.

    MAHB should demand for all payment of airport and refund without any fees to those passengers who did not travel.

    At this moment AirAsia collected the airport and kept it if passengers did not travel. If a passenger ask for a refund AirAsia will charge a huge adminstrative and one will only receive a few Ringgit back.

    So MAHB must take actions recover this category of airport tax from AirAsia. AirAsia has been taking advantage of this for far too long. Keeping monies that do not belong to them.

  2. With the massive expansion by AirAsia when other airlines are scaling, I think AirAsia will be trouble in a matter of time. It is a big joke that MAB allowed it to owe so much airport tax. i am sure that AirAsia is finished financially.

    I do agree that MAB should also ask for the payment of all airport tax for those who have not traveled as it belongs to MAB and up in Parliament.MAH should refund to the passengers. This money does not belong to AirAsia. YB please bring it up. We do not want o be coned by AirAsiaover the airport tax issue.

  3. YB Chee Keong,this is your friend George Choo Volvo spare

    parts. It is not surprising that you are worried about

    whether Air Asia is able to pay its debt to the govt given

    that Tony and Kamaruddin is going to lose about RM 300M

    on Lotus F1. Do not worry as the REAL OWNERS of Air Asia

    is …

    Sorry George, I had to delete the names that you have suggested in order to avoid unnecessary legal problems.
    The names suggested by you are not the owners.

  4. A irAsia must pay up all airport taxes collected to MAB. It has no reason to keep them. All airport taxes collected including those passenger didn’t travel.

    But I know that AIrAsia kept the airport tax for those who didn’t travel. This is wrong. MAB must take actions against AirAsia.

  5. Ha, ha ,ha … very nice strategy Y berkhidmat.
    Question a and b leading to question c and you have the Gomen cornered
    “Note: Question .( c ) was conveniently omitted by the Minister of Transport. If the government were to make an announcemnt that there will no bailout of of AirAsia by the government then I will stop asking question on AirAsia.”

    How not to bailout when the Gomen (read EPF, GLC, GLIC)has been conned to pump many BILLIONS of rakyat money ?

    Well done again, YB and do not worry about the personal rumours… it has nothing to do with your professionalism!

    Fatso, better run while you can!

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