Opening ceremony of service centre of Muk En Methodist Church in Setapak.

Pastor Lau, the Head of Muk En Methodist Church


The Opening Ceremony. left to right: Pastor Lau, yours truly and Mr Kenny Lim from INS Marketing Sdn Bhd

I would like to express my appreciation to Pastor Lau, the head of the MuKEn Methodist Church in Setapak, for inviting me to attend the opening ceremony of the said church’s service centre and its fund raising  carnival for a few Chinese schools in the Setapak area.  The theme of the day is: “To Live, To Love. We Live To Serve.” Pastor Lau spoke about his concerns of the mushrooming of cyber cafes in Wangsa Maju which is detrimental to the developments of our youth. 

I fully agree with Pastor Lau’s concerns. In fact, I have brought up to the attention of the DBKL with regards to the operations of cyber cafe with no or little control. I have officially informed DBKL that some of the cyber cafes are operating until 6 am and quite a number of them are actually gambling dens.  Furhter, school children with school uniform are allowed to patronise some of the cyber cafes. I have called upon DBKL to withdraw their premise licence if they were caught with allowing school children to patronise, gambling and operating after 12 mid-night. The excuse I received from DBKL was that there is no law for DBKl to take actions against the cyber cafes. I was officially informed that DBKL ‘s Legal Deparetment has completed the Cyber Cafe Regulations and were supposed to be in operation in March, 2009.  Unfortunately, until this day we have not seen such regulations have been proposed let alone passed. This is one of the glaring evidence of the empty slogan of “People First”.

During my speech today, I have promised to bring this issue for discussion during the debate in the  Committee Stage of the Budget Debate in Parliament within hte next two weeks.   I have also promised to assist the residents in Danau Kota to move out the Danau Kota Uptown Pasar Malam from Danau Kota to another place far away from residential area.

Today event was sponsored by INS Marketing Sdn Bhd which specialised in barley grass products.

3 thoughts on “Opening ceremony of service centre of Muk En Methodist Church in Setapak.

  1. John of Danau Kota

    leong from Fanau Kota

    You are right that the ex BN mp Yew Teong Look was the responsible to bring the uptown Pasar Malam to Danau Kota. He is just brainless. How could a MP allow a pasar malam operating nightly until 4 am very near to residential area? No wonder he was not reelected.

    I know the task of getting rid of thsi pasar malam is not easy because the UMNOputras are behind so DBKL officers including datuk Bandar have no ball to help the rakyat.

    Knowing our YB character he will definitely pressing DBKL and the government to move this pasar malam. To achieve this, we all must help our YB by giving him support to take actions against DBKL.

    Thank you YB for the help, please let us know in your blog whenever you need help to protest or any other actions. I know that the residents of Danau Kota are against this pasar malam as it breeds crimes and other social problems.

  2. yusof

    a loud and consistent voice needs to be channel to DBKL. i know the people in DK have been raising the issue.. just keep on the pressure and bug DBKL to take action

    we all know even though PR has selangor but the lower rung people that carries the work are more incline towards BN and these people are known to sabotage PR in Selangor. RPK has a good piece on this. Basically saying UMNo/BN are actually running the state

    keep up the good job YB. I had a bit of hope of Fuad being the mayor compared to previous ones

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