As the saying goes …


My posting on the support for the call by YB Azmin Ali for the reshuffle of the Selangor exco was very simple and clear. I had not mentioned the name of the exco member concerned or which political party he or she belonged to. YB Ronnie Liew Liu jumped at the statement in my blog just like YB Teresa Kok jumped at YB Azmin Ali’s speech in the Selangor State Assembly calling for the reshuffling of the Selangor state exco.

My statement on the subject matter was in response to YB Teresa Kok’s call for the sacking of YB Azmin as the president of the Backbencher’s Club. I was extremely surprised to discover that my said response had touched the raw nerve of YB Ronnie Liew Liu. I can understand YB Teresa Kok hitting the roof for I have specifically accused her of describing herself officially as the “senior” exco when there was no such provision in the Selangor State Constitution for such a position. Of course, she didn’t reply to this accusation of mine.

In response to my earlier statement, YB Ronnie Liew Liu had said that what I had stated “stemmed from a grudge he held against the party leaders” and that I had left DAP. For the record, in 1998 I was sacked from the DAP on the ground that I did not show affections to the party leaders. However, it is now water under the bridge. YB Lim Kit Siang had stated in Parliament that YB Lim Guan Eng, YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and I were victims of injustice of BN. I had also made similar statements in Parliament. I had also supported motions and statements of DAP MPs including YB Lim Kit Siang in Parliament. I am glad to state that I have a good working relationship with YB Lim Kit Siang and other DAP MPs in and out of Parliament.

Therefore, it was most ridiculous for YB Ronnie Liew Liu to use such excuses. If YB Ronnie Liew Liu’s excuses hold water then YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, as the Opposition Leader, will not be able to bring up any issue concerning BN because he was the ex-Deputy PM and had also been sacked from UMNO just like I was sacked from DAP.

In any event, YB Ronnie Liew Liu should not be so agitated or angry over my statement because I did not identify him or his party. Furthermore, YB Ronnie Liew Liu is not the only exco member and there are other exco members belonging to PKR and PAS, and none of them got agitated over my said statement of two days ago. I cannot help but to state that …


I may not have visited the office of that particular exco member but that does not mean that I am totally unaware of the happenings there. Just like the police, they never visited the brothels, massage parlours, gambling dens, etc. and yet they knew of the activities and they took actions based on information received. I shall reveal the name of the exco member at the appropriate time.

My interest in this issue is as a Pakatan Rakyat member and MP, who wants to ensure that the coalition continues to be transparent about the way it conducts business and serves the people. I believe that YB Ronnie Liew Liu and YB Teresa Kok do share the same aspirations.

Like YB Ronnie Liew Liu and YB Teresa Kok, I also welcome the investigation by the police or any other authorities into this matter and shall fully co-operate with them.

– Terjemahan oleh Khairul Anuar – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –


Kenyataan saya dalam blog yang menyokong saranan YB Azmin Ali supaya diadakan pertukaran untuk exco Selangor adalah mudah dan jelas. Saya tidak pernah menyebut nama exco yang terlibat atau dari parti mana beliau berada. YB Ronnie Liew Liu melatah ke atas kenyaatan blog saya sama seperti YB Teresa Kok melatah di atas ucapan YB Azmin Ali semasa di Dewan Negeri Selangor yang mencadangkan supaya diadakan pertukaran untuk exco kerajaan negeri Selangor

Kenyataan saya adalah berdasarkan ucapan balas kepada saranan YB Teresa Kok supaya memecat YB Azmin sebagai presiden Kelab Penyokong Kerajaan. Saya sangat terkejut kerana ucapan saya menyinggung YB Ronnie Liew Liu. Saya dapat memahami perasaan YB Teresa yang tidak berpuas hati dengan saya kerana saya telah menuduh beliau menggelarkan beliau sendiri sebagai ‘senior’ exco walaupun tidak ada terma didalam Perlembagaan Negeri Selangor untuk jawatan sedemikian. Tentu sekali beliau tidak membalas balik tuduhan saya itu.

Dalam memberi maklum balas kepada kenyataan awal saya, YB Ronnie Liew Liu menyatakan bahawa apa yang saya telah utarakan adalah kerana ‘dendam saya terhadap kepimpinan parti’ dan kerana saya telah keluar parti DAP. Untuk makluman semua, saya telah dipecat dari DAP pada 1998 atas alasan saya tidak menunjukkan kesetiaan kepada pucuk pimpinan. Namun, peristiwa ini telah berlalu. YB Lim Kit Siang telah menyatakan di parlimen bahawa YB Lim Guan Eng, YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan saya dalah mangsa kepada ketidakadilan Barisan Nasional. Saya juga ada membuat kenyataan yang serupa di parlimen. Saya juga menyokong usul dan kenyataan dari ahli-ahli parlimen DAP termasuk YB Lim Kit Siang di parlimen. Saya gembira untuk menyatakan bahawa saya mempunyai hubungan yang baik dengan YB Lim Kit Siang dan ahli-ahli parliament DAP yang lain baik di dalam mahupun di luar parlimen

Oleh itu, alasan yang dihujah oleh YB Ronnie Liew Liu itu adalah amat tidak berasas sama sekali. Seandainya alasan YB Ronnie Liew Liu boleh diterima pakai, YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sendiri sebagai Ketua Pembangkang tidak layak untuk mengemukakan sebarang isu berkaitan BN kerana beliau adalah bekas Perdana Menteri yang telah dipecat daripada UMNO, sama seperti saya yang dipecat daripada DAP

Sepatutnya YB Ronnie Liew Liu tidak perlu untuk melatah dan marah dengan kenyataan saya kerana saya tidak menyebut nama beliau atau nama parti beliau. Tambahan pula, bukan hanya YB Ronnie Liew Liu seorang sahaja yang memegang jawatan ahli exco, ada lagi ahli exco yang lain daripada PKR dan PAS, dan mereka pula tidak langsung ‘terasa’ dengan kenyataan yang saya utarakan dua hari lepas. Perumpamaan yang paling sesuai saya berikan adalah SIAPA MAKAN CILI DIA TERASA PEDAS!

Saya mungkin tidak melawat pejabat ahli exco tersebut tetapi itu tidak bermakna yang saya tidak mengetahui apa yang telah berlaku di sana. Sama seperti polis, mereka tidak pernah melawat rumah tumpangan, rumah urut, pusat perjudian dan sebagainya. Tetapi mereka masih dapat mengetahui aktiviti yang berlaku berdasarkan maklumat yang diterima. Saya akan mendedahkan nama ahli exco yang terlibat pada masa yang sesuai kelak

Perhatian saya pada isu ini sebagai ahli Pakatan Rakyat dan Ahli Parlimen yang mahukan pakatan rakyat ini meneruskan ketelusan untuk berkhidmat kepada rakyat. Saya percaya YB Ronnie Liew Liu dan YB Teresa Kok juga berkongsi cita-cita yang sama.

Seperti YB Ronnie Liew Liu and YB Teresa Kok, saya juga mengalu-alukan siasatan daripada pihak polis atau mana-mana badan penguatkuasa ke atas isu ini dan saya berjanji akan memberi kerjasama sepenuhnya.

99 thoughts on “As the saying goes …

  1. semut api

    this ronnie liu is too much la… what la has he done for the people… sibuk licking kit siang aja.. jadi barking dog.. dia ni rakyat malaysia ka singapore ka?

  2. Shit Stirer

    YB, Teresa Kok called you a “shit stirrer”. There must be some shit or droppings for YB to stir. Stir it more. Good for you. I like your title , how fitting. No better jumped over YB Azmin and YB Wee’s statements except Ronnie Liew and Teressa Kok. Both calling you names and finding all kinds of excuses.

    Please speak up when you think is appropriate. Don’t let them intimidate you. You have the same rights as these two to speak.

  3. Lee

    Thank you YB Wee for the latest information.

    I strongly support YB Wee to continously provide the real check and balance for a better government.

    For those who pretend to champion in the name of transparency, accountability, integrity and freedom of expression, big SHAME on you!!! Please vacate your office if you are not sincere!!!!

  4. Chiam

    what shit stirrer? No shit how to stir? Senior exco, please think before you open your mouth, very senior exco. Terasa Kok, we know you love the title senior. So please behave like a senior and not a novice – jumping up and down like a “kera kena belancan kao kao”.

    How can be senior exco when she just hold the post of exco for a yer and a half? Who is she trying to fool?

    Face the issue and not trying to confuse people.

  5. Bigben

    Shit? Yes, I smell shit. We smell shit. They smell shit. That’s because its “Hot, Hot Chicken Shit” i.e. Hangat-Hangat Tahi Ayam! The Chili is HOT indeed, top to bottom….

  6. Ahmad

    YB, they must have shit for you to stir. How could idiot like that be appointed as exco? Both of them now stink like shit. Senior exco with shit in the head that’s why she behaves like that.

    Please stir more so that we have a more decent exco than the present ones.

  7. kingkong

    Very good – let PR fall and UMNO takes over. Then all of us here can have a very good time if PR lose the next state government. PR is really good for nothing only biting against each other.
    Our friend here keep quiet when ex Gigi built a palace. Maybe the exGigi pull our teeth so muach that we cannot talk bull and cock but he going to Dizzland and build a bali paradise. BTW, he is an ex Indo.
    We can only talk bull and cock among PR members

  8. Miyagi

    Wee Choo Keong , I dont know why I kept reading your blogs .. maybe I’m too stressful these days and I cant help but to find entertainment from rumour mongers like you. The more you write , the more weaknesses of yourself exposed. Good job , keep up the good work. Why you lost in Bukit Bintang after you left DAP , have you ever wondered why ? Tsumaranai saaaa !!

  9. kingkong

    Why reshuffle and retain the same guys and do the musical chair. but our wee take his call as to change the gurds. so which is which? Doing musical cahir to to take out someone? PR politicians are crazy nuts

  10. YB, thank you very much.
    The rakyat knows the truth and we are behind you all the way.

    Btw, like i have told you personally, you are indeed the most consistent and hard working YB that I have come across.

    Before we can fix a problem we must AIDA it
    A- create Awareness
    I- develop Interest
    D- build Desire
    A- lead people to ACT.

    What better way to create Awareness other than stirring the shit ?
    Keep it up, Bro.

  11. Leong

    YB, ignore those comments with no contents but personal attacks. The two exco members asked for it. When YB Azmin spoke in the assembly, YB Teresa Kok immediate fired him and call for YB Azmin to be removed as president of the Backbenchers’ Club. It was only at this stage that YB Wee joined in the call for change and cited his reason why.

    The immediate respond from the two exco members were to launched personal attacks against YB Wee. Now that the heat is on then some people saw it fit to blame it on YB Wee.

    This matter could have been avoided all together if not for the arrogance of the senior exco. She could have take YB Azmin’s criticisms with open heart and promised to investigate. The matter would have ended there and then. Instead she chose to fire YB Azmin.

    From the above facts, you can see what arrogance have done to this simple matter. Perhaps PR should learn from this episode that it should allow inexperience people to take on important posts like exco.

    Now that the police has commence investigation then let the police do their job. I rest my case.

  12. Kang

    Con Air

    I agree with your Aida. One can only be a shit stirrer if there are shit to be stirred. So the senior exco is just too green to start calling nae in a debate or argument. Calling people name will not get you anywhere at all.

    Therefore, Yb Teresa Kok should not have resorted to calling people name in a matter like this. It would appear that one can win by argument accept by attacking YB Wee senselessly and calling him name. YB Wee, go that you did not retaliate, and you remained calm and put your case across clearly.

    The two exco have been made to look like fools and one of them gave the impression that he was guilty of the allegations.

    It is most unfortunate, there are some readers chose to also attack people senselessly by using “running dog” in the comments of the previous posting on this same subject matter.

    We must not be emotional about things, don’t just be blind followers and resorting to making personal attacks. YB Wee should remove comments that using degrading languages as they can go and make their degrading comments someone else.

  13. Jim

    I fully agree with what have been published by YB Wee. It was first Teressa Kok that started the ball rolling and after that Ronnie Liew joined in. Now they should accept what they are getting from YB Wee.

    I like the title of the statement: Siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas! How fitting. Ronnie Liew, what have you got to say about the title. How about Teressa Kok? She must have love the title. Lets see how she and Ronnie Liew jumped tomorrow over what YB Wee have stated.

    YB, don’t worry, we stand by you. We want decent professional to run Selangor. If not, BN will take over as a matter of time.

  14. Peng

    I have no sympathy for these amateur exco members, who only know how to get angry as a form of arguments. I am sorry for the sub-standard YBs.

  15. Well, at least YB Wee mentioned here that he has good working relations with Pakatan MPs in and out of the Parliament. Thats fine for now. So, don’t ‘stir the shit’ again. As a senior politician, YB should be more careful in your statement. It seems that you have no evidence at all, just heard from here and there. Frankly, many people in public knew of this allegation for long time, me too heard of this about 7 months ago. However, the allegations are just hearsay without any prove. We hope if allegation is truth, then this politician should be banished and force him into retirement. EVIDENCE MUST COME FIRST.

  16. The ‘underground business activities’ such as loan shark, illegal lottery, prosti…., kongsi gelap etc involve many politicians from Barisan Nazak are more terrible than this particular case (if true). Only Raja Petra has the gut to tell the true of those cases with evidence. Without evidence like those posted by RPK, don’t play play la.

  17. dick

    I am sad that it has got to this stage. Ronnie Liew and Teressa Kok asked for it. It was their arrogance of power that caused this problem. They just do not know how to react to criticisms. Their automatic reaction is to sack and remove their critics regardless whether there is substance in the criticisms.

    Arrogance is the best word to describe their behaviour and arguments in the press.

  18. Renny

    PR needs good leaders. If exco members like Ronnie Liew and Teresa Kok are the leaders for the people to follow then it will be tough for PR in the future in Selangor. They are not able to present any argument decently. I cannot help but to agree with YB Azmin and Yb Wee for calling for a reshuffle for the sake of PR future.

  19. Lim

    It seems that there is no freedom of speech even in the State Assembly. The only freedom left is for the DAP exco member to sack other leader of differing views.

    How scary!

  20. Peter Sng

    Pls DON’T give the BN Ammunition to SHOOT at any PR Aduns & MPs!

    Pls settle all these behind closed doors. Bring it up with your respectively Party Leaders-Wan Azizah, Uncle Kit, Hadi Awang, etc. Don’t act so amateurly PUBLICLY although most of you are FIRST TIME in Dewan Rakyat/Parliament.

    Azmin SHOULDN’T have PUBLICLY made such comment bearing his position in PKR and you YB Wee also shouldn’t add fuel to the fire.

    Let this be a GOOD LESSON for all of you.

    Or else, kiss GOODBYE to GE13 that PR ever will take over Putrajaya or even retaining Selangor, Kedah and capturing back Perak.

    THINK about the consequences. TQ.

  21. Habib RAK

    I am lost as to what is the issue. YB, you must reveal what you are alluding to so that we can understand the matter that is being infered here. Else, im not sure how the people are commenting on who is right and wrong. What is the issue?

    YB, please refrain from these type of statements “I shall reveal the name of the exco member at the appropriate time” This is typical BN style. We want you to be upfront and forthright as you always are. Please do not depart from your high moral and equitable ground.

    Habib RAK

  22. KY-Pakatan Rakyat

    What lah Pakatan Rakyat assemblyman doing, why pin point each other on public, i am a supporters 1000% of Pakatan Rakyat, i hope all this criticising matters should be brought foward to discuss among coalition first b4 speak out loud in the public, i also advice Pls nobody try to show that they are hero within the Pakatan Rakyat. Should all have team work, advice each other & hellp each other rather than put toxic on each other, BN will laugh & peoples will feel unmatured lah

  23. KY-Pakatan Rakyat

    I also think Pakatan Rakyat shall have a National committee over lokking at all the Pakatan Adun, MP & look after the state government that govern by the PR… And shall have a code of discipline and procedure how to channel the problem that cannot be solve to this committee and also anyone wanted to voice anything shall go through the proper channel and step by step, rather than just act like Stray Dogs barking here and there, trying to show hero… I love Pakatan Rakyat

    Teruskan Perjuangan – Hope to see you all in Putrajaya

    KY-Pakatan Rakyat

  24. Feng

    I am glad that in Pakatan Rakyat its members can speak up and there is no fear of reprisal. Therefore, YB Teresa Kok should learn to be a bit more tolerant to dissenting views for the good of PR government in Selangor. When the people can see that Selangor Governmetn is clean and doiing well then Malaysians will suppport. As it were, I can not see that dissenting views are tolerated because there was still a threat of being persecuted.

    Wake up please! Senior exco, respect a bit of freedom of speech.

  25. Ragu

    There must be mutual respect amongst the PR. Unfortunately, the 2 exco members thought that they are Mr and Miss No All. In fact, both knew nothing.

    I have also heard of strange things are happening in Selangor exco member. One of them is involved with underground people. It is a very serious situation. Trust me, it is serious. Selangor government itself should start to investigate before it gets out of hands.

    That exco member should resign in order to avoid embarrassment! We must not blindly support a party when we know it is doing the wrong things. If we keep on ignoring then the Party will not improve and it will keep on doing things its old ways.

  26. alek

    to Peter Sng, KY-Pakatan Rakyat

    what’s wrong with those YBs pin pointing each other publicly? i tot the rakyats are asking for transparency and openness ? now u guys blaming for not acting behind closed door? what la u?! the more they stir up the issues the more it benefits to the rakyats..isn’t it so?

  27. makyong

    When PR was governing Perak,Datuk Ngeh Koh Ham was always addressed as Senior Exco.When BN was in power previuosly,I never recalled anybody with that post.Now we also have a Senior Exco in Selangor.Was there such a post in previuos BN state cabinet?
    Many of us have so much hope in Pakatan Rakyat simply because we are very sick of BN’s excessive abuse of position and power.

    If the PR leaders have the same human weaknesses as the BNs,we all can forget about any real change in the country fortune.

  28. HPB

    Don’t be a coward for you dare not name the person/s now. Why wait for the police investigations. If no evidence you don’t have to name the person/s so you won’t be sued. Name now la!

    This is not a heroic act. We the people suffer in Selangor. One thing for sure. Things are much better now without the corruptions and stealings from the people.

  29. semut api

    Kok was angry that MACC “misusing their powers to threaten and scare Malaysians.”

    “They are really scared. Just because they receive allocation for the state government from Pakatan assemblyman, they have to be interrogated for several hours? What is MACC’s motive? I give money to the mosque, so must they conduct interrogation on this?” Teresa added.

    why is it that when DAP reps are being investigated, the MACC is misusing power or engaging in intimidation. when BN or UMNO or DCM of Penang was investigated, MACC is being asked t investigate thoroughly.. what happenned to MACC propensity to misuse power? Only when it’s against you? Teresa Kok.. you are being targeted by your political enemy.. so take extra care of what you say and what you do.. even behind close doors…

  30. Anonymous

    All this arguments can be avoided if accusations can be brought up wth solid proofs. Why not do it outright if it is true? And when people reacted also not necessarily mean because they are involved. If people act as a team, they can always feel angry if someone else accused their team member, isn’t that right? Why stir up all these arguments, and not getting it right on target in the beginning. I just feel sad our representatives all like to bring up things and then argue and debate. Save the people some time and spare us the confusion.

  31. semut api

    Meanwhile DAP’s Ronnie Liu who is also in the state administration, refused to comment on Wee’s allegations.

    “I was once a journalist, for a short time and I was taught never to write rumours because it can cause hurt or even kill.”


  32. anon11.55

    Peter sng, what do you mean by “settle behind closed door”?? what are you? BN ppl? Coz they love to settle stuff behind closed door, even sweeping it under the carpet. This is serious matter and how dare these DAP ppl did such thing while all the time portraying themselves as someone who will take care of rakyats’ welfare, doing things fair and square, etc.

    So what? Let’s give the BN more ammo to shoot, the PR asks for it since they can’t get their act right. Arrogant bunch.

    Next GE, I think it’s better to vote for BN as we’ve already know how they behave and we are already numb with their oppressive, cruel, evil way of governing. With PR where we expect a bed of roses, these sort of problem just frustrate the rakyat.

    And yes, get rid of anwar ibrahim and the old narrow minded ppl like Karpal Singh & son, LKS, Teresa talk kok, Ronnie.

  33. azman

    Your courage & determination in public interest issues like this one is the pride of Wangsa Maju residents like me. My vote for you last election pays. Keep up the great work!

  34. darren


    I voted for you because the other party was from BN. In fact, my family members voted you on my recommendation.

    We didn’t vote for you to cause problems within PR. Don’t be a second Hee Yit Fong. Remember that.

  35. Yong

    There are too many rummours regarding this exco member. We all knew who he is. The press also knew who he is. It was good that YB exposed the problems so that there is still time to reshuffle. Action must be taken to remedy the situation.

    As a PR supporter, I welcome open criticisms so that PR government can be improved. We must not be afraid to face problems as long as we resolve them quickly. We must behave like BN where criticisms are not allowed.

    PR leaders must be matured in their approaches in the administration of the state. YB Teresa Kok should not have attempted to gag YB Azmin and threaten to remove him as president of the Backbenchers’ Club. Who is she to do that? She is just a self styled SENIOR exco where the word senior has no legal basis.

    Please learn to accept criticisms and change.

  36. Ken

    So typical of “guilty”, arrogant “senior” excos isn’t it? Sacking people and bad-mouhting people who exposes them, that itself exposes their own guilty shit.. Councillors sacked or not reappointed for exposing their weaknesses.. What they are doing now is exactly the opposite of what they preach when they were mere opposition members.. folks, we are being fooled into voting people like them! Keep up your good work YB Wee!

  37. Hashim

    I think that it is high time that we, PR supporters, must look at this problem carefully and not pointing one finger at the wrong person.

    Azmin raised problems of the Selangor state and put forward a suggestion in the Dewan to reshuffle the exco. What wrong with that?

    Teressa Kok true to form, rubbished Azmin statements and calling for Azmin to be sacked as president of Backbenchers ” Club.

    Wee joined in to support Azmin on the call for reshuffle citing an exco member office is used by underground people to meet.

    Thereafter, Teresa Kok and Ronnie went on a rampage making personal attacks against Wee. Of course, Wee responded in his blog – quite rightly so. Why can’t Wee do that?

    Please do not be blind supporters and just condemn people without looking at the issue properly. PR leaders are no God ok. They also made mistakes. Just remedy the mistakes. Don’t make personal attacks with no facts. Just look around, Selangor is mushrooming with massage parlours, video games arcade and other undesirable things. Doyou want your kids to hang around the video arcades and not attending school. I hope the Menteri Besar will look into what I have said.

  38. Anak Selangor

    I strongly suggest the police to investigate both Teresa and Ronnie since both were very ‘aggresive’ and launched personal attacks on YB Azmin and YB Wee. The police should find out why these 2 acted so ‘violently’ and unreasonably and we as Malaysians will then be able to know the real reasons.

    I always believe that those who hide behind sheeps skins are worse than the real wolves. Why, because many will not know their D days until it is too late.

  39. Cilli Pedas

    Of course, after eating cili memang terasa pedas. Ronnie and Teresa should explain why there are a sudden explosion of massage parlours and video game arcades in Selangor, not to mention other underground activities.

    The police should also look into the Ah long activities in Selangor. The police should record statements from Ronnie and Teresa over such activities.

    Half pass six exco members. Senior my foot.

  40. Jason Daniel

    Great Job for standing up YB…! those 2 are nothing but clowns…. u on the other hand comes up with factual critism and suggestions to solve the actual problem… but all they did was calling u bad names….. i pity u

  41. darren

    You people so readily accept that what YB said was the truth without listening to both sides.

    YB Wee, if you have any proof or evidence, don’t hesitate to reveal it. Your credibility is on the line.

  42. YB WCK,

    It is good even as a PR elected rep, you have the courage to call a spade a spade.

    If you have the strong suspicion that YB Ronnie Liu or anyone within the Selangor State Government is somewhat involved in underworld activities, if not incriminating evidence, then you should make a Police report. The Police must have ways to investigate these claims.

    You are known to stand up against these things. Its time to be ‘Wee Choo Keong’ again.

    Best of luck

    Your friend


  43. Malaysia Baru 64

    YB, ini adalah satu peringatan yang baik untuk PR memberi teguran dan menegur satu sama lain, agar mereka tidak menyalah guna kuasa. Kerana pekara semacam ini harus didedahkan agar kerajaan negeri akan menjadi lebih peka dan terbuka tidak seperti BN.

  44. i know who stood in front of hotel

    Dear Wee,

    I believe you did the right thing for exposing the matter to public.. Definitely the chillies goes to the people who stood in front of the chili inn… Hahahaha.. You are my hero..

  45. natives are restless

    So ; all you PR politicians has come to chasing ones’ own tail ? Guess , it’s everyman for himself first …. rakyat second.

  46. Bill

    Dear YB

    I honestly believe that you have done a very good job. These sub-standard excos or the so-called ‘senior’ exco should be removed if PR is serious in its effort to bring change to the Rakyat. Really dont think that they are qualified to be in their offices. Even though it is a hearsay, of which I doubt, there must be some basis in it. I strongly believe that as a veteran and respected YB/politician, YB would not make any baseless allegation. Please read the previous article “I know who stood in front of the hotel”. Dont simply take the voters as idiots!!! Definitely the arrest by police was not a mistake??? Keep it up YB.

  47. Doggy

    What free speech? If you all think if your right to criticise, why not people’s right to defend themselves? If one scold you, you behave diam2?

    Anyway, PKR are very stupid – biting their own tails and helping MCCA. PKR must be very stupid as they think MACC is no doing anything. Just look at the recent case. without any reports, they think PR ADUNS are misusing their funds. Isn;t true, PKR are adding the sums.
    So bye2 PR will not be in the next State Government. Long live BN

  48. Cilli Pedas

    According to press report, the police had already commence investigations. Siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas. How fitting! Nobody jumping except Ronnie Liu and Teresa Kok. Now only Ronie Liu. Why? He must have eaten some cili that’s why he is feeling the heat.

    YB Wee, please give the evidence to the police. That is your duty. Take your time to reveal the name. Let the “kera kena belacan” to jump and jump first.

    The kera already can not tahan. The kera is jumping everyday. Just ignore him and let him jump more. Many people already know about the activities of this kera. I am sure that the police already had information on him.

    Let see how much more the kera is going to jump.

  49. Ah Kow

    Stand firm against this particular exco. He is already known in Selanhgor for all kinds of hanky panky with the underworld. Don’t let the two stupid exco intimidate you. I am sure that they cannot.

    YB, you must wipe them out of the political scene otherwise the raklyat will suffer.

  50. Ling

    Mr Wee, please do it correctly. Present the MB with any evidence you have. Blogoshpere is not the place for MPs like you to make accusations. What are you trying to do? Break up the Opposition Alliance?

  51. mng

    That is why i begin to regret voting PR into power.

    Bcos they have loose canon like u. Yes, U.

    Now, u are in a team called PR.
    Be part of the solutions not part of the problems.

  52. Semuok

    Bloody Hell Wee are you here to serve or are you here to play with people mind. If you know who, name it and if you have any prove, prove it. In one stroke of a pen you have tainted all the YB. You sound like my ex-gf.

  53. Aiyo

    Wee Choo Keong ! I think their YB Ronnie Liew & YB, Teresa Kok need to change to Yang Berajuk Ronnie Liew & Teresa Kok. Because of “SIAPA MAKAN CILI DIA TERASA PEDAS!” also can made both of them so angry and why still got the supporters want to support this type of “SMALL GAS & HEART” YB ler??????????????

  54. Ang

    YB Wee,

    Please provide your fullest cooperation to the police. The crime rate is frightening in Selangor and your action to expose unhealthy activities is exemplary for a better country.

    Keep it up!!

    For all the people who makan cili, please go listen Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson. Do not tell the voters to change without themselves changing first!!!

  55. Truth

    you are part of the PR. Although there may certain things went wrong , please solve them within PR and do not let the supporters have any bad impression to PR.

  56. Ah Pek

    YB Wee,
    LKS is very fond of asking to set up Royal commission.How about MB of Selangor set up RC to investigate? After all, this is just CAT policy they always talk about.

  57. Chin


    I agree with you that please don’t ask us to change when the leaders themselves are not changing. This exco, who eat teh cili and he is feeling the heat should waste no time to resign to save his party and the PR. Everybody already knew who he is. Everybody in Selangor also know the “underground activities” that he is involved in. So why wait?

    The police is going after him. He can fool some of the people some of the time time but not all the people all the times.

    I love to play “football”. I love Ronie of Manchester United!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Who is this fella???????

  58. Bola

    I am a bola. I am a ball. then you should know who am I. I love vices. I am told that there are now many massage parlour in Shah Alam. In fact in Selangor. Of course, I love to go to the massage parlours. I got satisfaction. May be they give me money too!

    I also love Ah Long. I love to go to brothel. I also love “empat ekor”. Gangsterism should be legalised. If I am elected again then I shall legalise gangsterism to protect my massage parlour, Ah Long connections and video arcades.

    Please vote for me in Selangor!

  59. proPR

    YB WEE

    WHAT IS ALL THIS? War of words again and again..
    Again, how do you think you as the outsiders of the Selangor state government can solve this problem by criticizing top excos of selangor state?

    Although freedom of talks/speech is allowed, it doesnt mean you can make statements that show no respect to others. If you feel something wrong, get the evidence and report to your central committee or to the police. Why are you making disrespectful remarks to the affair of Selangor state.

    You can make claim but do attached with EVIDENCE. I lost my respect to you when you make allegations without showing evidence and without showing respect to the Selangor state government as a whole.

    Have you ever wonder how great are you to be compared to the responsibilities and jobs done by state excos such as Teresa Kok and Ronnie Liu?

    Yea, I know they get agitated. But, in any government, the members must show support to the coalition ruling party. Azmin as the president of the backbencer cannot stabbed the state excos OPENLY. It is definitely wrong for him to have say so. It showed he has no respect at all to the state excos. Though transparency is what we always said, he can actually refer to Tan Sri khalid before making such irresponsibility statement.

    Come on, YB WEE.


    Lastly, be MATURE and be a man.

  60. Jumping Monkey

    Wee, you should not have responded to Teressa Kok statement to sack Azmin as president of Backbenchers Club. It was because of your respond that caused the blind DAP supporters to be angry. They cannot see that the Senior Exco (Teresa Kok) immediate outburst to YB Azmin comment on the reshuffling of Selangor exco was to sack Azmin, which uncalled for. They just refuse to see the cause of the problems here.

    What is wrong is wrong whether it is from the BN, PKR, PAS or DAP! So please stop defending that exco that is jumping like monkey.

    YB Wee did not name him or her and yet they were so angry. YB, please ignore them and make them jump more. We all love to see them jumping in the newspapers.

  61. Shit Stirer

    Make the two monkies jump further. We love to see them making themselves look like idiots. They exhibit their stupidity. They also gave the impression that they are involved with the underground activities. They were not single out in any of the posting in YB blog except Teresa kok for calling herself as “senior” exco when there is no such official post. Why is Ronnie is so angry?

    I cannot understand that these two clowns are so frustrated and angry. I believe that they are more than two exco members in Sleangor. Why are they still so angry???

    PAS and PKR exco are so calm except these two clowns.

  62. Tommy

    I have read Malaysiakini which have stated Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim accidentally said that teh exco member mentioned is Ronnie Liu. Then he quickly corrected it. Damaged was already done. I am looking forward to read it in the papers tomorrow morning.

    YB you are making life very difficult for Ronnie Liu and Teressa Kok because they have made themselves like idiots by jumping up and down over your statement int he blog. YB you did not name anyone or any members of any political party but Teressa Kok and Ronnie jumped like hell.

    Perhaps Ronnie and Teressa should tell us why they jumped like bloody monkies when the others are not bothered about it.

    Ronnie, were you the one that was arrested by the police in front of a hotel in Pucong?

    Ronnie, please give us the details of the charge against you by the police in connection with the hotel in Puchong?

    Why the police charged you? The police must have a grudge against you because you are a DAP member.

    I believe that Ronnie Liu is very innocent and was not involved in the Puchong hotel matter.

    ha! ha! Ha!

  63. Anak jati


    memang sesuai kat Teresa Kok & Ronnie Liu…… sah2 gila jawatan…..

    Agak2nya memang resmi DAP begini kot……. x dapat jd MB gelarkan diri sbg EXCO KANAN……




  64. Semut Api

    Yea, I know they get agitated. But, in any government, the members must show support to the coalition ruling party. Azmin as the president of the backbencer cannot stabbed the state excos OPENLY. It is definitely wrong for him to have say so. It showed he has no respect at all to the state excos. Though transparency is what we always said, he can actually refer to Tan Sri khalid before making such irresponsibility statement.


  65. confused

    congrats YB!!

    yesterday pas scraped through with a mere 65 votes..azmin ali decided to put up an act in the state assembly just a few days bfore the election..wonder if this has helped pas won a by election.

    just out curiosity is there any other way that azmin can voice out his issues at the exco meeting instead?did he did that and was ignored??i thought pkr khalid is the mb for selangor so it shouldn’t too hard to talk to him in person on this issue? or u can’t trust your own mb anymore?or u guys are just as dramatic and media sluts as those dap boys n girls?

    or are u guys getting just too desperate in the internal powerplay within pr?

    you know it was just too hard to trust bn politicians. that’s why u are in office now..but it’s also beginning to get very hard to trust all you ex umnos and ex daps/independent and now pkr..

    today our ‘impartial’ pdrm is going to investigate into this matter..your mb said u should have raised these things at the pr monthly not talking about settling it behind close talking about simple respect to ur mb n to pr as a coalition..azmin threw a bomb in the dewan..he is expected to get some big reactions..u threw another in your blog and start taking sides..and when ronnie reacted strongly u said ‘siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas’..who and what are u trying to implicate?come on..don’t kid us..and u said u will release the evidence when the time is right..who are u to decide that if there is crime involved?or u haven’t have the full/right evidence to disclose yet?

    while those dap pair is obviously defending each other’s big reaction to azmin it’s also very obvious azmin and u are working together on this..there too much room to suspect there are some well planned moves here. throwing bombs at dewan n blogs are not friendly acts of a so called coalition especially when the mb is from your own party.

    so congrats YB!!u may be right in your allegations but your actions raises too many questions..especially from a seasoned politician/party hopper like yourself.

    ‘as the saying goes’ there’s only shit stirrers when there’s shit but bear in mind you don’t clean but spread shit when u stir it and it dirties your hands as well..


  66. confused


    don’t be an idiot..if it’s true those involved should go to jail..settle internally??u think this is bn???

    and please don’t be rude and yet proud of it

  67. Ping

    I am really shocked to read the lagnuage used by the supporters of the exco members, who have eaten the “cili”. I didn’t know that they felt the heat so much.

    By the way Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim himself has admitted that the exco concerned is Ronnie Liu. Of course, when he realised the slip he quickly changed to include that it may be him also. I rest my case.

  68. proPR

    Retract your statements OR else show your evidence!
    You are really a trouble maker..
    If there is no positive response from you ASAP, we the citizens of Wangsa Maju constituency will not vote fro you again..
    We love your works as a YB, but we hate you when you become too arrogant on your own statements and splitting the PR.
    For those pro BN, they will love you so much for making a trouble
    For those proPR, we will definitely hate you should your words causes crack to the State Government of Selangor.

    Concerned, I do not wish to see if Selangor will fall back to BN like PERAK just because of certain people who think they are very powerful, big influence, big shot, big mouth making claims, allegations, lie like what BN used to do.

    Shame on you.

  69. i know who stood in front of hotel

    Dear Wee,

    It is best to get things out to your superior; PKR top leaders then the PR leaders. You did your part right…. Let them decide the best for PR direction…

    Let them think a bit … as a citizen and a good YB, you have blown loud whistle that whole Malaysia can hear..
    There is certain people in PR with underground connection…

    Let the leaders and police take action..

    Im sure Rakyat dont want some ‘senior minister(later) or senior exco’s’ post 2013 related to gangsters… pretty sure dont i want that to happen..



  70. YB

    Why play games? Transparency implies honesty.

    If you have the vidence, verify the source, and if satisfied, make a police report and expose the culprit.

    Yeah sure, we all know about prostitution, extortion, massage parlours and corrupt police without having been there or witnessing the event. But one has to be careful about naming or hinting at individuals.

    Otw, there will just be a lot of speculation and mudslinging about DAP and Pakatan which is not good for the coalition that is hoping to completely ‘bungkus’ UMNO/BN/MCA/MIC at GE 2013!!

    And it’s not fair to Ronnie Liu since other UMNO supporters’ leaked out his name forcing him to defend his name and reputation.

    So, please think carefully about your strategy.

  71. play game

    YB should not be too defensive of the leaders in PR. If they are useless then they should be removed. Nobody is blaming Ronnie Liu. YB did not blame Ronnie Liu or Teresa Kok. It was Ronnie Liu who started to go crazy to level all kind of accusations against YB and try to confuse the issue.

    Ronnie Liu is jumping as though he has been pin point by YB when this was not so. Siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas!!!!

  72. Neutral

    There is no need for pro pr or pro BN. Who started it all? It was the Senior exco, Teresa Kok who want to remove YB Azmin for bringing up matters affecting the exco and also asking for reshuffle. What’s wrong with that? Surely, the Senior exco cannot make public statement demandng the removal of Azmin as president of Backbenchers’ Club. Who is the freedom of speech, Ms Senior exco exco?

    After YB supported YB Azmin call for reshuffling and he gave his reason. Who started to go crazy and shouting, screaming and calling names in the press. Then Yb Wee responded in his blog.

    Now some propr idiot blaming him. They should blame the two novices for the outburst. No one point to them. YB Wee didn’t point to them. So why all bullshit about blaming others for your own stupidity.

    After the stupid outburst, the whole now knew who the hell that exco is!

  73. ALEX KOK




  74. oA


    you are way too cheap …

    you hurled accusation without proof and do you expect the them to sit quietly?

    or maybe you are just too stupid …


  75. Kenny

    Of late Selangor have more video arcade, massage parlour and other entertainment outlets. This is good progress.

    Ronnie Liu has been quoted in the press to have said in the state assembly that there are many unlicenced massage parlours in Selangor. The questions lingering in the people are:

    1. Why they are so many licenced massage parlours?

    2. Why there was no actions taken against the unlicenced massage parlours?

    What a shocking reply!

  76. Lim

    I don’t blame you for supporting YB Azmin Ali’s call for the reshuffling of Selangor exco as some of them are really not fit.

    I am one of those that have heard about the going on in that exco office. Those, who have gone to that exco office, will doubt see all the strange characters loitering around. Please stand up for the people.

  77. James Chong

    Some blind DAP supporters will be against anything adverse about their leaders. So what? You ave the support of the majority. What are wrong for the BN are also wrong fro the PR. It does not matter whether it concern BN or PR.

    If somethings are wrong just put them rights. Why the personal attacks? Why are these Ronnie Liu and Teresa Kok jumping like monkies over your statement supporting YB Azmin.

    If passing opinions is an offence then Ronnie Liu and Teresa Kok should call for more controls of freedom of speech. Siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas is most apt to describe their behavior.

  78. newman

    Come on YB Wee, if you really have evidence, open it out. Why must wait for a specific time? Give them time for you to nego with them for personal interest? Let us know the real truth NOW.

  79. confused

    hi James Chong,

    azmin dropped a bomb in the dewan..took some intense flak and over reaction from teresa..even some pkr boys were dumbfounded by azmin’s statement..wee responded in azmin’s his blog!!!ronnie jumped in respond to wee..wee said ‘siapa makan cili dia kena pedas’ in his defense..pas watched in silence..

    come on..this is not a is nothing but a marriage of convenience..these guys will jump at each others throat no less than they will jump at bn’s throat..

    a crime is a crime and should be reported immediately with proof to pdrm..for courtesy sake maybe the mb should be informed so that he can ready himself for the incoming tremor..but calling for reshuffling of the excos, get some over reaction, post in some blog, another over reaction..then says he has evidence and siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas..these are all actions with personal agendas..nothing else..

    even khalild says he meets 50-60 person a day n he don’t deny some of them might be underworld taikos coz he simply don’t fact if a massage parlour has license it doesn’t the boss is not some taikos. if it doesn’t it still doesn’t mean the boss is a taiko..a commentator said he has seen some strange people around at the exco it this good enough as proof that the exco has link to the underworld??people come to him to get license and with proper documents and procedures he has to grant the license..taiko or not it depends on pdrm and the state attorney to gather proof and nail them..

    the exco is only at wrong if it’s proven he has gotten kickbacks from granting license or have granted license without proper i hope wee has this sort of evidence. to incriminate any exco just becos they met with some taikos is begin with u have to proof that particular person is a taiko and if so why is a taiko still walking around scott free??so that commentator ‘Lim’ should make a police report that he’s seen underworld bosses..pdrm should go and get them..

    yes, ronnie and teresa over reacted..but they are also many other questions’s not about dap or’s about people playing politics here and making use of somebody’s wrong for unknown agendas..wee and azmin, if u guys have proof just go to pdrm..don’t create dramas in the dewan or your blogs..the dewan is for discussion of real issues, not criminal activities or personal gains..

    sorry for being long winded

  80. godsend

    This Ronnie is an arrogant sob who wont listen. If he had kept quite, this thing will blow over. This showed he cannot control his emotion and hence not fit to be a leader.

  81. rymyry

    Reacting or over-reacting to accusations is a spontaneous action, especially when there is no truth in it. It does not at all suggest guilt. While I think that it is every person’s duty to expose wrongdoings, it should not be done with malice or to get publicity, more so without evidence produced. Being in the same team, i.e. PR, your action is most uncalled for, maybe because it is to settle an old score? How do you expect people to look-up to PR, if you act like the way you do. Please, let’s all unite for a better Malaysia, not to pursue your personal agenda.

  82. ProRakyat

    Perhaps what ppl say about Ronnie Liew and his underground connection is true. Look at how he stormed and looking crazily mad at Suruhanjaya Rasuah office today.

    Maybe DAP ppl is not communist, but they’re surely gangsters.

  83. tok guru from pahang

    MP for Wangsa Maju Wee Choo Keong’s allegation that a certain Selangor Exco member had used his office as a rendezvous point for people connected to the underworld, then the assassination lead is plausible but in all probabibility, could only exist in a fantastic Hollywood movie script.

    The crux of the argument is that everything is plausible and probable, but nothing makes sense, at least not in the evidence adduced so far by the forensic team to find out how and why exactly Teoh died. At this point of time, his death cannot yet be truly classified into anything, not murder and not suicide. For all we know, Teoh might have slipped on a banana skin and fell to his death, as absurd as it sounds.

  84. free

    exco that a must be removed is hassan ali and ronnie liu also should be removed as well

    sgor ermmm mb must flex his power toward federal gov

  85. Mr. Ang

    Message to Ronnie Liu:

    If Mr Wee make a false accusation against you on being the OWNER of whore house, gambling joint, loan sharking, and etc. Why don’t engage an ATTORNEY and SUE Mr Wee till his pants comes down? You must do that so that you can clear your name. PLEASE DO THAT (Take legal action against Mr Wee)

    Message to Teresa Kok:

    You need to mellow down a little bit. Title is NOTHING when nobody respects you. Respect must be earn, not given. Lets face it, there is no such thing as “Senior EXCO” Its like you are the boss of a kopitiam but you print in your namecard as “Senior Chief Executive Officer” Doesnt that sounds really “Ko-koo?” You need to take it easy and be calm as gentleman looking for relationship does not like DOGMATIC WOMEN. You must change, its for your own good. Your parents also want to become grandparents if you know what I mean.

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  87. tukangjahit

    The way YB Ronnie and YB Teresa conducted themselves in the face of such criticisms reminds me so much of the BN politicians pre 2008. (They seem to be slightly better these days). This has led me to think that both the YBs are just as megalomaniacal about being in power the same way as say YB Khir Toyo when he was the MB.
    Well they all a dew things in common..they are malaysians, they are politicians and they are exposed to the power of being in the government ….the combination of these three elements is enough to make them behave they way they did.
    As for me and some of the members of the rakyat…..the more we read and hear of our politicians errr….legislators as well government executives….they more we vomit (read as puke) as this country is really going to the dogs.

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