YB Karpal Singh, you should apologise for your outburst of Feb 8, 2009!

It has been reported in The Star newspapers today that YB Karpal Singh, the DAP Chairman and MP for Bukit Gelugor, has said that “Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim can remain as Opposition Leader because he continues to command the confidence of opposition MPs, said DAP chairman Karpal Singh.”

The position of the Opposition Leader, which is held by YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, has not been questioned by any of the opposition MPs. Therefore, it should not be an issue for YB Karpal Singh to make such a statement unless YB Karpal Singh is trying to show that he had “repented” for casting aspersions upon the Opposition Leader on February 08, 2009.

Quite frankly, I find it extremely hard  to reconcile YB Karpal Singh’s above statement, even if he had repented, with what he had said on February 08, 2009, which had been reported in one of the the national newspapers. The press report was as follow:


Pakatan Rakyat de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim should step down for causing trouble in the coalition, DAP national chairman Karpal Singh said.

“The Bukit Gelugor MP is blaming Anwar for “creating trouble,” and said that the former deputy prime minister “needed to repent without further betraying the people and their trust.” He said Pakatan Rakyat needed another leader, a good leader, and lashed out at PKR and DAP leaders who had fallen sway to Anwar’s rhetoric in supporting crossovers of elected representatives.

“I am not getting the support from my own party leaders, neither party adviser Lim Kit Siang nor secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, on the party-hopping issue.

“It seems that they are supporting Anwar instead of me. I am the party chairman, don’t push me too far as I still have the support of the rank and file,’’ he told a press conference at his office near here Sunday.

“Asked if he was thinking of calling for an emergency meeting on the future of the party in the coalition, Karpal Singh said he was thinking of doing so.

“I can’t fight the DAP cause alone. What I am saying is the truth, and eventually the truth prevails. I have said before that DAP should seriously consider getting out of the coalition and I repeat my stand once again today.

“Party-hopping can never be justified as it can be compared with one murdering the very parents who were responsible for one’s birth merely upon one reaching adulthood,’’ he added.

“He said he was confounded by how Anwar could have openly espoused and encouraged crossovers after the people gave a resounding mandate to the Pakatan Rakyat during the last elections.”

To show his sincerity, I  call upon YB Karpal Singh to immediately declare that he has now repented and wish to withdraw his said condemnation of the Opposition Leader, YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,  and unreservedly apologise for his outburst on February 08, 2009.

35 thoughts on “YB Karpal Singh, you should apologise for your outburst of Feb 8, 2009!

  1. Leong

    Pot calling the kettle black! Make your stand clear. Don’t try to create other issues. We are not blind. If you are going to cause trouble like Zulkifli Nordin, better leave now. You are an independent in spirit anyway. You were going to challenge in Bukit Bintang as independent before Anwar pulled you to Wangsa Maju. Wise up!

  2. Vinson

    You are really effing stupid and idiotic to criticize your senior, your former leader in DAP. You were kicked out from there remember? And now you want to talk about the lion as if you are even fit to lick his shoes?? Give me a break you little man, and why not stay longer in USA with Nazri? Your credibility is ground to shreds so really at this point in time you should really just shut up and hope people forget your treachery during the next GE because everyone hates a snake.

  3. chong

    we are very disapointed to said those who assist wee during 308 election.and you won the parliment seat.
    A group of your titiwangsa supporter.

  4. ahmad

    I remember having reread Karpal Singh’s statement on this matter last year. Aiya!you shouldn’t have the people about this press statement. I am sure that some people would want to to have this press statement of Karpal expunged if possible.

    Going by the trend of things, Karpal should face disciplinary actions for it. Will it happen?

  5. Lee

    I am sure that many DAP supporters must be extremely unhappy with this posting. But we can not ignore facts and the statement made by Karpal. The truth hurts.

    Karpal should come out and apologise to Anwar and put the matter to rest. It takes a great man to say sorry.

  6. Jaya

    We must not be emotional about things. Please read what Karpal has said in 2009 and what Karpal is saying now. That is the issue here. Such double talk is making people think. For me, I am looking at the facts stated here. If it is true that Karpal Singh has made such press statement then he should be magnanimous in owing up to it and apologise. What is wrong if one accept for making mistake.

    We must not get angry when someone quoting what has been said previously and compare to what has been said now.

    So stop being emotional and address the issue at hand fairly. I may not like the posting but if it is factual I had to accept it.

  7. Great Yoda

    Hey rascal… look at yourself… you will not last the next election for making such donkey comments.. so much for your intellect.. and shit brains….

    You’re finished man in the next GE>..13

  8. mondok

    you are very focused Yang Berhormat, without fear or favour. doesn’t matter who says it if its politicial spinning you just screw them upside down. karpal singh was right when he told anwar ibrahim to resign, karpal singh is right when he accused anwar of being a trouble maker for pakatan, karpal singh was spot on when he said Anwar’s morals was kindda low and Karpal has been right in the past too when he accused Anwar of ‘buggering his wife’s driver’- an accusation made in parliament. you are also right YB.


  9. ken

    Yang berkidmat WEE, you better think properly what you want to do? dont make problem and keep quiet, cause all you talking here is not related to your job as MP.you better change your mind, dont create problem for PR.

  10. Tan KH

    A valid point. There is no need for the supporters to get angry about it. Karpal did say that so just say sorry and withdraw it and it is the end of the matter.

    In a democratic society there must be room for different views and should be encouraged otherwise it will be seen as pure rhetoric.

    We must accept facts and not politicking all the time.

  11. Viknesh

    Looks like u lost your seat as an MP coming next GE. If you are not in the spirit of reformation for this country. Then pls resign and let others take over who are with PR struggle. You should know well that BN is the main culprit for all these years. Yet u decided to attack your own collegue. Immature statement and these will be remembered well by all of us.

  12. Wong

    You bastard. You should not bring it up to remind people. We do not want to hear the bad thing about DAP leader. Even if they were wrong no need to highlight. Just talk about it internally. Understand bloody idiot.

  13. tan


  14. Keng

    I cannot believe that PR supporters cannot use proper arguments to refute other people argument except using derogatory words. YB I think you should not entertain these type of people because it is a waste of time.

    We want to hear argument and not personal attacks. If they have no argument or reason to argue then just keep quiet.

    Lets wait for Karpal Singh and his DAP boys to speak up on what Karpal had said in 2009 and then we made the final judgment who is right and who is wrong.

    Now it seems that they do not want the public to hear argument by using derogatory words and personal attack to stop the matters to be discussed. Ix this the new democracy that we look for in the new politics in Malaysia? If this is the case, God forbids!

  15. Rosli

    It seems that we only want to hear good things about PR. Ini macam susahlah nak pergi ke Putrajaya!

    Don’t be emotional. Be rational and look at the arguments. I am sad to read all the personal attacks and no argument to support the attack. The only thing the PR supporters want is to YB to shut up and then sweep everything under the carpet.

    When a leader speak up he will be asked to leave. This is the new democracy we are heading for! very scary!

  16. Fong

    Can’t we have arguments instead of personal attacks and he asking people who speak up to leave PR. Is that the policy of PR that when a person spoke up not to the liking of the leaders he must go. The facts or arguments are not important and the public should not know about it.

    This is a sad day for democracy under the new style of politics. I agree that it is very scary.

  17. Tan Wai Keng

    Wee Choo Keong,

    – If you cannot work harmoniously within Pakatan Rakyat
    – If you want to make criticisms that are irrelevant or not contributing to the welfare of the country

    Then you should resign from PKR, leave Pakatan Rakyat, and serve your constituency and countryfrom outside Pakatan Rakyat.

    Don’t stay in Pakatan Rakyat and harp on unnecessary and unimportant things.

    We, the people, did not vote for you to talk grandfather stories.

    We, the people, voted you to work constructively for us!

  18. Sarawakian

    i m from sarawak,is better for u to pack your things and be a hermit in sarawak,dont try to act like a silly clown .

  19. Chew

    Why do you angry if PKR attack DAP?

    Why don’t you angry if DAP attack PKR?

    Are you a democratic people?

    Think carefully.


    Wee and others

    Did Wee apologise to LKS andFong when many times he accuse them of misusing the APs in the public. No even a single apology and when the list is release in the public and papers.

    He is just a sore loser

  21. Stupid Wee

    The true stuppid.. only bark and bark and bark for nothing. You call yourself a PR? Only many fools supporting you agrees but you are stabbing your own coalition. Thats why GE 13, PR is still as flop as ever.

  22. partaiMDP

    Hidup MDP… Long Live MDP…

    why are people so easy to use foulmouthed curses and swear words? Malaysians have lost their ability to argue rationally? or was that talent never there in the first place

  23. Lim

    The facts speak for itself. Deals with the facts. using derogatory words will not help the situation. The people are not stupid. What Karpal said in 2009 should be examined and not swept under the carpet.

    Karpal must apologise for making such statement if he supports Anwar as the Opposition Leader. He can escape from this. Karpal has made a very serious allegations in 2009.

    I would have thought that Karpal should be subject to a disciplinary action. Surely he cannot be immune to disciplinary action.

  24. CK

    The fact of the matter is, Mr Karpal Singh did make that statement in 2009. So why be unhappy with YB Wee? He is just stating facts. At least he is daring enough to do so.

  25. John Tan

    It seems that Karpal Singh didn’t deny making the statement. So he did say it. But the blind supporters were trying so hard to use personal attacks to cover up their short comings. Is this the new style of PR politics.

    Have we forgotten about September 16 when the PR leaderships were enticing the BN MPs to cross over to PR? We must be fair in what we are saying. Please don’t cry foul when things are not in our favour.

    I disgusted by the rude comments by those blind supporters. If this is the style of future politics then I dare not think of the future of this country.

  26. Sheena

    I can say one thing for sure. PR is indeed stupid to take in ‘UNWANTED GARBAGES’ discarded by other parties! Including yourself YB.

    We will make sure you go back where you belong. Into the garbage can. Go ahead, join your gang of Independants. Savour the moments while you and your gang can! We will eliminate all of you in the next election!

  27. New version of democrazy (not democracy)is being advocated.

    Don’t say anything that is wrong, just highlight and boast about the right things ONLY.

    Be a propaganda expert and serve your MASTER not serving the people for peoples ONLY need the truth and you are NOT allowed.Bear it in mind as prospel TRUTH.

    Remember that it ONLY two years old political baby so you are NOT allowed to correct or denying the BABY’S right in doing ‘whatever’ it is doing even it’s ‘ HARMFUL and SELF DESTRUCTIVE ‘because even their parents do not COMPLAINT in the name of the BABY is undergoing the ‘LEARNING CURIOSTY’ process.

    If yet you insist and persist to walk the talk the be prepared the be branded as a ‘ TRAITOR ‘ for not towing the party’s prophecies that ONLY allowed to see and talk about others wrongs and weakness not that of ONESELF.

    After all what matters at the end is ‘POLITIC’S isn’t.

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