H1N1 Flu detected in Wangsa Maju

H1N1 Flu telah dikesan di Wangsa Maju

About noon today I got word that a H1N1 Flu case had been detected in our constituency.

I personally checked the accuracy of the information received and the Wilayah Health Department had confirmed to me that it did detect one case involving a Form 4 student of Sekolah Menegah Kebangsaan Wangsa Maju in Section 1 2.

I was also told that this case was detected on 18 June and the whole class of students had since been placed under quarantine until 25 June.

I urge the authority to consider taking wider measures to help contain the situation so that no new case will emerge.

I am somewhat disappointed that the authority had been slow to inform the public of the matter. At minimum, the Member of Parliament for Wangsa Maju should have been privy to the case at the earliest instance.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

H1N1 Flu telah dikesan di Wangsa Maju

Pada tengah hari tadi saya telah dimaklumkan bahawa terdapat satu kes H1N1 Flu telah dikesan di kawasan kita.

Saya sendiri telah menyiasat mengenai ketepatan maklumat ini dan Jabatan Kesihatan Wilayah telah menyatakan ia telah mengesan satu kes yang melibatkan seorang pelajar Tingkatan 4 daripada Sekolah Menegah Kebangsaan Wangsa Maju Seksyen 1 2.

Saya juga diberitahu bahawa kes ini telah dikesan pada 18 Jun dan semua pelajar dalam tingkatannya telah diasingkan sehingga 25 Jun.

Saya menggesa pihak berkuasa menimbang dan mengambil lebih banyak lengkah untuk menyekat sebaran penyakit ini agar tiada kes baru berlaku.

Saya rasa hampa dengan betapa lamanya pihak berkuasa perlu untuk menyampaikan maklumat ini kepada pihak umum. Setidak-tidaknya Wakil Parlimen Wangsa Maju diberikan maklumat ini seawal mungkin.

19 thoughts on “H1N1 Flu detected in Wangsa Maju

  1. James

    YB, this is the type information that the people need. We don’t need all the rubbish politics that do not benefit the people. Most of all, we do not need people like Yew Teong Lok to cheat the people by telling us that he did all the things that he in fact didn’t do.

    I think that all the students, teachers and workers in the school should be quarantined to ensure that the H1N1 flu will not spread further than the school.

    Thank you YB for giving to us the information.

  2. Thanks for the info. I have a few questions:
    -were there sufficient work carried out to detect who the student was in contact with.
    -instead of only maintaining a quarantine on the class, a quarantine should also be placed on persons in direct contact with the victim.

    It is now weekend with families all out in shopping malls and public places in Wangsa Maju, but not a single news from other sources. What’s happening with the Ministry of Health and Health Dept of KL.

  3. Richard

    YB Wee,

    Thank you for informing us of a H1N1 Flu case in Wangsa Maju.

    Wanga Maju is a high-density suburb and I pray that the authorities had taken the appropriate measures to contain it. It would be unimaginable if there’s a local transmission within Wanga Maju itself.

    Being a Wanga Majuan, I’m really disappointed and angry that the authorities have not informed us about the detected case in Wangsa Maju.

    I do not want to sound panic but H1N1 is already in our backyard. For those with young children and the elderly, please be more careful and vigilant.

  4. Angel_X

    The flu has finally invaded Wangsa Maju. About time.

    I do not blame the MoH though. Many people has no sympthoms at all prior to the screening of KLIA.

    Instead I seriously urge Malaysia Government to:


    2. All schools, hospitals, clinics, and public places should be decontaminated by spraying of dettol to kill viruses/ bacteria.

    3. Free distribution of face masks to every malaysians possible.

    4. Announce emergency (darurat).

  5. Peter Ang

    Hi Mr Wee

    Why there is no action from the govt. on Sec 1 school?

    I am worried if the govt. if taking there own sweet times to take action.

    How true is this news ?

    Pls. help to get us more information on action to be taken.


  6. Steven

    what the government is doing? it has been 3 days since the outbreak was detected and in just 3 days spreading of the virus may also happen….

    i think all area in setapak should undergo temperature screening for safety.

  7. Lee

    Thank you YB Wee for the information.
    For the time being, let’s go out lesser. Prevention is better than cure.

    YB Wee,
    If this information is accurate, what is the best way to spread the news among the ppl in W.Maju? We can’t wait for the authorities to do the announcement. Right?

  8. sy8_73

    Hi YB and All Resident Wangsa Maju

    Wow at least our resident is in the World map… (joking)


  9. Susan


    Thank you for highlighting our 1st case. Todate, no media has reported this case.
    It is extremely important that residents of Wangsa Maju and others close-by are updated on this.

    Besides affected schools, tuition centres are also at risk as students consists from schools around Wangsa Maju, Setapak, Gombak and Setiawangsa.

    Apart from the said student from SMK Wangsa Maju Sek 2, what about the student’s family? He or she might have a younger sibling studying in a primary school or kindergarten somewhere in KL.

    I would appreciate if YB can highlight this case to the media so that the public are aware.

  10. Mohd Noor Haji Jaafar

    Terima Kaseh diatas informasi H1N1 telah merebak di Wangsa Maju. Pihak penguatkuasa kesihatan atau DBKL sepatutnya lebih prihatin untuk memberitahu orang awam tentang wujudnya penyakit tersebut di pesekitaran Wangsa Maju. Dengan ada informasi seperti ini akan membuat rakyat lebih waspada.

    Kementerian Kesihatan ,DBKL atau Pejabat Pejabat Daerah boleh memainkan peranan menyiarkan berita terkini mengenai penyakit tersebut dikawasan masing masing didalam laman web. Dengan adanya berita terkini untuk prngetahuan orang awam akan dapat membendung penyakit tersebut dengan kadar yang segera. Dengan adanya info info seperti ini akan mengalakan rakyat melayari laman web kerajaan dan kosnya tidak mahal.

  11. Susan


    Thanks to your update, a blog was created today and now The Star Online has included to its latest update.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. Malaysia Baru 64

    Media kerajaan hanya memberi tumpuan kepada Barisan Najis daripada kepentingan orang awam dan penduduk setempat. Thanks YB for input.

  13. karen

    Where can i get the mask? last time during sars, ppl used to give free mask rite? im working in a place that’s crowded..so am really worried.

  14. Alberto

    I am very concerned about the H1N1 in Wangsa Maju here. Some TAR College students believe that the H1N1 has spread into the TAR College. Please let us know so that the students from UTAR will start to prevent before any bad happen to our students in UTAR.

    Ex Student Representative Committee Treasurer

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