YB Manikavasagam: You are right!

I fully support the stand taken by Kapar MP  YB S. Manikavasagam that “the hostile stance by the PKR leadership was ineffective and served only to drive a wedge into the problems with the Penang lawmakers.” This is a reflection of YB Manikavasagam’s political maturity and clear understanding of the political problems in the party.

It is not new that political parties constantly faced with problems.  What is of importance is the way in which problems are properly examined and appropriate actions are taken to resolve them at the earliest opportunity. Sweeping problems under the carpet will not in any way make the problems vanish. It would only make it from bad to worse.

The earlier the little napoleons realise it the better for all. The personal attacks that were leveled against those who have left PKR, in particular Datuk Sallehudin, were uncalled for and a sign of desperation and arrogance of power.  It seems that launching personal attacks is their special technique for problems solving.

It is hoped that the little napoleons and the “trendy leftists” will treat all that had happened as a wake up call and focus on solving the critical problems faced by the party before it is too late!

4 thoughts on “YB Manikavasagam: You are right!

  1. cheong

    Problems must be solved. Personal attacks of any sort will be seen as a form of hiding from it and to divert attention. YB Manikavasagam was correct in stating the obvious i.e. lack of leadership.

    I am surprised that whenever people aired their grievances the immediate respond was to make personally. This will not solve the problems. Is hostility the way to solve problems. It will only make the problems worst.

    If this is the way to solve problems then Putrajaya will be too far to reach.

  2. Habib RAK

    The objective of the March 2008 was suppose to be the commencement for a higher struggle i.e for a better Malaysia. Reduction in corruption, better Juduaciary, better PDRM, better MACC, lesser illegal workers, local elections, etc. As a new coalition, issues are expected. However, instead of weathering the storm, some are taking the easy way out by resigning. Of course, given the well known notorious reputation of UMNO/BN, all these people are “seen” as been bought over by UMNO. The actions taken and the excuses given by those who have resigned are simply very flaky and too hard to believe in the face of overall struggle. Anyway, PKR and PR is still fundamentally sound and on track to capture Putrajaya, albeit some hicups here and there. I do hope that you, YB Wee Choo Keong would not give up the struggle from within.

  3. Wangsa Maju Resident

    Mr Wee

    You are right, whatever, the point is …
    Please note that our vote to you and all the MPs on the respective ticket either PAS,DAP or PKR is stay as is it not independent … my opinion all these MPs are thinking for thei own interest and not serving the people … I do hope you are not one of them, please serve us and we will vote you again in future … unless otherwise you have different opinion …, for your information … our ruling govt out of control … unreasonable logic in everything they do …. please Mr Wee be the exceptional MP … god bless you …thks

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