MACC and IRB: In BN we trust, the rest we will harass

When it comes to enforcement and deciding to prosecute, the behavior of some of the governmental bodies is amazingly strange and utterly biased. But what’s more unacceptable is the fact that their “selective acts” had never failed to insult the intelligence of the man-in–the-street and why they persist in making themselves appear as fools and laughing-stocks with their stupid antics is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

Let’s examine some recent high-profile cases that would help illustrate my point and which also would have given the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) enough to jump to their feet and pounce on the evidently guilty parties.

Remember Tan Sri Muhd Muhammad Taib, the former Selangor Mentri Besar (MB) of the then Barisan Nasional (BN) state government?

Muhammad was nabbed in Australia carrying a briefcase full of cash amounting to A$1.2 million in Brisbane in 1996. Know what? He got away by pleading that he was ignorant of the need to declare his “wealth” to the authorities because he could not read or understand English.

The former BN strongman also had the audacity to claim that the reason he was in Australia was to go shopping.

When he returned, neither the MACC nor the IRB lifted a finger to probe how Muhammad could afford to carry cash worth a few million Malaysian Ringgit in public for shopping purpose.

Recently, another former Selangor MB Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, also from BN, admitted having built a palatial mansion that is worth millions of ringgit. Where is the probe by MACC and IRB?

The current Selangor MB Tan Sri Mohd Khalid, not from BN, was not so fortunate. He went through hell last year with the MACC’s swiftness to act over the use of state funds to purchase some cows as donations for Muslims to perform their annual religious sacrifice. The MACC also found fault with Khalid for using the state to pay for his private car’s maintenance even though the car was and still is being used for official purpose. Of course, till now, no formal charges have been filed against him. Only embarrassment caused.

In the current case of the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock, the MACC found the need to probe complaints of irregularities in the purchase of Malaysian flags for Merdeka Day amounting to about RM2,000.

And now, popping up out of the blue, is the announcement by Parliament Backbenchers Club chairman, Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, that he gave a RM10 million “loan” to then MCA vice-president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat to help the latter fund MCA’s divisional needs in the party elections.

Tiong, the Bintulu MP who is a key player in the multi-billion ringgit Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) fiasco, also told Malaysiakini that the rumour about him “donating” RM10 million to Ong was true.

Tiong was quoted as saying: “Ong asked me to support him. As a new leader, he needed funds for activities. We are politicians, we need funds to sponsor our activities.”

Now, was the RM10 million allegedly delivered in cash or as a “loan” or as a form of “donation”? Whichever, shouldn’t this immediately raise the suspicions of MACC or the IRB? Or is it acceptable to both the MACC and IRB, that it is normal for Malaysians to carry or give away millions in cash?

Perhaps the key reason for such selective instances to pounce by the MACC and IRB has something to do with the word spelt “B-N.”

It’s also interesting to note that Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB) which is PKFZ’s turnkey contractor, is said to have owned two aircrafts with a third on order.

Hmm, by the looks of things, Malaysians have surely reached an all-time high in terms of wealth possession and the MACC and IRB somehow do not seem to think that there is anything to be suspicious about.

If you are part of “BN” I suppose one can get away with anything. But try delaying a settlement of RM300 in taxes with the IRB as an ordinary man-in-the-street and see what will happen to you in double quick time — to get you to pay up or suffer the consequences.

14 thoughts on “MACC and IRB: In BN we trust, the rest we will harass

  1. Jimmy

    How about Ng Yen Yen and Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai with connection to Venturepharm? MACC is moving very slowly too. Even in such obvious cases, MACC is moving far too slow. Just get the account of Venturepharm, Grace Chen’s personal accounts in Malaysia and Switzerland, I am certain that there will be a break through.

    Of course, provided that MACC wants to do their job.

  2. YB

    Re Taib Mohd, a trial actually took place in M’sian courts as to the excessive funds (appx. $4 million?) found on him in Australia.

    Taib’s brother, who was a major shareholder and Chairman of a local Plc testified that he gave the money to his brother. The Court accepted that and Taib was found not guilty!

    That still does not explain news that has come about over the years in the internet that the total value of properties Taib is purported to own in Australia and NZ is some $30 million !!

    But you are right. We don’t care who it is, Pakatan or BN. As long as the MACC sets some materiality and priority policies and goes after the BIG FISH first regardless of race, religion, creed or political affiliation, we will support them 100%.

    In the current scenarion, MACC has only itself to be blamed for the Public’s perception that they are selective in their investigations!

    We are all of 1 race, he Human Race

  3. YB chee keong, this is your friend George Choo Volvo. just like me,I know u are frustrated at the MACC. Th MACC office in Selangor are under the control of a DR: GIGI,hence they is no action taken against him. Whereas,the MACC office in Putrajaya are under the control of the PM. If you have read the Malay Mail today,the MACC officers are complaining of their frustration of not getting the cooperation of Pakatan Rakyat people.This is because most people do not have respect for the MACC. For the Rakyat to respect the MACC,the MACC MUST INVESTIGATE and charge this DR GIGI who is a “KAKI RASUAH YANG BUAT KERJA TIPU” FOR CORRUPTION.

  4. James

    MACC should waste no time to start an in-depth probe into Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd’s activities into PKFZ. As a start, MACC should interview Chan Kong Choy and Ling Liong Sik. It was during their time that PKFZ started.

    PKFZ is just another scam. So was Venturepharm.

  5. The above is a good summary, past and present.

    I think we all agree MACC is a political tool to squash the PR. What a joke appearing in the MSM about being frustrated carrying out their duties. This Mohd Shukri Abdul tokok or wat.

  6. TomCat

    YB, I think PKR should be thankful for the continued stupidity of MACC & PDRM & their BN bosses in outraging the public with their extreme heavy handedness and one-sided attacks on PKR and the general population. They continue to think people are stupid enough to believe the rubbish they spin by way of cover up. Instead, they are hardening the resolve of the people to kick them out come next GE.

  7. Amused

    The public should be asked if the MACC adheres to its own Code of Ethics, featured in its website as follows:

    • Ensuring all orders are being carried out with full loyalty and commitment and in compliance with the religious principles, laws and rules adopted;
    • Endeavor to enhance efficiency, professionalism and self excellence through continuous pursuit of knowledge and experience;
    • Act with trust, firm, wise, truthful and transparent without expecting any personal benefits or rewards;
    • Determined and be positive in facing challenges, in an objective and realistic manner;
    • Self -disciplined to uphold best practices and avoid disavowal;
    • Be praiseworthy and strive to enhance accomplishments and integrity; and
    • Maintaining the secrecy of department’s information

    The outcome will be shocking, but thats why MACC is now the ‘darling’ (often spoken about) agency in Malaysia.

  8. Lim

    Oh Ya! Mat Taib did not understand English then. By now he must have learned the English language and that’s why he was appointed Senator and then Minister.

    He must have also learned not to bring so much cash for shopping. He should have used his credit card and all is well!!

  9. The declining personal income tax collection is also a good excuse to pave way for the Goods & Services Tax (GST). The GST will cast a wider net than its predecessor, the sales and services tax, and will affect every consumer in the country, ‘rich’ or ‘poor’.

    Prices of goods and services will be higher with the ultimate beneficiary not being the government but the rakyat. The government needs money to run the country and pay its employees such as teachers, police, army and other public sectors. The teachers take care of our education, while the police takes care of civil order and protects the citizens from harmful crime. Money will also be needed to fund huge projects, which in turn, will create jobs for the people.

  10. Perhaps as the Secretary General of Malaysian democratic paty,Wee
    should start foramlising talks with pakatan along with PSM and PRM to support the Selangor Pakatan and enter into an aillance to regiater with ROC.the seven party rule is a nusiance to be overcome.

  11. Dap_Watch

    Yes…MACC is simply pathetic in addressing corruption in Malaysia compare to the Hong Kong ICAC. MACC to the public point of view is not totally independent enough. I still remmeber the chief said that they can start to investigate immediately any occurence even though there is no police report against that person suspected for corruption.

    Look at Khir Toyo case and also PKFZ. How long it took them to act? Pretty long…..How long does it take for them to act on all those allegation against Pakatan Leaders? Almost immediately……We, the rakyat Malaysia and satu 1 Malaysia are not stupid and we are not born yesterday that doesn’t have any brain at all. The MACC chief can say all he wat but we know what is happening..

    I am a neutral person who doesn’t side on anybody. Corruption is a very complex thing that need serious attention and effort from all sides to tackle.. The Pakatan Leaders and the BN Ledaers need to buckup if they are srious in this issue.

    Why I said the Pakatan Leaders need to buckup? It happen to one of the constituency in Penang. Ahh…Penang..The home of the DAP..and they think they can do whatever they want even though they have garner majority votes. This girl by the name of Miss Yeap is working in the Komtar Constituency and she is publicly abusing her power. She has been actively asking the Penang business community to donate huge amount of money. The strange thing is that there is no announcement of Request For Quotation (RFQ) for any jobs or activities or projects that is being conducted for the KOmtar Constituency. The question here is, “Where Does The Money Goes”? Does her boss that is YB Ng Wei Aik is aware of her doings? That is for YB to answer. She is abusing her power as the “Special Project Assistant” to the YB by awarding jobs to her own family. Is this what you call CAT? Now this is a good time for the MACC to act on this claim to see whether I am telling the truth or not. How I know all this? I am a very close friend to few of the business commnity and they are sick of what she is doing.

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