Junction between Jalan Gombak and Jalan Meranti to open soon

Simpang antara Jalan Gombak dan Jalan Meranti akan dibuka tidak lama lagi

This is a follow-up to my original posting here.

Late today I contacted an officer from Jabatan Awam of DBKL. I have been informed that the “DBKL Task Force” has met and the task force has decided to re-open the junction between Jalan Gombak and Jalan Meranti (toward Lee Rubber Primary School).

Once the consultant has come up with a new drawing, work to open up the said junction will commence soon. Thank you DBKL for taking into consideration the request of the residents.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Ini adalah susulan kenyataan saya sini.

Lewat hari ini, saya telah menghubingi seorang pegawai daripada Jabatan Awam daripada DBKL. Saya telah dimaklumkan bahawa “Pasukan Petugas DBKL” telah mengadakan mesyuarat dan membuat keputusan supaya simpang jalan antara Jalan Gombak dan Jalan Meranti (ke arah Sekolah Rendah Lee Rubber) akan dibuka.

Sebaik sahaja pihak perunding menyiapkan lakaran baru, kerja membuka simpang jalan itu akan bermula. Terima kasih DBKL kerana berprihatin atas permintaan para penghuni yang berkenaan.

12 thoughts on “Junction between Jalan Gombak and Jalan Meranti to open soon

  1. Lee of Kg Lee Kong Chien

    Thank you YB for helping us in getting this junction open otherwise it would cause great inconvenience to us.

    If Yew Teong Lok wants to take credit please let him do so because we already know who is doing work and who is not. YTL was the MP for so many years and we can see the different now.

    YTL, please don’t worry we will pretend to believe you that you have done a great work in Wangsa Maju. Your work is to lie to the people here. Thank you for lying and cheating us.

  2. Lee of Kg Lee Kong Chien

    I forgot to state that even before the 12th general elections result were announced YTL already ordered 4 roast pigs for celebration that evening of 8th March 2008. After the devastating results, I wonder how was the taste of the roast pigs for YTL. Must be damn good. Yam! Yam!

  3. Ahmad

    Thank you YB for getting DBKL to open up the junction to Jalan Merranti.

    Thank you YTL for claiming credits for work you didn’t do. Please tell Wangsa Maju people that you are the one who built the Great Wall of China (as well put by other readers).

    YTL if you have been helping the people solving their problems, today you will still be the MP.

  4. Keng Lee

    I am glad that people are seeing through YTL. Since he want me o believe that it was him who did all the good works.

    As have been said by other readers, we should believe that YTL was the one who build the Twin Towers! May be Statute of Liberty too!

  5. Maxxy

    Thank you for the job you have done,even though i may not know where is the road is situated,but as long as something has change to better in Wangsa Maju,i will be grateful.

  6. Mohd Noor Haji Jaafar

    Terima kaseh kepada YB Wee kerana berusha untuk mendapat kelulusan DBKL membuka simpang Jalan Gombak dengan Jalan Meranti. Dengan pembukaan jalan ini akan dapat mengurangkan kesesakan Jalan Gombak.

    Tindakan YTL yang mengaku pembukaan persimpangan tersebut adalah usha beliau amat memalukan dan sangat jijik. Janganlah jadi perangai ” Lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama”. Pengundi pengundi Wangsa Maju dan Wilayah Perseketuan sudah pandai menilai siapa wakil rakyat yang betul betul berkhidmat untuk rakyat. Jika YTL mengaku telah berkhidmat kepada masyarakat saya rasa beliau masih kekal sebagai MP Wangsa Maju sehingga kini.

  7. Kenny

    Sorry YB, off topic… What is your take on this? I sincerely hope you can comment/issue a statement on this matter.


    [‘Beer sale ban infringes rights’

    Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim with Teresa Kok during the Beer Ban
    Meeting this afternoon.
    SHAH ALAM (May 21, 2009) : A dialogue today on a move by some local authorities in Selangor to stop retail outlets from selling beer and other alcoholic drinks reignited old arguments — that such an order infringed the rights of non-Muslims and that other measures should be used to stop Muslims and minors from buying and consuming such products.

    Several quarters, including assemblymen and local councillors, spoke up strongly against sale restrictions during the dialogue between state officials, non-governmental organisations and stakeholders like wholesalers, hypermarkets and retail outlets.

    It was held to address problems arising from instructions from local authorities to retail outlets selling these products and protest from groups calling for a ban on the sale of alcohol in some areas.

    State executive councilors Teresa Kok, Dr Hasan Ali and Ronnie Liu, who were at the dialogue chaired by Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, did not offer views but merely listened to the arguments. The issues will next be deliberated at the next executive council meeting on Wednesday.

    What triggered the matter was a letter from the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) to retail outlets on May 13 stating that the sale of all alcoholic drinks including beer will not be allowed in Sections 1 to 25 in Shah Alam as the majority of those living in those areas are Muslims.

    The ban of sale of beer in such stores also covered outlets in Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh (Section U20) and TTDI Jaya (Section U2).

    It should be noted that beer is a social drink that does not require specific licensing for sale, unlike hard liquor.]


  8. lee wee tak

    beer sale is a non-issue turning into an issue. do we want to ban beef rendang sale because Hindu’s don’t eat beef or should we ban all types of beef, mutton, pork, fish and chicken curry because there are vegetarians …..

    this sort of argument comes as a result of race base politics and we always claim Malaysians are tolerant….crap!

    ban Bangsar nightspots and chase out foreign investors and tourists by all means…..

  9. Kang

    that good for nothing Lok Kau will tell the press soon that he was the one who help the people. That is what a Lok Kau is all about.

  10. Malaysia Baru 64

    Bagi saya tidak ada apa-apa masalah penjualan arak ini, cuma jangan dijual kepada orang ISLAM itu sahaja. Susah sangat ke? macam NO ekor siapa banyak beli? Negara ini berbilang bangsa dan agama cuma perlu hormat antara satu sama lain itu sahaja!

  11. Camelia Yoon

    Here you are working like a mad man helping your community by going to met the people on the ground, listening to their grouses and solving them…

    and there’s the MP for Batu gaining popularity by engaging in agitation and cheap publicity stunts..

    I pray well for your future in the party

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