DBKL's "unfinished business"!

Kerja “belum lengkap” DBKL!

When DBKL took action to demolish the illegally constructed telco tower in Section 2 that was first highlighted here, there were happiness and praises for DBKL all round. But now the mood of the residents in Wangsa Maju had changed to one of utter disgust and unhappiness.

Tatkala DBKL bertindak merobohkan menara telekomunikasi tanpa kebenaran di Seksyen 2 yang telah dinyatakan di sini, kebanyakan yang terlibat di situ rasa gembira dan memuji tindakan DBKL. Tetapi, perasaan penghuni di Wangsa Maju telah bertukar kepada perasaan jijik dan tidak puas.

One cannot blame them for feeling this way. You see it was since 29 April 2009 that the fate of the said telco tower had gone …

Kita tidak boleh menyalahkan mereka. Jika diperhatikan, semenjak 29 April 2009 di mana menara telco telah dirobohkan …

from here …
keadaan dulu …


… to here.
… menjadi sebegini.


And yet below are pictures that show that the debris are still being left behind for over a month now. I cannot understand why the 3 pillars were left undemolished. This was, to all intent and purpose, a half-hearted attempt at work done by Jabatan Perancang of DBKL.

It is hoped that Datuk Bandar will look into the work attitude of DBKL workers and perform the needful.

Tetapi gambar yang seterusnya menunjukkan bahawa sisa kerja perobohan itu masih ditinggalkan meskipun selepas lebih daripada satu bulan. Saya tidak boleh faham mengapakah adanya tiga tiang lagi belum diroboh. Ini menunjukkan bahawa Jabatan Perancang DBKL hany melaksanakan tugas mereka secara sambil lewa sahaja.

Adalah diharapkan bahawa Datuk Bandar akan menyelami sikap kerja para pekerja DBKL dan mengambil tindakan yang perlu untuk membaiki keadaan ini.

(View from across the road.)
(Dilihat dari seberang jalan.)

across road

(Note the clogged drain.)
(Longkang tersumbat.)

clog drain

(Another view of DBKL’s “unfinished business.”)
(Satu lagi pemandangan kerja “belum lengkap” DBKL.)

clog drain 2

DBKL, oh DBKL, where are you and why are you so inefficient?!!!

DBKL, oh DBKL, di manakah anda dan mengapakah mutu kerja anda sangat kurang memuaskan?!!!

* Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong

33 thoughts on “DBKL's "unfinished business"!

  1. lee wee tak

    If you sweep the floor in your house then it is within the commonsense of the normal and proper that you would sweep up the dust and dump it into the dustbin and not leave a pile of dust on the same floor

    one would expect paid professional to know how to keep the site clean.

    what is the 3 pillars left behind suppose to represent? 3 pillars of democracy ? if in Ipoh, trees symbolises good governance are being removed so is this an unintended compensation? :-P

    the debris have clogged the drain – may result in flood, aedes breeding ground, injuries to the public and a host of problems; not to mention a testament of DBKL’s undesirable level of performance

    Kakitangan remains kakitangan and I am heading for a plate of otak otak for lunch later today.

  2. Wee Choo Keong

    Just for Datuk Bandar information. Some 10 days ago, my office has made several calls to DBKL Wangsa Maju office to inform them about the unfinished work. The officer told my Assistant that Tuan Azlan Abdullah, officer from Jabatan Perancang has informed him that the Jabatan Perancang will take immediate actions to clear the building debris. I thought that actions have been already been taken by DBKL oficers.

    What was most shocking was: On 29-04-2009 Jabatan Perancang demolished the telco tower. I was at the scene and left half way through the demolition at about 12:30 pm as I had to attend another meeting later that afternoon.

    Two days ago I received complaints from the residents about this unfinished work. So I sent my assistant to check and he sent the above pictures to me. When I saw the pictures, I was lost for words. It was just unbelievable. I shall make a personal call to Datuk Bandar to lodge a formal complaint about the work attitude of DBKL. This is just unacceptable.

    The main problem with DBKL is the “TIDAK APA” attitude of its workers from the Timbalan Pengarah, Datuk Amin, downward. You can see from my earlier posting that Datuk Amin was also “Tidak Apa” when he knew very well the Pengarah of Pengurusan Peniaga Kecil, Tuan Ramly Othman, was not performing his duties properly and he did not reply to letters sent to him. The letters were copied to Datuk Amin.

    Let’s see for how long the DBKL officers are going to behave in this way (TIDAK APA). The little knowledge that I have of Yg Bhg Datuk Ahmad Fuad, the Datuk Bandar, he will not tolerate such irresponsible behaviour of his officers. Let us all wait and see what Datuk Bandar is going to do about this matter.

    Thank you all for reading and contributing to my blog.

    With kindest regards
    wee choo keong

  3. lee wee tak

    hmm…maybe we should make the pillar a structure for … Ramly burger stall, bus stop, tempat pelepak berteduh or a traffic control tower for our dear Datuk Amin & his men to station there to be closer to the ground.


  4. Tidak Apa

    This is DBKL for all of us. They demolish it half way and the telco company must have called and gave instructions to the officer to stop and to meet for “kopi O” some where lah! You know what is KOPI O.

  5. ahmad

    This is DBKL for KL residents. The pegawai from Timbalan Pengarah, Datuk Amin, downward are gaji buta. Just imagine DBKL officers can’t even do a demolition works properly. What else can they do beside eating nasi lemak!

    I do agree with Lee Wee Tak that Datuk Bandar should make the pillars structure into a control tower for his Timablan Pengarah like Datuk Amin to sit there to control and report about the state of the traffic in Section 2. I am sure that Datuk Amin will do a very good job on the tower.

    If I am Datuk Bandar, I will be ashamed of these officers, who cannot even do a demolition works. After one good month and they still could not finish a simple job. They are good for nothing.

  6. Gaji Buta

    This matter appears to be a small matter involving the unfinished demolition work of the telco tower. In principle it is a very serious matter.

    It shows the innate attitude of the DBKL officers from top to bottom. The bottom officers are lazy and the high ranking one like Datuk Amin is to comfortable sitting in his air con room and also having the “tidak apa” attitude. It is this tidak apa attitude that made the KL residents agree.

    How could the officer left all the building debris at the scene and cloaked up the drain. If the rakyat were to do it then DBKL will fine them.

    If Datuk Bandar is serious and want to clean up DBKL then this is the opportunity to take drastic actions as the officers attitude is totally unacceptable.

    The ways the DBKL officers work, I think the KL residents should stop paying assessment rate because there is no value for money.

    DBKL is just a can of worms! I hope that Datuk Bandar will take serious actions over this matter.

  7. Hashim

    Datuk Bandar: Tak malukah?

    The pictures tell a thousand words. I rest my case. If heads do not roll in DBKL then DBKL is a gone case. I agree with YB Wee. Lets see what Datuk Bandar is going to do to its useless and lazy officers from teh top to the bottom.

    As a rate payer in KL, I demand actions to be taken against the high ranking officers for not monitoring or supervising the low rank officers. Immediate action is to discipline the high ranking officers like Datuk Amin and others.

    Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur (Datuk Fuad), ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! DBKL needs a revamp and revamp now before the people in Wilayah Persekutuan will revamp it by throwing out BN in the next General Elections. With such attitude of DBKL and the Government, I will definitely vote opposition.

  8. Chong

    I just cannot believe it! After a month the debris of concrete is still there. What type of demolition work leaving the 3 pillars? It has been years that DBKL officers have been working this way. It is just their work attitude. They do not understand that their salaries are paid by the KL residents and therefore, they must work for the KL residents.

    Unfortunately, the DBKL officers work for themselves. It is a situation of gaji buta. Now there is an obvious proof of their irresponsible behaviour. The pictures posted in YB’s blog is evident of the TIdak Apa behaviour.

    Datuk Bandar sack those irresponsible so that KL does not need to put up with such idiots.

  9. John Tan

    The main problem with DBKL officers is that they are too comfortable and they are law to themselves. They seem to be immuned from government policy.

    It all boils down to the fact that the post of Datuk Bandar is not elected by the people. So Datuk Bandar needs not worry about the DBKL performances. All the Datuk Bandar need to be worried about is how the Prime Minister feels about him.

    I hope that the Datuk Bandar will act to get rid of the black sheep in DBKL. Datuk Bandar must take action against the high ranking officer (like this Datuk Amin) for not supervising and monitoring the officers on the ground.

    Datuk Bandar, please haul up the high ranking officer in charge for disciplinary actions.

  10. Useless DBKL

    Datuk Bandar Datuk Ahmad Fuad bin Ismail

    The pictures posted by YB Wee tell it all that your officers are just useless and lazy. I agree with the other readers that the problem lies with the the high ranking officers, who are sleeping on their job. They only knew how to collect their salaries and do nothing to serve the people.

    Looking at their behaviour and attitude, KL residents should not be paying any assessment rate. Since they are not taking care of the KL residents, they should be taking the salaries from BN.

  11. Raj

    From my experience, what happened is normal to DBKL. The officers are just not interested int heir job. They are only interested in taking their gaji and do nothing for the people.

    I do not think that it was difficult to demolished the 3 pillars with the heavy machineries at the officers disposal. I would think that it will take them another few more minutes to finished off the job.

    Why can’t the DBKLK clear the debris after the demolishing work? if the Jabatan Perancang Bandar officers did not clear the debris I am sure that DBKL has other department’s flying squad that go around KL to check. How come the officers in the DBKL Wangsa Maju did not respond after being reported by YB Wee’s assistant.

    DBKL officers, please take note that you are being paid by the people. Please do work for the people. I know you all are getting too fast and complacent.

    I hope that Datuk Bandar will shake them up and give those responsible the boot! Datuk Bandar if you need the evidence, please look at the pictures here.

  12. Lee of Setapak

    Datuk Bandar, please look at the pictures and you know how the DBKL officers work and their attitude. If you need evidence to take actions, the pictures are the clear evidence. KL residents are fed up with DBKL officers. They are just the incapable and inefficient lot and they only interested in “minum kopi” only!

    Datuk Bandar please take actions against he culprits. Not just the low rank officers. The high ranking one who they have failed in checking on the work of the low rank officers.

    Please get rid of such irresponsible officers. We are wasting our money to pay their salaries for doing nothing.

  13. Lee

    Maybe DBKL purposely leave the structure there as a reminder to other telco companies.

    OK, jokes aside.

    Mr Wee, I strongly agree with you on DBKL’s tidak apa attitude.
    Look around us, how many things can we spot around us that are the evidence of DBKL Tidak Apa Attitude?

    I remember DBKL said that they will raid the restaurants for taking up parking spaces. That was many months ago. Did they do it? All talk, no action.

    Regarding the telco structure that was demolished, Mr Wee, we should question on the person/officer who is in charge of this demolition. Why isn’t there any follow up on the matter? Let’s see what he has to say.

  14. Kent

    Datuk Bandar: What have you got to say about the pictures of the debris and the left over 3 pillars?

    If I am the Datuk Bandar I will be embarrass by the DBKL officers working attitude. The gaji buta lots. Not only the low rank but also the high ranking ones like Datuk Amin and the lots. This is the BN style of working. Must get rid of BN comes next elections.

  15. Ahmad

    Datuk Bandar tolonglah ambil tindakan terhadap pegawai yang malas termasuk pegawai atasan. Kalau Datuk tak malu, saya sebagai rakyat merasa amat malu dalam perkara ini.

    Saya harap Datuk akan ambil tindakan terhadap sikap-sikap sebegini di dalam DBKL.

  16. anonymnous

    The KL officers do not have the right attitude to work for hte people that pay them monthly. It is very normal that they don’t answer letters and queries. They are law unto themselves. They treat the KL people as their slaves. That’s why they did things this way.

    How could they demolish the tower and left the 3 pillars and the debris left to block the drain? How could these attitude be right? How could DBKL be awarded ISO?

    Datuk Bandar should do a thorough clean-up for the sake of the people and the nation. Drastic actions must be taken against the DBKL officers from top to bottom for this matter. Datuk Bandar needs not go far to look for evidence – just look at the pictures they tell a clear picture of hte attitude of the DBKL officers in general.

    Thank YB for highlighting about this matter. It may appear to be petty but it touches on the basic problems of DBKL officers attitude.

  17. Abdullah

    Pegawai atasan DBKL tertidur lagi! Datuk Bandar tolonglah jaga mereka dengan baik supaya mereka buat kerja dengan baik. Daripada gambar di dalam blog ia menunjukkan dengan jelas sikap tidak apa pegawai-pegawai DBKL. Datuk Ahmad Fuad bin Ismail please help the people of KL by taking actions against those officers responsible for the problems. Not just the low ranking officers more importantly the high ranking one like Datuk Amin!

  18. Kang

    Memang gaji buta! even such a small things like this they cannot do. It is the tidak apa attitude. How could they do big thing. This is the typical BN attitude.

  19. Pegawai Malas DBKL

    Typical of DBKL officers. The lazy lots from top to bottom – no exception. YB please show more evidence of the laziness and inefficiencies of the DBKL officers. It will be good for the Pakatan Rakyat in the future.

    Such expose will weaken the BN more. Keep it up.

  20. KL Resident

    The evidence of inefficient and tidak apa attitude of the officers of DBKl are very clear. We are paying our assessment rate for such sub-standard work and irresponsible behaviour.

    We hear so much about the no nonsense Datuk Ahmad Fuad, the new Datuk Bandar. We are looking forward to see what actions he is going to take against such useless officers. I mean from the high ranking officers downward. If the high ranking officers work properly then down the line will be working properly too. As the old Chinese saying goes, the fish rots from the head first!

    So Datuk Bandar please get rid of the gaji buta officers from DBKL. We should not be paying them to sleep in DBKL. If you sack them, I am sure that the 10 Pakatan MPs will support your actions.

  21. teck

    there is another case in desa setapak, after abolishment for several month, there is the debris still unclean by DBKL…. it this the so call ISO or working attitude by our DBKL dept

  22. james

    Malaysia Baru 64: Saya pun tak tahu mau cakap juga…! Inilah Pegawai DBKL. Sudahlah Datuk Bandar! Kalau Datuk Bandar tak ambil tindakan sekarang, bila lagi nak ambil tindakan terhadap pegawai-pegawai atasan yang tidak bertanggung jawab.

  23. Ah Kow

    When I look at the pictures, I am just speechless. I just cannot wait for General Elections to come to get my frustration out against this DBKL officers and the BN. I am in full agreement that DBKL is a can of worms. To get rid to these worms, we must get rid of BN.

  24. cheong

    DBKL officers are jokers! The useless lots. They just could not do their works properly. They only want to take their ‘gaji’. that’s about it.

  25. Peng

    From those pictures they clearly show that the working attitude of the DBKL officers are appalling to say the least. They are only interested in getting the gaji and pretending to do work.

    DatukBandar should explain: Why his officers leaving behind the 3 pillars? Why his officers didn’t remove all the building debris after the demolition work? Why his officers allowed the drain to be clogged up by the debris?

    DBKL officers are just useless especially the high ranking ones like YB Wee mentioned Datuk Amin as one of them. Datuk Bandar should discipline the high ranking officers like Datuk Amin and not those low rank officers because the high ranking officers are sleeping most of the time. They don’t supervise the officers below them.

  26. Lim

    I don’t understand why are you all criticising DBKL officers. If they are not like that they are not from DBKL. The same applies to the high ranking ones. In fact the high ranking ones are the ones that set example for the others to follow.

    So let accept their nonsense or we all start a campaign to withhold payment of assessment rate until officers change their work attitude.

    Agree the gaji buta lot. I hope that the new Datuk Bandar will know see for himself the photograph of the unfinished work.

  27. Jim

    YB, What unfinished business you were talking about? It is not DBKL’s culture to finish anything it does properly. If it did it properly then it is not DBKL!

    What is shown in the pictures were nothing news to DBKL! I am sure that the DBKL officers cannot be bothered by such pictures because they knew very well that they cannot be removed from their job. At worst, they will be transferred out. They will still get the salaries at the end of the month.

    It is the DBKL culture to be tidak apa! I think that the rakyat/K L Residents should start a campaign to withhold assessment rate until DBKL shows that they are working for the people. As it were the officers are working for themselves and paid by the people.

    Datuk Bandar, please have the courage to sack those who are unable to performance.

  28. Kima

    This is the trade mark of DBKL officers for you. It was due the inefficient and tidak apa attitude of the high ranking officers, like Datuk Amin, that made DBKL to be what it is. No one seem to supervise the works of the low ranking officers.

    If I am Datuk Bandar Fuad, I will be ashamed of my high ranking officers.

    By the way, I passed the site of the unfinished demolition work in Section 2 and believe it or not, the 3 pillars and the debris are still there for all of us to see. It is just incredible, how complacent DBKL officers can be. They just could care less as long as they received their monthly.


  29. hafiz

    Kalau nak tahu, inilah pegawai DBKL! Pegawai atasan seperti Datuk Amin yang mecemarkan imej DBKL dan Datuk Bandar. Mereka tak supervise! Tidur terus dan ambil gaji sahaja!

  30. Ah Kow

    To expect more from DBKL officers will be most “unfair”. To leave behind unfinished work is part of the norm for them. DBKL has so many Timbalan Pengarah. What are these high ranking officers doing? Gaji butakah? In short, they are good for receiving salaries for sleeping on their jobs.

  31. Malu DBKL

    I am really shock to know that after more than a month DBKL is still unable to complete a simple job. I just wonder what good are they.

    If I am the Datuk Bandar I will be ashamed of these high ranking officers who are good at nothing but to take salaries from the public. Public fund can be put to better use then paying salaries to useless fellas. They are just parasites.

    The PM should look at DBKL when he talks about KPI.

    DBKL is hoping to get ISO. Sudahlah! what ISO? Can’t even do a simple job. Datuk Bandar should take actions to sack the high ranking officer, who was responsible for such job.

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