Petition signed by over 500 residents handed over to Datuk Bandar KL

Several residents of Danau Kota, Wangsa Maju, and I went to Bangunan DBKL this morning to handover a petition to Datuk Bandar concerning the residents’ unhappiness over the social problems, crime rate, cleanliness, traffic congestion and noise caused by the Uptown Danau Kota Pasar Malam, which operates daily from 10 pm to 4 am. There are over 500 signatures in the said Petition. The said Petition was handed over to the Datuk Bandar’s Special Assistant, Tuan Hj Shaari bin Abdul Junid.


The Petition was presented to Tuan Hj Shaari Ahmad Junid.

The background to this pasar malam are as follows:

–   Originally the pasar malam was operating in Uptown Damansara Utama, PJ and due to the protest by the residents and shopkeepers there, it was stopped by MPPJ;

–   It then moved to Section 2 in Wangsa Maju and the residents in Section 2 protested and with the help of the previous Member of Parliament it was then relocated to Danau Kota; and

–   The residents of Danau Kota were extremely unhappy with it and have sought the help of the previous Member of Parliament to relocate but to no avail.

Two weeks ago, the residents could no longer tolerate the disturbance of the quiet enjoyment of their home, the social problems, the increase crime rate, noise pollution, etc, and they started a petition and managed to get over 500 signatures. The contents of the Petition are as follows:

Petisyen kepada Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur

“Kami, yang bertandatangan di bawah, adalah penduduk-penduduk di akwasan perumahan berhampiran Uptown Danau Kota. Kami membantah bahawa penjaja-penjaja telah menjaja di hadapan tepi Jalan 3A/6 dan masa berniaga tamat pada 4 pagi tiap-tiap hari adalah mengangu kacau kami.  Aktiviti-aktiviti pasar malam ini adalah tidak sesuai persekitaran kediaman. Dalam keadaan demikian, DBKL harus memindah pasar malam ini ke lokasi yang jauh daripada kawasan kediaman.  Terima Kasih”

I fully support this Petition concerning the social problems caused by this Uptown Pasar Malam. In fact, during several meetings between Datuk Bandar and MPs, I had asked DBKL to look into this matter. It seems that my requests had fallen on deaf ears. Now that a formal Petition has been handed over to Datuk Bandar KL, I shall keep on following up with the officers in DBKL to relocate this Pasar Malam far away from the residential area.

If the residents have any other complaints concerning this matter, please do not hesitate to lodge your complaint via this blog or come to my service centre after 8 pm on Wednesday. You can also contact my personal assistant, En Yacob bin Abdul Hamaid from 11 am to 6 pm daily except on Sundays and public holidays.

Thank you.

12 thoughts on “Petition signed by over 500 residents handed over to Datuk Bandar KL

  1. jack

    yes, we have done the physical petition hand in , but will keep in view how LONG the process of DBKL GOING TO BE . we’ll not tolerate anymore for this issues.

    thank you , YB WEE, for taking our matter as your own , unlike some other EX-exco, they just do not really cares. (because they have guard house infront of their own bangalo)…..

  2. Cheong

    I am a resident of the area and I hated the sight of the pasar malam. How can one tolerate a pasar malam that operates from 10 pm until 4 pm officially. But unofficially they started at about 8 pm and end at about 5 am.

    The dirt, noise pollution and crime are the order of the day. I hope that YB will push DBKL to stop such a pasar malam to operate in a residential area. YB please help us to get rid of this pasar malam. I have approached Yew Teong Look when he was the MP but he did nothing.

    Now that YB has help us to send in the petition, we hope that YB will follow up until this pasar malam is moved to another area that is far from residential area.

    Thank you for the help.

  3. jack

    hi cheong :

    ya , my neighbour is a member of MCA, in this area , last year he tried to approach to Yew teong look, and that fello said ” ya ya will look into this kinda rubbish…” and yet till now, he didn’t take any noticable action nor speech yet , the very remembrance word from him to resident of danau kota IS, ” NOW YB WEE IS THE PERSON IN CHARGE , GO ASK HIM TO DO LAH ….!!!!”

    This kinda people deserve the dropout from election . hopefully once this issue been settle , this EXCO WANNABE would not organise a press and claim that its his contribution to the people….


    ai, you one big joker…

    vote u to do something tangible to counter all these black elements… not going round collecting signature la.

  5. Lim


    Thanking for clarifying the charge by Cheong on Yew teong Look. I have had similar experiences. It was true that Yew was the one that brought the pasar malam to Danau Kota. Thank you Yew for causing all the social problems for us.

    What has been said by Jack is typical of Yew. Yew loves to see his name and picture in the Chinese newpapers so as to fool the Chinese voters that he is doing all the works. In fact, he loves to hijack works done by other people especially YB Wee. For e.g. the opening of the junction to Jalan Meranti, the demolition of the Menara Telco in Section1. Yet Yew dared to claim that it was him who did it. We all knew that YB Wee did it.

    On this isssue Yew dares not even leave a finger to call a press conference because he was the one responsible to bringing it to Danau Kota and secondly he has no balls to do ti.

    I am living near the pasar malam and I know how bad the situations are. Thank you YB for standing up and helping us in this matter. Please help us to make sure that pasar malam to be moved to a place that is far from residential area.

  6. Yeoh

    DBKL must not promote “lepak” culture by allowing pasar malam to go on until 4 am in a residential area. People need a good and peaceful sleep after a hard day work.

    Please visit uptown Danau Kota then you will know the sorry state of affairs. If you don’t live near there you will not be able to understand. I am glad that YB Wee has the courage to back the residents over this issue. Unlike the that former MP,who brought the problems to Danau Kota, is not prepared to put right what he had done wrong.

    This Yew Teong Look is only interested in getting cheap publicity by pretending to do work by hijacking what YB have done. When it is near to completion, he will call press conference to say that he did it. But we know he did nothing when he was the MP. He only gave us this Uptown pasar malam hell.

  7. Jim

    I live around Danau Kota. I fully support the idea to relocate the pasar malam to another location far away from residential area. How could DBKL allow a pasar malam operate until 4 am daily?

    I also support YB suggestion that the pasar malam be relocated to Bangunan Bandarraya in Jalan Raja Laut.

  8. Chong

    I do agree that the pasar malam should be moved to the front of DBKL so that we can attract more tourists and also no disturbance to residents.

    Danau Kota is definitely not suitable as it is too near tot he residential area. It really disturb the people there. Datuk Bandar please think of the residents, who are paying assessment rate to DBKL. So please think of hte tax payers for a change.

    What happened to the PEOPLE FIRST Policy?

  9. setapakman

    1. Roads Blocked [in and Out]
    The roads in and out of Taman Setapak Indah are blocked. Just to get in/out takes 10-15 mins. What if you have an emergency. say someone is sick ? Can an ambulance come in time ? If there is a fire/robbery, can the police get thru in time ?

    2. Daylight robbery
    I’ve seen snatch thefts during the day by parang wielding boys. I’ve seen attempted robbery by parang wielding youths at 6pm. The last was last friday, when 4 youths on a motorcycle, trailed my neighbour’s motorcycle into his house and attacked him with a parang before fleeing.

    3. Gambling
    Did you notice the “gambling” shops along the street. There are at least 3-4 of them. The police beat base is only 100 metres away man !!!

    4. Fights
    Seen a few fights breaking out between youths. Understand that the night market is controlled by some thugs.

    5. Parking woes
    As the parking is terrible, i noticed that the restaurants are suffering the most. Their patrons are reducing. In tought times like these, you sometimes wonder how they are coping with their loan repayments.

    6. Rubbish
    There is so much rubbish everywehere. Worst is on Sat/Sun. DBKL is forking out a good sum [of course, its the rakyat’s money] for this cleaning.

    Sadly to say, this Taman is losing its charm. What used to be a peaceful are is now a place you wouldnt want to stay in. This pasar malam must be relocated to some factory area, not to ANY residential area. DBKL should know this better than anyone.

  10. mama mia

    i think at this moment danau kota hv no pasar malam. me and family love pasar malam but at this moment we only hv uptown danau kota that i never went since i hv stayed for almost 6 year now.

    i admit the updown are making the area hectic and the traffic jam worst ever. i hope DBKL can remote them to kg pasir or kg pengantin since that area hv more bigger space.

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