DBKL's outright insensitivity to the wishes of the residents of Danau Kota!

On 29 July 2009 several residents in the Danau Kota area and I presented a Petition signed by more than 500 residents protesting against the Danau Kota Uptown Pasar Malam. The biggest gripe of the residents here is that it operates daily from 10.00 pm to 4.00 am and the miseries the Pasar Malam had brought about.

Datuk Bandar KL and DBKL, to be utterly honest, shouldn’t pasar malams be strictly a once-a-week affair and be confined to the sanely hours of 5.00 pm to 11.00 pm?

A little history: This Pasar Malam was initially operating at Uptown Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, and due to protests from the residents and shopkeepers in the area, it was moved to Section 2 in Wangsa Maju. Again, the residents of Section 2 protested and it was then relocated to Danau Kota.

Originally DBKL announced that this Pasar Malam would be limited to the trading of “barangan kering” and souvenirs/gifts. It was also supposed to be confined to an empty land. Now it seems there is no restriction of what can be sold and we now see food of all sorts also being offered for sale here.

The said Pasar Malam is so close to the residential houses that it has resulted in numerous inconveniences, to put it mildly. What’s most disconcerting is that, for quite some time now, the residents have been complaining of social problems and noise pollutions which had, in many ways, been contributed by the inaction of the previous MP, Datuk Yew Teong Look, and nothing had been done to address these problems up till now.

Hence, as a last resort, they have taken a group decision to hand over a Petition to Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur in the hope that Datuk Bandar will look into their plight and relocate the Pasar Malam to another place away from a residential area. Some of the residents have also voiced out their displeasure to me to what they feel is an affront to the wishes of the community by a recent insensitive act of DBKL. That despite the said Petition, DBKL has taken upon itself to further add another 30 or more stalls in front and by the side of the existing shop lots.

I have made some enquiries and to my horror it was confirmed today by the Pengarah of Jabatan Pengurusan dan Pembangunan Penjaja that the DBKL Management has indeed given the approval for the setting up of the additional stalls. What utter rubbish is this, Datuk Bandar KL and DBKL?

This approval is extremely insensitive to the wishes of the residents in the area. In fact, it can be said that such a decision taken by DBKL was made in total disregard of the welfare of the residents, who are rate payers to DBKL. What’s most unacceptable is that until this date, we have yet to receive any reply from the office of the Datuk Bandar even though reminders have been sent every now and then. Apart from being not in-line with the PM’s policy of “People First,” obviously such insensitive action or inaction by DBKL has definitely made a joke of the PM’s policy, too.

Considering this new development that has cropped up, I will be having an emergency meeting with the residents to discuss the next course of action.

19 thoughts on “DBKL's outright insensitivity to the wishes of the residents of Danau Kota!

  1. YL Ang

    Dear YB,

    Sorry this is off topic, but urgently I need to make a decision before the EGM of MCA.

    I know choosing between Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek is very difficult. Ong talk of reforming party. Chua talk of human rights. But everybody knows Chua Soi Lek is Ling Liong Sik’s man. Its an open secret!

    I do not mind Ling Liong Sik bankrolling Chua with his private money. But I’m hearing a lot about Ling connected with PKFZ corruption. I don’t want to support corrupter! And what about his son Hee Leong who became a billionaire when Ling was Transport minister ? Is Yew Teong Look in Wangsa Maju clean?

    Do you have any info from your file about Ling that people like me should be aware of?

    If its very bad, I’ll consider jump to PKR and join you.


    Dear YL ANG,

    Tiny correction:

    I’m afraid apa yang you maksudkan adalah considering jump to PKR atau MDP, and join him.

    It’s your call, bro.


    yb, bila u nak buat emergency meeting tu… jgn lupa post details on the blog before bukan after meeting so taht ramai can join you.

    betul tak, wangsa maju voters club?

  4. Lim

    Yew Teong Look was the then MP to move the Pasar Malam from section 2 to the existing site (the open square). when the residents approached him about the problems caused by this pasar malam, he just brushed the residents aside. That is Yew Teong Look for us. He loves press conference but on this issue he pretended that it was non existent.

    DBKL management is definitely insensitive to the feeling of its rate payers. This is how DBKL compliment the Najib government’s People First Slogan. To DBKL money/jalan first and its top management is just not interested in the people problems and feelings.

    YB should whack Datuk Bandar in Parliament for being insensitive to the people’s feelings. 500 residents have signed a petition and handed over to Datuk Bandar and yet the top managemeet saw it fit to approve more stalls.

    The residents should protest at Dewan Bandarraya or if necessary launched a protest wherever Najib goes.

    DBKl management is out of touch and made people suspect that they are corrupted.

  5. Ahmad

    I have friends who are living around the pasar malam. They are complaining about the social problems created by this pasar malam operating until 4 or 5 am daily. It is really unthinkable that pasar malam operates until early hours in the morning. I am not surprised that more than 500 people have signed the petition against it.

    Datuk Bandar should relocate this pasar malam away from residential area if he wants to encourage the “Lepak Culture” in our society. How could people go to work if they are shopping until 4 am.

    Najib should look into this matter if he wants his slogan of “People First” to be of meaning. Now it would appear that it is people last and the opinions and feelings of the rakyat are totally ignored by the top management of DBKL.

    I just could not believe that when the people are objecting to the pasar malam and wanted it to be relocated and yet the top management of DBKL could approve additional stalls so as to creat more social problems and noises.

    I fully agree that DBKl top management is totally insensitive to the feelings of the rakyat.

  6. Chong of Danau Kota

    This is DBKL for KL residents. The DBKL officers have no heart for the people. They are only interested in taking salary and treat us like shit.

    The Datuk Bandar appears to be alright but such thing still happened. No one in the right mind would have given approval for more stalls when the residents were protesting against the existing pasar malam for creating all the problems for the areas.

    Datuk Bandar, please stop all the nonsense of your high ranking officers, who are good for nothing. Najib should take actions over such matter and tell Datuk Bandar to relocate the pasar malam if he is serious about “People First”. I think that it is more of the UMNO first and people can go to hell. This is what is all about regarding this pasar malam operating until 5 am!!!


    Remember this number… STRAIGHT UP!

    Well, it’s lagu mat salleh… to be exact – Paula Abdul…

    In my opinion, to management the problem according to MBO philisophy, one should not mix up thing to the pleasure of the comment writer or readers…

    What I mean is one’s thinking should not cross the ‘ambiguous’ line… I pun marah dengan dengan DBKL on enforcement of few things… tetapi to help minimize the ‘constituency problem’ we should not blindly relate other elements like UMNO, PKR, PAS, DAP to to the matter…

    Secondly, be frank and don’t elevate things… pasar tu operate until 4 am… itupun kalau sesiapa joining morning drive… pasar tu dah tutup pun! Tak percaya cubalah drive pagi-pagi buta…

    And furthermore, pasar tu bukan lah tempat untuk berlepak… bro, tu kan tempat cari rezeki… certainly not to us but for some of us… it is a life continuous support system… i strongly believe that i should without fail, think and think over and over before releasing any controversial remarks…

  8. jack

    hi sir :

    glad these issues still being notice , and whats the next thing we going to do to move the bazaar to a more propriety venue?

    for those who love the late night pasar malam so much, i don mind let go my house for your love , anyone interested please leave your contact over here,

    YB , for your info, there were more and more stall operating and more social problem created. this is a MUST STOP activities.


  9. SMLee

    The fault or the problems are not of the night market. There are similar night markets in other countries that operates 24/7.

    It is the problem of enforcement and regulations.

    Also the visitors to these market should be considerate too.

    DBKL should station their officers at the market until 4am.Their presents should be felt and they should carry out their duties without favoratism.

    DBKL should not let cars parked everywhere causing traffice jams. It is not fair for others to suffer just because these hawkers need to earn a living, even though it is in the middle of the night. There should be law and order anytime of the day.

  10. setapakman

    I’ve noticed also that many residents have started to sell their units and move out. I believe on my road itself, 6-7 residents have left for good.

    DBKL should allocate a larger place, with proper parking to the traders. Imagine a bigger place can open more opportunities to more traders. Efficient parking means more people will come and therfore more revenue. I think Setapak Jaya is a suitable location as it still got ample space.

    As for DBKL, maybe we should just stop paying the assessment rates. If many of us do so, the amount can be quite significant.

  11. Dozen

    Salam kpd YB dan semua pelawat dalam blog ini,

    Uptown Danau Kota merupakan punca utama berlakunya kes kecurian di kawasan Taman Danau Kota. Kes pecah rumah dan ragut sudah banyak berlaku sehingga pernah disiarkan dalam surat khabar mainstream. Kewujudan Balai Polis Danau Kota untuk menyimpan kereta peronda bukanlah jaminan bahawa Taman Danau Kota ini selamat. Pada ketika umat Islam menjalami ibadah puasa, penduduk Danau Kota mengalami kejutan dengan kes kehilangan tayar kereta. Hampir semua kejadian ini berlaku pada waktu tengah malam. Saya harap YB dapat membuat sesuatu dalam kejadian ini dan pejabat YB yang terletak di Danau Kota sepatutnya membuatkan YB lebih arif mengenai kebajikan dan masalah penduduk Taman Danau Kota. Antara cadangan utama saya ialah Rela dan anggota keselamatan perlu diletakkan di kawasan perumahan ketika Uptown sedang beroperasi berbanding keadaan sekarang dimana mereka hanya menjaga di kawasan Uptown tanpa memikirkan keselamatan penduduk setempat. Semoga kawasan parlimen Wangsa Maju bebas daripada jenayah. Selamat hari raya saya ucapkan kepada YB dan pelawat-pelawat di dalam blog ini.

    P/S : Saya merupakan penduduk Taman Danau Kota yang baru-baru ini kehilangan sebanyak 2 biji tayar kereta.

  12. jack

    hi YB :

    it has been months after months , year after year, we , danau kota resident has not even ONE day of good rest .can you notice what are the voice of the people ??? is there something we can do ??

    please , help us ..

    jack .

  13. jack

    hi yb:

    now is 12am , i just had an argue with the pasarmalam visitor who inconsiderate park and block infront of my gate , there were 4 of them and i acquire them to move their car, they give reason like ” u mau keluar ah?”, “you punya kereta tak boleh keluar ah?”, ” sekejap saja “. but i refuse to give way until the extand of i almost wanted to slaughter them .

    this is the situation i face everynight . as well as most of the neighbour. we had enough , any more tickle of our nerve. we’ll be on fire .

  14. setapakman

    I 100% agree with Dozen. The crime rates have escalated to a vey high level due to this bazaar larut malam. The bazaar as advertised by the sign-boards, is operated between 10pm and 4am.

    Two week ago, my neighbour got robbed by 4 parang-wielding robbers at 6pm in broad daylight. They trailed his motorbike and just walked straight into his house. Heard from this same neighbour, that 2 cars were stolen on the same street we are staying a month ago.

    A couple of months back, my cousin who lives a couple of houses away got robbed by 2 robbers on a motorcycle, posing as policemen. He was walking back to his house from the bazaar. Luckily his mother-in-law ran into a nearby house, otherwise she would have lost her gold chain too.

    My sister in law was also robbed at 6:30pm a couple of months back – on her way back from the LRT station near here. The two robbers on the motorcycle took out a parang, and she fell while trying to run. They took her bag, she suffered minor injuries due to falling.

    Residents dare not walk to the shops nearby, as chances of them getting robbed is very high. Dont go jogging or walk alone in early morning or after 7pm. Risikonya memang amat tinggi.

    Its very, very obvious that robbers/theves come to the night market to lepak, and then later prey on the residents there.

    The police may say they are short-handed, but come on, do you think by increasing the numbers, we can solve the traffic chaos, parking woes, crime rates at this area ? They always come after the incident, and its such a hassle to lodge a complain and a disapointment, knowing that its not going to help you in any way.

    YB and others,
    Can we refuse to pay the assessment to DBKL ? Why should we pay, when they have made our lives a living nightmare ? Maybe we can highlight in the local media – Taman Setapak Indah/danau Kota residents refuse to pay assessment due to DBKL ignorance/negligance.

    As for the traders, they should also push DBKL to give them a proper place with ample parking facility.

    Bila terdapat ruang tempat letak kereta dan suasana yang kurang sesak seperti ini, sudah pasti akan ada lebih ramai pengunjung ke bazaar larut malam. Pendapatan juga akan bertambah dikuti dengan penyertaan lebih ramai peniaga. Buat masa ini tempat di sini sudahpun terlampau sesak sehingga tiada ruang lagi untuk menampung peniaga-peniaga baru. Saya syorkan mereka berpindah ke kawasan yang lebih luas serta selesa.


  15. Not to mention that over parking like double, triple park. Even resident area were invaded.
    My house front gate is parked almost every day after 11pm. This is very trouble some as i went home without a parking space. I hope Mr. Wee can urge the “so call” Rakyat diutamakan DBKL to do some works. Or simply migrate the pasar malam again to Bukit Antarabangsa whereby the known and the wealthy lived. I dare them to do so…..haha.

  16. weechookeong


    Please be informed that I have tabled a question on this matter in Parliament. I will be publishing them later this afternoon.

    I understand and share your concerns over this issue. I will definitely do what i can about this Danau Kota Pasar Malam. It must be moved to another place from away from residential areas.

    Thank you.

    With kindest regards

    Wee Choo Keong

  17. Kanasai DBKL

    Hi YB,

    I just come across different view from this source.

    It will be good if you can initial a session between DBKL, Danau Kota residents and Bazaria Larut Malam Danau Kota.

    I feel this is insecure if communication channel is not form for every one. From info replied by visitors from the blog, they may go violence to against you. Please take precaution for your own safety.

    Facts is facts and no one can override rules.

    I truly support you.

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