Datuk Shafie Abdullah lied through his teeth in The Star today!

The super political secretary, Datuk Shafie Abdullah

It was reported in The Star today that Datuk Shafie Abdullah has denied confronting me on the issues that I have brought up in Parliament concerning his interferences in the decision makings and administration of DBKL and other ministries. He also said that it was a chance meeting with me to give his story.  It took him 4 days after the incident to come up with such glaring white lies.  On 09 December, 2009 (Wednesday) he came to Parliament to meet the Minister of Parliament, YB Datuk Nazri, and the Speaker of the House.  I was told by the reporters that when Datuk Shafie was going to the Speaker’s office the reporters were chasing him for comments and he told them to wait until he has seen the Speaker. Many reporters waited and he  escaped through another door in the Speaker’s office.  If I am not mistaken, Datuk Shafie is the political secretary of the PM in charge of Sarawak affairs.


On 05 November 2009, during the policy stage of the Budget debate, I did speak about Datuk Shafie’s activities in DBKL but the Minister chose not to reply.  On O3 December 2009, before the adjournment of debate during the Committee Stage of the Budget on the Ministry of Willayah, the Speaker had decided that on 07 December 2009 (Monday) only three more speakers were allowed to speak during the Committee Stage debate. And I was the last speaker and thereafter the Minister to reply.   On 07 December 2009  afternoon I delivered my speech as posted in this Blog.   I spoke about Datuk Shafie’s activites in DBKL and etc.  After the reply by the Minister and the press conference, between 5:30 pm and 6 pm, whilslt I was talking to a civil servant at the Parliament lobby with a few people around us, suddenly a stranger budged in and I saw his name tag, SHAFIE, on his coat.   This was the first time that I saw how Datuk Shafie Abdullah look like.   He immediately confronted me with anger and rudely as though I owed him a living!

The Minsiter for Parliament will be tabling a motion in the House on  15 December (coming Tuesday) to appoint a committee to investigate into this serious matter which I beleive will be passed by the House as this matter involves the sanctity of the Hosue.  It is my view that powerful political secretaries of the PM and for that matter of Ministers cannot be allowed  to behave like “samsseng” in the House of Parliament.  Lets wait for 15 December 2009 to come and hopefully Datuk Shafie can thereafter talk about his innocence!

16 thoughts on “Datuk Shafie Abdullah lied through his teeth in The Star today!

  1. zahid

    Iknow this shafie since 1984..at that time we stay at the same hostel in University Malaya.He is my senior..He was a samseng,arrogant,boostng..

  2. Joe

    Shafie has no business to be in Parliament and to talk to YB Wee. After what YB has spoken about him interfering with the administration of the Ministries and DBKL in Parliament, it unthinkable for Shafie to meet YB by chance and he said to YB “apa cerita?” according to the Star. It was just bull shit.

    Najib should give him the boot! He is just too much of a baggage.

  3. FATSO

    Very nice again, YB.
    Betul tu, Zahid . Most of the Pol Sec lebih sudu dari kuah… samseng, kurang ajar , bangang … lebih dari bos dia.

    Menteri … hati hati… pol sec macam ni yang akan menjatuhkan awak.

    Power to the people !!

  4. Chong of Setapak

    This Shafie is known to have interfered with the administration of DBKL and other government departments.

    It is good that he has been exposed and let see what Najib is going to do with such a political secretary, who is actually a liability than help.

    MACC why are you waiting for????

  5. anonymous

    Datuk Shafie abdulah has his hand in quite a number of things in DBKL including of approvals for development Orders. The high ranking officers in DBKL are scare to death about this political secretary of Najib.

    MACC should commence investigations into his assets and I am sure that it will show a lot.

  6. Wong

    MACC should start to do their work on Shafie. May be MACC is scared to act because he is the political secretary to Minister of Finance, who is also the PM.

    Anyway if MACC wants to regain their image, investigation into the political secretary will give them more mileage.

    Datuk Shafie is a very very good candidate for MACC to investigate.

  7. Ahmad

    I believe that this Mr Political Toll was under tremendous pressures that’s why he went to Parliament to confront YB Wee. He thought that he as the political secretary to the PM he is very powerful. It was only natural to feel this way because he was able to direct DBKL officers to do what he wants them to do.

    Now that Parliament is going to set up a committee to investigate he had to find a way out. Shafie is now a desperate man and he will do anything to save his skin. He had to lie if necessary.

  8. Chong of Setapak

    The title “Mr Political Toll” speaks volume and we all knew what is the meaning except Najib and his cabinet.

    I want to see what Najib is going to do with this ‘baggage” of his. If I am Najib, i will just sack him or cold storage him for he is a liability.

    Mr Political Toll is just too much. He thought that just because he is a political secretary to the PM he has a blank cheque to do anything he likes including interfering with Parliamentary proceedings.

    Yb please teach this Mr Political Toll a lesson.

  9. Anonymous

    Somebody has to take responsbility for the idiocy surrounding the gangsterish and arrogant behaviour of an officer swearing an oath to the Prime Minister to serve, but instead has so far been only seen to be serving his own misdeeds. Shafie Abdullah can try and deny everything that has been thrown at him, the facts too will speak for itself. But his fear of statements made by Wee only compounds and enhances claims that he indeed has a hand and mind and body in the administration of DBKL, that he too wrote a memo to urge the PM to remove the rpevious FT MInister. If this is not the mark of a sinister man, then the country should just be given the dogs. My question is what is the PM doing about it, because his failure as a leader to act prudently on the complaints means that he is indeed backing Shafie on this.

  10. lee wee tak

    in my professional working life, usually the people in the wrong or have somethin’ to hide tend to behave in an aggressive, defensive or angry manner to put off objective and professional enquiry

    if the fler took 4 days to conjur up evasive anger and lies, rahter than promptly giving a educated, reasonable and convincing reply, yep…round 1 to YB Wee Choo Keong

    Please Shafie, buy a house in Danau Kota, shopping would be convenient for your seisi keluarga and you can improve your driving skills too

  11. sembarong saga

    shafie memang dah lama per… per… kontrol najib dan cuba menjadi hero umno wp cuba jatuhkan orang yang berkerja betul dan semasa pertandingan ketua bahagian banyak guna … untuk meraih undi orang macam ini nak jadi pejuang orang melayu cakap bolehlah.

  12. I had the same experience at selangor MB office a few weeks back. Samseng betoi dia org nih!! Dia lupa siape vote boss dia ke kerusi menteri tu. Just wait for PRU 13. Baru dia nak datang cium tangan kita…

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