The broken fence that caused two deaths in the mining pool!

DBKL's signboard and the broken fence

This mining pool can be turned into a beautiful recreational area

On 20th January, 2010 two Indonesians went fishing in the mining pool in Danau Kota Setapak, Wangsa Maju.  They drowned after their boat capsized. On the day I heard about the incident, I immediately visited the site. I managed to speak to the search parties consisting of officers from Jabatan Pertahanan Awam, DBKL and Jabatan Bomba, who have been working round the clock to find the bodies. I am informed by the search parties that the two unfortunate Indonesians must have got access to the mining pool through the broken fence.

I personally discovered that the mining pool had been fenced up with a DBKL’s signboard stating “Dilarang Menceroboh.” Unfortunately, there was little or no checking by DBKL on the state of the fencing of this mining pool, which is about 25 ft deep. (See picture showing the broken fence near the DBKL’s signboard.) I will be writing to Datuk Bandar to express my concern that there may be more deaths if the security of the fencing continued to be neglected by DBKL. I hope that Datuk Bandar will immediately instruct his officers to repair the broken fence and reinforce the security of the mining pool to ensure that members of the public, especially young children, are prevented from entering it. Further, DBKL should take immediate steps to make this mining pool into a recreational area that is safe.

8 thoughts on “The broken fence that caused two deaths in the mining pool!

  1. Phoon

    This is the main problem with DBKL. No proper supervision. Even with two deaths, DBKL will not be bothered to secure the mining pool. It needs a few more deaths for DBKL to add.

    It is just a tidak apa attitude.

  2. Hang Sebat

    YB, do you expect DBKL to station all its workers to guard 24 hrs all ex-mining pools in KL? Don’t you think irresponsible public will not keep on breaking the fences everytime it is fixed? Irresponsible public will always destroy public properties.

    YB, its the attitude of the public that needs to be fixed. You can assist by educating the public in your constituency on the need to be responsible rakyat.

  3. hanana bt abdulla

    guys and gals

    don’t be stupid

    dbkl did the right thing
    the deceased broke into the fenced area thro the break

    they had reaped what they sowed
    dbkl is blameless

    chinamen always like to blame others

    what of the dragon race
    the moe did not do enaough too?

    a general f .u for all of you is due

  4. banana bt abdulla…..

    Pls explain China men always like to blame…..

    How many China men you know?

    Definately u are trying to make a scene here….but are you going to succeed?

    i doubt it…..

    China men EQ very high one….

  5. Mohd Noor Haji Jaafar

    Jika ada signboard Jangan Menceroboh tapi tiada pengawasan yang berterusan tiada maknanya. Saya difahamkan kerosakan pagar sudah lama berlaku cuma pihak DBKL tidak membetulkannya.

    Jika ada pengawasan dari pihak DBKL saya rasa pagar tersebut tidak akan rosak teruk. Sikap pegawai DBKL yang tak kesah sangat dengan pencerobohan tersebut membuat ramai orang makin berani mengingkari signboard Jangan Menceroboh.

    Harap harap pihak DBKL dapat segera membaiki pagar tersebut dan mengawasi tempat tersebut. Kita tak nak dengar lebeh ramai yang lemas dalam kolam tersebut.

  6. lee wee tak

    “chinamen always like to blame others

    what of the dragon race
    the moe did not do enaough too?”

    another stupid racist that spoilts intellectual discourse

    On this count, the public is mainly to blame in the sense that they damaged public property and endangered themselves
    DBKL can only do so much and we can see the risk of a wakil rakyat – damn if you do, damn if you don’t

    one cannot please all

  7. Hullo Hang Sebat,
    Is it wrong to suggest actions which will save lives? I don’t see any good suggestions from you to tackle this mining pool incident. As for educating the rakyat, the government should do this. But instead, it is educating the rakyat to be more racist. This is done thru the MSM, BTN and so on.

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