The PKFZ fiasco. When will the big "fishes" to be charged?

On 10 December 2009 Datin Paduka O C Pang (former general manager of Port Klang Authority (PKA)),  Mr Stephen Abok (chief operating officer of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd) and architect Mr Bernard Tan Seng Swee (BTA Architect) were charged in Klang Session Court for 30 counts of criminal breach of trust totaling RM380 million. 

On 14 December 2009 engineer Law Jenn Dong (a former Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd project director) was charged for 24 fraudulent claims totaling RM116.85 million.

After first three persons were charged, the Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail said “this is just the beginning” and there are big “fishes” to be charged.  Almost a week has elapsed, only four “ikan Bilis” have been charged.

I have heard that two big “fishes” or “ikan Yu” will be charged these within this week but one of them is away overseas.  Lets wait and see for this week.

4 thoughts on “The PKFZ fiasco. When will the big "fishes" to be charged?

  1. ahoo

    How to land a ” big catch ” when many areas are restricted zones ? How to catch your own ” members ” ?

    Thus, when claimed that MACC will be like ICAC of Hong Kong, that is just another sloganeering of which we are one of the top in this World.

    Until corruptions are no longer equate as ” commissions ” will Malaysia sees its former glory. Why only another 2 big fishes coming along ? I would think that by the sheer size of this scandal alone, at least 50 people should be caught.

    Well, when the final curtain falls, let us see how many will actually be charge. The case may drag on for years until certain files are also lost and finally ” nfa ” mantra will be used.

  2. lee wee tak

    PKFTZ is GUARANTEED by the government.

    By charging only 3 managerial staff and not even a hair of a minister, present or past, is this a tacit admission that these “managers” made the decisions and not the Prime Minister or Transport Minister hence are more powerful than such office bearers?

    Nope, does not make sense at all

  3. Francis Jew

    Responses to “Ong vs Tiong: Feb 24 date set for RM500 mil. suit against Ong!”
    Tiong has a personal lawyer attached to him for many years.As Tiong is uneducated in the legal language formats she read through all the legal jargon and then Tiong would sign it with 100% trust.
    She got her basic LLB from London and her CLP from Australia.
    She is the best female lawyer in Sibu even at the young age of 41 years old.
    In order to lead the team of Queen’s Counsels in defending the above case she has resigned from Tiong’s firm.Her own newly set up firm would play the leading role in the legal defense of the century.
    She has also sold the TV rights and the film rights to the film
    titled “Clash of the Legal Titians”

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