A church in Desa Melawati torched!

The administrative office of the Assembly of God Church
The Metro Tabernacle A/G Church, at 26 Jalan 4C, Desa Melawati, Wangsa Maju

I was shocked to learn that early this morning three churches had been attacked by criminals. The administrative office of the Metro Tabernacle Assembly of God Church in Desa Melawati in Wangsa Maju was badly damaged by fire. There were attempted arsons on two other churches namely Assumption (near Asunta Hospital) and the Life Chapel (Section 17 PJ). These three incidents must be condemned by all peace loving Malaysians.

This morning I visited the badly damaged church in Desa Melawati. I managed to speak to Brother Peter Yeow who had informed me that that his church members saw 4 criminals broke the glass panel of the church and threw flammable substance into the church.

Such irresponsible acts must be stopped forthwith otherwise it may lead to racial disharmony in the nation. In the interim, the government must instruct the police and other enforcement agencies to protect all places of worship (churches, mosques, temples, etc.) to avoid such incidents from happening.

From now on, all Malaysians are watching closely what actions the Prime Minister and the government will be taking to address the situation. This is the final test for the Prime Minister on his “1Malaysia” slogan. If the situation is not brought under control quickly and stern actions taken against the arsonists then the “1Malaysia” slogan is as good as condemned.

Lastly, on behalf of the said church and its members, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Tuan Hj Jamil, the DBKL Pengarah for Wangsa Maju, for agreeing to provide transport services to the church’s members to clear up the damaged properties and move other things of the said church.

17 thoughts on “A church in Desa Melawati torched!

  1. I was not! Because this is their way to communicate. When a uneducated person don’t know how to use educated way to communicate, the only way they use is uneducated way or barbarian way.

    That’s differentiate between them and we. And we should be happy because they just show Malaysians how stupid they are.

  2. Ampatuan Jr

    Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Ayoyo..ayoyo!!

    Whats next? We go burn theirs right? An eye for an eye?

    Must teach these extremists that they cannot intimidate us anymore.We are strong, they cannot push us around all the time.

    We must call upon Brother Pakiam to sound the clarion call. Brother Pakiam must finish what he started.He is our leader now.

    L O N G L I V E B R O T HE R P A K I A M…!!!!
    L O N G L I VE B RO T H E R P A K I A M…!!!!

  3. nurul fatiheh

    i share the condemnation of the perpetrators of these crimes vehemently. however, i feel sad that my God, Allah has been used in this polemic.

    i urge Bishop Pakiam would withdraw his intention and show how magnanimous he is and show that he really care for the unity and harmony of our malaysian society.

    i pray cause i am sure that his God and my God frowned upon these provocative acts…

  4. Nurul, the word Allah already been using in Arabic country for long time ago. Malaysia is the only country which politicise the word Allah.

    Do thorough research on what is the different between Allah in Malaysia and Allah in other country. Allah in Malaysia is heavily politicised.

  5. lee wee tak

    syabas Tuan Haji, a hard working and dedicated officer that I have the pleasure to have met

    wasn’t long ago that Najib had that 1Malaysia Christmas celebration and now, a day after the feel good launching of 1Malaysia clinic, we have 3 Malaysia churches kena fire bombing.

    4 idiots on a motor cycle at night? sounds more like mat rempits than religious individual. Remember the last time KJ engaged and praised the mat rempits at mat gemilang,> they got so cocky and proceeded to smash up cars in Bangsar

    If the muslims really love their religion, should they allow idiots like these to smear the good name of their faith? rather than bickering over a term and other people’s religion, they should look within their community first and sort out those who claim they are muslims but act contrary to the teaching of Islam.

    JAIS, Jakim and all that should look beyond khalwats, zinas, GROs, beauty paegents and ah kuas to tackle the real scum threatening the purity of islam

  6. setapakman

    Does this also affect movies+songs also ?

    I know of many bollywood movies+songs that use the word Allah. If its prohibited, then thats the end of bollywood movies in Malaysia. Bye-bye Datuk SK…

  7. nurul fatiheh

    i think it is you who is politicising the issue by saying it is as such.

    my concern on the issue is for social stability and harmony and for everyone to live together happily and progress together with one group provoking the other and think through each of our action.

    if you keep looking at things through your political prism and your intention is to score one political point for each issue affecting the nation, it is people like me, the common folk on the street who are suffering

    i suggest you do a thorough research about Islam rather than SELECTIVE reading from the INTERNET

  8. xenos

    We don’t use eyes for an eyes. We forgive and this is a time to stay unite in harmony and pray. With wisdom n diligent. This people are put for trouble, and we do not want to fall into the trap of their politic or watsoever games.

  9. Nurul I don’t see any politicizing here. Sounds like what PM said- ‘dont politicize the issue..’

    The problem with Malaysia is, people whack the minorities for something they don’t like about the minorities such as color or religion; then subsequently ask them to shut up after getting whacked in the name of peace and unity. This is gangster country isnt it. You whack people then ask them to shut up, otherwise there’ll be further repercussions?

  10. dori

    Hoi! worldwebcreator,

    Kau ni tak reti bahasa ke? Terjemahan untuk God adalah tuhan. Allah tu nama khas! Macam nama kau juga lah, nama khas. Mana boleh terjemah-terjemah. Dalam bahasa apa sekali pun tetap serupa.

    Nak tanya sikit.. Di sekolah dulu, masa cikgu mengajar Bahasa Malaysia kau buat apa?

  11. Dori,

    Go read history carefully. The world “Allah” has been using for Jews, Christians and Muslims long time ago. A lot of countries using Allah for Christianity but there is no problem except Malaysia.

  12. Rozi66

    Why Umno….you guys demonise Umno to the extreme la. This is religious related and few of those that like to see isntability in our country will since it benefit them in long run are the culprit. Why pointing finger to moslem as a whole? Doesnt it cross yr mind that others also can be the culprit? Maybe a christian themselve do this? Any apology when incident to surau (pig head in melaka) and masjid? Its not about people whacking the minority but the minority asking for more without trying to understand the sensitivity … talking about being malaysian. Perlembagaan is just another Big jokes for you guys.
    The point of contention is why “Allah” for malay translation when it has been clear that tuhan (or whatever it is you want to call in yr language). Again, this is insensitivity to moslem.
    Wonder whats next in line that will be demanded (but surely not giving…human right??)
    The way I look at it, it is yr “boss” directly or indirectly responsible for this. He will earn lots of milage in sabah and serawak…emmm doesnt that sound good for his grand plan.
    Ex pkr sympathiser ex permatang pauh voter

  13. lee wee tak

    @ Maybe a christian themselve do this?

    – so going by your logic : Any apology when incident to surau (pig head in melaka) and masjid?

    –> Maybe Muslims themselves did that???

    what is apparent that the above stupid stunt, plus the cowhead incident shows that most of the Malaysians are not mindless zealots who subscribe to mass racial or religious hatred. Livelihood matters matter more.

    anyway, per Chinese press report below, PDRM arrested 8 suspect aged between 21 – 26 for the Desa Melawati church terrorism. T

    he suspects are Malays and their identity well protected and reporters can’t get anywhere near them (why am I not surprise, has the Razak Baginda trial started up a new trend?)


  14. Rozi66

    We can go on and keep saying and using the logic or illogical to counter each other. Press report to back up argument what ever. It will never ending and just showing what actually some quarter want to achieved….am I surprise. Actually yes ( bloody naive of me).

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