Debate on ISA with Sanusi Junid to be recorded tonight and broadcasted tomorrow!

UPDATE, 4.00pm: Was informed the debate would NOT be held live tonight for “technical reasons.” It will be recorded tonight for broadcast tomorrow!

Terkini, 4.00pm: Kami dimaklumkan bahawa perbahasan TIDAK AKAN disiarkan secara langsung atas “sebab-sebab teknikal.” Ia akan rirakam dan disiarkan esok!

Perbahasan antara Sanusi Junid dan saya atas perkara ISA akan dirakam dan disiarkan esok!

Tonight, Monday 6 July 2009, there will be a debate between former minister Tan Sri Sanusi Junid and myself on the subject of the Internal Security Act (ISA) 1960.

It will be recorded in the studio of TV9 tonight and aired in the programme called “HUJAH” tomorrow at 9.30pm.

I hope to do justice on the subject matter with a view to convince the authority that the ISA has outlived its original purpose and it should be abolished.

Thank you.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Malam ini, Isnin 6 Julai 2009, akan diadakan suatu perbahasan antara bekas menteri Tan Sri Sanusi Junid dan saya atas perkara Akta Keselamatan Dalaman atau lebih dikenali sebagai Internal Security Act (ISA) 1960.

Ia akam dirakamkan dalam studio TV9 malam ini dan akan disiarkan dalam rancangan bergelar “HUJAH” malam esok 9.30pm.

Saya harap dapat menuntut keadilan atas perkara ini dengan harapan dapat menyakinkan pihak berkuasa untuk memansuhkan akta ini kerana tujuan asalnya sudah tidak berkenaan lagi.

Terima kasih.

14 thoughts on “Debate on ISA with Sanusi Junid to be recorded tonight and broadcasted tomorrow!

  1. Melayu Jati

    YB, good for you!

    I understand you were a victim of this unjust Act yourself and therefore you will be able to give TS Sanusi Junid a run for his money.

    I hope you can make him foam in the mouth like Saberry Chik!

    I will definitely be tuning in to see my YB in action. All the best on TV3 tonight! Man, this will be interesting.

  2. Lee

    ISA is outdated as the Communist Party and the government has already signed a peace agreement. Unfortunately, generally ISA has been abused for other purposes including suppression of political opponents, alleged falsifying of documents, counterfeit and etc.

    It should be abolished in 1998. May be it will be done after the 13th General Elections.

  3. Melayu Jati

    What lah, YB, how can they do that?

    Is Tan Sri afraid of being cornered by you until he foams in the mouth? Hahaha!

    Apa nak takut, YB Wee Choo Keong saje mah?

    On the other hand, YB, with a pre-recorded debate they can make you look ‘stupid’ instead with clever editing. If I were you I will pull out of the debate. Either it’s live or nothing doing!

    Haven’t you noticed, even with a live talk-show they can interrupt you with the press of a button for an advertisement break?

    TV9, ptui!

  4. Lee Wee Tak

    Penterjemah ini rasa bengang dengan pengalaman TV3 dulu yang membuat “edit” yang memberi gambaran palsu terhadap penterjemah ini.

    Pada tahun 1990’s ketika saya menuntut suatu jurusan profesional, saya ditemuramah untuk sebuan rancangan pendidikan TV3.

    Saya ditanya apakah yang palingmencabar dalam pengajian saya. Saya jawap,”cabaran paling besar ialah banyak kena kaji dan hafal tetapi ini cabaran yang baik kerana banyak saya dapat pelajari”

    Bila rancangan disiarkan, terdapat gambaran ini pula

    Perempuan yang mengulas itu bertanya, “apalah yang paling susah jurusan ini?”

    Muka saya keluar, “…banyak kena kaji dan hafal…”

    Maka sepanjang rancangan itu, hanya dipetik jawapan saya yang mengutarakan cabaran danlangdung tidak disiarkan ungkapan saya bahawa cabaran itu seronok. Buat saya bodh sahaja. Untuk makluman, saya mendapat keputusan yang baik dalam peperiksaan.

    Betul tak, Tan Lay Fern? Masih ingat saya?

    Apakah”masalah teknikal” yang disebutkan? Dalam Zaman Internet apakah yang tak boleh real time? Bukan dulu Anwar lawan Shabery serta LGE lawan Koh Tsu Koon pun disiar langsung? Jika Afika Selatan boleh siar langsung perlawanan bola sepak Confederate Cup ke seluruh dunia termasuk Malaysia, bagaimanakah pula TV3 yang cemerlang , terbilang dan budak pukul BN?

  5. Lee

    YB, you were interrupted all the time by the moderator whereas Sanusi Junid was uninterrupted. Anyway I like the way you put it: ISA is used to maintain the security of the power that be. That says it all. The power that be knew that. The people knew that.

    So no right thinking person can defend ISA.

  6. ahmad

    It is normal for them to help. You must understand that UMNO is the owner of Media Prima, who in turn own TV3, TV9, NST and other smaller media organisations.

    I believe that despite the interruptions and helping hands YB Wee’s message in the nutshell that ISA is a draconian legislation and has been enacted to protect the ruling parties.

    ISA must be abolished because it has been abused for far too long. It has been used for other offences which can be dealt with by other existing laws. As Yb Wee said ISA is in direct conflict with Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations.

    The government should take immediate steps to abolish such draconian law.

  7. Ias

    in this world, there’s only 2 countries/nation in the world that allow ISA alike “to control the stability of the country”. one of them is Malaysia, the second is of course, israel – well of course israel is not even a country and they have been terrorising Palestinian people on Palestinian land for so long.

    one might want to include usa, too, but by locating guatanamo bay outside of us border, the us is apparently not doing anything legally wrong.

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