Day 1 in The United Nations, New York

Here’s the spot where world leaders hold their press conferences

I arrived at New York on 04 October, 2009. YB Datuk Richard Riot Anak Jaem, MP for Serian (Sarawak); YB Abd Rahman Bin Bakri, MP for Sabak Bernam (Selangor) and YB Zulkifli Noordin, MP for Kulim Bandar (Kedah) also arrived yesterday. I was informed that YB Datuk Richard Riot and YB Zulkifli almost missed their connecting flight from Amsterdam to New York because the travel agent, Angkasa Travel, which was appointed by Parliament, did not make the necessary bookings for their connecting flight.

Luckily both of them got the assistance from a Malaysian lady, who has been working in the Schipol Airport for almost 20 years, otherwise they would have taken the next flight back to Malaysia.

At about 8:30 am this morning (October 5th), we were briefed by the Ambassador/Permanent Representative to the UN, Yg Bhg Datuk Hamidon Ali, and his members of staff regarding the UN.

Malaysia joined as UN’s 82nd Member  and the late Tun Dr Ismail delivered Malaysia’s first statement in the UN in October 1957  and Malaysia’s main objective was and still is:


Malaysia had been a three-term Non-Permanent Member of the Security Council (1965-66, 1989-99 and 1999-2000), President of the United Nation General Assembly, President of the 55th Session of the General Conference of UNESCO (1989), Chairman of G77 (1989), Chairman of the UNCSD (1993-1994), Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General to Myanmar (2000 to 2005) and etc.

Malaysia had previously played a significant role in peacekeeping operations (PKOs):  first in October 1960 in Congo (UNOC), 24 other PKOs involving 17,000 personnel. At present Malaysia is currently involved in 12 PKOs and military observer operations.

This afternoon, I did observe the Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security at the Security Council.  It is a fact that so many innocent women and children live under fear and in conflict and post-conflict situations.   Several members of the Security Council have called for the protection of women and children, who have been forced into numerous vulnerable situations.

To sum up the issue, I would like to quote Ms Ahsa Hagi Elmi Amin of NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security:“Women’s participation in peace process is not optional: it is a requirement.  However, it is not only the job of women to bring these voices and issues into all conflict resolution and rebuilding efforts. Men must also ensure that women’s right and interests are meaningfully addressed in all peace processes, and included in peace agreements and conflict transformation planning, such as security sector and judicial reform, service provision, in addressing impunity, and in the  truth and reconciliation process.”

This update had been published inside the UN building and below are some pictures taken in and around the United Nations building.

Groupshot outside the Malaysian Mission; (L-R) YB Zulkilfi, YB Rahman, YB Richard and yours truly

The “Tepak Sirih”: Malaysia’s gift to the UN

Security Council meeting in session

Yours truly in the UN compound

The UN building and compound

Thank you and have a pleasant day.

6 thoughts on “Day 1 in The United Nations, New York

  1. Habib RAK

    Glad to see u and other PR reps are attending the UN conference. Most of us are very unclear as to how and why the PR reps selected to be in UN. Perhaps you can explain to us. We are not objecting. In fact we welcome it but just wish to know how this came about. Have a productive session in NY. Cheers Habib RAK

  2. weechookeong


    Yes, the travel agent almost screwed the trip for YB Zulkifli and YB Datuk Richard Riot Jaem. our positions on all issues will be the stand taken by Malaysia. We are here representing the country. Our personal views do not play a part in our positions during the debate.

    It is a good experience whereby a lot of negotiation taking place outside the chambers and committees meeting. Most of the resolutions were passed by consensus rather than after long debate.

    Habib Rak

    I am informed that last UN session a PAS MP was part of the Malaysian delegation. There are other international conferences where opposition MPs have been selected to represent Malaysia. There is also a DAP MP in the Malaysian delegation for UN.

    I do not know how the selections are made for all the meetings or conferences.

    It is very tiring because we start the day at 8:30 am until about 6 pm. By day end we are all exhausted.

    With kindest regards to all.

    Wee Choo Keong

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