Press Release by YB Wee Choo Keong, MP for Wangsa Maju, on 5th February, 2010

I have been steering away from the present controversies that had befallen PR. When I am asked to respond to the controversies by reporters, I have constantly refused to make any comment although deep down in my heart I am in full agreement with what had been stated by my colleagues in PKR, who are loyal to the PKR cause. Now that YB Jeff Ooi, the MP for Jelutong and chief of staff to the Chief Minister of Penang, YB Lim Guan Eng, had chosen to drag me into the controversies, I have no alternative but to respond to his wild allegation.

YB Jeff Ooi, a blogger in KL turned politician in the General Elections of March 2008, had categorically stated that 4 PKR MPs will jump ship but he did not know to which (BN or pro BN party) they will join. My name was also mentioned as one of the MPs. I would like to categorically deny the accusation by YB Jeff Ooi and the other little napoleons and state I have no intention of joining any of the BN component party or pro BN party as accused.

This innate behavior of DAP leaders playing “Politics of Tagging” whenever their higher-ups are faced with problems and then resorting to a smear campaign to accuse others of being “BN agents, disgruntled politicians, wanting to jump ship and what-have-you” is all too familiar. What should have been the right thing for them to do is address the real problems that had been highlighted instead of stooping so low. This desperate act is similar to the McCarthyism practised in America during the 1950’s when most political problems faced by the power-that-be were somehow because of acts of sabotage by communists. This style of low class politics can continue to carry on in DAP but it must be stopped within the PR if we are serious about wanting to see a change of government in the 13th General Elections.

If YB Jeff Ooi thinks that “Politics of McCarthyism” or “Politics of Tagging” will be able to divert public attention from the present controversies and hoping that they will vanish, I am truly sorry for him for making such a green-horned, misguided and wrong political judgment.

It was most unexpected of YB Jeff Ooi that he should see it fit to drag me into the controversies by making such an irresponsible and unfounded allegation against me. I believe that by the nature of his job and as a novice in politics he had to do what he did. I don’t like to sue politicians and newspapers but I am left with no alternative if YB Jeff Ooi does not retract what he had told The SUN within 48 hours.

I am sorry YB Jeff Ooi as I have to do what I have to do – like what you had done but certainly not as blissfully asinine.

Wee Choo Keong

34 thoughts on “POLITICS OF McCARTHYISM by little napoleons MUST BE STOPPED

  1. pro wangsa maju


    PR has always stands for what BN is not. PR is supposed to be a more transparent coalition where difference of opinion is tolerated and open to criticism. There is always a better understanding of collective responsibility than BN where there should not be an aura of one party dominating others in the coalition, just like what we say when we allege UMNO dominating the other component parties. PR must show a higher standard than the loathed coalition of BN.

    The single representative is yes just one number. But it is the number that you add up to get the bigger numbers that we have now. So, in an egalitarian political body like ours, a single voice is as important to be heard and attended too. Or else, we will once again be seen like the old establishment that we hated. And, I think we can’t be too arrogant to boast by saying that we put you there and therefore we could put you away if we want to. It sounds so much like some chauvinist UMNO backbenchers or UMNO Youth ‘shoot from the mouth’ cowboys. That particular individual was put there to contest the last election on our behalf because this person believes in what we stand for. And we chose him because we believe he can deliver us that number. Are we now ready to chuck him aside just because we already have the numbers that we want? Is this the farthest we want to go? What about in the next 5 years? Would people want to join our cause if we are known to simply chuck people aside after we have the numbers? Remember, we are doing this because we believe we can do better that the other group. We are not doing all these because we want to emulate them. Them refer to BN. Please remember.

    Let’s face fact. Money, resources and allowance are the tools for us to serve the people. The people who elected us remember. An elected representative must have the necessary tools to help the people. Not to enrich the people. Far from it. Yes those people quoted such as Wan Azizah, Seng Giaw, Karpal suffered very much. But, they suffered under the BN regime. But, if a coalition member suffer the same thing from another coalition leader, that something must be wrong. Those who suffered ISA, detention etc, suffered them under the federal authority, which is still BN, last we check. We are still far from that. And hopefully would not resort to that if we are put in that position in future.

    It is a pity to see that a person voicing out a critical comment be asked to look inward and MUHASABAH. The rationale that one is not perfect, so therefore must not comments others smacks of arrogance. No one is perfect. If perfection is a criteria before once can voice an opinion, then noone can because nobody is perfect.

    We must stop behaving like we are already the king in this country. We have gained some positive ground. All these are due to everyone of us who cooperate and treat one another with respect. That is all.

  2. temenggong

    Wee, Jeff is an ass for suggesting you might cross over. He is trying to carry LGE’s balls. But on your side please let this pass.

  3. UseBrain

    YB Wee,
    Support you, I hope YB Jeff can clarified this matter personally with you as both you & YB Jeff is the more respected politicians I look up to. Hope this doesn’t goto court.

    Frankly, DAP also has their rotten cinabeng brainless members inside their party. Good if you can ‘taro’ these cinabengs YBs for practicing gutter politic. We already have many BN practice these, I hope Pakatan politicians can use a bit brain before shooting their mouth off from both side DAP & PKR.

    Keep up the good work!


  4. Choo Keong,
    Stop being stupid! Jeff Ooi didn’t mention your name. Even if you wanna sue him, it would never pull through.

    Choo Keong,
    If you are sincere about stopping the culture of McCathyism, then keep your mouth shut. Else, say something constructive.
    I find it strange that you are associated with Zul. My question to you is this:

    Is Zul’s behavour acceptable when Zul barged into the interfaith forum & stop it by force? PKR has been very tolerant on this matter. Zul has been gotten away with his antics

    No wonder, Salehudin left PKR. I do wonder who is the real little Napoleon or little Mccathy.

  5. Leong

    What do you expect Jeff Ooi to do? He is the chief of staff of Lim Guan Eng, the chief minister of Penang. He must blindly take care of his boss’s interests. It was only natural.

    By the way Lim Guan Eng is very popular that’s why he was knocked out when he contested for a seat in the Malacca DAP state committee but he was appointed as the DAP secretary general. I rest my case.

  6. Chan from Malacca

    I do agree with Leong that Lim Guan Eng is a very popular so much so that his DAP colleagues in Malacca threw him out from the DAP state Committee.


    Yes, Wee was sacked from the DAP but not by the DAP members but by Lim Kit Saing and his cronies. Just look at the charge as reported in the NST that Wee was sacked “for not showing enough affection to the party leaders”. The charge speak for itself.

    I never knew that a party member of DAP “must show enough affection to its leaders” otherwise he will be sacked. Surely Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng should be able to find a better reason than that to get rid of Wee at that time.

    As far as I know, no political leaders in the world dare to demand enough affections from their party members except Lim Kit Siang and his son.

    Stop supporting blindly is my advice. What was wrong and was wrong. I live in Malacca and I know about Lim Guan Eng – arrogance of power is his trait.

  7. The Crony

    The question of Zulkilfi Nordin storming the Bar Council. If Zulkifli Nordin was wrong why PKR didn’t take any actions against him. That being the case, his actions must be in line with PKR policy on Islam or approved by Anwar Ibrahim.

    When it comes to DAP’s problems everyone should keep their mouth shut. I think that we should all keep our brains shut when something is wrong in the DAP leadership.

    I think that it will be much better that we, Malaysians, should declare our love and affection for Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang before we are also thrown out of Malaysia!

  8. Lim

    Malaysians must not be blinded by sentiments. Lets not blindly support any political party blindly just because it is Chinese base. We must look at the issue, the right and wrong.

    If we allow our sentiments to rule our heads then this country will never progress and we will be left with double face politicians.

    Surely politicians of all divides have the right to speak up on issues based on their own conscience. Political leaders especially MPs should not be beholden to their leaders when things are not right. If political leaders do not speak up then they are no better than us, the rakyat, then they are not fit to be our leaders.

    Political leaders should speak their minds and let us decide on the right and wrong.

  9. Lam of Setapak

    Don’t tell me that to be s good DAP member I must constantly express affection to Lim Kit Siang and his son! This requirement is worse than living in a communist state. God forbids!

  10. Just sue if you want to sue. It’s your wish and if you think you can shut his rotten stinky mouth up by bringing the matter to the court, I dont blame you, no one will blame you because you are applying you right as a citizen of democratic country. As simple as that.

    yo homey? go kick his butt yo!

  11. DAP supporter

    It is a fact that under the father and son leadership, the DAP will not tolerate any dissenting views. History has it that both of them only accept yes man in the DAP. Now Lim junior is behaving like an emperor and he wants yes man in PR.

    From what I see, there is no room for dissent in the DAP and now it wants to extend to PKR.

  12. It was a simple matter of a couple of phone calls from you to check if Jeff Ooi acctually named anyone.

    After your last ill-advised attack on DAP and Ronnie Liu which led to MACC investigations and Teoh Boon Hock’s death, one would have thought you would exercise discretion and caution before ventilating your thoughts to the public. Today the entire UMNO political and pro-UMNO blogging community are going about saying Pakatan/DAP has been completely infiltrated by chinese triads, as though before GE 2008 there was no crime in the now Pakatan led states!!

    Yet again you behave like a rank amateur leading to questions whether your intention,like that of Zul Nordin, is to sabotage PKR and Pakatan from within

    You have fallen for UMNO/BN’s poison pill. They will of course mislead you in their desperate attempts to divide and conquer. Are you the kind of friend which makes people ask ‘who needs enemies, then?”

    And if I were you, I would never accept a UMNO/BN sponsored freebie for ice cream ltreat et alone the UN. Never sleep with the enemy!! Now you know why they think you are trying to sabotage Pakatan.

    YB, the people voted for you in good faith because we want an evil regime to fall. Don’t dash their hopes or else soon you will be history!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race

  13. feleaz

    YB, you have denied of jumping ship and likewise Jeff Ooi also denied mentioning your name. Therefore i would love to see both of you withdraw your “ultimatum threats”. No point fighting with each other at this point of time. Jeff Ooi will be writing to the newspaper concerned for clarification. I am sure that you are very much aware yourself that there are many people out there who might be spinning lies to create “chaos” within PR. You have clarified here on your blog and we know we already known that you’ll remain in PR, so just let this matter passes. OK ?

  14. Ahmad

    When anyone question DAP supreme leaders/God (Lim & son) the person is either BN agent or to join BN. We must all accept that both of them are God and cannot be questioned. It is worst than the communist system.

    Is this the style of government under PR? I suppose this is the type of reform that the PR want to give us as a present for voting for them.

  15. kang

    No one is allowed to criticise the DAP leaders because they can do no wrong. If you do, you must be BN agent. If you praise the DAp leaders that you are a democrat that fight for justice. Is this the PR policy?

    Is this the so-called change that PR wanted us to support? Must we, Malaysians, must also show love and affection to the PR leaders too??

    If you PR leaders can’t change your dictatorial behaviour then you all can forget about Putrajaya but Puduraya only!

  16. tehsin

    Thanks for clearing that up YB Wee. Was wondering what had gotten into you that you decided to join BN.

    with regards to Islam/Zulkifli Nordin, face it lah, someone has got to stand up for the fact that ISLAM WILL ALWAYS BE THE HIGHEST RELIGION IN THIS NATION.

    Take it or leave it.

    That said, other religions have freedom to practise as they wish, but as in any other nations around the world, don’t try to upstage the one enshrined in the Constitution as the ONE.

    WHEN IN FRANCE DO AS THE FRENCH. haha… (see any muslims threatening to overthrow Sarkozy for his bigoted views on Islam/the veil? Nooooooo…..)

    Hijrah (PINDAH) has always been the advise of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) rather than creating trouble and unrest :)

  17. ahmad

    I agree with Tehsin over Zulkifli Nordin. Islam is the official religion in this country. please respect the constitutional provision on this.

    I have come to the conclusion that even Anwar Ibrahim supports that no one can criticise the DAP leaders especially Lim kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng but they are free to do what they like.

    This is PR style of democracy. You are right that PKR is subservient to DAp and DAP is the head of PR. How scaring for us the ordinary rakyat.

  18. Chong

    PR leaders like Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim should come out to declare that DAP leaders are perfect and cannot be criticised. Both should also declare that all PR members must show affections to them otherwise they will be sacked.

    What type of change and democracy is this? It is more of communist than the communist leaders in the communists country. Before taking power they like this. I cannot imagine if they form the federal government.

  19. Penang boy

    Under Lim Guan Eng’s administration in Penang, there is no room for dissent. He will never be wrong. So PKR cannot question. Just follow like what Anwar has done. Bloody joke.

    I am not surprised that so many people are voicing up. Disciplinary action will not in any way solve the on going problems in Penang. It tantamount to sweeping things under the carpets and hoping that it will disappear in thin air. No way it will.

  20. Yes Man

    We must stop this “Emperor” mentality in the PR. The DAP can keep this mentality there because their supporters love to have emperor dictating what they should think and do.

    I am glad that the PKR leaders spoke up against such mentality before it is too late.

  21. The Affectionate

    Never thought that one had to show affection to party leaders. Even the BN leaders never demand affection from their members. DAP leaders must be the new Chinese Sultans in Malaysia. That’s why even Anwar thought that they are untouchables.

  22. Ah Chiang

    YB, I know that you are only responding to Jeff Ooi’s statement but you should not be so hard on him because he may been making statement under instructions. Further, Jeff Ooi is your PR comrade.

    If Jeff Ooi was wrong or DAP was wrong, you should not have came out in the open like them. Please try not to be so hard on the young politicians like Jeff Ooi.

  23. Kenny

    I am a PR supporter. However angry you are, you should not have came out in the open to shoot at Jeff and the DAP. We know that DAP leaders are like that. But for the sake of PR, you should have brought up the matter internally.

    I am sure that now the BN is enjoying every minute of it. I feel that all of you were wrong to fight against each other. I do agree with what you said in your statement but as an experience politician you should have held back.

  24. tehsin

    I think YB Wee has every right to bring it out in the public because I read the accusation myself in the papers and was angry thinking YB Wee is a sell-out. Not that I am a PKR fan, but even as an independent candidate I would support YB Wee. This is a serious accusation and these jokers in PKR/DAP better get their stupid act together instead of acting like cartoon characters.

    DAP still has commie mentality sometimes, that really piss off Malays.

    Holding back for other reasons is okay, but making up stories abt jumping ship is another story.

    Jeff Ooi is just a blogger after all. Accidental politician/wakil rakyat.

    YB Wee is a true people’s rep.

  25. Lawrence

    Jeff Ooi is just a chief of staff of the chief minister of Penang. He had to follow the father and son style of labeling their critics as their enemy agent so that they don’t have to answer all the problems. This is the easy out and they have got away with problems this way for too many years.

    Now we have seen through them. PR leaders should pause and look at the problems raised and rectified them as soon as possible. Stop the witch hunting.

  26. James

    To survive in the DAP, one had to be a Yes Man to the father and son. Now more of the son that the father. Now to survive in the PR, one had to be Yes Man the son otherwise you will be removed from your positions.

    It seems that DAP is the number one boss in PR so the other parties like PKR cannot utter a word against the SON. This is democracy DAP style.

  27. Darren

    what a shame and what a joke of MP you are.

    you have been jumping from one party to another and LGE is named as the one getting kicked out from his party base?

    no he didn’t get kicked out, he moved to penang you moron.

    perhaps before you blindly support your zahrain friend, you might want to respond to the story behind his tantrum-about his failed contract bid.

    why are you being silent on this? What a hypocrite.

    To quote YB Teresa, you are indeed a shit stirrer.

  28. Habib RAK

    YB, I must admit that I would not know the inside story of DAP. Nevetheless, I am happy that you still see the bigger picture and the role that Pakatan Rakyat need to do to heal our beloved nation from the cancer inflicted on it by the UMNO/BN government. Infighting is expected but please do not stray away from the priority to heal our country. Looking forward to your continued leadership in figthing against the evils of UMNO/BN.

  29. John Tan


    It was widely publicised in the newspapers when Lim Guan Eng and his wife Betty Chew were kicked out from the DAP Malacca State election a few years. Sorry Lim Guan Eng was not kicked out but voted out. You must be a blind moron to assume that Lim Guan Eng moved from Malacca to Penang. Anyway moron, ignorance is bliss!

    By the way, after Lim Guan Eng was voted out from Malacca DAP, he was appointed as the DAP secretary general. Even senior leaders like Karpal Singh and Tan Seng Giaw were by passed. Thank God, Lim Guan Eng has a good father, Lim Kit Siang.

    Moron supporter like you for refusing to look at facts that caused the DAP leader like Lim Guan Eng and his cronies to be behave arrogantly which has caused a problem in the PR.

    Moron supporters like you have given a false encouragement to the DAP leaders and they carry to promote dictatorship, cronyism and nepotism, which will one day damage the image of PR.

    Wake up moron, please get your facts right before you open your mouth.

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