Junction into Jalan Meranti towards Lee Rubber School now open! Thanks DBKL!

Simpang ke dalam Jalan Meranti menuju ke arah Sekolah Lee Rubber kini dibuka! Terima kasih DBKL!

At long last, works to open up the junction from Jalan Gombak into Jalan Meranti towards the direction of Lee Rubber School are now completed and the junction is opened to traffic starting today.

This speedy delivery had been a promise to me yesterday by a DBKL officer and being fulfilled today. Syabas! And thank you Datuk Bandar KL and his staff at Jabatan Kerja Awam!

The following pictures show the finishing touches being applied, with one of my assistants, Mr. Lee, personally present to witness their completion. My special assistant, En Yaacob, is the photographer.




I had been following up on this junction matter with DBKL for quite sometime. I am truly glad that the new Datuk Bandar, Yg Bhg Datuk Ahamd Fuad, has been very responsive to public requests. Due to the co-operation of the residents, DBKL officers from Jabatan Kerja Awam and I, we managed to have the junction opened. I am also glad that the residents had taken my initial advice and did not hold a protest against the closure of the said junction.

For your information, while I was going about to resolve this matter, the residents in Wangsa Maju had asked me to call for a press conference to ensure that the rakyat know that I was the one who was responsible for getting the job done so that no unscrupulous people can claim credit for it.

I was of the opinion that this kind of publicity was not really necessary because the time wasted could have better been spent on doing valuable research. I was also of the opinion that whomever wanted to try claim credit for it could venture to take the risk because I always believed that the members of the public are not stupid and they will ultimately know the truth.

Furthermore, it has always been my stand that drumming up publicity in the newspapers that I am performing a certain duty, which I am obligated to do anyway as an MP, is totally unnecessary. I believe in solving problems and let my works speak for themselves rather than seeking to derive pleasure in seeing my pictures being plastered all over the newspapers. Moreover, most of the time, what I accomplish in the constituency is not because of my effort alone but because it also has the valuable input, co-operation and contribution of many other people as well. So, how dare I claim all credit for myself?

Anyway, self-praise is no praise and actions will always speak louder than empty words and cheap publicity stunts.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Simpang ke dalam Jalan Meranti menuju ke arah Sekolah Lee Rubber kini dibuka! Terima kasih DBKL!

Akhirnya, kerja membuka simpang dari Jalan Gombak ke Jalan Meranti menuju kepada sekolah Lee Rubber kini telah siap dan simpang akan dibuka mulai hari ini.

Penyerahan kerja bingkas ini telah dijanjikan kepada saya oleh seorang pegawai DBKL semalam dan telah menjadi kenyataan hari ini. Syabas! Dan terima kasih Datuk Bandar KL serta pegawainya di Jabatan Kerja Awam!

Gambar yang berada di atas menunjukkan kerja-kerja persiapan sedang dijalankan dan salah seorang pembantu khas saya, Encik Lee, menyaksikan kerja tersebut. Juru gambar adalah Pembantu Khas saya, En Yaacob.

Saya telah lama berhubung dengan DBKL mengenai simpang ini. Saya amat bersyukur kerana Datuk Bandar baru, Yg Bhg Datuk Ahamd Fuad, sangat peka dengan permintaan umum. Dengan kerja sama para penghuni, pegawai DBKL daripada Jabatan Kerja Awam dan saya, kami berjaya membuka simpang tersebut. Saya juga gembira kerana para penghuni menerima nasihat saya supaya tidak mengadakan tunjuk persaan membantah penutupan simpang tersebut .

Untuk makluman anda, tatkala saya hampir selesaikan perkara ini, terdapat penghuni Wangsa Maju menggesakan saya mengadakan sidang akhbar memberitahu rakyat bahawa sayalah yang menyelesaikan masalah ini dan mengelakkan pihak tertentu meraih nama baik pula.

Saya rasa in tidak perlu kerana hanya membazir masa sahaja dan masa ini lebih baik digunakan untuk kerja penyelidikan. Saya juga rasa sesiapa yang cuba meraih nama baik mengambil risiko tinggi kerana orang ramai bukanlah bodoh dan akan ketahui kebenaran akhirnya.

Bahkan, saya sentiasa rasa tidak perlukah saya mengheboh-hebohkan kerja yang saya patut jalankan sebagai Wakil Rakyat. Saya percaya dalam menyelesaikan pelbagai masalah ini akan lebih meriangkan saya daripada melihat gambar saya dipaparkan di suratkhabar. Bahkan, kebanyakkan masanya kerja-kerja itu memerlukan kerjasama pelbagai pihak dan bagaimanakah sanggup saya meraih semua gelaran untuk saya sendiri sahaja?

Puji sendiri bukanlah pujian sebenar dan hasil kerja yang sebenar lebih bernilai daripada omong kosong dan tunjuk gelak sahaja.

7 thoughts on “Junction into Jalan Meranti towards Lee Rubber School now open! Thanks DBKL!

  1. Lee of setapak

    Thank you YB for assisting us to get the junction opened up. When DBKL closed it, I thought that will be the end for the Jalan Meranti junction. YB I never thought that you could help us to get it done. Once again thank you very much.

    I do agree that this is not a matter for calling for a press conference. What is important is to get the job done for the people. The Lok Kau will call for press conference first and forget about it after that.

    Good job YB. I am sre that Lok Kau will call for a press conference tomorrow to claim credit for the job that he didn’t do. This is his style. We know him too well. But we are not stupid. The more he claimed credit for things that he didn’t do the better for him because we will make sure that he pays for it. We know about him too much.

    Good work. Thank you once again.

  2. Idaman Sutera

    Well done and Thank you YB.The opening of the junction at Jalan Meranti will manage to solve the inconvinience of taking a u turn futher up the Jalan Gombak Road after the post office.

  3. Lin

    YB Thank you for your continuous efforts in assisting the people of Wangsa Maju.

    My family & friends would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    It is really worthy to note that you not only HELP in making this possible but your had diligently in sms & e-mailing me on every progress of work for the reopening of Jalan Meranti.

    This is the FIRST time we actually experience such beneficial and EXTREMELY FIRST CLASS CUSTOMERS SERVICE!

    You have really Redefined the word Yang Berhormat to Yang Berkhidmat.

    Kudos to you & the Team.

    May you be bless always too ! =.=

  4. Tan

    Thank you YB for helping us to open up the junction. It save us a lot of time and makes life much easier.

    I am sure that the Lok Kau and his boys will call a press conference soon and say that he was the one, who did it. Typical Lok Kau. Never do work for the people when he was the MP and now when YB did it, he wants to claim credit. How dishonest this Lok Kau can be. Disgusting fella.

    Keep up the good work YB.

  5. Chong

    DBKL should not have closed the junction in the first place. Poor planning on the part of DBKL. It is a waste of the rakyat monies. Nevertheless thank you YB for doing this for us. I fully agree with YB that not everything done by our YB should be publicised. Unfortunately, we have one Lok Kau who love to call press conference evento look at long kang. He loves to see his photos in the newspapers and after that no follow up. The people want result at the end of the day and not publicity.

    I am sure that Lok Kau will call a press conference soon to claim that he was the one who did it. We all know that he has done nothing and he has the habit of calling press conference to have his pictures taken. This is the disgusting part of the Lok Kau.

    Thank you YB for doing the works and getting the result for us. This is the type of MP we want and not the “press conference MP”, who is bloody dishonest.

  6. Ahmad

    Syabas YB. We want result and you just gave us result. Good show. No press conference over such small matter. Just informed us through your blog will do. We don’t want our MP to be known as “King of Press Conference” with no result.
    Press conference and cheating the rakyat is the style of YTL.

    We want to see our MP perform in Parliament and let us know about the expose in Parliament that is important. We don’t need you to tell us about “gotong royong” in the newspapers. Leave such thing to YTL after all he has nothing to do now, let him do the bullshit. Well, he did nothing when he was the MP anyway.

  7. Lee of Kg Lee kong Chien

    Thank you for helping us to open up the junction into Jalan Meranti. We never thought that DBKL would open it. I would also appreciate that you took the trouble to thank DBKL for opening up the junction. Good show.

    I am glad that you are now teaching that former MP Yew Teong Look how to perform as MP. I agree that publicity for the opening up of the road was totally unnecessary. It was for self glorification by Yew Teong Look. He still think that the rakyat are stupid and he could fool with with his publicity stunts. We know him too well.

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