DBKL should cut its administration expenditures

As I was moving around the Wangsa Maju area, I observed that there was no lantern put up for the Chinese New Year celebration. I called up a high ranking officer and I am told that DBKL is on a costs cutting exercise due to the current state of the economy.  I do accept that DBKL should embark on the costs cutting exercise so that the tax payers will not be over burdened. 

However, DBKL should be mindful that its main function is to provide services to the KL residents.  Therefore, it will be extremely difficult to cut costs and still maintain the existing services.  DBKL should look into costs cutting in its’ administration expenditures, which have taken a big chunk of its annual budget.

Personally I feel that DBKL should still put up celebration decors for all the main festive seasons like Chinese New Year for now, Hari Raya, Depavali and Christmas. DBKL should be mindful that it is only once a year for the KL residents to celebrate their respective new year. Despite the cost cutting exercise, DBKL should still put up a few stretches of lantern in strategic places in all the Parliamentary constituencies in order to create some atmosphere for the Chinese New season.

It is hoped that DBKL should reconsider its decision on cutting costs for putting up some celebration decors for the said festive seasons.

7 thoughts on “DBKL should cut its administration expenditures

  1. what5the5crap

    Ok. But where do does money go??? promoting a lie , fill all the advertisement with empty promise which do not have any substance to prosper the RAKYAt.

  2. lee wee tak

    try to get Najib to visit lah!


    according to the chinese press report above, DBKL hurriedly rush to put up 500 tanglungs when Najib visits Chinatown. Earlier the KL Hawker Association asked for replacement of old and unsightly old lamps but their request was rejected. (surely they have contributed ehough rates over the years to defry the cost?)

    according to the report, it was reported that “Najib spoke with a boss’s authorative tone to Raja Niong”

    Another nut for Perkasa to chew over and comment

  3. yoda master

    Dear YB Wee Choo Keong,

    First of all, let me apologize as my comment below has nothing to do with your recent post.

    I would like to express my utmost dissatisfaction over airasia, our very own ‘home grown national champion’ as today my brother-in-law had almost miss the auspicious reunion dinner as 15 of airasia’s flights were re-timed. Reason given was the usual ‘technical problems, your safety is our utmost concern bla bla bla’.

    The actual truth was that my brother-in-law had a chat with one of their ground staff and he was told that the Pilots and flight attendants had a strike today and refused to go for their flights and stayed in the office.

    Why such a drastic move you might ask? Well simply because these people was told by their big boss months ago that the company will be paying out their bonuses before CNY . And guess what? Just before one day of CNY, they were informed that the payout will only be given after CNY!

    No doubt that bonus is the discretion of the company, but why did Tony promised his staff in the first place? Why did he give them false & empty hopes? Some of them had also used their salaries in advance to prepare for CNY and now has run out of resources to make ends meet. I don’t blame them as they believed their big boss and that they will have the money in time for CNY.

    They were talks that airasia is in deep shit and now is having a very serious cash problem. While they big bosses are spending the company’s money on on Lotus F1, Motor GP etc, his poor fellow staff are left with no option. I watched news today saw that Tony is in London launching the ‘fantastic’ F1 car that will make ‘Malaysians proud’! Where is he? Did he even bother that some of his staff cant even have a decent meal or new clothes to buy for their children? Can he still sleep soundly at night with all these pain roaming around? Off course maa he can, in fact I dont that he even bothered.

    Sources also mentioned that, in 2008 tony had also told his staff that even when airasia was not making money, company will still give them 1 month bonus and then continue by saying that staff must work harder…pilots, flight attendants must not ‘steal’ from the company etc. Fast forward, last year 2009 when airasia recorded ‘profit’, still only 1 month bonus. This is absurd.

    I heard that all the hard-earned money of airasia and all the uncollected airport tax from the public which is due to the staff was spent to Lotus F1, Motor GP and all that sponsorships.

    Ive read the papers long time ago that Tony said that his staff is airasia’s asset and there’s awlays room for development in the company, airasia spent millions to train they staff etc, this will only make good pr spin story only.

    That is why the staff cant even have a union (the company treats them well enough it seems).

    And have they resolved the much raved about debts with MAB? Guess not right? I think you should suggest in The Parliament that we should have a system like in Thailand or Indonesia where the passengers pay their airport taxes at the airport itself and not included in the fare. By doing so, perhaps it will deter airasia from making millions by not refunding the money to those who couldnt travel.

    Airasia used to be a convenient airline, but now they are charging for everything and they are not even heap anymore. They always think that they’ve done this and that for the country and the people, the economy but in actual fact…its full of arrogance and exploitation of staff.

    What will happen to these Pilots and flight attendants? Knowing Tony, he will just sack them because people out there is dying to work for airasia, well not until they know the truth.

    Please hear these people out YB…

    Thank you

  4. Yb,

    Totally agreed with the cutting of expenditure on administration argument. Further, DBKL should actually improve its services particularly since it is a council in charge of the “business capital of Malaysia”.

    DBKL, together with the Wilayah Ministry (there is such a thing right?) should work together come up with programmes that will give meaning to KL as the business capital. As it is today, there seems to be nothing to show.

    Peace !

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