10 WP MPs met with Datuk Bandar KL on 4th December, 2009.

DBKL Complaint Center Toll Free No: 1800883255

Datuk Bandar told the meeting that DBKL has set a Ccomplaint Centre operating from 9 am until 12 midnight daily.  There will be Malay, Chinese and Indian speaking officers manning this Complaints Center to receive complaints.  All complaints will be immediately be registered and posted to the relevant department for attention.  The complaiant will be given the registration number for reference.  The toll free number for this Complaints Center is 1800883255.  Althoguh this Complaints Centre will only be in full operations on 2nd January 2010, the KL residents can start to lodge their complaints from now on. Datuk Bandar informed the MPs about the DBKL Budget for 2010 but no details have been given.  For examples: Total salaries amounted to RM353,854,600.00 and adminsitrative cost RM152, 278,550.00. These two items took up 25% of the total Budget for 2010 – RM2,120,267,460.00.

I told Datuk Bandar that full details of the government proposed spendings by Federal Government were presented in Parliament for debate before they are approved. Why can’t this practised be followed by DBKL?  As it were the DBKL Budget 2010 has been made fait accompli and no discussion with the KL MPs before they are approved. I asked for full details of the Budget but DBKL is not prepared able to do so.

The following issues were also discussed:

Danau Kota Uptown Pasar Malam

The Danau Kota Uptown pasar malam that is opertaing until 4 am was brought up. I have reminded Datuk bandar that 500 residents have handed a petition pleading for it to be moved to another location away from residnetial area as it has created social problems to the residents and most all traffic congestion and nosie pollution.  I put on record that i am appalled by the insensitivity of the DBKL officer to approve 30 more stalls for the UMNOputra, Datuk Shafie Abdullah, the poltiical secretary to the Prime Minister, in the light of the petition.  I informed Datuk Bandar that the residnets of the area are not against the pasar malam and they are only aksing for it to be moved to a non-residnetial area like at the empty space beside DBKL.  I also protested about the interference of Datuk Shafie Abdullah intereference in the adminsitration of DBKL.  Datuk Bandar told the meeting that he is also against pasar malam opertaing daily until 4 am as it is most unhealthy. He has requested me to assist in finding an alternative site fot the relocation. I promise him that I shall provide him with the alternative site soon. However, Datuk Bandar did not address the issue of the political interference by Datuk Shafie Abdullah.

Gamabling Activities

Gambling activities in cyber cafes and slot machines were discussed. I told him that many reports have been lodged with DBKL about this but no actions were taken to stop such unhealthy activities. The reason given by the DBKL officers was that there is no law to prohibit such activities. I reminded Datuk Bandar that DBKl can withdraw the premise licence. Datuk Bandar has agreed that DBKl has the power to withdraw the premise licence.

Restoran Ras Hastini in Section 2

I asked Datuk Bandar why DBKL dare not take action agaisnt Restoran Ras Hastini just because of the political intereference from Datuk Shafie Abdullah. Bandar Bandar has promised to take actions to demolish the Ras Hastini stall in section 2 as it has occupied the pavement and government land.

Masjid Desa Sri Hartamas

A piece of prime land in Sri Hartamas has been gadzetted for the building of Masjid Desa Sri Hartamas in hte KL Draft Plan 2020 and yet DBKl approved for change of purpose from buidling of a mosque to building of a shopping complex by Glomac Bhd. The land was originally surrendered by other developer and it was subsequently given to Majlis Ugama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan for the soel purpsoe of buidling of mosques. How could DBKl granted the conversion and thereafter the Development Order.  There must be “unseen hand” involved and there was also “magic” in the process of the approval.  Datuk Bandar himself admitted that he was also unhappy about this and agreed that there was an “unseen hand” and “magic” involved in the said approval.  I did tell the meeting that I shall bring this scandlous issues to the attention of Parliament.

There were other minor issues were also brought up for discussion.

11 thoughts on “10 WP MPs met with Datuk Bandar KL on 4th December, 2009.

  1. Angel_X

    hello YB, long time no see. I hope you’re well.

    I can say please keep up the good work, however, you should also make good ties with the media since recently there were a lot of publicity of that chair thrower.

    With the sudden road repairs in Wangsa Maju, I sense that a hasty general election will come in next year.

  2. weng

    I cannot believe that the PM was interested in protecting illegal hawker stall like Restoran Ras Hastini.

    I just cannot believe that the PM allowed his aide (Datuk Shafie Abdullah) to put his finger in every pies. From hawker stalls to development orders.

    I hope that the MACC under Datuk Abu Kassim will open a file on Datuk Shafie and I am sure that MACC will uncover a lot of nonsense.

    If Datuk Shafie was involved in protecting hawker stall I am sure that he is involved in bigger things.

  3. ahmad

    The PM should investigate into the activities of his political secretary, Datuk Shafie) before it is too late. YB please expose him in Parliament so that he will stop interfering with the administration of DBKL.

  4. lee wee tak

    Shafie should buy a house in Danau Kota and stay there so that he oversee his 30 stalls better, preferably a house with the gate in the middle of the pasar malam

  5. jack

    hi YB:

    Again , we STILL suffer everynight from problem causes by this pasar malam , So , WHEN is this non sense moving to other place???


  6. Tee Ban Hoe

    I’m the ex-JMB member of Diamond Residences Condo, Jln 4/50 off Jln Gombak KL. I would like your office to assist to check with DBKL or the relevant authority why earthworks & now piling can be done behind our condo without engaging us as residence & apparently there was no
    proper approvals numbers on the signage erected at the site. Our management office has earlier lodged a police report on the developer for installing their hoarding planks on our driveway walls.

    Tee Ban Hoe

  7. weechookeong


    As promised, I have brought the pasar malam problems to the attention of Datuk Bandar on 18-03-2010. Datuk Bandar has decided that the pasar malam had to be moved.

    I have been informed this morning that DBKL has started to look for a new location for the pasar malam. I have insisted that wherever hit is moved to it must be away from residential houses.

    Lets hope that a new location will be found soon.

    Tee Ban Hoe

    Please be informed that your complaint has been brought to the attention of the relevant department in DBKL. The officer is looking into the matter.

    I shall revert as soon as I received any news from DBKL.

    Thank you so much for highlighting the problem to me.

    With kindest regards

    wee choo keong

  8. jack


    tq YB for still fighting for us (resident arround danau kota), hopefully this time it would not take long to solve the issue , as far as i could rememebr , we don organise an open house for atleast 3 years already , no matter its birthday, full moon, CNY,in any celebration form, eiksss..


  9. Yaacob

    Tee Ban Hoe

    Merujuk kepada aduan sdr, pihak DBKL Cawangan Wangsa Maju telah pun membuat tinjauan di tapak pembinaan tersebut.

    Maklum balas yang di terima dari Jabatan Perancang Bandar menyatakan kelulusan telah pun di keluarkan kepada pemaju berkenaan dan pemantauan akan di lakukan dari masa ke semasa.

    Terima Kasih.

    Yaacob Abd Hamid
    Pembantu Kepada
    YB Wee Choo Keong.

  10. Tee Ban Hoe

    Thank you YB and Yaacob for your assistance,

    The DBKL reports made are 7516 & 28493.008092. The report 28493.008092 was made on Sunday 28/3 for construction work done on Sunday by the developer.

    The same Sunday I have also made a report to the DOE to check on the impact of this development on the surrounding environment, safety and the river. The DOE report code is EW 0310 (090). I am worried about this development because it is 27 storey high, so near to the SJK (C) Mun Yee primary school, the river and also our Diamond Residences condo. In fact, the toilets in the construction site, if I’m not mistaken & I may be wrong, actually channels all toilet discharge directly into the river. This is a real DOE issue.

    Subsequently on Sunday also, I made a report thru the bomba.gov.my on the closed road previously available providing access to the recycle paper factory lorries and surrounding residents. This access road was crucial last year (2009) because the fire engine could not get through the residential area to put out the fire at the recycle paper factory. The bomba actually used this access road and used my condo fire hydrant instead to put out the fire.

    What I don’t understand is our condo strata titles have already been issued and clearly this developer (not sure whether it’s the same one) building this 27 storey condo behind our condo does not own the Diamond Residences land anymore. therefore, the “bantahan” process must be done as most if not all the tenants/owners of Diamond Residences condo never saw any K5 signboard, were and are not aware of this development until the hoardings were put up.

    Now if this is possible, then we may as well buy over a few bungalow lots at Taman Titiwangsa and build a 27 storey condo. I’m sure the residents there will protest such development.

    Really hope your office will continue to assist to followup with the relevant depts above and since our government now preaches “rakyat di dahalukan”, why not just get the Datuk Bandar of DBKL to issue a stop work order until all areas of concern have been addressed.

    Thank you & Regards,

    Tee Ban Hoe

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