Pavilion for 2010 Shanghai World Expo: Government should cancel contract to Venturepharm Asia and call for a re-tender!

Pavilion untuk Ekspo Shanghai Se Dunia 2010: Kerajaan harus membatalkan kontrak kepada Venturepharm Asia dan mengadakan tender semula!

It is an open secret that Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai is politically well-connected as we can see that many of the companies which were awarded contracts by the Malaysian Tourism Board are directly or indirectly connected to her. (Please read comment by Kang in previous post.)

Such award of contracts to a questionable company like Venturepharm Asia will definitely encourage more brain-drain as professionals see no future in Malaysia. The latest case of such ridiculosity had to do with the conceptualising, designing and construction of the proposed Malaysian pavilion in the shape of a Malaysian Minangkabau roof for the upcoming 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Such a project of national pride, in the first place, should have been a 100% Malaysian effort. But, no, the project was somehow ‘hijacked’ to a foreign company in China which has absolutely no knowledge of our local Minangkabau culture and history, resulting in a ‘rojak’ design of a pavilion which had incorporated graphic nuances that are more Indonesian rather than Malaysian. This cannot be accepted. To the more knowledgeable people, this will appear to be a gross misrepresentation of our local Minangkabau culture and Malaysia will yet again become a laughing stock of the world!

Whether it had become obvious to many, the facts revealed in my postings regarding this issue clearly showed conflict of interests all over the place especially on the part of Ng Yen Yen.

Up to this date, the Ministry of Tourism has not made public the members of the Tender Committee, which had purportedly made the decision to appoint Venturepharm Asia, which did not take part in the first tender.

What’s most glaring in this ugly episode is the following fact. After the first completed tender was canceled and a second one called for, apparently for the ‘convenience’ of Venturepharm Asia, the company somehow was able to table a tender price that was exactly RM1,000 short of the RM20 million reserved price, resulting in the company being awarded the project. If this did not smell most foul, then I won’t know what would.

In view of the questionable way the tender was finally concluded, the many conflict of interests that had occurred, and, the on-going investigation by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and the MACC into Venturepharm Asia, the Government has no alternative but to cancel the award and call for a re-tender by another committee with members outside the Ministry of Tourism.

– Terjemahan oleh Cik Zalarina bte Hj Zainal Abidin – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Pavilion untuk Ekspo Shanghai Se Dunia 2010: Kerajaan harus membatalkan kontrak kepada Venturepharm Asia dan mengadakan tender semula!

Telah menjadi rahsia umum bahawa Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai mempunyai kaitan politik di mana kita dapat melihat kebanyakan daripada syarikat-syarikat yang telah dianugerahkan kontrak-kontrak oleh Badan Perlancong Malaysia adalah secara langsung atau secara tidak langsung berkaitan dengan beliau. (Sila baca ulasan oleh Kang dalam penulisan sebelumnya.)

Menganugerahkan kontrak kepada sebuah syarikat yang boleh dipersoalkan seperti Venturepharm Asia akan mendorong lebih banyak penghijrahan profesional-profesional setelah melihat tiada masa depan di negara ini. Contoh terbaru adalah melibatkan konsep, rekaan dan pembinaan Pavilion Malaysia yang mempunyai rekabentuk atap Minangkabau untuk Ekspo Shanghai Se Dunia 2010.

Satu projek yang sepatutnya menjadi kebanggaan negara, haruslah 100% usaha raykat Malaysia. Tetapi, malangnya, projek itu telah ‘dirampas’ oleh sebuah syarikat asing di Negara China yang langsung tiada pengetahuan tentang budaya dan sejarah Minangkabau setempat. Ini telah mengakibatkan satu reka bentuk ‘rojak’ sebuah pavilion yang telah menggabungkan nuansa grafik yang lebih banyak bercirikan konsep Indonesia dari Malaysia. Ini tidak boleh diterima. Kepada orang yang lebih mengetahui, ini akan memberi satu gambaran yang salah mengenai budaya Minangkabau kita dan negara Malaysia akan sekali lagi menjadi bahan ketawa dan cemuhan dunia!

Sama ada ia diketahui oleh umum atau tidak, fakta-fakta yang saya keluarkan dalam penulisan saya mengenai isu ini menunjukkan dengan jelas konflik kepentingan di serata tempat terutama yang melibatkan Ng Yen Yen.

Sehingga kini, Kementerian Pelancongan tidak memaklumkan kepada awam ahli-ahli bagi jawatankuasa tender, yang dikatakan membuat keputusan bagi melantik Venturepharm Asia, sebuah syarikat yang tidak mengambil bahagian dalam tender pertama yang telah diadakan.

Apa yang amat ketara adalah fakta-fakta berikut. Selepas tender pertama dibatalkan dan permintaan tender kedua diadakan, yang jelas nampaknya bagi ‘kesenangan’ Venturepharm Asia, syarikat berikut bagaimanapun telah mampu mengemukakan satu harga tender yang kurang RM1,000 dari had harga RM20 juta, membolehkan syarikat itu dianugerahkan projek tersebut. Jika ini tidak mendatangkan kemusykilan, saya tidak tahu apa lagi.

Jika dipandang cara tender itu ditamatkan, keraguan timbul di mana banyak konflik kepentingan telah berlaku, dan juga siasatan berterusan oleh Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Innovasi dan SPRM kepada Venturepharm Asia, menyebabkan Kerajaan tidak mempunyai pilihan tetapi membatalkan kontrak berkenaan dan mengadakan semula tender terbuka oleh jawatankuasa yang lain dengan ahli-ahli dari luar Kementerian Pelancongan.

34 thoughts on “Pavilion for 2010 Shanghai World Expo: Government should cancel contract to Venturepharm Asia and call for a re-tender!

  1. Con Job

    I fully with YB that this project should be canceled and a re-tender to be called. The government must ensure that there is transparency in the tender and the decision. Datuk Ng Yen Yen and the officers in the Ministry of Tourism should not be part of the Tender Committee.

    In the interim, MACC should carry out a full scale investigations into how Venturepharm was awarded with this contract. It just stink.

  2. 1 rakyat


    It would be wise to reconsider the original 9 bidders for their REAL interest in securing the Project.

    They have goe through the ordeal twice on the tender process.

    It would be ideal to relook into their designs and award the Project to the most DESERVING Pavilion that can truly promote MALALAYSIA!!!!!

  3. Kenny

    The award of the pavilion project to venturepharm stinks. So for heaven sake have a re-tender exercise. We cannot allow Taiwanese to play with our rakyat monies.

    The government should do a thorough check on the background of this Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai and a thorough investigations into all the accounting records pertaining to all payments made to Daro Worldwide Sdn Bhd and Darley PR. I believe that all the rubbish will be dug out.

  4. Extremely interesting…If one were to change names and organisations, one would discover that this is precisely what happened in case of Pakistan pavilion. Question is, would re tendering help the matter when there are only ten months left in the event ? Then there will be the question of refunds and return of undeclared understandings. It will be too messy.
    I think time has come to form an independent body of EXPO experts at international level without the involvement of governments and officials to help, guide and lawfully support the participants so that each country can present itself in its true color, concept and form without undesirable actions figuring into the process of participation. Such a body with its office in each country, would be a bridge between the participationg country and the host. BIE has its charter and functions that do not embrace this aspect. In the recent months we have seen that USA has dragged its feet about participating in EXPO 2010. Had there been a body like the one being proposed; It would have been simpler for USA to find a solution thus saving both the Chinese and the Americans from the uncalled for stress.

  5. 1 rakyat

    If you were to ponder on the design of the awarded Malaysian Pavilion, seems that The Chinese designer did a marvelous job in creating a Chinese COFFIN to be a Malaysian showcase.

    They have created a astonishing majestic RED masterpiece for their own pavillion and a majestic COFFIN for Malaysia!!!

    Bravo!!! Yen Yen BOLEH!!

  6. 1MadDick

    what a sour grape…

    when those flers talking about tens of millions, u guys could only get hold of a few thousands, izzit

  7. confused

    Typo corrections, please delete previous….use this please

    Dear YB,

    I have a question for you. As this is a public tender, would it be possible to compel the Minister to release publicaly all the designs that tendered for the project including the drawings and how they arrived at the justification for the award.

    If it is within the public’s right to know, and if the Minister does not release these details, is it possible to seek legal recourse to do so or to seek an injunction to stop the award from being executed in the public interest?

    Because as of this point, the silence from our statutory institutions regarding this issue which is so blatant is deafening.

  8. bOROi

    MACC declared in local newspapers that they do not have to wait for anybody to make a report for them to investigate. They are referring to the information stated in the blog written by someone not dissimilar to the malay proverb baling batu sembunyikan tangan.

    And here open and full disclosure by YB on the misdeeds Venturepharm, without the need to sembunyi tangan.

    Lets see if MACC will act, or will they they act selectively just to satisfy the ruling Government.

  9. John Tan

    I am in full agreement that the award for Venturepharm Asisa should be canceled and re-tender. Of course, the Ng Yen Yen and her officers should not be in the Tender Committee as to avoid allegations of conflict of interest.

    Venturep[harm Asia smells like ….

  10. bOROi

    Basic procedure in a tender would require a prequalification process, this to evaluate the suitability of the tenderers before they are allowed to tender. We do not want any Tom, Dick and harry to be allowed to tender, their financial capacity, previous work carried out on similar jobs etc etc. Wonder if proper prequalification exercise has been carried out.

  11. anonynmous

    There were enough details on your first posting. In fact, more than enough details to cancel the award to Venturepharm. We all know that Venturepharm has no experience in construction works or biofeed. The award to Venturepharm must be canceled.

    Thank you YB for keeping us informed.

  12. The Iron Duke @ The Churchill

    Dear Friends,

    Please lend me your eyes and read what has been written.I am calling upon the MACC to invoke some sort of decency in bring to book offenders (CRIMINALS).

    Maybe they have smaller fish to fry,whilst the sharks are at work.This is clearly a miscarriage of justice. It cant get darker than this for Malaysia.

    I am not sure about the sort of evidence that may be required to effect matters to move.But this is larger than life in real print….

    I rest my case…please make your way to the 36th Floor PWTC,Jalan Tun Ismail and start your work…on the way down please do not forget to bring Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai with you.You may want to call for reinforcements as she is heavily connected.

  13. Chong

    Congratulation to Datuk Mirza for being acquitted by the court on the charge of getting free treatment for his dental treatment.

    I would like to see Datuk Mirza back to work as the director general of Ministry of Tourism. Datuk Mirza is a good man. I am sure that such thing will not happened if he was not suspended.

    We look forward to see you back at the Ministry soon.

  14. bOROi

    I dont know… if you get treatment and suddenly another party pays for the cost….sounds mighty suspicious if you ask me. I can understand it if a charitable person decides to pay for everbody’s treatment that particular day, but if only you gets that benefit and the party also has connection with your workplace SOUNDS MIGHTY SUSPICIOUS. But then again the Court works in mysterious ways…

  15. Chong


    Under normal circumstances you may be right. In the case of Datuk Mirza, he has been acquitted by the Court. If we do not believe in our judiciary then I have nothing much to say. In any event, Datuk Mirza looks very decent. I have heard from the staff int he ministry of Tourism that he is a nice man.

    Anyway I accept your view. Thank you.

  16. con job

    Ng Yen Yen, the minister of tourism, has been out of action for some time. Official functions were attended by her macai, Datuk On, the director general.

    The director general of tourism is still unable to rebut what YB has alleged in his blog. Ng Yen Yen is running for cover. She dared not face the reporters altogether. She knew that she cannot answer any of the allegation in YB’s blog.

    The director general is just a “sudak suruhan” of the minister. If he is worth his position, he should come out to refute what have been alleged here.

    Of course, I knwo that he or Ng Yen Yen are unable to do so because it contained too many details.

    Thank you YB for keeping us informed of such information. We know what to do when the next election comes.

  17. Kim

    I am glad that datuk Mirza is back as the DG of Tourism Ministry. Datuk, please take note that Grace OyanYun Shai of Venturepharm Asia is a very very closed friend of Ng Yen Yen. Almost everyone in Tourism Ministry knew about their relationship.

    We must stop the abused of public fund by Venturepharm. It has already bluff Minsitry of Science and Technology and it was stopped half way. Now it is the Tourism Ministry turn. Stop it before Grace Chen screw up the Ministry of Tourism.

  18. Sounds very darcy…. Why is Ng Yen Yen still not back to answer to all the accusations and straighten things out if she has nothing to hide? There are too many coincidences.
    Calling for second tender is one and Dr. Ong’s explanations (in Ng Yen Yen’s Blog) is not convincing because you are implying that the earlier Tourism minister did not disclose the theme to the bidders. I am sure the bidders being all professional companies and willing to spend so much time and money will find out the theme before starting to work on it and their first bidding will comply with it. I have more faith in our countrymen.
    The second is why a pharmaceutical company when we have so many big professional designing and architectural companies with international reputation in Malaysia bidding for it?
    The third is why accept the design done by overseas talent (China) when our designs are of such high standard? Don’t we have our own Malaysian talent? Is Ng Yen Yen showing no interest in our own talents? Countries overseas, even Singapore are attracting professionals over offering them jobs and opportunities and showing how much they value the talents of our Malaysians. Our PM has asked professionals overseas to return and yet we have politicians who show no respect and interest in our own talents.
    The fourth is the tender prize. Why so many companies are not told and tender so much higher while the pharmaceutical company, Venturepharm Asia, was able to tender just RM1000 below the limit! Very suspicious indeed.
    The fifth is Ng Yen Yen’s relationship to the company and I also heard her own son also benefited. Is it true? There are more but I guess we better wait for Ng Yen Yen to explain all the above first.
    YB, Wee Choo Keong, you have done a good job in bringing this out.

  19. Joan

    Ng Yen Yen has been extremely quiet about this matter. So is the director general Datuk On is equally quiet. Therefor, what YB Wee has stated in his blog must be true. There are too much details in this blog.

    Ng Yen Yen, the public is not stupid. So it time, for you to come clean and tell us the truth about your involvement with Grace Chan Oyan Yun Shai. Ohterwise please resign. Malaysia image already koyak by the publication of this scandalous story in the Shanghai Expo official website. The scandal is now internationally known!

  20. Chang

    Is Ng Yen Yen going to get away with what she has done without having to explain? The Shanghai Expo is drawing near and Malaysia is still not represented. This is a very important big International event where most countries have submitted their designs. China is expecting a lot of visitors to the Expo and there will be a lot of publicity and news coverage. Malaysia needs such an exposure to boost its Tourism. Ng Yen Yen should quickly call for a re-tender with quality design by own talented Malaysian and showing our own cultures and style of building. If Malaysia does not take part in this expo or uses that shameful Indonesian design done by foreigner, we shall loose out in a big way as this expo is going to be as popular and as big an international event as the Peking Olympic. If Ng Yen Yen is really dedicated to Malaysia, she should quickly do something about it and not keep quiet to avoid publicity for her own selfish gain.

  21. Silentscream

    Are you Malaysian People Slow Learner huh, after The wayang and Pendet Dance Incident (in Enigmatic malaysia) few weeks ago, you didnt’t take lesson and still want to steal Indonesian sculpture style by showing it as your culture design at World expo.

    Minagkabau is from Indonesia, and it will always belong to the Indonesian.

    What the f*** are you want huh, by keep stealing like this ???

    Don’t you have an another Idea to Build it by your original style, or you just Too D*mB and lack of creativity so you take a copy and paste it from indonesian culture.

    what a Malingsian, Thief of The Asia

    maling will always be a Maling

  22. truth finder

    Take a look at the official website,

    The groundbreaking and job has started in Shanghai. Project proceed as tender awarded. NYY was there to witness the groundbreaking.

    Grace and NYY has transferred the money into their Swiss account.

    MACC has complete their investigation and Venture Pharm is labelled clean and clear of corrupt.

    Malaysia is on course for another Indonesia protest for being Cultural Theft.

  23. Choon

    Recently, there was an Indonesian Student protest reported in the Star where rotten eggs were thrown at our embassy just because Discovery Channel used an Indonesian Bali dance to represent Malaysia. The Minister explained that this is discovery Channel’s mistake and not ours and Discovery channel has apologised. However, in spite of such experience, the Ministry of Tourism is still going ahead with the Indonesian Minagkabau design, therefore inviting another reason for such a protest and Ng Yen Yen will not be able to get out of this as she still go ahead with such a design by foreigner inspite of having been warned that it is not Malaysian. This will harm Malaysia’s good reputation.
    One other thing I just cannot understand is why include a miniature golf course in the Malaysian Pavilion? Why Golf? Golf has no Malaysian identity and is not part of the Malaysian culture! In fact if you need to add in a sports we are certainly better known for our Badminton achievements.
    Ng Yen Yen’s website showed there is “no comments” after her reports on expo’s matter. This is because she has rejected comments from viewers as efforts to make even very mild comments have been rejected.

  24. confused

    lets for a moment forget about all the controversy and question marks regarding the contract of this pavilion.

    lets just talk about the design and the thought behind it. the malaysian pavilion was recently highlighted in which is one of the foremost architectural design websites. almost all the comments and response from its readers which are mostly professional designers and architects says the malaysian pavilion is just plain ugly, senseless, uncultured, and a failed architectural experiment. and of course the indon commentators are having a field day..

    in short most of the designers are disgusted by the malaysian pavilion. one even compared it to the monstrosities emerging out of vegas, completely lack of thought and culture. indonesian or malaysian, the pavilion design is a complete insult to the fine minangkabau culture. the pavilion is all childish and tacky, just an ugly form with hardly any depth or substance.

    however what strikes me is that the malaysian pavilion is a complete n true representation of the people behind it.

    congratulations, we have again manage to show the world the level of intelligence and capabilities of the malaysian nation!

    and to all those indonesian foul screamers, people ‘copying’ your culture is a show of respect and honor to yourself. please grow up and accept that culture knows no boundaries.


    It’s been half a century and well known to all Malaysians that our government is either “buta buat, buta jadi” or “buat demi untung, laku demi untung” for themselves.

  26. John

    What I cannot understand is why the Malaysian Minister of Tourism for choose such a design out of so many better ones…….This one is not even created and drawn by our own Malaysian…(as she has pointed out earlier that it was drawn by a Shanghai company). Ng Yen Yen said during the opening ceremony that she will move the Pavilion to a permanent display place in China after the Expo to “promote” Tourism to Malaysia. What a joke…..I am sure Indonesia will be very happy as it will mainly promote their Tourism.

  27. Ajo

    Minang kabau hails from West Sumatera, Indonesia. Many tourists from all over the world have visited West Sumatera to see beautiful landscape (mountains, green hills, waterfalls, lakes), culture and food of Minang land. They appreciate Minang Kabau’s unique architecture (cow’s horn shapes). Authentic Minang Kabau’s Nasi Padang is also world famous.

    A tourist who ever been to Padang, Bukittinggi etc in West Sumatra will have a big laugh when he/she sees the Malaysian Pavilion in Shanghai. It is pretty much stuff from Indonesia.

  28. disappointed

    I just got back from the world expo… it is such a beautiful expo with a lot of great pavilions but the one which caught my eye was actually the Malaysian Pavilion.

    Worst of all! Poor workmanship! Poor maintenance (KLCC model looked like collapsing), no theme, no synergy, no proper marketing, no story line… BORING!!

    The curry laksa & satay is TOTALLY SUCK to the max…. how can they sell malaysian cuisine that even i myself cook better than them… SUCKS

    Indonesia, and Thailand had a great pavilion, and it make Malaysia looked so small, and so outdated… what a shameful design… Even Vietnam and Cambodia looked better… those turkmenistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal design is more appealing…

    I’m so disappointed with the malaysian pavilion… feel like digging a hole and hide myself.

  29. niz

    Malaysian being called malingsia…its ok but the Indonesian is the top thiefs and brutal crimianals im malaysia…..just check our jails…full of Indonsian yang memang maling….For those good at heart Indonesian there are those we will welcome..and the rest please go back and maling your own people……

  30. Apa boleh buat ?

    I receive email from my lucky friend who visit Pavilion for 2010 Shanghai World Expo : He said China pavilion need more than 4 hours to visit , other big pavilions between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours to visit even Africa one ( have shark inside ) also need about 2 hours . Some pavilion although small like Malaysia one but they are using very advance technology .
    Some pavilion like Macau one , small but still impressive
    ( the entire building looks like rabbit ) .

    It is nothing wrong to promote food and beverage item but
    I dont undertstand why curry laksa and satay since this item also avalaible in other countries . Or Msia the only pavilion
    promote food and beverage item ?

  31. Apa boleh buat ?

    First we think 2010 Shanghai World Expo is about something
    like 3 days PC Fair . But looks like mostly every country
    participate in this permanent tourist Expo . So I think RM 20 million is too little to build our Msia Pavilion consider even build simple bus and taxi terminal also need about RM 70 million . RM 50 million still reasonable , patut belanja should belanja . So far I dont see any PR highlight these issues in 2009 and so on to make it better except u . May be PR want to memalukan BN , but forget memalukan BN in international area , also means memalukan Rakyat Msia .

    In Shanghai , not just laksa and satay , but even Starbuck ,
    Burger can be found . May be Msia should promote Otak-Otak
    ( although still no so good idea but at least acceptable )

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