Minister of Tourism says Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd has no political link!

Update, 22 July 2009: World Shanghai Expo 2010 website here also publishes most of what I have written about on this subject!

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Menteri Pelancongan kata Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd tidak mempunyai hubungan politik! (Versi BM ada dibawah)

The Minister of Tourism Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen, had denied in The Sun today (20 July 2009) that there was no “political link” when it awarded the RM19 million contract to Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd (Venturepharm) to build the Malaysia Pavilion for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai and that it was done via an open tender and the process was carried out in a clear and transparent manner. The Minister had also denied that the ministry had helped Venturepharm to win the contract.


On 22 June 2009, the Minister of Science and Technology in response to my question has stated in Parliament as follows:

–   In 2008, Venturepharm was granted “Dana TechnoFund” amounting to RM5.36 million from the Ministry for research into “Localisation of mucosal bio-additive” for feed in Malaysia.

–   It was found out by the Ministry that Venturepharm only had the ability to do the said research via transfer of technology and collaborations from one Dr Mingwei Chen from XLW Inc USA.

–   As at 10 March 2009, the Ministry had already paid out RM2,264,800-00.

–   The remaining sum of RM3,095,200-00 has yet to be paid.

According to the corporate information of Venturepharm, which was obtained from the Companies Commission of Malaysia, the company is “engaged in research and development, and marketing of pharmaceutical products.”

Venturepharm was incorporated in 19 August 2005 and it had no previous experience in pharmaceutical products or any form of research and development. Venturepharm share the same registered office as Daro Worldwide Sdn Bhd, which was awarded the contract by the Malaysia Tourism Board to operate the Tourism Call Centre. The monthly payment for the Tourism Call Centre is RM47,500-00.

Datuk Mustapa bin Juman, the former chief executive officer of FELCRA who was charged for 3 counts of CBT involving RM40 millions and who was subsequently acquitted, is the common director and shareholder in Daro Worldwide Sdn Bhd and Venturepharm. Madam Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai  is the director and shareholder of Venturepharm and her son, Chin Fook Kwon, is the director shareholder of Daro Worldwide Sdn Bhd.

I have reason to believe that XLW Inc is not an expert in bio-feed or has the capability to transfer technology to Venturepharm. On 03 May 2008, Venturepharm signed the transfer of technology agreement with XLW Inc USA. The said agreement was signed by Mr Yang Keng Chiang on behalf of XLW Inc USA. I have been informed that recently the Ministry of Science, Technologies and Innovation had commenced investigation into this matter and in the interim the Ministry had frozen further payment of the TechnoFund amounting to RM3,095,200-00 to Venturepharm.

In early July 2009, I had provided the MACC with all the relevant documents pertaining to the Venturepharm joint co-operations with XLW Inc. I had been informed that MACC had commenced investigation into this matter.

Daley PR & Communication CoLtd

Mr Yang Keng Chiang a.k.a. Ken Chiang, who is also the managing director of Daley PR & Communication Co Ltd (Daley PR) is based in Guangzhou, China. Mr Ken Yang Keng Chiang is also the manager of XLW Inc USA. Ms Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai, who originated from Taiwan, is the chairperson of Daley PR. For further information, please visit the website of Daley PR: You’ll notice that Madam Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai  is also the shareholder and director of Venturepharm.

Daley PR had also been awarded with exclusive contracts by the Malaysian Tourism Board under the Ministry of Tourism to promote Malaysia in China. Among other things, Daley PR is to place advertisement on billboards, commercials on tv and radio and carry out other advertising activities.

I have spoken about most of the above matters in June Session of Parliament.

Developtrends Sdn Bhd

The nature of business of this company is “providing advertisement services for Malaysia Tourism in foreign countries.” It also shares the same registered office address as Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd and Daro Wordwide Sdn Bhd at Wisma Daro, 96 B, Jalan Cerdas, Taman Connaught, Cheras, KL.

Developtrends Sdn Bhd is a shareholder in Konsortium Perikanan Nasional Bhd (KPNB), which was incorporated on 20 March 2006.

The establishment of KPNB is an initiative of the Malaysian Government, carried out via the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry. It is a National Project which is spearheaded by the private sector, and is tasked to play a key role in the development of the fisheries industry in the country in the new millennium, and thus be a partner with the government to facilitate the achievement of the NAP3 (1998 – 2010). Please go to

Y.B. Tan Sri Dato’ Hj Muhyiddin Bin Hj Mohd Yassin, is the advisor of KPNB.  Ms Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai is a director of KPNB.  But Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai is not a director or shareholder of Developtrends Sdn bhd.  Please go to for information.

Profile of YB Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen

It must be noted that YB Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen was the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism from 1999 – 2003.  From 2003 she was appointed Minister of Finance. On 10 April 2009, she was appointed the Minister of Tourism.

At one time Ms Ivy See was her personal assistant when she was the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism. After she was appointed as Deputy Minister of Finance, Ms Ivy See left the ministry and joined Daley PR as its executive director. At the material time, Ms Ivy See and Mr Ken Yang Cheng Kiang, who is also the manager of XLW Inc USA the business partner of Venturepharm, were running Daley PR in Guangzhou.

The Contact to Build Malaysia Pavilion At The 2010 Expo In Shanghai

The first tender was opened on 13 March 2009 and it was closed on 03 April 2009 when YB Datuk Azalina Othman was the then Minister of Tourism.

Not long after YB Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen was appointed the new Minister of Tourism, the first tender was canceled. Thereafter, Malaysian Tourism Board reopened a new tender on 13 May 2009 and it was closed on 04 June 2009.

The names of the company bidding for the First Tender are as follows:

AMD Network Sdn Bhd RM 29,130,050.00 RM 29, 948,650.00
Ad Suria Sdn Bhd RM 27, 200,200.00
Media Signs Sdn Bhd RM 29,460,000.00 RM 29,500,000.00
Expo Jaya Sdn Bhd RM 19,800,000.00
Pico Integrated Exhibits Sdn Bhd – Option A RM 15,933,000.00
Pico Integrated Exhibits Sdn Bhd – Option B RM 13,890,000.00
Qube Integrated Sdn Bhd RM 23, 682,750.00
Wingspan Integrated (M) Sdn Bhd RM 19,988,000.00
AR Factor Resources Sdn Bhd RM 23,091,860.00
WellAd Communications Sdn Bhd RM, 89,872,319.70

In the Second Tender, two additional companies participated and they were:

Kumpulan Jetson Bhd                                            RM38,833,000.0
Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd                                 RM19,999,000.00

Malaysia Tourism Board has now awarded the project to Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd, which is directly connected to Ms Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai, to build the Malaysia’s Pavilion for the 2010 Expo in Shanghai.

The Minister of Tourism must explain the followings:

  1. Whether she was aware that Daley PR was the appointed PR company to promote Malaysia in China by Malaysia Tourism Board?
  2. At the material time, whether she was aware that her former personal assistant, Ms Ivy See, Mr Ken Yang Cheng Kiang and Ms Grace Chen Oyan Yun Sai were directors of and/or closely connected with Daley PR?
  3. Ever since Daley PR was appointed, up to this date what has been the total sum that was paid by the Malaysian Tourism Board to the company?
  4. Whether she was aware of the fact that Developtrends Sdn Bhd, which shares the same registered office address as Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd and Daro Worldwide Sdn Bhd, is a shareholder of Konsortium Perikanan Nasional Bhd?
  5. Whether she was aware that Ms Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai is a director of Konsortium Perikanan Nasional Bhd?
  6. Why was there a necessity for the Malaysian Tourism Board to cancel the First Tender when the particulars of the said Tender had been properly advertised in the newspapers and closed?
  7. Whether it is true that there will be a variation order of RM10 million for this project to build Malaysia’s Pavilion for 2010 Expo in Shanghai?
  8. What was the basis for Malaysia Tourism Board to award the contract for the building of Malaysia’s Pavilion to Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd, when it has no previous experience in the constructions business, against other bidders, who have good track records/experiences to engage in such a project?
  9. Why the Malaysia Tourism Board or Ministry of Tourism has yet to announce the fact that Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd has been awarded the contract to build Malaysia’s Pavilion in the 2010 Expo in Shanghai?

Terjemahan oleh Cik Zalarina Bte Hj Zainal Abidin – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Menteri Pelancongan kata Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd tidak mempunyai hubungan politik!

Menteri Pelancongan Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen, telah menafikan dalam The Sun hari ini (20 Julai 2009) bahawa tidak ada “hubungan politik” apabila ia menganugerahkan RM19 juta kontrak kepada Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd (Venturepharm) untuk membina Pavilion di Ekspo Shanghai Se Dunia 2010 yang dibuat melalui satu tender terbuka dan telah dijalankan secara jelas dan telus. Menteri Pelancongan juga telah menafikan yang kementerian itu telah membantu Venturepharm untuk mendapat kontrak itu.


Pada 22 Jun 2009, Menteri Sains dan Teknologi sebagai menjawab kepada soalan saya telah menyatakan di Parlimen ungkapan berikut:

– Pada tahun 2008, Venturepharm telah dianugerahkan “Dana TechnoFund” berjumlah RM5.36 juta daripada Kementerian berkenaan bagi penyelidikan kepada “Localisation of mucosal bio-additive” untuk kegunaan di Malaysia.

– Kementerian dimaklumkan bahawaVenturepharm hanya mempunyai keupayaan melakukan penyelidikan berikut melalui pemindahan teknologi dan kerjasama dari Dr Mingwei Chen daripada syarikat XLW Inc USA.

– Pada 10 Mac 2009, Kementerian telah pun membayar sebanyak RM2,264,800-00.

– Baki jumlah RM3,095,200-00 masih belum dibayar.

Menurut maklumat korporat Venturepharm, yang diperolehi dari Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia, bidang syarikat berkenaan adalah “penyelidikan dan pembangunan dan pemasaran produk farmaseutikal.”

Venturepharm ditubuhkan pada 19 Ogos 2005 dan sebelum ini tidak mempunyai pengalaman dalam produk farmaseutikal atau sebarang bentuk penyelidikan dan pembangunan. Venturepharm berkongsi pejabat pendaftaran dengan Daro Worldwide Sdn Bhd, yang telah dianugerahkan kontrak oleh Badan Pelancongan Malaysia untuk mengendalikan pusat panggilan pelancongan. Pembayaran bulanan untuk pusat panggilan pelancongan adalah RM47,500-00.

Datuk Mustapa Juman, bekas ketua pegawai eksekutif FELCRA yang telah dituduh untuk 3 kiraan pecah amanah melibatkan RM40 juta dan kemudiannya dibebaskan dari tuduhan, adalah seorang pengarah dan pemegang saham dalam Daro Worldwide Sdn Bhd dan Venturepharm. Madam Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai adalah pengarah dan pemegang saham Venturepharm dan anak lelaki beliau, Chin Fook Kwon, adalah pengarah pemegang saham Daro Worldwide Sdn Bhd.

Saya mempunyai sebab untuk mempercayai bahawa syarikat XLW Inc bukan merupakan pakar dalam “bio-feed” atau mempunyai keupayaan untuk pemindahan teknologi kepada Venturepharm. Pada 03 Mei 2008, Venturepharm menandatangani perjanjian pemindahan teknologi dengan syarikat XLW Inc USA. Persetujuan bertulis telah ditandatangani oleh Mr Yang Keng Chiang bagi pihak XLW Inc USA. Saya telah dimaklumkan baru-baru ini bahawa pihak Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Innovasi telah memulakan siasatan mengenai perkara ini dan buat sementara waktu pihak Kementerian telah membekukan pembayaran lanjut TechnoFund berjumlah RM3,095,200-00 kepada Venturepharm.

Pada awal Julai 2009, saya telah menyerahkan kepada SPRM semua dokumen-dokumen berkaitan kerjasama Venturepharm dengan syarikat XLW Inc. Saya telah dimaklumkan bahawa SPRM telah mula membuat siasatan dalam perkara ini.

Daley PR & Communication CoLtd

Mr Yang Keng Chiang a.k.a. Ken Yang, merupakan pengarah urusan Daley PR & Communication Co Ltd (Daley PR) yang beroperasi di Guangzhou, China. Mr Ken Yang Keng Chiang juga merupakan pengurus bagi syarikat XLW Inc USA. Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai, yang berasal Taiwan, adalah pengerusi Daley PR. Untuk keterangan lanjut, sila layari laman web Daley PR: Dapat diperhatikan bahawa Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai juga adalah pemegang saham dan pengarah Venturepharm.

Daley PR telah dianugerahkan kontrak-kontrak eksklusif oleh Badan Pelancongan Malaysia di bawah Kementerian Pelancongan bagi mempromosikan Malaysia di Negara China. Antara lain, Daley PR menjalankan aktiviti pengiklanan di papantanda-papantanda, tv, radio dan lain-lain.

Perkara-perkara tersebut telah saya bentangkan di sesi Parlimen pada bulan Jun yang lepas.

Developtrends Sdn Bhd

Bidang perniagaan syarikat ini adalah “menyediakan perkhidmatan pengiklanan untuk pelancongan Malaysia di negara asing.” Ia juga berkongsi pejabat pendaftaran yang sama dengan Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd dan Daro Wordwide Sdn Bhd di Wisma Daro, 96 B, Jalan Cerdas, Taman Connaught, Cheras, KL.

Developtrends Sdn Bhd adalah salah satu pemegang syer dalam Konsortium Perikanan Nasional Bhd (KPNB), yang telah ditubuhkan pada 20 Mac 2006.

Penubuhan KPNB adalah satu inisiatif Kerajaan Malaysia, dijalankan melalui Kementerian Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani. Ia adalah satu Projek Nasional yang dipelopori oleh sektor swasta, dan ditugaskan untuk memainkan peranan utama dalam pembangunan industri perikanan negara di alaf baru ini, dan dijadikan rakan kongsi dengan kerajaan bagi mejayakan NAP3 (1998 – 2010). Sila layari

YB Tan Sri Dato’ Hj Muhyiddin Bin Hj Mohd Yassin, adalah penasihat bagi KPNB. Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai merupakan salah seorang pengarah KPNB. Tetapi Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai bukan pengarah atau pemegang saham Developtrends Sdn Bhd. Sila layari untuk maklumat lanjut.

Profil YB Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen

Perlu dimaklumkan bahawa YB Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen merupakan bekas Timbalan Menteri Kementerian Kebudayaan dan Pelancongan daripada tahun 1999 – 2003. Bermula dari tahun 2003 beliau pernah dilantik sebagai Menteri Kewangan dan pada 10 April 2009, telah dilantik sebagai Menteri Pelancongan.

Ivy See merupakan pembantu peribadi beliau ketika memegang jawatan Timbalan Menteri di Kementerian Kebudayaan dan Pelancongan. Selepas beliau dilantik sebagai Timbalan Menteri Kewangan, Ivy See meninggalkan kementerian dan bekerja dengan Daley PR sebagai pengarah eksekutifnya. Pada waktu tersebut, Ivy See dan Mr Ken Yang Cheng Kiang, yang juga merupakan pengurus bagi syarikat XLW Inc USA, iaitu rakan niaga Venturepharm, bersama-sama menjalankan operasi Daley PR di Guangzhou.

Kontrak untuk Membina Pavilion Malaysia di Ekspo Shanghai Se Dunia 2010

Tender pertama telah dibuka pada 13 Mac 2009 dan ditutup pada 03 April 2009 apabila YB Datuk Azalina Othman ketika itu masih Menteri Pelancongan.

Selepas YB Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen dilantik sebagai Menteri Pelancongan yang baru, tender pertama tersebut telah dibatalkan. Kemudian, Badan Pelancongan Malaysia telah membuka semula satu tender baru pada 13 Mei 2009 dan ianya pula ditutup pada 04 Jun 2009.

Nama-nama syarikat yang membuat tawaran pada tender yang pertama adalah seperti berikut:

AMD Network Sdn Bhd RM 29,130,050.00 RM 29, 948,650.00
Ad Suria Sdn Bhd RM 27, 200,200.00
Media Signs Sdn Bhd RM 29,460,000.00 RM 29,500,000.00
Expo Jaya Sdn Bhd RM 19,800,000.00
Pico Integrated Exhibits Sdn Bhd – Option A RM 15,933,000.00
Pico Integrated Exhibits Sdn Bhd – Option B RM 13,890,000.00
Qube Integrated Sdn Bhd RM 23, 682,750.00
Wingspan Integrated (M) Sdn Bhd RM 19,988,000.00
AR Factor Resources Sdn Bhd RM 23,091,860.00
WellAd Communications Sdn Bhd RM, 89,872,319.70

Dalam Tender Kedua, dua buah syarikat tambahan telah mengambil bahagian dan mereka adalah:

Kumpulan Jetson Bhd RM38,833,000.0

Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd RM19,999,000.00

Badan Pelancongan Malaysia kini telah menganugerahkan projek tersebut ke Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd, yang secara langsung berkaitan dengan Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai, untuk membina Pavilion Malaysia untuk Ekspo Shanghai Se Dunia 2010.

Menteri Pelancongan harus menjelaskan perkara-perkara berikut:

1.         Sama ada beliau sedar Daley PR merupakan syarikat Perhubungan Awam lantikan bagi mempromosikan Malaysia di Negara China oleh Badan Pelancongan Malaysia?

2.         Yang pada ketika itu, sama ada beliau sedar yang bekas pembantu peribadi beliau, Ivy See, Ken Yang Cheng Kiang dan Grace Chen Oyan Yun Sai adalah pengarah-pengarah dan /atau dikait rapat dengan Daley PR?

3.         Semenjak lantikan Daley PR, sehingga kini berapakah jumlah keseluruhan yang telah dibayar oleh Badan Pelanconan Malaysia kepada syarikat berkenaan?

4.         Sama ada beliau sedar bahawa Developtrends Sdn Bhd, yang berkongsi pejabat pendaftaran yang sama dengan Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd dan Daro Worldwide Sdn Bhd, adalah pemegang syer di Konsortium Perikanan Nasional Bhd?

5.         Sama ada beliau sedar Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai adalah merupakan seorang pengarah Konsortium Perikanan Nasional Bhd?

6.         Mengapa perlu ada keperluan untuk Badan Pelancongan Malaysia membatalkan tender pertama apabila butir-butir bagi tender tersebut telah diiklankan dengan betul di akhbar-akhbar dan telah pun ditutup?

7.         Sama ada benar bahawa ada satu “variation order” sebanyak RM10 juta untuk projek membina Malaysia Pavilion untuk Ekspo Shanghai Se Dunia 2010?

8.         Apakah asas Badan Pelancongan Malaysia menganugerahkan kontrak bagi membina bangunan Pavilion Malaysia ke Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd, apabila ia tidak mempunyai pengalaman terdahulu dalam bidang pembinaan, berbanding para pembida-pembida lain, yang mempunyai rekod-rekod prestasi yang baik/mahupun pengalaman-pengalaman untuk menceburi projek tersebut?

9.         Mengapa Badan Pelancongan Malaysia atau Kementerian Pelancongan masih belum mengumumkan fakta bahawa Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd telah dianugerahkan kontrak untuk membina Pavilion Malaysia di Ekspo Shanghai Se Dunia 2010?

73 thoughts on “Minister of Tourism says Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd has no political link!

  1. donplaypuks


    I think you have them by the short and curlies. Well done!

    Go for it and bring the walls of this corrupt regime tumbling down like at Jericho!


    We are all of one Race, the Human Race!

  2. Kenny

    Wow! Ng Yen Yen is going to faint after reading this article. This article should be posted in the 2010 Expo website for the world to read.

    We all know that Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd has no political links with the minister!! Tells that to the marine Ng Yen Yen.

  3. Lee

    YB you definitely got her by the …

    She said that Venturepharm has no political connections and the contract was awarded by way of open tender. Yes, why terminate the first tender. Was it because Venturepharm was not in the tender?

    Why venturepharm joined the second tender after Ng Yen Yen took over? If it is interested in the project, why it didn’t participate in the first tender?

  4. Ahmad

    No political link. what a bullshit! Please look at all the connections of the companies mentioned in YB’s blog. It is so clear. Even a blind man can see the connection except Ng Yen yen. SHe can’t because she was blurred.

  5. Keng Lim

    A real expose! In the light of what have been published here, the Ng Yen Yen must now explain what does she mean by “no political link”.

    The political links are all over the places. If she is unable to give a satisfactory explanation then she must immediately resign. The Sun report has been posted in the Expo 2010 website.

  6. Chang

    I pitied those established companies who have tendered. They must have made great efforts by working very hard for it hoping to win and also spent quite a large sum of money and it is is fair for that lady to make a fair choice by merits only. To give it to a small firm with no building and designing experience is beyond any reasonable thinking person. I wonder if it is true that the company who won the bid is in some way related to her son. Worth checking it out if it’s true though before we make any accusation. If so she is really unreasonable and I hope the authorities will get to the bottom of it. Getting a truly good reputable firm with a truly good design will be beneficial to Malaysia as the Shanghai Expo will be visited by many throughout the world. It apparently will be as big as the Peking Olympic. I have seen pictures of some of the pavilions such as the French and the British pavilions on CCTV and they are really exceptional and we must be up to that standard to compete to give Malaysia a good name…..thus the one that give the best design must win and not for other reasons.

  7. Ghostbuster

    You need to ask more to Expo Jaya and Wingspan Integrated. They have something in common to Venturepharm. All of them know the tender price is RM20M. Coincident? Someone has leaked the value so that their clony got the job. Such is standard in govt tender.

  8. Dimebag

    Ad Suria or MST Ad Suria were the chaps who organized the “Eye of Malaysia”..which was a larger scam. Well AD would have done a better job since they import almost everything from the UK, hence the price tag i guess…im guessing VenturePharm is like Ad Suria where u have a company, with no experience what-so-ever in organizing exhibitions of this scale, going to a foreign country and making Malaysians look like fools… do u know the budget for the Eye of Malaysia? well…im guessing it cost more than the Singapore Flyer that’s 3 times the height of our local wheel. *sigh*…out of all of them, (although i hate singapore) imho, PICO would have made us look very good in shanghai…but i guess it’s not the case la…haha..

  9. Joe

    Ng Yen Yen was talking rubbish. The political links of Venturepharm Asia SB are all over the place. Received the Technofund grant of RM5.36 million to do biofeed research and development from MOSTI and now got a contract to build the Malaysia’s Pavilion for the 2010 World Expo.

    Ng Yen Yen must be held accountable for the award of this project because Venturepharm Asia SB has no experience whatsoever in construction work.

  10. Krishnan

    I am told that this Taiwanese woman, Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai is a closed friend of Ng Yen Yen since she was the deputy Minister of culture and Tourism.

    I am not surprised that Venturepharm got the contract for the Expo 2010.

    MACC, why are you waiting for?

  11. Wai

    “Not involve in the board decision” What is Ng Yen Yen’s role as a Minister then? Does it imply that a Minister need not to make any decision, or a Minister can slip away from accusation when something is happened? If she is not involved, will she be aware of the final decision then? If she is aware and knew that something is not right, why didn’t she question and put the project on hold? No authority? Who else has it?

    Venturepharm Asia Sdn Bhd RM19,999,000.00 —> HAHAHAHA! 1 thousand Ringgit discount from Venturepharm to our Tourism Board of Malaysia? What a ‘coincidence’ to the total sum of budget of the project.

    Did Ng Yen Yen inform the rest of the tender about the budget limitation? If not, what if all tenders submitted their projects more than 20mil? Calling for another tender again because of out of budget?

    Previous tenderer did not meet the theme of the Expo? YB why not you suggest all the tenderer to reveal their design and let us the tax payer to judge in a fair manner? Frankly I read the newspaper today and I really find that it looks more like a Thailand’s temple than anything that representing Malaysia.

    Engage someone who does not has the track record in building an Expo? I don’t judge the capability of the zero track record company, however, I salute the gut of Ng Yen Yen while making/allowing this decision. It is as if she will allow a fresh graduate doctor to do a brain transplant for her.

    What I would like to voice up, as a MALAYSIAN, as a TAX PAYER, I want something that can be proud of as a Malaysian living in Malaysia instead of this kind of rubbish excuses and products! I don’t want to be looked like a fool when I travel to overseas and being asked question like “are you Malaysian still living in the trees sometimes?” (That was the question asked 6 years ago by an American!)

    NG YEN YEN, is she trying to BURN our TAX PAYER MONEY by making all MALAYSIAN look like a fool (or semi Thai- Malaysian?) in the eye of world?

  12. vdory

    Well done CK for tapping in to this issue and uncovering a very smelly rat.

    Someone should definitely talk to the companies that were involved in both tenders, which have no doubt spent countless amounts money, time and effort bidding for a worthless course.
    No political link? Perhaps more of a ‘family link’ seeing that the tender was won by a company in which her son was working for.

    We all support further investigation to bring justice to all who have been effected by this outrageous scam.

  13. kassim

    YB Wee

    No screaming,
    No shouting,
    No name calling,
    No marching on the streets!

    Just plain facts.

    Malaysia needs more opposition MPs like you.You have brought the democratic process in Malaysia to the level of the US Senate and the UK Parliament.

    Even Anwar or LKS or Nik Aziz have not reached your level.

    Syabas YB,we are proud of you!

  14. Gan


    This is what your energy and intelligence should be focus on, not the in-fighting with fellow PKR members.

    Please, please always remember who is the country’s common enemy !

    Thank you for this big scoop BUT somehow nothing will come out of it.


    Ya thats what u flers in pr got to do, unfold all the shits done by bn…

    and not screwing each other backsides.

  16. World expo 2010

    The design unveiled in Star look more like Indonesian Pavilion with Indonesian culture, batik and Minangkabau roof …Furthermore, Venturepharm must be good at fortune telling buy coming in the closest to the tender amount … Desperate Yen Yen!!!

  17. The Iron Duke @ The Churchill

    This is indeed a very substatiative blow by blow account of the case that is before us.Blatantly its abuse of power and corruption at its best.It can’t get any larger than this as all the evidence and facts are before us.

    Rightfully, its very conclusive.The Secretary General of The Ministry of Tourism must also stand and account for this gross misconduct of his officials.His ‘lame duck’ Letter to the Editor in the Sun is the worst account of a so called rebuttal.I am sure that the powers that be could get better people to staff the Communications Department.Call a spade a spade…

    “The person known as Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai is a close friend of Ng Yen Yen since she was the deputy Minister of culture and Tourism.”

    Thats a fact and no one can run from that.I am also told that she is very ‘buddy-based’ with some of the officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(KLN), in China and many are recipients of her “kind generosity”,including the Malaysian Ambassador to China( more Evidence will be provided) and the very able Consul General of Malaysia in Guangzhou.

    Above all this there is also the element of smuggling that the Chinese and Malaysian authorities need to look at (more information will me made available)

    Doing business above board and getting a bit of facilitators fee, is something that many of us can learn to deal with.But not at the expense of Malaysia but certainly not be involved in high level corruption.

    This is something that has to be highlighted as I consider this treason against the nation.

    Malaysian and China authorities must stand and correct this gross act of crime and charge those found guilty of collaborating with this “syndicate.

  18. Chris

    No political connection. What rubbish. The political links are so clear. One can see from Daley PR, Venturepharm Asis, Daro Worldwide and Developtrends. All these companies are connected to Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai. Why Ng Yen Yen personal assistant left and joined Daley PR? How come Daley PR got all the advertising contracts in China?

    Ng Yen Yen please reply.

  19. Azhar

    A great expose! I really like to see how the people involved is going to answer this! Thank you so much to YB for digging this out.

  20. leoel

    pls take a look at this


    really malaysians tak boleh,china boleh!

    The Architecture Design Institute of South China University of Technology had designed the Malaysian pavilion, Dr Ng told Malaysian reporters after presenting the design to Deputy Director-General Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination Huang Jianzhi here Tuesday.

    yeah!china boleh! malaysians tanam jagung !

  21. World expo 2010

    Check out this official website,

    A lot of negative reports on Malaysian participation at the expo.

    Our image is tarnished!!

    Our desperate YenYen even got the guts to mention

    “The Architecture Design Institute of South China University of Technology had designed the Malaysian pavilion..”

    Why Malaysian architect can’t even design this simple Pavilion??

    Desperate Yen Yen formula:

    Design by China Chinese and build by drug company???

    Malaysian must be overdosed..Malaysia TAK BOLEH!!

    MACC ..Where are you ?? You BOLEHKah??

  22. World expo 2010

    visit the official expo website as below:

    Many dreadful articles on Malaysia participation.. SHAME lah!!

    Desperate Yen Yen quote:

    “”The Architecture Design Institute of South China University of Technology had designed the Malaysian pavilion,””

    Are you saying,
    Malaysia do not have competent architect firm to provide our own design but must engage others to design for us …another outflow of funds.

    Malaysia TAK BOLEH!!!

    MACC , where are you?? you Bolehkah??

  23. Dr Cock

    Datuk Dr On Hong Peng (the Director General of Ministry of Tourism) was talking rubbish in his letter to the editor of The Sun. He said that the award of the Malaysia’s pavilion was made by open tender and all rules have been followed. what a stupid statement!

    Tell us why the first tender was already closed. When Ng Yen yen was appointed Minister of Tourism on 10-04-2009, why did she canceled it and open up another tender?

    Dr Cock is asking Datuk Dr On: Please provide answers to those questions asked by YB Wee in his blog on this issue. If you cannot provide answers to these simple questions then the Minister and you should immediately tender your resignation.

    Dr On, please stop being an emperor’s apologist.

  24. anonymous

    The government should do thorough check on this woman Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai, who is a Taiwanese by birth and obtained Malaysian citizenship. She seems to be very powerful in government in many ministries.

    MACC must commence investigation into her activities and those contracts/projects that she and/or companies related to her have obtained.

    I do know about this Taiwanese woman. She is extremely closed with our consular general in Guangzhou and the embassy staff.

    Please commence investigate and a lot of things will be revealed.

  25. Jenny

    Iron Duke @ Churchill

    You seemed to know a lot about this Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai. I also know about her nonsense in the Tourism Ministry since early 2000. You should inform YB to expose more about this Taiwanese woman.

    Ng Yen Yen should not talk rubbish by saying that there was no political link at all between Venturepharm and the Ministry. Too early to tell. Let MACC to investigate first.

    I am sure that a thorough investigations on this Taiwanese woman will reveal many stories that will shake the nation.

  26. Jerry

    The political link is so clear from the article. Only Ng Yen Yen cannot see it. The whole world can see it.

    This scandal has been posted int he official website of the 2010 World Expo. Please check for yourself. I am so malu when I read about it.

    The PM must take immediate actions on this matter.

  27. Tan

    The project stink!!
    It becomes more smelly when Venurepharm is now being investigated by Ministry of Science and MACC.

    Ng Yen Yen pretending to be innocent by saying that she was not involved int he tender. Why then canceled the first Tender when Venturepharm was not in it>??????

  28. Jeff

    I am shocked by the details. If these details are still not clear to Ng Yen Yen then nothing else will be clear for her. Even her ex personal assistant (Ivy See) works for Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai’s company (Daley PR). This is very telling! What have you got to say Datuk Ng Yen Yen?

    Datuk Ng Yen Yen, please admit it that Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai is a good friend of yours. No point pretending because many people know about it.

  29. Con Job

    Ceiling price fixed at RM20 millions. Venturepharm sent in tender price RM19,999,000.00 and got the contract. Venturepharm was very accurate just RM1,000 less than Rm20 millions. I think that it should be given more projects by BN government. Venturepharm got Technofund and Expo project, definitely not enough!!

    Only Ng Yen Yen is blind. Is she really blind or willful blindness? The facts are clearly set out in Yb’s article. It is now for Ng Yen Yen to refute. I bet that she is not able to do so because it is a well research piece.

    Syabas YB. carry doing what you are doing without fear or favour.

  30. Speak Up

    Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen, aren’t you not ashamed of yourself with your statement “not political link”? I wanted to vomit after I have read this article. There are so many clear political links. Why did your political assistant resigned as your pa and joined Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai’s company in Guang Zhou to do Malaysia Tourism Board works in China?

    After the article, I have thousand of questions for Ng Yen Yen! Just one last question: Why the first tender had to be canceled the moment Ng Yen Yen stepped in as Minister of tourism?

  31. Idiot

    No political link! Ng Yen Yen was joking. She is a real joker. All Malaysians believe in her when she said that. I think only the idiots will believe her.

    Najib: people first then sack her for the people.

  32. leoel

    The word Minangkabau is actually originated from
    Indonesia.In the first place Dr YY ,we are MALAYSIA…not INDONESIA! Are you working with the Indonesia Authority??!! i know you are trying to put our slogan 1 Malaysia in the concept….dun la use china designer,taiwanese runner and indonesia icon lahhh…..damn harmony la !!!!!

    What happen to our iconic KLCC tower….do u wan to change it to KLCCKABAU instead.?..

    What so special or great about minangkabau?What happen to our KLCC ! you ada baca history ka DR YY…???

    Dr YY…pls go and brush up your history of Indonesia
    pls see the link below

    History of Minangkabau

    The written history of Minangkabau started in the 14th century, with the introduction of Islam to West Sumatra, at the time of the gold trade with India and Aceh. By the 16th century Pariaman had become the main port, until Aceh people captured the harbour and took over the trade so that all trade from West Sumatra went through Badeh Aceh. Pepper cultivation then started to become important and West Sumatra became a leading pepper production area, involving, firstly, traders from India, China and Portugal and later the English and the Dutch. In 1763 the Dutch captured Padang and built a fortified trading post. The Portuguese Ambassador of that time became the first European to visit the Bukittingi royal palace.

  33. leoel

    1 Malaysia concept…pls see below latest slogan by Malaysian Tourism…Dr YY Boleh!

    China Designer!

    Taiwanese runner!

    Indonesia icon!

    Singapore slang ….Wa….lau….leh!


    cc John Todt-malaysian ambassador to the world

  34. wong

    Ng Yen Yen said no political link. We better believe her otherwise we will be detained under ISA.

    Najib government must accept that the appointment of Venturepharm is a scam! Venturepharm got technofund to do research with biofeed. now suddenly Venturepharm is capable of doing construction. Ng Yen Yen: whom are you trying to fool!

    I am told that you are a very close friend of that Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai, whose company has been awarded with exclusive contract to promote Malaysia. Ng Yen Yen, please do a check all prices given by Daley PR are at an inflated prices,

    Please be careful with this Taiwanese by the name Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai, who is a very powerful figure in BN government.

    I am disgusted with the intricacies! BN boleh!

  35. ming

    Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen was talking rubbish when she said that there was no political link. Grace Chen Oyan Yun shai has all the political connections. awarded with projects by Ministry of Science, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Tourism.

    Why can’t the government award projects to Malaysians, who are born and bred in Malaysia. The details is sickening.

    Najib must instruct MACC to commence immediate probe into the activities of Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai.

  36. World expo 2010

    Another INSULT to Malaysians

    Ng Yen Yen revealed that the design of the pavilion has been worked out by South China University of Technology, the same designer of China Pavilion, following a public tender

    What about our country architects and designers?? Are they that useless…….????

    This is supposedly a National Project to reflect our National image!!

    we are slapping ourselves in front of the world!!!

  37. Lee

    The awarding of projects to companies related to Grace Chen is an insult to Malaysians. MACC, what are yo waiting for? This deal smells a rat!

    YB thank you for exposing this matter. This is what a MP should be doing i.e. protecting the national interest.

  38. riz

    i’m writing to represent one of the many tender companies which had to bear the brunt of this conspiracy.

    The design we submitted was well-thought of and worked on for the past half a year by some of the best designers and architects in the country.
    A lot of money, time, hard work and true passion for the project was wasted.

    I would love to meet Dr Ng and ask her where we went wrong.

    I truly believe that any other design submitted would have been a more appropriate representation of Malaysia compared to an Indonesian ‘Minangkabau roof’, designed by a non-local….

    *buries face in shame*

  39. Chang

    Shock to read that the design was not even by a Malaysian and even more shocking that Ng Yen Yen knew about it before accepting it! We have very talented designers and well known architectural and designer firms in Malaysia who have worked very hard and spent a lot of money to submit top grade design and was not even considered. How unfair and corrupt this really looks!
    I wonder if Ng Yen Yen is a real doctor. I dont think a real doctor can be so unprofessional and unfair. I hope the authorities will not just close an eye and let this pass. It seems to be heading that way judging from the lack of local press reports and publicity. Thanks to our caring politician like Wee Choo Keong or this will just be another hidden misdeed by a politician. Syabas Choo Keong.

  40. Jim

    Malaysian Pavilion had to be designed by Chinese from China. What a big joke! Another “project” by BN. Bloody nonsense.

    Ng Yen Yen should resign for not taking care of our national interest.

  41. Kang

    Belwo is the summary of the important points of YB Wee article:

    “Venturepharm a so-called pharmaceutical company was awarded with RM5.36 million of TechnoFund. It has no experience in research work. It had to rely on a questionable company XLW Inc, whose manager is Yang Keng Chiang. Yang Keng Chiang is also the managing director of Darley PR, whose chairman is Grace Chen Oyan Yun Shai. Darley PR got all the advertising contracts in China from Malaysia Tourism Board. Daro Worldwide Sdn Bhd got the contract to operate the Tourism Call Centre from Malaysia Tourism Board. Grace Chen Oan yun Shai’s son, Denis Chin Fook Kwon, is the director and shareholder of Daro Worldwide Sdn Bd, which shares the same registered office address with Venturepharm.

    Ms Ivy See, the former personal assistant of Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen when she was the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, joined Darley PR as executive director.”

    The above facts are very glaring. I hope that Najib and Koh Tsu Koon, the KPI Minister, call up Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen to explain the above salient points.

    What a scam!!! The BN government must stop messing around with the taxpayers’ money.

  42. Kev

    When they get too greedy, they would get noticed. This is just a tip of the iceberg of what is happening in the whole government of Malaysia.

    The real story of tax payers is …. we pay taxes to serve the politicians, to serve their sons so that they can party it up in some club in KL .. worst of all, even chinese politicians ….

    The best thing is that as the Tourism Minister, she should know the long term harms it would cost Malaysia especially during this time of economy crisis that we can appoint a good experienced exhibition vendor to show off Malaysia’s beauty to its tourist in CHINA.

    Hullo …. I bet Malaysia’s booth would be next to countries like Singapore, Australia …. hence, simple effect of these screw ups: people would always think Bak Kut Teh originated from Singapore because of people like our dear Tourism Minister. When you are appointed, just do the job right!

    Just for the greed of maybe 30% margin of RM 9m (equiv to RM 3) ….. this would cost us billions of potential revenue in tourism.

    Message to Ng Yen Yen (you dont deserve the respect of datukship) … i hope you read this:
    Serve you right … know how to cover your tracks if you want to pocket … . Don’t get too greedy that you can’t even think of create more companies and have more proxies. Greed clouds the mind and judgement….. Sniff of laughter!

    And a cry of shyness: I am so ashamed as a Chinese and angry as a tax payer because of you.

    Note: I have deleted two words from your comments and replaced them with three dots. I am sorry about it. Administrator.

  43. 1 rakyat

    To all Profesionals.

    “We must be grateful to the country for who we are today. We must come back and serve the country….”
    quoted by our former PM

    Why come back and all the lucrative jobs are given to cronies and Non Malaysian…come back to pick the unwanted pieces of jobs….and be servant to the RICH and corupted MINISTERS

  44. Minangkabau

    Hi Malaysian,

    Dengan sukacitanya saya ingin memaklumkan kepada kerajaan malaysia setingi tiggi terima kasih kerana mempromosikan rumah MINANGKABAU (asal dari Indonesia)
    di World Expo China 2010 di tapak kepunyaan Malaysia.

    Dengan itu saya turut berterima kasih kepada Dr Ng Yen Yen kerana mempromosikan budaya Indonesia(MINANGKABAU) di negara China .

    Oleh yang demikian, Indonesia tidak akan membelanja dalam World Expo ini kerana Malaysia dengan sebesar hatinya menderma 19 juta untuk mempromosikan Indonesia pavilion.

    Bah kata ….ini semua memanfaatkan seluruh asia

    …design dari china, pelarasan dari Taiwan,dibina oleh China,dibayar oleh Malaysia dan manfaat kepada Indonesia.SYABAS MALAYSIA!


    Sekian terima kasih,

  45. I think I have made the biggest mistake in my life by trying to study hard,work hard and try to make my fortunes by doing the right thing and make an honest living.
    Looking at this report, the should change education system in school and teach our young generation ” No need to work hard but Need to Know the Right People!!!”.
    I am ashame that I some like that is representing me in the eyes of the world.


  46. 1Malaysia

    1Malaysia is the theme of the pavilion. However, I’m not convinced that the minister understands the gist of the 8 values with reference to the awarded design and circumstances.

    1) Culture of Excellence : How can we portray it when the design is by non-Malaysians? It is an insult to the capabilities of talented Malaysian designers and architects.No wonder many Malaysian top consultants succeed elsewhere and not back in their home country.

    2) Perseverence : Scandal, greed, get-rich-quick…I doubt the minister practices perseverence in her quest to inflate her bank account. Perhaps, she does persevere in continuously lying to all Malaysians.

    3) Humility : Seems like the pavilion is a very PROUD gesture to show to the world that all Malaysians are actually INDONESIANS.

    4) Acceptance : our ministry cant even accept local works; thus we need to farm out resources to China, Taiwan.

    5) Loyalty : This scandal really challenges the loyalty of all Malaysians to the country and its crooked system.

    6) Meritocracy : there is no fairness as clearly indicated in the tender process .

    7) Education : obviously our education is below par, especially in the subject of history and geography. When did Minangkabau become a symbolic Malaysian icon? Only one out of 14 states in Malaysia embraces it due to the unique heritage of migration. To use it as a symbol is synonymous to glorifying Chinatown as the essence of UK/US/Australia

    8) Integrity : I am curious as to how she would react to this scandal when it gets overblown. I sense the pot is cracking up soon.

    The works by all other participants as examples par excellence.The Shaghai Expo 2010 promises to be the biggest event after the Olympics. Historically, it is such events that gave birth to icons as the Eiffel Tower in Paris… and it is historical that Malaysia has continued to be a blunder in this event year after year. Shame.

  47. malaysia the ONE

    as a malaysian
    i feel insulted for being assumed as stupid by the government. No mistake can be worst than this. or perhaps, construction company to be awarded for medical supplies or even to run hospitals dispensing perhaps… more panadols.

    as a learned person and a professional
    i feel sad for malaysia, after all these years, we still cannot recognise quality, merits and real values. We recognise BRAND very well but not values. We are still a country with superlatives… tallest building, longest bridge…
    Perhaps as result of putting malaysia on the world map out of being superlative, malaysians have become pseudo intellects…, a progress state from being conformists.
    how many more learning years do we need? what does it take…, reformation?

    if this continues…
    we can stop dreaming about vision 2020,
    we can stop creating, any more vision.
    insincere slogans create goose-pimples

    to the LEADER
    this is the time to show leadership
    the time to show power and control
    lead your first-liners FIRST than lead us, malaysians
    be the ONE that malaysia desperately need

    SALAM to the ONE

  48. Atat

    I know Dr. Ong when he was in EPU. Really principled person and has the utmost respect from many.

    I still know he is the same person he was then.

  49. Administrator

    Mr Wee Choo Keong has asked the Administrator of this blog to help inform the readers that his internet connection is currently out of service because of a technical breakdown.

    He apologises for not being able to put up his new posting on “this subject matter” as indicated.

    Thank you.

  50. Mohammed


    What you have discovered is only the tip of the iceberg of Dr Ng Yen Yen and her cronies from Taiwan Grace chen Ouyan yun shai and Ken yang chiang and to have the total inside story of the findings we suggest that MACC investigate the officials from Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board in KL office and in China offices since 2003 to 2009.
    Prime Minister now that the rakyat is seeking your action to practise your speech on the fight of corruption during your 100days in office on the 11.11. 2009.
    Rakyat would also like Dr Ng yen yen and cronies to proof their innocent by having a press conference upon her returned from China with Grace chen ouyan and Ken yang chiang of venturepharm.

    continue with the above for the “Discovery of amazing Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board”

    Syabas YB

  51. Mohanraj

    we rakyat need answers…..

    now the rakyat would like to know the sincerity of the recent Prime Minister’s announcement of the 11 goodies for the rakyat?

    what is the president of MCA doing about this shameful act that tanish the image of the chinese women community?

    what are the actions to be taken on this obvious corrupted administrators?

    or is this just another of those political songs begin sung everyday?

  52. bull

    Atat: Dr Ong is a good guy then he would not have made stupid statement in the press regarding this matter. Dr Ong should comments on this posting of YB Wee.
    Dr ong can only say proper tender. Stop bullshitting Dr Ong. The whole deal stinks worst than shit. Dr Ong, try harder next time.

  53. confused

    Dear Ms. Minister,

    You were quoted in Bernama:

    “The Chinese described the Malaysian pavilion design by the Architecture Design Institute of South China University of Technology as unique and awesome Tourism Minister Dr Ng Yen Yen told Malaysian reporters after presenting the design to Deputy Director-General Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination Huang Jianzhi here Tuesday” – Bernama

    I am wondering, if I may ask, how come none of us have been shown the design?

    Would you not want to show this “awesome” design to your fellow Malaysians before showing this – I am told an Indonesian inspired design, to the (I am sure now very confused) Chinese hosts in Shanghai?

    Whose paying for all this Ms. Minister, the Chinese or us Malaysians?

    If truly you say you are not involved/aware of any irregularities in this sad episode, please set it right before it becomes another sad, sad episode that we hardworking Malaysian’s end up paying from our hard earned money.

    Can we now truly say Malaysia Boleh? Like this mana boleh, Ms. Minister?

    I hope you realise that there are some very good, decent and hard working people in the Ministry who will become quite unfairly tainted by all this.

    Why la have to be like this. I am so sad.

    Please Ms. Minister, set it right while you still can.

  54. Leong

    It is a real expose. Ng Yen Yen, with such facts being published and you still dare to hold to office. Are you ashamed of yourself Ng Yen Yen Yen? Better resign because the fats are too clear for the people to digest.

  55. Zaki Raine

    To Prime Minister, please stop this corrupted people in your cabinet. We have started to trust you and confident that you can lead 1 Malaysia to the upmost rakyat wanted country to be cleaned ,trustworthy and developed nation.Dont let down our TRUST on you.

  56. Wai

    Hurrrrrrrrrrrr????????????? The design is done by a Chinese from CHINA???!!!! This is ridiculous! Unbelievable!! and most importantly, UNACCEPTABLE!!!

    NG YEN YEN you really put the face & pride of Malaysia and ALL Malaysian in your X for the sake of the figure in your bank hur?!

    I hope our real SMART and INTELLIGENT PM Najib can demand you to surrender your position as a Minister of Tourism Board. Reasons are:

    1) The pride & reputation will be flushed down into the drain because of your greed & blindness over $$$$$$$$$$

    2) The annual income from tourism for Malaysia will be decreased ??% because of how you terribly promote the ‘beauty’ (Indonesia) of Malaysia.

    3) HARLO OLD AUNTIE…..don’t you feel ashamed…? Don’t you feel pai-seh?? Wa lao eh your skin is really thick, in-fact the thickest woman I have ever since in my life. You don’t put the welfare of Malaysia into consideration then sua lar….but have you ever consider your children? Don’t have children…o…too bad…not a surprise tho. What about your family? We know you only as the Minister…already feel so shame on you………………..if I were your family…I really wish I never have you in the family….bring $$ to yourself but shame to the everyone around you………………….下台啦你auntie………………………当官但没贡献也就算了. 可是auntie你现在不但没有贡献, 甚至还把国家和国民的面子,声誉,国际声望都因为你个人的私欲和欲望而濒临毁于一旦! 还有重点是…………… a tax payer…………I am PART OF THE MONETARY CONTRIBUTOR to your disgusting decision & design!!!! URGHHHH!!!! This really pissed me off !!

  57. Chang

    Our PM has asked professionals overseas to return and yet we have politicians like Ng Yen Yen showing no interest in our own talents but only concern about her own selfish gain. Countries overseas, even Singapore are attracting professionals over offering them jobs and opportunities and showing how much they value the talents of our Malaysians. I hope Wee Choo Keong will bring this up to our PM so that he can be realistic and do something about it to attract our talented Malaysians to return home rather then just saying it without showing any effort to prove he really means it. First thing he can do is to discourage other politicians from doing what that Ng Yen Yen has just done by bringing her down and give good publicity while doing it if proper investigations really prove her to be so corrupted. Why isn’t “The Star” and “NST” reporting all these, I wonder? Even the Shanghai Expo official website are reporting and keeping up to date of what’s going on. This means that even other countries are aware of what’s going on in Malaysia and it is indeed very shameful.

  58. Sri Hartamas

    No action will be taken on Yen Yen. It is within her authority to call for a second tender. Furthermore, she did not participate in the tender decision. Her hands are clean as all her shit has been wiped by the Director General and Secretary General. Everything about this tender smells bad. Najib will not take any action against her because …

    Did this Taiwanese woman also supply Taiwanese and Mainland China girls to the political top guns?

    Adminsitrator: Sorry, Part of the sentence has been deleted to avoid legal problems.

  59. justin

    My question is ‘why the price or offered price is only RM19,999,000?’

    The answer is because they know that the proposed tender value (RM19,999,000) is not exceeding RM20 million and can only be considered in the Tender Board ‘B’ of the Ministry which requires no rep from MOF. If they offered RM20 million or more, the decision can only be made by Tender Board ‘A’ which rep from MOF is mandatory. (SPP9/2009 replacing SPP2/1999). Rep from MOF is very strict in conducting procurement due deligent.

    Now you know why…..some fishy thing happened if you can fix with the jigsaw puzzle…

    very intersting ….

  60. Juliet

    That amount of money belongs to the “rakyat” of Malaysia. I’ve heard that Grace Oyan is also the manager of the Fuji Property Management Limited who manages the Malaysian (government) Building in Hong Kong SAR for almost 10 years now (not to mention her link with Guangzhou). I also heard that she and her business partner Ken Yang was awarded the tender to do the renovation of the malaysia building and other malaysian government properties in Hong Kong that costs millions of dollars a few years ago.

    It’s too obvious that she have a very strong connection with the government officials of Malaysia.

    Should the MAAC investigate which malaysian government offices in China does this lady involved? MAAC should make a fast move before tons of money of Malaysian government goes to the wrong mouth!

  61. Ventanger

    Thank you for your effort YB.

    I’m an architect by profession, and m totally disgusted by the ‘product’ produced by this Venturepharm company. If you are aware that this ‘product’ has created much disputations and was heavily critiqued in both political and design terms in both regionally and internationally as well. Just look at other country pavilion and you should get the whole idea of where we are now. I would also want to know the architect behind this design too seriously.

    If the current government wants to prove that they are running clean and much better than the last term, they shouldn’t have step into this and be smart enough to anticipate and avoid the controversies.

    But its all too obvious, and late isnt it?

    We as Malaysians should stop all these, and we can do it.

  62. Shameful

    We already heard of the poor construction quality before the Expo opened to the public, from Malaysians involved in the Pavilion. For those who have visited the Expo, what about the food? Catered by a local restaurant chain, the food is atrocious. As a Malaysian living in China, it is a shameful representation of our country and culture at the World’s Showcase.

    Well done CK for this expose and I hope the noise does not stop here, before whatever left of our money is drained by those irresponsible people.

  63. Sad M'sian

    Holly shit They are all not MalaysiaN!!!
    After Bak Kut Teh crisis and now MINANGKABAU!!
    Now she have to argue with Indonesia government. Hmmm at least to keep herself and including Malaysian ppl busy focus arguing with Indonesian government and is people.
    Seem that she has all her in mind to make this up.
    Where the Rakyat and BN parliment include our PM will focus on this issue. This is what how she can cheat all our money thru this tactic. Wow what a tactic!!!! This is what in her mind to fool all Malaysian folks including her boss the PM. Hmmm let us guess what is next on her mind? Anybody?

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