What DBKL! No more "Stonehenge of Wangsa Maju"?!

Apa pula DBKL! Hilangdah “Stonehenge of Wangsa Maju”?!


Ha, now you see it, now you don’t!

Ha, kini nampak, nanti tak pulak!



Just when our tour companies were swamped with bookings for KL’s hottest tourist attraction, DBKL had to do the unthinkable. The ISO-certified worldclass city council this morning tore down its one and only creative showpiece — the “Stonehenge of Wangsa Maju”!

It’s so bad … so sad … the only good thing Wangsa Maju had ever had … gone without a trace! The artistic piece, DBKL style, gone forever. Tour companies are stuck. Disappointed tourists in a huff. Sorry folks for the antics of DBKL for depriving the world of a priceless piece of art.

However, all is not lost.

One can still savour the memory of the “Stonehenge of Wangsa Maju” by taking in the sight of its debris, now clogging up the drain. The broken drain, mind you, is yet another creation DBKL-style to replace what was lost. Better hurry before even this piece of  ‘attraction’ disappears overnight.

Tatkala syarikat pelancongan kita telah dilandai tempahan tiket mengunjungi tapak pelancongan yang paling menarik di KL, DBKL telah melakukan apa yang tidak dapat dibayangi. Majlis perbandaran bertaraf dunia yang diiktirafkan oleh ISO pada pagi ini terlah merobohkan bangunan ciptaan tunggalnya yang paling kreatif iaitu “Stonehenge of Wangsa Maju”!

Amat sedihnya peristiwa ini … bangunan canggih dan tunggal di Wangsa Maju telah ghaib tidak kelihatan lagi! Syarikat pelancongan pun terkandas dan para pelancong pun hampa. Minta maaflah, DBKL telah merampas hak sedunia menyaksikan sesuatu ciptaanya yang sungguh canggih.

Walau bagaimanapun, bukan semua ciptaan DBKL telah ghaib.

Anda masih boleh menikmati kenangan “Stonehenge of Wangsa Maju” dengan pemandangan sisa robohan yang menyumbatkan longkang. Longkang yang pecah itu adalah satu lagi ciptaan DBKL untuk menggantikan apa yang telah hilang. Cepat datang mengunjuninya sebelum ia pun ghaib pula.


On a more serious note. So what have we learned from this episode? DBKL boleh! ‘Boleh buat kerja’ when the top man himself gets involved. Thank you DBKL for taking more than a month and after tons of complaints to finish your unfinished business!

Err … how about the broken and clogged up drain? Please?

Berbalik daripada berjenaka. Apakah yang kita pelajari daripada peristiwa ini? DBKL boleh! Boleh buat kerja apabila pegawai atasan melibatkan diri. Terima kasih DBKL mengambil waktu lebih daripada sebulan dan beberapa ton aduan supaya anda menghabiskan kerja yang belum lengkap ini!

Err … bagaimana pula dengan longkang yang masih sumbat dan pecah ini? Tolong, boleh?

* Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong

– 翻译员:Anonymous , Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意










9 thoughts on “What DBKL! No more "Stonehenge of Wangsa Maju"?!

  1. Ahmad

    Datuk Bandar should take actions against the culprit for neglecting their duties. There is no point in punishing the low rank officers. Datuk Bandar must get the high ranking one like the on being named in this blog: Datuk Amin. If the head was carrying his duties properly there shouldn’t any “Stonehenge” in Wangsa Maju.

    YB Wee please highlight more of the DBKL inefficiencies of DBKL so that the new Datuk Bandar will know what are the problems with DBKL officers. Some of DBKL officers work hard but majority of them “tidak apa”. That’s why teh people are fed up with the Government.

    Never mind no more Stonehenge but we still have clogged drains. So no problem after all. All is not lost.

  2. lee wee tak

    perhaps all this cost of dismantling should be traced back to the original builder who wasted our tax payers’ time and money to remove what was not supposed to be there in the first place

    in face, DBKL should disclose the name of the culprit if DBKL has nothing to hide.

  3. Kang

    DBKL officers cannot be bothered with the people. They are so used to the old system whereby it took cares of the BN and ignore the rate payers, who are paying their salaries.

    YB Wee, please don’t hammer them so hard. Let them sleep untilt he next general elections and Wilayah will be a a white wash for opposition.

    Let them be in their denial syndrome. Let finish teh BN by the next GE.

  4. Lim

    I never that the high ranking DBKL officers are so artistic! If the high ranking officers are doing their work properly then such artistic works would not have happened. They are a waste of public fund.

    Instead of doing their work properly, they always find an easy way out by blaming the officer down the line. Actually they are the person responsible for all the problems in DBKL.

    I hope that Datuk Bandar realises this fact.

  5. John Tan

    I do agree with YB that how could the telco tower was built without DBKL officers not aware of. I think the high ranking officer was aware of but he pretend not knowing about it after he got his “kopi O”! What is the Flying Squad doing in the first place. If the Flying Squad not knowing then Datuk Bandar should disband it. Why pay them for sleeping?

    Datuk Bandar must take actions against the high ranking officer responsible otherwise DBKL will remain like this year in year out.

  6. Lee

    At last, after much criticism here, DBKL finally remove that very last piece of the tower. Thank you.

    However, like what YB Wee pointed out, what about the drains? and the mess over there?

    Though DBKL has done its part, but I do hope the Datuk Bandar to look into this matter….about lazy DBKL officers who just close one eye or maybe close 2 eyes, most of the things they do are all half done job. Must wait for the public to bising then only they will do something.

  7. Mohd Noor Haji Jaafar

    Inilah dinamakan kerja Hangat hangat Tahi Ayam. Kerja pada mulanya rajin tapi hanya pada sekerat jalan dan mulalah……………….Juga pegawai & kakitangan DBKL bertugas seperti pahat dan pemukul jika ada pegawai atasan barulah mereka rajin bertugas.

    Saya harap Datuk Bandar dapat memantau pegawai dan kakitangan bandaraya dalam menjalankan tugas. Ada pegawai bandaraya bertugas dengan penuh dedikasi tapi ada juga bertugas sambil lewa dan tutup sebelah mata bila sudah dapat “minum kopi O”. Ini membuat rakyat bosan dengan tingkah laku pegawai dan kakitangan DBKL.


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