Jawapan dari YAB PM baru di terima

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [ Wangsa Maju ] minta YAB Perdana Menteri menyatakan berapakah pulangan yang dijangka akan diperolehi dan risiko yang dihadapi daripada jambatan cadangan menghubungkan Semenanjung Malaysia dengan Sumatera di mana 80% daripada jumlah kos pembinaan US$125bilion itu mungkin dipinjam pinjaman bank-bank China dan apakah kesannya terhadap kadar pertukaran nilai ringgit akibat hutang luar negara ini.


Tuan Yang di-Pertua,

Untuk makluman Yang Berhormat, pada masa ini, Kerajaan Pusat belum mempunyai perancangan untuk melaksanakan projek jambatan menghubungkan Malaysia dan Sumatera. Sehubungan ini, tiada sebarang kajian kemungkinan dilaksanakan bagi meneliti pulangan dan risiko yang dijangkakan.

Sekian, terima kasih.

3 thoughts on “Jawapan dari YAB PM baru di terima

  1. hopeless guy

    Government always reduce subsidize to citizen and to plan to build those useless project.Why government plan to build the bridge is it to let those indon to coming to Malaysia more easily ? beside how must the bridge will cost and how is the related contract will be sign ?Why the government dont use the money plan to build the bridge to upgrade Sabah shipping quality so that can attract more foreign investor.

  2. Tsukasa

    Government should use the money to stimulate the economy or subsidize for the daily product for the citizen instead of this bridge. Even its done, they should research more about the ecology they are destroying for building the bridge as the construction will left a big environmental footprint.

    Not only that, what if there is earthquake, as Sumatera is within the vicinity of the volcano chain. Will the Bridge be able to withstand the quake turmoil. If not another hundreds of billion is wasted and not only that, live may be in stake as well.

    Moreover they should also take into consideration of the effects of the bridge for the big ship. Can it cross over the bridge or not and etc.

    Best is use the money in good use and reduce the burden of the people of Malaysia. Not increasing it. Raising price in flour and sugar had been a great hit for us. And GST of 4% will be introduce soon and this will further impair the spending of people.

    Moreover with GST , research proven it will further increase inflation in country and rich and poor gap will become further and hence spending power will be lessen for low and medium income people in the country.

    The should always reduce the burden of people and think more about the people. Just my 2 cents though but I think people of Malaysia is suffering alot of setback lately due to the recession and we are making another subprime mortgage by hiking price of property by 30-40% once the RPGT is introduce if someone can research on this as I found out the property price had been increase since then as we are now following US foot step and in long term run, we will suffer alot.

    Thanks to Mr Wee Choo Keong and good job done. Continue doing your best as I know you will and you’re the Best MP Wangsa Maju ever have.

  3. Probably crime rate will increase (rob a bank and escape via the bridge back home). Also increase in ringgit outflow to Indonesia. More kretek and gun smuggling. Straits of Malacca traffic will be disrupted, no one will use it (HK, France and Britain all built tunnels, not bridges). Cost of maintenance will be very high in an earthquake zone. There should be more links to Singapore because the economy is coming from there.

    Hey Kerajaan Pusat, are you daft. Cari makan somewhere else la.

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