15 December is D-day for Datuk Shafie Abdullah, the PM's political secretary!

The super political secretary of PM.

I have been informed by the Minister of Parliament, YB Datuk Nazri, that after the debate on the Committee Stage of the 2010 Budget on 14th December 2009, he will table a Motion in Parliament to set up a special committee under Standing Order 80 (A) of Parliament to investigate into my allegations against Datuk Shafie Abdullah for interfering into the proceedings in Parliament.  Therefore, this Motion will be tabled in Parliament on 15th December, 2009 (coming Tuesday) after Questions Time at 11:30 am.

8 thoughts on “15 December is D-day for Datuk Shafie Abdullah, the PM's political secretary!

  1. Anak Pahang

    Great news! Dewan Rakyat must show to Datuk Shafie that he may be very powerful and able to direct all civil servants to dance to his tune but Parliament is still above him.

    We cannot have political secretary of the PM or ministers putting his hand every where. This is definitely not in line with his boss’s vision of “Rakyat Didahulukan”.

    YB please bring to Parliament Datuk Shafie’s scandals in Persatuan Anak Pahang. If you are not aware please ask around and I am sure that a lot of people know it except the PM.

    i would like to see what actions the PM is going to take since this matter has blown up in Parliament.

  2. Cheong

    Bravo! I want to see how super powerful is Datuk Shafie. I hope that BN will not use its majority to defeat the motion to set up this committee. If they use their majority then Parliament is worthless.

  3. ahamd

    Memang Datuk Shafie amat “powerful” dan beliau boleh mengarah pegawai-pegawai di DBKL.

    PM tak malukah beliau ada setiausaha politik seperti Datuk Shafie???

  4. John Tan

    Lets see whether Parliament is powerful or the PM political secretary. If the PM is sincere in his slogan, he should immediately remove Sahfie Abdullah as his political sec in order to avoid more embarrassment.

  5. Anonymmous

    Lets see whether BN will use their majority to reject the motion to appoint a committee to investigate into the behaviour of Mr Political toll.

    This Mr Political Toll is well known in the market to do wonder inside DBKL. What cannot be approved can be sorted out by Mr Political Toll. He is super powerful!

    i am sure that what have been revealed is just the tip of the iceberg!

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